Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Killing Spree!


Every auxiliary fin on the Dragon Scale Extension was trembling rapidly, while Li Yao turned into a streak of greenness and pierced toward the demons!

"What is this crystal suit? Why is it so intimidating?!"


All the demons felt unprecedented pressure. The seawater seemed hundreds of times thicker. Despite the assistance of the biochemical beasts, they still found it hard to breathe.

The demons were all frightened and shunned away.

But two demons were in Li Yao's path and had been locked onto by Li Yao's sharp killing intent. All the cells inside their bodies seemed to have been frozen into ice, making them rigid for a moment. The time window for running away had passed, and they had no choice except to grit their teeth and fight the incoming enemy the hard way.

One of the two demons was reining a biochemical beast in the shape of shark that was more than four meters long, with three sharp headbutting horns on its head.

The other demon was hiding inside a biochemical beast that resembled a giant lobster that was more than five meters long. Its two claws opened and closed in clattering noises.

The two demons charged at Li Yao, one from the left and the other from the right!


The furiously burning greenness crashed into the two demons. Thousands of green streams flowed out and wreathed the shark-shaped biochemical beast within a moment, before they were stirred brutally!


The middle-level demon general inside the shark-shaped biochemical beast could do nothing but cry out before he was minced into pieces together with the flesh and blood of the biochemical beast. A cluster of bloody mist suddenly exploded in a boom.

A middle-level demon general had been slain by Li Yao within a second!

"The horror. Oh, the horror!"

The other high-level demon general was so panicked that he completely lost his fighting will. While his companion was being pulverized, he hurried to run away!

"Run away, now! Such a monster is too much for me to deal with!"

Rushing forward more than a hundred meters in a breath, the high-level demon general was greatly relieved sensing that Li Yao didn't come after him.

But when he turned back his head, he found that everybody was looking at him in a daze.

The high-level demon general was finally grabbed by an ominous feeling, as if he had stepped onto nothing into an abyss. The pores all over his body shrank at the same time!

Behind his back, a weird green shadow had appeared without him knowing. The proudly-standing strike cannon on the chest of the Dragon Scale Extension was adorned with splendid stripes of blood. The light ball in the mouth of the dragon was more and more dazzling and, before he was able to react, exploded abruptly!

A pillar of brightness as wide as a bowl jetted out of the mouth of the dragon and pierced through the solid shell of the biochemical beast, similar to a chopstick stabbing through a cooked egg.

Luminescent blood flowed out of the gap of the shell. After a 'BAM', the two eyes of the giant lobster exploded simultaneously. It struggled for a moment and dropped dead.

The high-level demon general hiding inside of it was pierced through by the pillar of brightness without even being able to grunt. His internal organs were all vaporized, resulting in his instantaneous death!

After several seconds, two elite demons had been slain by Li Yao as if they were harmless chickens!

"Vulture Li Yao has become so formidable now that he's put on such a weird crystal suit!"

"We are no match for him!"

"We are all going to die here!"

Witnessing Li Yao's invincibility, the demons were terrified again and sent into chaos.

"Li Yao, where did you find such a powerful crystal suit?!"

Wang Ji's eyes were blood red. His fury was almost burning his pupils through. He couldn't hate it more!

"This is an Ares Extension! The most formidable one-off strengthening plug-ins in the era of the Star Ocean Imperium!"

"Li Yao has miraculously found an Ares Extension. No wonder he is so brutal today!"

"We are saved!"

The Cultivators were overjoyed; their morale couldn't be higher.

Staring at the glamourous Dragon Scale Extension covering Li Yao, Yan Jun was caught in mixed feelings.

A few months ago, when he first met Li Yao, Li Yao was merely a rookie who had just ascended to the Building Foundation Stage. He didn't bother to look at him after all and thought that he would hamstring the Children of Occult Orbs in the missions like the rest of the outside-world Orb Patrollers did.

He didn't expect that the guy would make so much progress in several months and even save his own life someday.

Right then, a telepathic thought was sent to him. His crystal processor received a request to share the communication channels. Team Blue Bronze had docked their communication channel to Team Thunder Soul's.

"Yan Jun! The Ares Extension that I am wearing is a one-off expendable, and it won't last long! Crush them while the demons are in a mess right now!" Li Yao bellowed in the communication channel.

Yan Jun was dazed for a moment. He took a deep breath. The complicated expressions on his face were replaced by fervent fighting will. His eyes glittered while he laughed.

"Alright! Let's talk later!

"Right now, let's just kill!"

Thirteen Cultivators, from three Star Teams, charged into the crowd of demons like thirteen sabers, slashing everything in their way apart.

The demons still outnumbered them in the field. But Li Yao was the sharpest blade edge wherever he went. He led the attack and stirred the formation of the demons into further chaos.

Barely any demons could survive one strike from him. Once they were engaged with him, their biochemical beasts were often seriously injured and had to be abandoned, if they were not killed instantly on the spot.

The other thirteen Cultivators were greatly encouraged by Li Yao's valiance. They exerted all their might and followed him closely.

For a moment, the silver ocean turned red. More than ten demons had been slaughtered mercilessly one by one!

"Li Yao!"

Wang Ji was furious. Demonic energy surged out of his body and condensed into countless bubbles around him before they all exploded suddenly!

The bone tail waved. He dashed forward and reached Li Yao in the blink of an eye.

"Go to hell!"

Almost a hundred sharp bone spurs protruded out of the bone tail, and it slapped at Li Yao at more than three times the speed of sound, tearing the seawater in between apart.

Li Yao squinted. Every muscle on his body was constricted as much as possible, making him seem smaller than he actually was. Then, like an elastic spring that had been compressed to minimum, it bounced back all of a sudden. All the strength inside his muscles flooded into his right arm like thousands of rivers gathering into an ocean, providing spiral explosive power, before he punched the tip of the bone tail!

The Dragon Scale Extension had enveloped Li Yao's fists in a thick layer of green plate armor that was covered in scales and sharp thorns. After the punch, the seawater around was pushed away, and a spacious waterless chamber was formed, like an invisible fist more than one meter in diameter had punched in advance.


The iron fist and the bone tail collided brutally. The immense blast caused a giant swirl in the seawater.

Li Yao barely moved, while Wang Ji was blown backward more than ten meters with a scream!

Tiny cracks were appearing on the fist part of the Dragon Scale Extension.

But half of the bone tail of Wang Ji's biochemical beast had been blown off. The remaining half of the tail was smooth without any bone spurs anymore, cramping.

His nerves had been connected to the brain of the biochemical beast. The pain of the tail being cut off was excruciating, but he was so astounded that he almost ignored it.

"His strength is even higher than mine!

"How can that be! How is it possible?!"

Two years ago, when they encountered in the Thunderous Sound Mountain, Li Yao was but a Cultivator at the Refinement Stage. Under the pressure of the prince of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, he could only hide here and there like a rat in a ditch, and only got away because of luck.

One year ago, when the two of them met again in Red Lotus City, Li Yao was merely at the peak of the Refinement Stage and wouldn't have defeated him without the sordid tricks.

But right now, Li Yao had completely suppressed him in a face-to-face confrontation!


Wang Ji couldn't be more regretful!

Had he foreseen what was going to happen today, he would have cut Li Yao into pieces at whatever cost, even letting go of the Mutated Lion Dragon in the Thunderous Sound Mountain two years ago!

But it was a pity that the past could not be altered. Who could've anticipated that a Mr. Nobody as humble as an ant before would soar to the sky and overturn the world one day?

"Wang Ji, I'm going to avenge Captain Hong!" Li Yao roared and sprinted again.

Gritting his teeth, Wang Ji turned into a cluster of blackness and dashed forward, too.

The two clusters of brightness crashed into each other heavily, raising a blast that resembled an overwhelming tsunami.

The Ares Extension that Li Yao carried was one-off magical equipment in the first place. Therefore, he was not afraid of the impact at all. The plate armor on his shoulder was shattered, but a large part of flesh was torn off from Wang Ji's biochemical beast, too.


Wang Ji felt that he was going to be killed by the agony. The biochemical beast suddenly spat out a cluster of black mist, which quickly spread out in the silver ocean like ink.

Run! Run! Run!

Wang Ji fled without bothering with anything else.


Li Yao broke through the black smoke, only to find that Wang Ji was escaping in a rush toward the undersea town.

"You want to run away?"

Li Yao sniffed. The power rune arrays of the Dragon Scale Extension spurted out streams of water, pushing him into a streak of greenness again closely behind the enemy.

One was running and the other was pursuing. The two of them left the battlefield quickly and both dived into the undersea town.

The pavilions and buildings in this place were extremely delicate. However, there was no sign of any creature wherever they went. No fish, no coral, and no shellfish, as if they were too intimidated by Skeleton Dragon to come close to his old home.

Even the undercurrents did not dare to intrude into the town. The seawater here was absolutely still, but the environment was extremely creepy. It seemed to be a town of ghosts in the deepest level of the hell.

In the middle of the town stood a conical, splendid building in a completely different style to the rest of the architectures in the town. It appeared to be both a den of a great demon beast and a dead volcano.

It was Skeleton Dragon's residence.

Wang Ji swam toward the residence like a stray dog.

In the middle of his pursuit, Li Yao suddenly had a palpitation. He sensed that a great danger was coming and halted all of a sudden.

An abrupt change took place right at this moment!

Almost a hundred giant clusters of brightness burst out from the entire undersea town, including Skeleton Dragon's residence.

The intense blast demolished more than half of the undersea town like a volcanic eruption and swallowed Li Yao momentarily.

"This is"

Li Yao was caught in the middle of the blast and the turbulences. Although the Dragon Scale Extension absorbed most of the blast, his head was still quite dizzy.

On his light beam, redness was blinking nonstop. The durability of the Dragon Scale Extension was dropping fast. Many components had been blown into pieces!

As it turned out, Wang Ji had planted a huge amount of crystal bombs in the undersea town!