Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Begin the Slaughter!

Sensing the declining fighting will on the Cultivators' side, the demons grew more and more excited.

"The strongest Star Teams of Occult Orbs Fellowship, and the eminent Children of Occult Orbs including Yan Jun, have been all fished up by this prince!

"Hahahaha. Such tremendous credits, such remarkable achievements. Fabulous. It is indeed fabulous!

"Wait until I tear all the Cultivators into pieces and receive the heritage of the great demon from thirty thousand years ago in the residence of Skeleton Dragon.

"By then, I will be the strongest of the younger generation in the Blood Demon Sector.

"Not just the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, the few demon kingdoms, demon valleys, and demon islands nearby will all have to listen to my command!

"If I'm lucky enough to accept the true enlightenment of Skeleton Dragon in his residence, Elder Blood Robe and the rest of the old farts will be nothing at all!

"Today, I bow to you in courtesy; tomorrow, I will be the ruler of the entire Blood Demon Sector. Those pretentious demon emperors will be my dogs. Haha. Hahahaha!"

Wang Ji burst out in laughter. The biochemical beast in the form of black mantis twitched accordingly. Its bone tail suddenly slashed forward like a guillotine that had been dropped down.

"Kill 'em all!

"After all the Cultivators are cleared, we will open the residence and excavate the treasures of Skeleton Dragon!"

Stimulated by his words, the auras of the demons became multiple times more bloodthirsty than before. Their biochemical beasts expanded in size, while vicious laughter and screams resounded in them.

The undersea would become a hell. The slaughter would begin in five seconds!

Right then

Twenty kilometers away, the seawater was boiling, and the undercurrent was surging. Sparkle was marching forward at the top speed like a silent killer whale, followed by a brilliant dragon of water that was several kilometers long.

Sitting in the captain's seat, Li Yao was fully concentrating. The spiritual waves and the dancing electric arcs made his messy hair all stand up. Deep purple brightness mixed with cruelness was beaming out of his eyes, too.

The other four Orb Patrollers, including Ding Lingdang, had been armed to the teeth with the brand-new, fully-upgraded crystal suits, waiting in the assault cabin ready to act.

Li Yao's telepathic thoughts were extended into the mainframe crystal processor and projected to tens of kilometers away with the enhancement of the probe magical equipment. The battlefield above the undersea town was scanned clearly by him.

"Excellent. Skeleton Dragon's residence hasn't been opened yet!

"We've come right in time!

"Two star teams are fighting the demons. They seem to be besieged and in a terrible situation!"

Li Yao scowled. The killing scent inside his eyes was savaging like a cold front.

"The Rogue Meteorite, lock! lock! lock!"

In the attack magical equipment platform protruding in the front of Sparkle, an asterisk-shaped hollow was opened, spitting countless bubbles.

Then, a dominating Six-barreled Revolving Crystal Cannon was pushed out straightforwardly.

In the bottoms of the six barrels, a small ball of light appeared at the same time. They were wreathed in dazzling electric arcs and expanding constantly in crazy revolutions. Very soon, they were even bigger than a skull.

The raging seawater was vaporized momentarily into countless bubbles, which floated to the surface of the ocean like a series of balloons.

The probe magical equipment of Sparkle was activated to its maximum. Countless streams of information were fed back. The outlines and positions of the dozens of demons immediately appeared inside Li Yao's brain.

Possible trajectories, weapon specifications, dodging odds, best shooting routes, and other information popped up, which were analyzed and combined with his amazing computational ability.

"Super Perceptive State. Brain cell activity, 300%!"

Li Yao squinted to the extent that his eyes became two narrow lines. But the surging brightness inside the two narrow lines were like two Milky Ways. He had entered the Super Perceptive State!

Within three seconds, he had calculated the best shooting trajectory and attack plan.

More than ten targets were locked onto by him at the same time.

"Nasty pests, embrace your death!"

Li Yao smiled cruelly. His lips curled, revealing his sharp teeth, while he issued the decree!

The Rogue Meteorite was driven by five Flowing Brightness Crystals in total. It was an unprecedented expenditure in the history of the Heaven's Origin Sector!

Spurred by such a crazy amount of spiritual energy, the Rogue Meteorite was reloaded very soon. It had far exceeded the standard of the cannon and was bordering on the limits of the components inside.

In the reminder light beam of the mainframe crystal processor, the holograph representing the Rogue Meteorite had become dangerously red, indicating that the magical equipment had been filled with too much spiritual energy and that it could turn into a total wreck at any moment because of the plummeting stability if it was kept in the state for too long.

Li Yao was yearning to kill too much to bother with any of that. He opened his palm and waved it in the air as if it were a saber, while his telepathic thoughts crowded into the triggering rune arrays and exploded there.

"Now begins the slaughter!"

The Rouge Meteorite was activated!

Sparkle trembled violently. Tremendous spiritual waves that were the recoil of the attack crashed toward the back of the warship. The force was so immense that even the hundreds of light beams that the mainframe crystal processor displayed were blinking.

At the same time, ten light balls that were nearly transparent slid out of the crystal barrels. The countless airy electric arcs and runes contained in them were pushing them forward glamorously and crazily. The obstruction of the seawater seemed to be nonexistent, because they surpassed three times the speed of sound instantly and roared toward their respective targets some twenty kilometers way!

The first batch of light balls had barely been shot out when new brightness was brewing at the bottom of the crystal barrels. Half a second later, the new batch of light balls were already as large as tires and were fired again!

In ten seconds, more than a hundred light balls had constituted a turbulence of destruction in the depths of the silver ocean like a shoal of glittering fish.

At three times the speed of sound, the distance in between was covered in no time.

The demons who didn't know what was coming were still wearing cruel and malicious smiles, yet their hearts were suddenly grabbed by freezing coldness at the same time.

All the demons couldn't help but shiver.

Some high-level demon generals who were relatively stronger had already started dodging or preparing defenses due to their natural instincts, although their consciousness was not able to react yet.

Many of the demons were princes of a kingdom or young masters of the demon congregations in the Blood Demon Sector. They'd all come from noble backgrounds and carried a lot of life-saving treasures with them. Now, many of the treasures were automatically triggered, some forming protective halos or blood fog around them and some stimulating their nerves directly to increase their speed by multiple times instantly!

However, the efforts of the treasures proved in vain faced with a Rogue Meteorite from the Star Ocean Imperium!

"Incoming attack!"

"There are still more ambushes. Not good! Not good!"

The demons, who had thought themselves to be sure winners a moment ago, all freaked out in panic upon sensing that a catastrophic attack beyond their imagination was coming at them.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

There was no need for Wang Ji to issue any command. All the demons dispersed and fled in various directions!

"You want to get away from my locking? Not that easy!

"Today, you are all going to die!"

Li Yao's eyes were like ice pitons. The brightness beaming out from them crossed more than ten kilometers and pinned the escaping demons on the light beam one by one.

At this time, the six light balls that were fired in the beginning had reached the battlefield. But instead of attacking any demons, they simply stopped on the different directions of the battlefield.

Triggered by his telepathic thought, the six light balls exploded abruptly, raising chaotic waves and thousands of streams of brightness that darted toward the demons like a storm of arrows.

The demons who were running away crazily were either pushed back by the blast or blocked by the storm of brightness.

The six light balls had gridlocked the routes of escape for most demons!

"Explode! Explode! Explode!"

The ice pitons in Li Yao's eyes suddenly exploded into thousands of stars, all of which were burning furiously, dying his eyes into passionate crimson!

The light balls that followed rushed into the crowd of the demons in the blink of an eye and exploded one after another. Thousands of streams of brightness interweaved into a giant net and countless splendid arrows rained down upon the demons ruthlessly.

"Nooooo!" a high-level demon general reining a biochemical beast in the form of a giant crab cried desperately. Hit precisely by one of the light balls, the seemingly solid bright gold shell was as vulnerable as crust. A hole more than one meter in diameter appeared on the abdomen of the biochemical beast.

The upper body of the high-level demon generals that had been hiding inside was blown into a bloody mist immediately. The despairing screams came to an abrupt end.


A high-level demon general controlling a biochemical beast in the form of a seven-starred sea snake was dodging swiftly through the gaps of the giant net, only to be swept over by a stream of brightness. As if it had been slashed by the sharpest blade in the universe, the seven-starred sea snake was cut in half down the middle, resulting in its plunging speed. It was soon hit by the arrows and rendered into a sieve together with the demon residing inside.

"What is this magical equipment and why is it so formidable?"

"Has some Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator arrived in person?"

"Ah damn. My heart has been blown up. Five seconds until I die!"

"My lower halfmy lower half body is gone! It has been wrecked! Help me! I'm too valuable to die in this place!"

"Yu Liekong, young master of Castle Grey Falcon, has been shot in the head! Deceased!"

"Chi Mingzhu, young leader of Jade Cicada Island, has lost his four arms. His upper body has been deformed, too. He won't last long!"

"Wang Ji! Wang Ji!"

"It was you who said that this is a risk-free, fatal trap, and that as long as we took down the two Star Teams, we would be able to open Skeleton Dragon's residence with nobody messing around.

"But why are we being butchered like pigs? Why?!

"Who is it that is attacking us? Who is it?!"

The remaining demons had lost all formations; they were fleeing and struggling under the barrage of the rain of arrows. Now and then, a demon would be captured by the arrows and, after a brief moment of the blood-stirring noise of fleshing being minced, die on the spot!

Colorful mists of blood were slowly drifting above the undersea town.

Cries, screams, heavy breaths, and callous berating drowned Wang Ji.

Wang Ji was completely lost and had no idea what had happened. He was biting his teeth so hard that they were cracking, but he failed to utter any words, just like Yan Jun a moment ago.

Controlling the black biochemical beast, Wang Ji was dodging hastily in the middle of the arrows. But his mind was a mess, and he was about to burst out a cry.

"How? How did everything come to this?

"My assumption can't be wrong. The Heaven's Origin Sector is absolutely incapable of projecting so many Core Formation Stage Cultivators and Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators to Boneyard!

"If they were going to teleport the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, there would be no need to plant the spiritual seeds into the bodies of those Building Foundation Stage Cultivators in the first place!

"I was so close to victory. Again!

"Who is it that sabotaged my business? I'm going to cut out your living guts!"

While Wang Ji was rushing here and there in hatred and confusion, a starship that looked like a ferocious dragon from the abyss suddenly dashed out from the depths of the ocean!

"This is"

Wang Ji pupils shrank to the size of needles. Every one of his nerve endings was twitching uncontrollably, because he couldn't believe his eyes!