Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Formidable Beasts!

Cold sweat was appearing on Li Yao's forehead. His Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was smeared by several 'green lines', too, which were corroding the surface of the crystal suit at a crazy speed.

Furbished and polished by him repetitively, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was extremely solid. Its speed of corrosion was much lower than that of other crystal suits.

But if he were to simply leave it alone, the weird green lines were bound to drill several holes on his crystal suit eventually.

Once the green lines entered his body, he would have to resist them with his spiritual energy, which would be a terrible nuisance.

Ten ultra-thin blades stuck out of Li Yao's fingertips. His hands moved as fast as wind and cut a layer of metal off the surface of his crystal suit. Then he threw it away into the deep ocean together with the green lines on it.

Twelve green lines were cleaned up quickly.

But two of the green lines had dug into the crystal suit deeply. Li Yao simply pulled off the entire piece of plate armor and tossed it away.

After all, with the amazing framework of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, the loss of one or two pieces of plate armor did not affect its functionality very much.

But his teammates were not as quick as him. In a flurry, many of them dismantled too many corroded components to maintain the performance of their crystal suits.

But Weiqi and Leng Ziming both grunted in the communication channel. Two green lines had penetrated through their crystal suits and crawled into their bodies.

"The green line is like a weird worm. Not only does it corrupt my flesh and blood, it is also crawling deeper into my body through my spiritual veins. My spiritual energy circulation has been seriously jammed!"

Ba Weiqi rasped, "I have to activate my spiritual energy to maximum just in order to resist it. But as a result, 40% of my spiritual energy will be wasted. My combat ability will be greatly undermined!"

"My situation is even worse."

Leng Ziming said quickly, "The green line is crawling into my brain. I have to focus more than half of my attention to cope with it. I can't carry out my gunfighting skills as I should!"

"We can't stay here. Let's go!"

Captain Hong Tong made the decision immediately. Ding Lingdang and Yan Yangtian swam over and seized the two wounded companions. But as they were going to flee to the surface of the ocean, a huge amount of bubbles popped up around them as if the seawater was boiling. Almost twenty invisible killing scents had locked onto the six of them hard and sure.

"Team Tiger Deity is staying in this place. Why are you in such a hurry to go, Team Blue Bronze?"

It was difficult to hear voice clearly in the rolling seawater. But they all heard a weird soundwave from the depths of the ocean.

Almost twenty black shadows swam up rapidly from the bottom of the ocean at an unimaginable speed. They surpassed the six of them very soon and stopped ahead of them.

"Biochemical beasts!"

"What kind of biochemical beasts are these? They are only less than twenty meters long, yet their terrifying oppression is multiple times stronger than the kraken we killed last time!"

"Since when did the Blood Demon Sector procreate such formidable biochemical beasts? And why have we never seen them before?"

Li Yao's pupils constricted violently as he stared at the hideous, rampant biochemical beasts carefully.

Five of the biochemical beasts were carrying five Cultivators whose crystal suits were on the verge of destruction. They were the five Orb Patrollers from Team Tiger Deity.

A black beast in the lead had a sharp bone tail which pierced through the back of a Cultivator out of his chest. Dozens of thorns extended from the bone tail and stabbed into the acupoints all around the Cultivator's body, making him struggle in agony and unable to summon his spiritual energy.

"Vulture Li Yao, we meet for the third time!"

Satisfied laughter burst out from the black beast, while it waved its tail and pushed forward the thorns on the tail. The Cultivator of Team Tiger Deity was torn to pieces immediately. A mist of blood was flowing in the silver ocean.


Li Yao's eyes were bulging so much and he was biting his teeth so hard that it seemed like they might break apart at any moment.

He had recognized the voice of the demon inside the black beast. It belonged to Wang Ji, the disciple of Elder Blood Robe and the crown prince of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers!

At the same time, the other four Orb Patrollers of Team Tiger Deity were slain mercilessly by the biochemical beasts one after another.

Team Tiger Deity was wiped out!


Without further ado, Wang Ji reined the black beast and charged at Li Yao in a streak of brightness!

The high-intensity silver water had no hindrance on the black beast at all. It appeared right in front of Li Yao's face within a moment. The bone tail which was stained with blood speared forward faster than many flying swords. The intense killing scent was almost a real thing and penetrated into Li Yao's heart like a needle!

Li Yao's eyelids twitched uncontrollably. He dashed backwards while he slashed up with his Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber brutally.

Yet, the boil tail grabbed his saber precisely and would've snatched it away if he hadn't reacted quickly enough.

'So fast! So dominating! Wang Ji is at least five times stronger than when I last met him now that he has entered this biochemical beast!'

Li Yao cursed silently. He had been no match for Wang Ji in the first place. Last time the two of them encountered, he was lucky enough to disrupt Wang Ji's teleportation half way through it. That was why he could defeat Wang Ji.

But right now, Wang Ji's capability seemed to have fully recovered. He had even found so many formidable biochemical beasts somewhere. Li Yao had no chance of winning at all!

The primary color of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was also black. Therefore, two streaks of blackness were colliding brutally against each other inside the silver ocean.

The match seemed to be even. But the crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was sending out warnings crazily. More and more units were overloading. Several components were bordering on fatigue fracture.

In another three to five minutes, the crystal suit would collapse!

Wang Ji was clearly at ease. His scorn penetrated through the seawater and rubbed the soundwave perception unit of the crystal suit like sharp blades.

"Vulture Li Yao, it was you who sabotaged my endeavor in the Thunderous Sound Mountain, it was you who disrupted my teleportation in Red Lotus City, and it was still you who stole my blood saber. As a Building Foundation Stage Cultivator, you are remarkable. Too remarkable!"

Wang Ji laughed. "It will be a shame to kill such a remarkable Cultivator as yourself easily, won't it? I will dig out your brain and transplant it into the dirtiest swine. Yours shall be the most wretched soul in the world!

"Then, I will capture all the family and friends you have and torture them to death right in front of your face!

"I have all your files. I know everything about your family and friends, too. The girl running the Nona-colored Fire behind you is Ding Lingdang, your girlfriend, isn't she?

"She will be a start!

"This is your inevitable destiny when you chose to be my enemy! I will make you a pig crouching beside my feet, screaming, cryAhhh!"

Li Yao chewed his lips so hard that they were bleeding. His life fire was burning furiously. His spiritual energy cast flames in the color of blood that were almost real out of his Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber. At the cost of a heavy blow in his chest, he separated two talons of the black beast from its claw!

After Wang Ji entered the biochemical beast, their senses had melted into one. The excruciating pain of his fingers being cut off made him scream desperately.

Li Yao roared. His fighting will had never been higher.

Every word that Wang Ji said was a bucket of hot oil that had been poured into his wrathfully burning brain, making his each and every brain cell expand and explode!

"You threaten me with my family and friends? Good!

"I will not allow you to step out of Boneyard even if I have to be blown to pieces!

"This place will be your grave!"

Wang Ji didn't expect Li Yao to advance so much within several months. He was so pissed off that he was actually laughing.

"Remarkable, truly remarkable. As expected of the strongest newcomer of Occult Orbs Fellowship, Vulture Li Yao!

"But how much can your own remarkableness do? Look behind you!"

Li Yao didn't need to turn back to know that the situation there must be bad.

With the enhancement of the powerful biochemical beasts, every silver-blood demon had overwhelming strength against the Cultivators, not to mention that the number was in their favor, too. There were sixteen of them in total.

For Team Blue Bronze, Ba Weiqi and Leng Ziming couldn't carry out their full strength because of the scourge of the weird green lines. There were in effect only four and a half of them!

Wang Ji kept Li Yao occupied. The remaining fifteen demons were challenging his teammates, which meant every three of them versus one Cultivator. The advantage couldn't be more obvious.

As the maintainer of the team, the information from the six crystal suits was all transmitted to the crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit via the local area Spiritual Nexus.

In the 3D light beam, the six translucent figures that represented the status of the six crystal suits turned from green to yellow, from yellow to red, and from red to black eventually one piece after another.

It meant that more and more units of the crystal suits had been completely wrecked.

The specifications of the crystal suits were all unstable and dropping.

"Three of my main power rune arrays are having problems. One is out of control!"

"The joint on my left leg has been hit. 12% of agility lost!"

"I have run out of my flying swords!"

"Bastards, you think you can annihilate Team Blue Bronze so easily? Enjoy this!"

'Dummy' Ba Weiqi and 'Shell' Leng Ziming bellowed in the communication channel at the same time.

Their unstoppable posture immediately informed Li Yao of what they were going to do.

A moment later, the crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit acknowledged two extremely intense spiritual waves which were bursting out like volcano eruptions.


The silver ocean was raging. Wind and thunder were thriving.

Ba Weiqi and Leng Ziming, two Building Foundation Stage Cultivators, entered the seed explosion state without bothering with anything else and fully activated the spiritual seeds that the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators had bestowed upon them.

In a moment

Hundreds of gold stripes spurted out of Leng Ziming's body. The biochemical beast closest to him was minced into pieces together with the demon inside of it!

Ba Weiqi was holding the enormous helmet of his crystal suit with both of his hands. His mental attack formed real circular waves in the seawater which charged at a biochemical beast in front of him that was the largest of all with a body length of almost twenty meters.

The head of the biochemical beast quickly expanded and exploded!

Out of the chamber jumped a demon. But he struggled on his feet for a long time as if he were drunk. Suddenly, his eyes bulged, and blood flooded out from all the holes on his face. He couldn't be more dead!

Within a moment, two expert demons had been slain!

It was not the end of it.

The hundreds of gold bullets triggered by Leng Ziming, after blowing a biochemical beast and the demon inside into pieces, spread out in unexpected arcs.

Ba Weiqi's mental attack also dispersed and rippled out in full coverage of the battlefield.

"This is seed explosion!"