Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 425

Chapter 425: Ares Reincarnated!

Awesome, dominating, brutal, bloodthirsty, and unstoppable!

Faced with such a powerful starship beyond his wildest imagination, Wang Ji, although maintaining a furious face, had a frozen heart. Every one of his cells started trembling uncontrollably.

"Why is there such a powerful starship hiding in the depths of the silver ocean? Judging from the appearance, it looks like a warship from the era of the Star Ocean Imperium.

"But why on earth would a warship thousands of years ago end up here, and why is it still drivable?!

"And who is it that is steering it?!"

Both shocked and exasperated, Wang Ji couldn't help but scream to suppress the deepest fear in his heart.

In the meantime, the eight surviving Orb Patrollers, including Yan Jun, were also stunned at the starship that had come from nowhere and were speechless for quite a long time.

They had thought that they would be dead for sure today. No one had anticipated a fortuitous twist at the end of the episode. The moment the powerful yet mysterious starship appeared, almost twenty demons were already blown to smithereens, their blood dying the silver ocean red.

"Incredible! Incredible! The bombardment is even more destructive than the triplicate main gun of the main force warships of the federal army!

"Who is the captain of the starship? Is there a senior Cultivator living a hermit life in the underground of Boneyard?

"It is approaching!"

The demons freaked out, while the Cultivators were exuberant. All their eyes were glued to Sparkle. Holding their breath, the dozens of creatures here waited for its arrival silently.

Right then, an intense explosion suddenly took place on the above of Sparkle. A cluster of orange brightness pushed away seawater and expanded while it flowed toward the surface of the ocean.

The rain of arrows came to an abrupt halt.

A moment later, the assault cabin at the bottom of Sparkle was opened, from which four streamlined thick 'cannonballs' were ejected and tossed into the battlefield in a moment while slashing the seawater in their way.

The 'cannonballs' exploded, unveiling four impressive crystal suits!

The four Orb Patrollers of Team Blue Bronze joined the battlefield!

"So, it was you, the ants!"

Wang Ji was dazed for a moment. He glanced over the four of them while his dim, yellow eyeballs rolled over and over. His eyes turned from hesitation to ecstasy and eventually brutality.

The horror in his heart was entirely gone. Confidence was flowing crazily inside his veins again. Wang Ji burst out in laughter, because he had figured out what had happened.

"I didn't expect that you would be as robust as cockroaches. Not only did the collapsing rocks fail to bury you, you even discovered a warship from the Star Ocean Imperium. Your vitality is really impressive!

"However, I'm afraid that you haven't got through all the technologies on the warship, and you are merely swaggering around just based on the only useable cannon on board.

"A warship from the Star Ocean Imperium can't be readily drivable. The only cannon has been wrecked by you. That's why you can only rush out and fight face to face!

"You have taken down almost twenty demons of our side in a breath, but so what? We still have more than twenty left. You are still totally outnumbered. And we have the assistance of powerful biochemical beasts.

"There are only twelve Cultivators in total. We will have backup even if we are to attack each of you with two of us. You are doomed to die after all!"

Wang Ji was greatly reassured.

As powerful as the warship was, it must be unavailable for the moment. Otherwise, the Orb Patrollers of Team Blue Bronze wouldn't have any reason to go out and fight them in person.

The logic was simple.

He even began to secretly feel happy about it.

Of all the demons teleported to Boneyard, he was among the noblest ones. But there were quite a few other princes and young masters who were of similar position and capability to him.

It was because he concocted the trap plan and proposed it that everyone listened to his command temporarily.

Once the residence of Skeleton Dragon was opened, those demons would be too selfish to allow him to loot everything inside first.

But right now, after the bombardment a moment ago, many princes and young masters had been blown to pieces. On the other hand, he was barely injured with the help of the weird black biochemical beast.

He was almost the one who boasted the highest capability from the noblest background among the surviving demons now!

"Nice kill! Really nice killing! After you take down each and every one of them, Skeleton Dragon's heritage will all be mine!

"Team Blue Bronze, I cannot thank you enough! Haha, hahahaha!"

Wang Ji grinned hideously. His eyes were brimming with cruelness. A weird soundwave spread out quickly in the seawater through the throat of the biochemical beast.

"Don't panic!

"Their cannon has gone dead. They have to come and fight us in person! Twelve badly injured Cultivators versus thirty demons, what's there to be scared of?

"Au contraire, this is a tremendous windfall!

"Not only are we getting a residence of Skeleton Dragon, we are also getting a warship from the Star Ocean Imperium!

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The demons were not all slow-witted. Seeing the explosion on Sparkle, the sudden dumb fire of the cannon and Team Blue Bronze which was charging close, they realized what was going on without too much trouble.

Their morale which had hit rock bottom a moment ago was immediately boosted to its maximum. The bloodthirst in their bones was entirely triggered. Their fright a moment ago turned into savageness and viciousness, while they bared their fangs, waved their claws, and screamed horrifyingly.

Yan Jun and his teammates had only just felt relieved when their hearts skipped a beat again. They were both dumbfounded and frustrated.

"The starship is being steered by Team Blue Bronze? Where did they find such a powerful vehicle? And how did they activate it?"

"Not good. The only piece of attack magical equipment on the starship seems to be broken now. They have to come out and fight face to face!"

"Twelve of us against almost thirty of them. We barely stand any chance!"

"However, the outside-world Orb Patrollers of Team Blue Bronze indeed have guts. They are charging close to reinforce us, knowing that they are terribly outnumbered"

Starry brilliance was consolidating again in the bottom of Yan Jun's eyes. The scar through his left eye was glittering, like a dragon which was stretching its wings.

"Good. Good. Team Blue Bronze, if you are audacious enough to fight until the last breath, Team Thunder Soul and the rest of the Children of Occult Orbs will not shy away, either!

"What's the big deal with death? Let's see who slays more demon scumbags before we die!"

On Sparkle, Li Yao's telepathic thoughts were switching at the top speed among hundreds of light beams, while he operated rapidly to set Spark into automatic cruise mode.

The breakdown of the Rogue Meteorite was within his expectations.

Such an air defense cannon was not designed to provide tremendous damage after all. The side effect of bringing up its damage with the Flowing Brightness Crystals by force was that the components inside the weapon would degrade hundreds of times faster. As it turned out, the crystal barrels twisted and fractured in the end, leading to the big explosion.

But he didn't have an issue with that.

If he hadn't brought up its damage by force, he wouldn't have been able to blow more than ten demons into smithereens as if they were chickens within a breath.

The Rogue Meteorite had fulfilled its destiny. There were only some twenty demons left now. The capability difference between the two sides was not irreversible now.

"You think we're going to just wait to be killed now that we've lost the cannon?" Li Yao scoffed. Finishing the cruise mode set-up, he leapt up and retrieved the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit from his Cosmos Ring.

In the meantime, inside the magical equipment warehouse, a giant metal box was sliding quickly on the rails, too.

"Ares Extension, prepared!"

A moment later, Li Yao reached the assault cabin and dived out of Sparkle in the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

A silver, streamlined 'cannonball' that looked like a dolphin glided at the top speed for several kilometers, before it exploded and revealed Li Yao, who stood on the above the battlefield and stared at the demons below him coldly from a high stance.

"It was you!"

Wang Ji was more than enraged. He finally realized that it was the dangerous Vulture who had sabotaged his endeavor again when he was one step away from victory.

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! In the Thunderous Sound Mountain, in Red Lotus City, and on Boneyard, you have meddled with my affairs time and time again, rat!

"This time, I'm going to capture you and soak you in the blood pool. I'm going to skin you, pull out your nerves, and cut your flesh off your bones three times a day, and when you are cured, I will do that to you again! Ten years, a hundred years later, you will beg me to kill you!"

The black biochemical beast that Wang Ji was reining, simulated by his fury, had bloody stripes on the mantis-like shell, making it appear more terrifying than ever!

The bone tail of the biochemical beast waved, as Wang Ji was preparing to lunge forward. But he suddenly felt that something was wrong and came to a sudden halt, while he gazed at Li Yao's back in suspicion.

A new 'cannonball' was rushing close toward Li Yao's back. It was more thick and brilliant than the previous manned cannonballs. Surrounded by rounds of runes, it was wreathed in a dazzling splendor.


The streamlined cannonball exploded, releasing countless glamourous runes which were emitting octagonal brightness at first. Then, a myriad of strengthening components appeared around the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

Hand strengthening component!

Chest strengthening component!

Helmet strengthening component and spiritual energy enhancing system!

Leg strengthening component and brand-new power rune system!

Unbelievably powerful one-time remote attack system and fully upgraded melee combat system!

And also, more than three hundred ancillary components to increase manipulability!

All the strengthening components were bright green. Countless interweaving gold threads were covering their surface. At first look, they were the most awe-inspiring dragon scales!

Hiss. Hiss.

Bright green electric arcs were triggered by the strengthening components. Attracted and pulled by the electric arcs, they drew close quickly, assembled and combined, and stuck to the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit one by one!

Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka!

While the strengthening components were loaded one after another, the size of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit grew larger and larger. The intimidating aura that it let out soared exponentially, too.

A moment later, all the strengthening components had been pinned to the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit by the electric arcs and magnetic field.

The crystal suit which had been strengthened was almost four meters tall, with stabbing horns and unparalleled dominance, like a ferocious green dragon. Unfathomably sharp-edged fins stood erect on the arms and legs and behind the back. Bone spurs refined out of super alloys were beaming out bloodthirsty brilliance.

The most eye-catching part was the chest, where a strike cannon in the shape of a dragon head was crouching. Its bloody mouth was wide open, keeping a dazzling, rapidly revolving, green light ball surrounded by dancing electric arcs inside. A scent of extreme danger could be felt from it.

The Ares Extension had been fully loaded!

This was an Ares Extension designed for undersea usage named 'Dragon Scale'!

With the Dragon Scale Extension added, Li Yao was standing in the water like an unstoppable God of War!

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