Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Spiral Thrusting!

The underground ocean was raging, raising waves that were about to consume the sky. The blast spread out in white halos. All the Cultivators were blown hundreds of meters away!

In the middle of Skeleton Dragon's chest, silver brightness burst out. Its monolithic body was moved dozens of meters backward.

However, the unstoppable strike of Sparkle finally came to a stop because of the piled-up silver bones.

"Didn't drill into it?"

All the Cultivators were upset, with desperation brimming in their eyes.

Inside the cockpit of Sparkle, Li Yao stood with his head held high. There was no sadness or delight in his face. His messy hair was suddenly prolonged and covered his shoulders. Two thirds of it turned blood red, drifting in the air although there was no wind and burning like furious fire!

Deep inside his brain, his spiritual energy condensed into countless transparent pearls which bombarded the glittering light spot in the center of his brain.

Spiritual seed!

It was the spiritual seed of Iron God Yan Ba, a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator!


Under hundreds of collisions per second, the glittering light spot suddenly shrank, and then unleashed endless brightness and heat, as if a supernova had exploded inside Li Yao's brain. The dominating storm of spiritual energy swept over his body instantly and swallowed all his cells!

The power that originated from the primordial creatures in the beginning of evolution and buried in the deepest parts of the cells was awakened!

Li Yao's every cell seemed to have undergone a lightning-like evolution from plankton to trilobite, to shark, to sarcosuchus, and to tyrannosaurs.

The ancient gate that had been sealed for millions of years was pushed open. The primeval force was set free!


Li Yao raised his head and roared to the sky. His soundwaves seemed to have consolidated into a real thing, as if he had just spat out a cluster of black ink. His body size grew suddenly, and dark gold stripes appeared on his skin. Gold brilliance was also appearing in his bloodshot eyes.

His brain cell activity rushed beyond 1000% as soon as he entered the seed explosion state!

Countless dark gold giant creatures, draconic sharks, sarcosuchus, hydras, tyrannosaurs The once ruthless dominators in the history of evolution appeared behind Li Yao, overlapping one another!

Hua! Hua!

Around the cockpit, the crystal wires that were as thick as boas suddenly ridded themselves of the fixation shelves and danced crazily around Li Yao!

The dark gold giant shadows behind Li Yao turned into thousands of streaks of gold and span around the crystal wires. At the command of the mainframe crystal processor, they lunged at the mystic ray drill.

Gold spirals suddenly appeared on the surface of the drill, whose speed was higher than it had ever been!

"EXPLODE!" roared Li Yao.


After an earthshaking explosion, the mystic ray drill battered the silver bone armor on Skeleton Dragon's chest into smithereens with the enhancement of the primeval force and dug into the hole!

"Stab! Strike! Through!"

The mystic ray drill was marching forward continuously, irrespective of how the tensile and weird soft body tried to block it. The redness in the center of Skeleton Demon's body seemed to realize that it was in peril. It shrank and shivered like a candle in the blowing wind.

At the critical moment, Skeleton Dragon's nine arms retreated suddenly and smashed Sparkle's shell brutally without bothering about the rest of the Cultivators.


The shell of Sparkle hadn't been entirely repaired from the erosion of thousands of years. Against Skeleton Dragon's full-strength strikes, it was soon full of breaches. Cracks, and even giant holes, were appearing in many places!

Skeleton Dragon's arms pierced into the interior of Sparkle like a dragon diving into the sea.

Gritting his teeth, Li Yao sealed all the compromised cabins and abandoned them on the crystal processor.

Skeleton Dragon's arms couldn't breach into the cockpit for a moment. Therefore, they simply pushed Sparkle away.

Forward and backward!

The two unimaginable forces were at an impasse. Sparkle was under so much pressure that its structure was uttering blood-freezing screeching noises as if it was going to break up any second!

Li Yao opened his arms. His heart was pounding like a drum, while his fire of life was burning more furiously than ever and drove the mystic ray drill forward without bothering about anything else!

Ten meters! Seven meters! Five meters!

The drill of mystic rays penetrated deep in and was only five meters away from the red core!

The dozens of ancient magical equipment stored inside Skeleton Dragon's body were all triggered crazily.

Four pieces of shield-like magical equipment stood in the path of the mystic ray drill quickly.

Seven flying swords scraped the drill of mystic rays brutally, producing colorful brilliance.

Two pieces of gourd-shaped magical equipment, on the other hand, was spurting purple and crimson venomous gas nonstop.

The other magical equipment simply crashed into the drill like moths darting into flames!

The drill of mystic rays continued marching forward!

The shield-like magical equipment exploded!

The seven flying swords were broken!

The both pieces gourd-shaped magical equipment were shattered to pieces!

Four meters! Three meters! Two meters!

"Sprint! Sprint!"

The Cultivators who were observing the situation in the periphery all launched attacks again now that Skeleton Dragon's nine arms were occupied by Sparkle.

But they were well aware that their attacks were merely scratches to Skeleton Dragon.

The key to the victory depended on Li Yao!

At this moment, there was only one meter between the drill of mystic rays and Skeleton Dragon's red core!

However, blocked by the nine arms of bones and countless pieces of ancient magical equipment, Sparkle was moving more and more slowly.

Inside the cockpit, Li Yao was breathing heavily; his eyes appeared hollow. Black blood was leaking out of every pore on his body.

He stumbled and fell to one knee. Craning his head, Li Yao gazed at the weird redness in the middle of the light beam and ushered the last bit of his fire of life and the remaining momentum of the power rune arrays to push Sparkle forward, forward and forward!

Two meters, one meters, half a meter!

Every centimeter forward meant hundreds of collisions with the ancient magical equipment. The drill of mystic rays was finally dampened. The speed of Sparkle was lower and lower, until it was stuck by more than ten scraps of a broken shield and came to a halt when it was only half a meter away from the red core of Skeleton Dragon.


All the Cultivators felt that their blood was freezing.

Too shocked to restrain himself, a seriously wounded Cultivator was invaded by Skeleton Dragon's mental power and exclaimed desperately in the communication channel, "All in vain! Our endeavors were all in vain! Skeleton Dragon is an ancient deadly demon from forty thousand years ago. We Building Foundation Stage Cultivators stand no chance against it at all! Absolutely no chance!"

As if to prove what he had said, Sparkle was pushed back inch by inch after trembling crazily for a minute in the competition of the two formidable forces.

The drill of mystic rays was still revolving rapidly, but the power rune arrays of Sparkle had exploded one by one. The remaining rune arrays were far from enough to provide sufficient impetus. Therefore, Skeleton Dragon was pushing it back slowly but surely!

Inside the cockpit, components and units exploded one after another, and more and more light beams fell into complete darkness.

The overall structure of Sparkle had been under tremendous pressure, too. It would crumble in less than five minutes.

Doggedness was beaming out of Li Yao's eyes as he tried to stand up. But he still fell to the ground after shivering for a moment and vomited a mouthful of black blood.

"Limit. This is my limit!

"I can't defeat it. It was an unparalleled deadly demon forty thousand years ago and must've been far stronger than Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators when it was at its peak. I can't defeat it even though it has only several percent of its original capability!"

Li Yao was in a trance. His self-doubt was immediately detected by Skeleton Dragon, who launched immense mental waves scourging his brain.

Once again, Li Yao was faced with a hell on the earth.

Floating Spear City, his hometown, and the Grand Desolate War Institution, his mother school, were mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

All his family and friends and everybody he knew, Ding Lingdang, Yuan Manqiu, Peng Hai, Guan Xiong, Meng Jiang, Jiang Shaoyang, Principal Mao, Grandpa Wang, and so on were all crying and screaming in the seas of blood, before they turned into piles of bones.

An irresistible thunder rumbled inside his brain over and over again.

"You are just an ant at the Building Foundation Stage, and you dare to hurt me like this? Very soon, these scenes will become reality to your world, your home, you family and your friends!

"In the meantime, you will be melted and become part of me. The great chaos and slaughter will be started by you in person! Haha. Hahahaha!"

"Hu Hu"

Li Yao was breathing heavily. Two streams of blood were dribbling from his eyes.

The cruel scenes did not terrorize him but triggered the remaining fighting will in the deepest parts of his body.

It was all he had left right now.


'I will not let it go your way. I will not allow you to ruin my home, my family, my friends, my compatriots, and my civilization!

'What do I do? The impetus of the power rune arrays is not sufficient. My seed explosion state is about come to an end. The spiritual energy of the warship is running out. The hardness and revolution speed of the drill is diminishing. There are no other weapons on Sparkle. I can't even self-detonate and perish together with it!

'What do I do?! What do I do?!'

Li Yao buried his head in his hands painfully. He resisted Skeleton Dragon's mental attack while he quickly searched the inventory of magical equipment on Sparkle, hoping vaguely in the overwhelming desperation to find a hidden fatal weapon!

Suddenly, his body was frozen as if he had been hit by a lightning.

Ecstasy burst out of his eyes.

In a moment, Li Yao turned tranquil, somewhat frighteningly.

Sparkle was still being pushed away by Skeleton inch after inch. Another power rune array had exploded, resulting to a loss of impetus of 7%. The warship was obviously lopsided now.

But Li Yao had already put on a cruel smile. Taking a deep breath, he turned his two hands into hundreds of blurred shadows and raised a storm of information on the light beams.

"Ding Lingdang."

While Li Yao operated quickly to shut down and turn on certain components and units and to reconfigure the route of spiritual energy circulation, he said softly in the communication channel, "And everyone else. Please cease fire and keep a distance of at least two hundred meters from Sparkle."

Maybe because his voice was unusually calm, Ding Lingdang, who had been living with him side by side, sensed that something was wrong. She shrieked, "Li Yao, WhatWhat do you want? You are not going to play the self-detonation move, are you?"

Li Yao smiled and replied, "Don't be silly. Self-detonation is too much a clich for me. Besides, the spiritual energy reserve on Sparkle is insufficient. I can't detonate anything even if I want to. Detonating a Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit alone is not enough to blow Skeleton Dragon up."

"Cut the nonsense! I know you too well! You are definitely concocting some sordid tricks!"

Ding Lingdang bellowed, "Come on and speak up! What are you planning to do?!"

Li Yao gritted his teeth and remained silent. He spared thirty percent of his computational ability to maintain the normal functioning of the mystic ray drill and the power rune arrays, while he constructed a brand new and even more complicated spiritual energy circulation model with the remaining seventy percent of his computational ability.

A group of components and units that had never been used in the previous fierce battle were activated!

"Li Yao, Li Yao!"

Hearing no reply for a long time, Ding Lingdang was almost crying, but her words were as stubborn as before. "I've never stopped you from doing anything. Whatever you do, I always believe in you and support you!

"However, listen to me carefully!

"Whatever you do, just don't die!

"Don't you ever die!

"If you dare to die casually without informing me, I swear that, even if you soul falls to the deepest level of hell, I will simply kick open its gate, drag back your wretched soul, stuff you into a puppet, and blow up your stupid head again!"