Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Cultivator or Immortal Cultivator?


Sensing that the residue of the Flowing Brightness Crystals had mostly turned into the purest spiritual energy absorbed by his every cell, Li Yao had a strong sense of gratification and felt that his body had become a small universe itself.

A mysterious understanding suddenly popped up in Li Yao's mind.

Revolution. Incessant revolution. The sea of stars was a continuum of revolution!

When he slayed a tornado in the depths of a dust storm that day, he had perceived the Thunderous Sound Saber Art inspired by the revolution of the tornadoes.

In the bloody battle against Skeleton Dragon, it was with the high-speed revolution of the drill of mystic rays that he dug through the ancient deadly demon from forty thousand years ago.

Right now, the True Fusion had shown him to a whole new level in the form of a space swirl!

Li Yao's head seemed to have been pierced through by a streak of gold brightness. The space swirl had been devoured by his eyes and created an inexplicable environment inside his body. Newly-arrived spiritual energy interweaved with his powerful soul. They revolved rapidly, like a tornado and an invisible drill, and protruded out along his spiritual root!


Three earth-shaking thunders rumbled inside Li Yao's brain.

His spiritual shield was multiple times thicker than previously, like a mushroom after a rain, with gold, helical stripes mixed onto it.

The spiritual shield of Gold Horn had been on the verge of collapse, but now, it successfully held off the blast, however narrowly, after trembling for a moment.

In the meantime, inside the cockpit

Lei Dalu jumped up. The blood streaks inside his eyes hit everyone like red lightning as he bellowed, "Alter our trajectory and escape at full speed!"

Dazzling brilliance burst out from the right side of Gold Horn, accelerating it again and leaving a streak of gold brightness hundreds of kilometers long behind.

Countless pieces of strengthened plated armor on the shell of the starship crumbled and formed a scattered, glittering gold scale belt behind the starship.

Gold Horn did not back off. Instead, it moved forward and sprinted, rushing away from the True Fusion's control at a tangent.

Countless streams of flames were unleashed from the space swirl, as if the hungry devil was not willing to let go of the prey that had been fed to its mouth.

However, Gold Horn had been granted enough speed. The final result of the competition between the attraction force and the ship's acceleration was that a portion of the starship on the right at the rear was torn off.

Like a dragon that had broken free from its shackles, Gold Horn tried everything it could to run as high and far away as possible, even at the cost of one of its limbs!

Gold Horn finally got rid of the space swirl and survived!

"We made it!"

"We have run away from the True Fusion!"

"We are alive! We are still alive!"

The cockpit was filled with hoorays, and so was every cabin that had been riddled with holes and every broken, blocked pathway!

Everyone was hugging their companions next to them so hard that their crystal suits were clattering.

Taking a long breath in relief, Lei Dalu collapsed in the captain seat as if somebody had plucked all his nerves. He grinned at Bai Kaixin and said, "What did I say about the most important thing for us Cultivators?"

A smile that indicated the heavy load had been relieved appeared on Bai Kaixin's face, too. "Trust!"

"No. The most important thing for us Cultivators is fu*king luck!"

Lei Dalu laughed so hard that he was almost choking himself. "I know that the Great Horn Exo Society has always been lucky!"

Right then, rattling noises came from the communication channel.

"The pathway to the spiritual shield generator cabin had been broken through!"

"Let's go!"

Both Lei Dalu and Bai Kaixin jumped up. "Bai Ze is the biggest contributor to our victory. He managed to maintain such a battered spiritual shield to this moment. He deserves to be commended!"

Very soon, the light beam manifested the scenes inside the spiritual shield generator cabin.

However, the true view inside the cabin dumbfounded Lei Dalu, Bai Kaixin, Xiong Tao, and everyone else who saw it in person. They wouldn't be able to forget it for the rest of their lives!

Ten seconds later, in an old port inside the Angry Serpent Domain.

"Good heavens! What in the world is this?"

Watching the scruffy starship slowly drifting close on the light beam, an experienced Cultivator rubbed his eyes and exclaimed in shock uncontrollably.

Had he not seen the occasional exhaust flames behind the starship, he would've thought that it was a ghost ship in urban tales.

Half an hour later, Gold Horn was docked at the port of the Angry Dragon Domain.

Within half a day, all the Cultivators and ordinary people of the Angry Dragon Domain learned the existence of such an Exo Society and such a starship, who were hired by an ordinary person at the price of a bag of rice and hunted a bunch of cruel and desperate space pirates through dozens of space zones and world fragments until they slaughtered all the outlaws, leaving none alive at the edge of the world.

Then, they broke into Wraiths' Wrath with their ragged starship through winds and tides fighting against a space swirl and a True Fusion. Eventually, the heroes arrived successfully!

Three days later, legends about the Great Horn Exo Society spread to the Flying Star Sector like tides along the Spiritual Nexus.

The originally small, unknown Exo Society rose to fame and surprised the entire Flying Star Sector after the battle!

Ten thousand years ago, Spider Den had once been the most resourceful planet in the Flying Star Sector that boasted tremendous Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures. It was built into the most important refining center in the Flying Star Sector by the Star Ocean Imperium.

Starships and magical equipment produced in this place had been shipped to the entire Flying Star Sector and other worlds nearby.

After hundreds of years of over-exploitation, everything on Spider Den had been consumed.

High and mighty mountains were cut open. Underground mines were constructed one after another and almost completely emptied the entire planet. The sky was enveloped by furious spiritual storms. The ocean was corrupted by venom and acid, dyed various glamorous colors.

There was not the slightest hint of natural scenery as far as one's eyes could reach. Gargantuan honeycomb-like buildings made of steels were everywhere on the foul planet.

These buildings either pierced up into the sky or deep down into the ground. They eroded the vitality of the planet like cold canner cells. Eventually, the Star Ocean Imperium abandoned the place, leaving it barren, desolate, and uninhabited.

However, ten thousand years after the collapse of the Star Ocean Imperium, the dark side of the planet was reborn.

Over thousands of years, countless space pirates gradually arrived here. The magical equipment refining centers and starship modification bases that used to manufacture the deadliest weapons were put to use again, spraying dense black smoke and venomous fog. The new visitors had also found a lot of heavy weapons left by the predecessors in the warehouses deep below the ground!

If Heavenly Saints City was the center of light in the Flying Star Sector, Spider Den would be the soul of all the shadows of the Flying Star Sector.

It was the home base of most space pirates.

The criminals who had betrayed the doctrines of Cultivators and embraced evilness gathered in this place.

Deep below Spider Den, below the interweaving, labyrinth-like tubes and honeycomb buildings, inside a dark prison cell, Fengyu Zhong walked toward three Cultivators slowly.

The brutal bandit who had been wandering on Spider Den for dozens of years and broken through multiple sieges looked fair, plump, and gentle. He was more like a knowledgeable university professor.

Compared with him, the Cultivators crouching on three rune arrays in front of him, whose spines had been locked, were messy, dirty, and even somewhat obscene.

Wearing a sunny smile, Fengyu Zhong asked slowly, "For the last time, are you willing to be an Immortal Cultivator?"

The first Cultivator took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He shook his head and replied, "I am a Cultivator, and I always will be."


Fengyu Zhong nodded his head. His eyes glimmered. Suddenly, the rune array below the Cultivator spurted out purple flames which burnt him to ash immediately!

"Cultivator or Immortal Cultivator?"

Fengyu Zhong turned to the second Cultivator, his voice equally calm.

The second Cultivator gritted his teeth to stop himself from roaring. Struggling for a while, he gnashed his teeth.


Fengyu Zhong sighed. The second wave of flames was summoned and set ablaze the Cultivator as well as his soul!

"How foolish you are!

"Since the moment our spiritual root is awakened, we have become a totally different species from mankind!

"We have surpassed the creatures that are as humble as ants; we have become omniscient and omnipotent divinities!

"Our path is to seek greater power and longer lives. Our destiny is the endless mysteries of the universe and a far more brilliant civilization!"

Fengyu Zhong looked the last Cultivator in the eyes and extended his chubby hands. He said earnestly, "There is still time for you to turn back. Recognize who you are!

"You are not a human being! Ever since your spiritual root awakened, you have not been a human being! Why would you let yourself be bound by such a ridiculous identity on your way to holiness?

"Come with me and become an Immortal Cultivator. Let's set off on the journey to the heavens and chase after the true Dao and an ultimate, eternal life!"

The third Cultivator was swallowing, his eyeballs shaking fast.

Fengyu Zhong sniffed. "Don't presume that Heavenly Saints City is indestructible.

"When the Immortal Cultivators show our true strength, you will soon realize how vulnerable you idiotic Cultivators are!

"Don't compare the demons to the Immortal Cultivators. The so-called demons are just dogs domesticated by us Immortal Cultivators!

"Let me ask you one last time. Immortal Cultivator or Cultivator?"

The third Cultivator hesitated for a long time.

Two dirty tears even dripped from the corners of his eyes.

He stared at the two heaps of ashes, from which smoke was still billowing up. In the end, he shook his head and said in a feeble voice that resembled the humming of a mosquito, "I am a human. I am a Cultivator!"

Before the last syllable was uttered, the purple flames had wreathed him.

The Cultivator put on a relieved smile the moment before he became ashes.

Fengyu Zhong's eyes were cold and gloomy. He gazed at the three heaps of ashes silently.

Right then, his mini crystal processor buzzed.