Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Success!

The two of them collided heavily. A large cloud of dust immediately wreathed them. It was not due to the crash, but from both of them breaking the sonic barrier multiple times within 0.1 seconds!

After a moment, dozens of shadows flew out of the dust clouds, which were the blurred shadows of the two parties due to their astonishingly fast speed.

All the blurred shadows were fighting savagely in midair.

But Li Yao's real body was fleeing out of the battlefield as quickly as possible.

It was not until he was engaged with Yan Jun that he truly felt the dominance of the peak of Building Foundation Stage in person. Although his speed broke its limits time and time again, Yan Jun had blocked his every route of escape like an impregnable dragnet.

Li Yao had to do his best to breach through it!


Explosions rang out ahead of him all the time, as if multiple volcanoes were erupting, or the crystal bombs deployed previously had been detonated. They were nothing but the sword auras created by Yan Jun's dagger, yet they were already so formidable.

The eight octagonal iron blades circling Yan Jun, on the other hand, were even more dreadful. Manipulated by his telepathic thoughts, they reached Li Yao's next position from unimaginable curves at more than twice the speed of sound, even faster than bullets!

Faced with such a frightening enemy, Li Yao realized that the memory pieces which he'd absorbed over the past month were taking effect. He was like a veteran that had endured hundreds of bloody wars without getting killed. Dangers were all foreseen by him before they were able to deal any damage!

Just now, when everyone was fighting for the magical equipment, he was fighting aggressively and even trading his own life for others'.

But at this moment, he couldn't be more cowardly.

Now, he was running away with his hands covering his head; the next moment, he was crawling forward on all fours like a lizard. He narrowly escaped all the deadly attacks, as if he were an undying cockroach!

Yan Jun's sword aura had left scratches on his body which was all covered in blood now. The mustard suit had been dyed in red.

However, the spiritual shield would only break when suffering a 'fatal attack'. Li Yao's injuries were mostly superficial and did not affect his speed. In fact, he even looked for several opportunities to counterattack!

"Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!"

Brilliant sparks burst out around Yan Jun. Three of his octagonal iron blades had been slashed into pieces by Li Yao!

Even his chest had been kicked heavily by Li Yao once!

Yan Jun sneered in derision. The broken blades did not fall to the ground. Instead, they sped up and passed by Li Yao quickly!

With a shiver, Li Yao managed to block Yan Jun's dagger attack with the chainsword in his right hand. But there was no way he could stop Yan Jun's fist from cutting-in. His stomach was punched so brutally that he felt that he had been hit by a falling star. Agony and paralysis grabbed him like an octopus, making him unable to control himself at all. He was blown hundreds of meters away and crushed into piles of rocks. The blood that he spat out dyed the surrounding smoke red.

"Shua! Shua! Shua!"

Almost ten streams of blood spurted out from Li Yao's body, which were the result of the sharp iron blades.


The skin on Li Yao's hands was almost entirely torn to shreds. The flesh and blood were barely distinguishable. Yet, he was still gripping his chainsword and battle saber, unwilling to let them go.

But the constant, massive spiritual input and the intensity of the combat were apparently too much for the two pieces of mass-produced magical equipment.

The chainsword broke in the middle. The sawtooth dangled down like a dead snake.

In the meantime, the battle saber had cracked into pieces, its components flying everywhere.

Gritting his teeth, Li Yao tried to draw the battle axe from his back, only to find that he could hardly move his finger because of the excruciating pain.

Staring at him coldly, Yan Jun folded his dagger in his palm and walked toward him one step after another.

Li Yao smiled miserably. His left hand moved toward the battle axe on his back inch by inch, while he unsheathed a dagger from his waist awkwardly with an ever-trembling wrist.

They were only fifty meters apart.

The number of the black iron blades spinning around Yan Jun had increased to almost twenty. They were amazingly fast and enveloped in streaks of blackness, as if they were satellites orbiting a planet.

Yan Jun took another step forward, but then his pupils constricted violently. He immediately backed off like a ghost in the same posture.

It was not until he was more than a hundred meters away from Li Yao that he stared at Li Yao deeply and left, never to look back.


Watching Yan Jun disappear behind the majestic rocks, Li Yao was greatly relieved, albeit not without dissatisfaction.

He was so close to victory!

Yan Jun was indeed a super elite raised up in the Occult Orbs. His instincts for noticing incoming dangers were really keen.

"Shua! Shua! Shua!"

Ding Lingdang, Hong Tong, Yan Yangtian, Ba Weiqi, and Leng Ziming crawled out from the crevices nearby.

Li Yao jumped out of the rocks. He breathed on his palms, rubbed his hands, and started repairing the seriously damaged chainsword and battle saber. The wounded, wretched appearance was entirely gone.

The spurting blood was also stopped as he wriggled his muscles.

The terrible body conditions where he could barely hold his dagger tight turned out to be just an act!

This place was Team Blue Bronze's rendezvous point as well as the location where they planned to ambush Yan Jun.

If Yan Jun had taken a few steps forward, within 47 meters of Li Yao, the rest of the team except Leng Ziming would've launch attacks immediately.

Even though he was at the peak of the Building Foundation Stage, there was no way that he could escape.

It was a pity that he somehow saw through it and simply left in advance.

"Ding Lingdang, these are your power knuckles; Shell, these two guns are for you. Sorry that there's no sniper rifle; there was only one of them in total. The competition was too fierce, so I didn't participant. But other than the two assault rifles, I snatched a third gun and dismantled it. After modification, the two guns should be able to achieve 60% of the precision and power of a sniper rifle.

"Dummy, this is your brain wave enhancer. Your mental power will be increased by at least 10% if you put it on your head.

"Captain, your physical strength is excellent. This battle axe is perfect for you. This dagger is for Yan Zi!"

While he was maintaining the two broken weapons, Li Yao distributed all his belongings.

Everyone was dazed to see that his hands were rolling up and down swiftly despite the injuries all over his body.

A moment later, 'Dummy' Ba Weiqi mumbled, "Just now in the communication channel, you said that you absorbed 68 memory fragments of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, but I didn't quite believe it.

"Well, I do now.

"You are only in the middle level of the Building Foundation Stage. However, not only did you persist for so long under the bombardment of Yan Jun, a Cultivator at the peak of the Building Foundation Stage, you were even close to lure him into our trap

"You are an undeniable monster!"

Five kilometers away, Yan Jun seemed to be roaming. Now and then, he would tread on the rocks lightly. Yet, his speed was astonishingly high.

'Vulture Li Yao, you've improved so much in only a few months. Even I failed to finish you quickly while trying my best. Interesting.

'It seems that there are indeed experts among the Orb Patrollers from the outside world.

'If I had walked forward another three steps, your teammates hiding in the crevices would've launched deadly attacks, wouldn't they?

'But although you'd been preparing to ambush me, you were all bare-handed, while I still had my dagger. You wouldn't have been able to take down me easily even if I fell into your trap!

'It was just that I didn't want to be delayed by you for too long. Don't ever presume that I was scared of you!'

At this very moment, Yan Jun heard a feeble cracking noise.

Stunned, Yan Jun lifted his dagger in disbelief, while his face suddenly turned extremely awful.

On his dagger, a crack that was even tinier than hair was spreading out like divaricating fungus.


After a gentle swing, the dagger exploded into pieces. The only thing left in his hands was the hilt.

The scar on Yan Jun's fact twisted like a snake that had been shocked. A drop of cold sweat dripped off from his forehead, while he murmured, "What

"When was my weapon damaged?

"Vulture Li Yao is best known as a refiner. Could it be that his knowledge regarding weapons is profound enough to let him wreck my weapon without me knowing it, even at the cost of his own weapons being broken?"

If so, other than the black iron blades surrounding him, he would've been bare-handed, too.

Under the attacks of four Orb Patrollers, including Ding Lingdang who was best at close combat as a body practitioner, chances were slim that he could run away!

Yan Jun squinted. The scar on his face trembled for a long time before it finally stopped. Taking a long breath, he put on a mysterious smile.

"Thankfully, this Vulture Li Yao is on our side.

"If there were such a formidable figure in the demon race, the trip to Ultimacy would be really perilous!"

In relief, Yan Jun threw away the shattered dagger casually. He slapped his hands, and sensing the spiritual waves nearby, he marched toward the spiritual waves which were the most intense with his hands behind his back.

Very soon, cries and screams echoed behind the rocks over there.

After Team Blue Bronze assembled and acquired abundant magical equipment, they didn't make any mistakes.

They were one of the fastest-regrouping Star Teams.

The six of them swept across the margin of Thousand Mountains Domain anticlockwise. None of the lone Orb Patrollers could withstand one blow from them.

When all the Star Teams had regrouped, their kills were already high in the rankings.

Later, they had a few fights with several other Star Teams, with more victories than failures.

When the one-hour final competition was over, the total kills of Team Blue Bronze surprisingly ranked the second among the nine teams, only below Team Thunder Soul led by Yan Jun.

In the meantime, Li Yao and Ding Lingdang, with 71 kills and 67 kills respectively, ranked the fourth and the sixth among all the Orb Patrollers, which made them the two most distinctive dark horses after the one-month special training.

Therefore, Team Blue Bronze had successfully distinguished itself from the top 10 Star Teams and won the qualification to be one of the five teams setting off to Ultimacy in the first echelon.

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