Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 430

Chapter 430: One Minute!

The formidable, even suffocating, Skeleton Dragon's might caused the communication channel to fall dead silent. The only things that could be heard were painful grunts and heavy breathing.

A Cultivator suffered too many wounds to maintain the defense line of his soul. He was swallowed by Skeleton Dragon's mental attack and screamed uncontrollably as if he was stuck in an endless nightmare.

"What do we do?"

Gritting her teeth, Ding Lingdang jumped above of one of Skeleton Dragon's arms and crashed into the skull at the end. One of the tusks in the skull was blown off, but yet another new crack was added to her already fragmented crystal suit!

"What do we do?"

Yan Jun stretched his bow and shot arrows again. The long bow condensed by spiritual energy let out a rain of hundreds of arrows, but in a much more lackluster hue than before.

The shooting seemed to have consumed most of his soul power. His body shivered beyond his control.

"What do we do?"

Leng Ziming was firing upon the demon crazily, when he suddenly heard an ominous reminder from his crystal processor. The Cosmos Ring fully loaded with ammunition was running out of supplies. There was only 10% left!

"What do we do?!"

Everybody was shouting crazily in their hearts.

Right then, Li Yao rumbled in the communication channel, "Ding Lingdang, Yan Jun, Leng Ziming, and everyone else, please hang in there and stall it for one minute. I've figured out how to deal with it!"

Li Yao activated his power rune arrays to maximum and also triggered Black Wing. His speed was ten times faster than before, as he withdrew from the battlefield and turned into a streak of blackness, dashing toward Sparkle.

"One minute?"

Seeing Li Yao running away desperately, there was suspicion in many Cultivators' eyes.

"Alright, one minute!"

The first one to respond to him was not Ding Lingdang, but Yan Jun!

Determination was beaming out of the best Child of the Occult Orbs. He gritted his teeth so hard that his molars were almost ground to dust. "One more time. Let's gamble one more time! Vulture Li Yao, I will give you one minute, but don't you disappoint me!"

While he was talking, Yan Jun consolidated a giant bow of spiritual energy right in front of him. But this time, he put himself on the bow and was shot toward Skeleton Dragon unstoppably like a flash arrow!

"Li Yao, you've never let me down before. I know you won't this time!"

Ding Lingdang burst into laughter like a volcanic eruption. The flames surging out of her body were in terrifying seven colors now!

At the critical moment, she had brought Nona-colored Fire, the dominating Cultivation art of the fire class, to the seventh level by activating her spiritual energy beyond her limits!

A hundred, ten thousand, a hundred thousand rainbows were dancing crazily around her body, while Ding Lingdang charged at two of Skeleton Dragon's unfathomably thick arms head-on like a Valkyrie reborn!

"Okay. We will try our best to buy you one minute!"

The other ten Cultivators roared frantically, too. The exhaust flames behind their crystal suits vented brilliant colors, pushing them forward into streaks of brightness, tackling the nine arms of Skeleton Dragon!

Even the Cultivator who had fallen into hallucinations because of the breakdown of his soul had stopped screaming.

Although he was still trapped in the nightmare, he sensed vaguely a familiar, vigorous, and passionate power!

It was the hymn of battle, echoing in the nightmare!

He ceased crying and cramping, and thundered like an animal, while he attacked the empty seawater restlessly.

Even in the nightmare, he had remembered that he was a Cultivator and started fighting the invisible enemies!

Hearing everyone's roars and seeing that they were fighting Skeleton Dragon without caring about their own lives, Li Yao felt that his eyes seemed to have turned into two volcanoes that were about to erupt. Something even hotter than magma was about to burst out!

He sniffed his nose nonstop. "I will not fail you. One minute. One minute is all I need!"


Li Yao swept into Sparkle like a tornado and zigzagged in the narrow pathways until he rushed into the cockpit.

At this moment, eleven seconds had passed.

There were only forty-nine seconds left!

Li Yao's eyes were glittering like the morning star. Even the rising sun could not eclipse its dazzling brilliance.

He extended his right hand, where three glamourous pearls in an air of divinity appeared. They were the last three Flowing Brightness Crystals.


The three Flowing Brightness Crystal were crumbed into cluster of scraps large and small and powders in his palm.

In the meantime, he retrieved a large bottle of strengthening drug concentrate from his Cosmos Ring.

The concentrate was meant for the convenience of carrying for the Cultivators who were going to train in the wilderness. Its concentration was dozens of times higher than the common strengthening drug, and it could only be taken after being diluted by a great amount of nutrition liquids, pure water, and neutralization drug.

This bottle of concentrate was enough for one month of training for a common Building Foundation Stage Cultivator.

Li Yao poured the scraps and powders that used to be the three Flowing Brightness Crystals into the concentrate and sealed the bottle without the tiniest gap. They, he held it with both his hands and shook it at a frequency of hundreds of times per second!

His two hands immediately turned into a cluster of humming grey mist.

Two seconds later, he opened the cap. Spiritual gas as intense as steam immediately soared to the ceiling and condensed into splendid clouds there in hissing sounds.

Inside the bottle, the liquid was in various colors. Bubbles were popping up nonstop as if it was boiling.

Three Flowing Brightness Crystal, with the highly-purified strengthening drug concentrate and the high-frequency vibration, led to drastic chemical reactions, even though Flowing Brightness Crystals were known to be extremely mild and stable Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures.

The corner of Li Yao's eyes twitched violently. Gritting his teeth, he craned his neck and drank the bottle of concentrate in three mouthfuls.


He felt that ten thousand crystal bombs had exploded in his stomach at the same time, or that a giant tree was rooting and sprouting in his gastrointestinal system. The roots pierced through his gastric wall, mingled with his veins and nerves and spread to his limbs. Poisonous thorns seemed to be growing from the roots which tore his internal organs apart and ripped open his every cell!

"Art of the Swallowing Whale, activate!"

Like a crazy devil, Li Yao held back the excruciating pain while his gastrointestinal system melted the magma-like spiritual energy flowing out of the Flowing Brightness Crystals with his soul. His flesh and blood were not able to withstand the raging spiritual energy and there were holes all over his body, but he couldn't care less about it!

Strength. It was strength that he needed!

At this moment, there was thirty-nine seconds to go.


In an earsplitting roar, Li Yao rushed to the captain seat and sat on it majestically. Thousands of light beams appeared in front of his eyes again, while the telepathic thoughts overly-triggered by the Flowing Brightness Crystals and the strengthening drug concentrate were transmitted to every corner of Sparkle through his hundreds of spiritual threads.

Sparkle was bathed in brilliance all of a sudden. The scale-like plate armor on its shell all stood up high like that of an infuriated dragon. Every magical equipment unit was roaring and yearning for blood and killing!

"Excellent! The manipulability of Sparkle is more than 10% for me right now. Sparkle will be even more powerful than before!"

Li Yao's lips curled. His teeth were like dozens of interconnecting battle sabers, while his hair was standing up like needles tousled by spiritual energy. The tip of his hair was as red as blood!

It was the ultimate sign that a Building Foundation Stage Cultivator had reached their limits in undying fighting will!

At the tail of Sparkle, the eight power rune arrays in a circle sent out astounding exhaust flames in earsplitting noises, driving Sparkle several kilometers away almost instantly at a speed bordering on its maximum!

Li Yao's consciousness, soul, and senses were all minced to pieces by the unexperienced power. The hideous expression on his face would terrify even the most daring devil. There was only one thought in his head that he knew: to rush over and drill through it!

At this moment, more than half a minute had gone.

There were only twenty-one seconds left.

"Drill of mystic rays, activate!"

A third of Li Yao's hair had turned blood red. His skin was chapping, his veins bulging. Countless round steel pebbles seemed to be rolling inside his veins toward his brain.

The thousands of light beams in front of him were blinking. Information was flooding down rampantly as if a dam had been breached.

Nine mystic colors suddenly surged out in front of Sparkle and interweaved into a cone-shaped cluster of brightness that looked like a giant drill. It grew brighter and brighter and eventually became eye-dazzling, while its rapid revolutions stirred up the seawater with awe-inspiring roars!

Seventeen seconds to go!

A thousand meters away from Skeleton Dragon!

Skeleton Demon also sensed that a great danger was coming. Its nine arms were waving at a much higher speed than before, and the water streams that it ejected from its bottom were getting more and more forceful. Its body was still like a monolithic mountain, but it was somewhat unpredictable now, as if it was overlapped by countless blurred shadows.

"It is trying to dodge. Stop it now!"

"We must hold it there for the full minute!"

"Seed explosion! Seed explosion! Seed explosion! Whoever still hasn't detonated your spiritual seed, now is the time!"




Three Cultivators suddenly turned into light balls that were even more blazing than the sun, while they exerted strength almost equal to the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators' and crashed into Skeleton Dragon's three arms brutally like three sprinting falling stars.

The giant skulls at the front ends of the three arms exploded at the same time!

Nine seconds to go!

Sparkle was five hundred meters away from Skeleton Dragon!

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Skeleton Dragon groaned in shock and anger. Its nine arms turned into thousands of phantoms, whipping, striking and biting!

The mental attack unleashed by its true body was brought to maximum, too. The brains of all the Cultivators were filled up with squeaking noises and plagued by invisible tides!

"One minute!"

The crystal suit on one of the Cultivators had almost been entirely battered. The plate armor in the chest fell off, revealing the ragged mustard suit inside.

Blood was spurting out of his chest like a fountain.

But he still roared and rushed toward the giant skull that was apparently too fearsome to be coped with by him.

"One minute!"

A Cultivator's flying swords and sabers were all broken. His crystal cannon had run out of spiritual energy. But he simply climbed up a giant skull with all fours and fought against the tusks inside barehanded!

"One minute!"

Ding Lingdang and Yan Jun had cut in above Skeleton Dragon's body and attacked its true self at the risk of being tied up by its transparent tentacles!

Three seconds to go!

Sparkle was only eighty meters away from Skeleton Dragon!

Li Yao's telepathic thoughts almost compacted into a real, visible thing. They crowded into the mainframe crystal processor in thousands of lasers. The mainframe crystal processor was functioning at the maximum, while the drill of mystic rays expanded yet again. Thousands of runes appeared on the surface of the drill and revolved as well, vaporizing the seawater nearby into an overwhelming smoke of brightness!

Three seconds, two seconds, one second!

Fifty meters, thirty meters, the last ten meters!

There was nothing that could stop it now.

Even if a god or Buddha were to appear in Sparkle's way, Li Yao would drill them through easily!

In soul-stirring screams, Skeleton Dragon mustered all its silver bones to the center of its body where the strongest defense was constructed.

Li Yao had no time to adjust the course, nor did he plan to.

In the very last second of the minute, he roared with all his might and drove Sparkle into Skeleton Dragon's thickest defense brutally!