Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Fengyu Zhong's Fury

The gloom inside Fengyu Zhong's eyes turned into delight. He raised his eyebrows and mumbled to himself, "News about Ah Ming!"

He turned on the crystal processor. Appearing in the light beam was a fat, middle-aged woman with a plain face. In the crowd, she was as inconspicuous as a drop of water in the ocean.

The middle-aged woman was Pang Wushuang. She was Fengyu Zhong's wife, as well the daughter of the leader of 'Black Spider Tower', a mysterious organization on Spider.

Black Spider Tower was an evil organization focusing on intelligence and assassination.

To complete a successful robbery, the space pirates had to know every detail of their prey. They would have to know which world fragment was sending valuable goods to which star fortress, at what time, and with how many guards before they started their jobs.

Without enough intelligence, it was very likely that they would kick a steel plank. Suppose a fleet was accompanied by several Core Formation Stage Cultivators, they would never ask for its trouble.

When the space pirates were faced with the massive sieges of the righteous sects, the intelligence work was all the more crucial because it concerned their own lives.

Black Spider Tower was an organization of the space pirates that gradually came into being after thousands of years of life of shadow. Countless spies had been trained and tasked with infiltrating the righteous sects, partly to gather the latest information, and partly to stir chaos within the sects. The assassins had also been deployed to decapitate the active supporters of space pirate clearing.

Although her personal strength was not very impressive, as the daughter of the leader of Black Spider Tower, Pang Wushuang had many people under her command.

It was based on the intelligence of Black Spider Tower that Fengyu Zhong had run away from the sieges of the righteous sects time after time.

At this moment, Pang Wushuang's face was even more horrifying than that of a devil. Every muscle on it was trembling. Black flames seemed to be bursting out from her hollowed eyes.

Fengyu Zhong's smile was frozen. His face color changed as he asked hurriedly, "How is Ah Ming?"

"Ah Ming is dead! Our only son is dead!"

Pang Wushuang screamed desperately, "He was hunted by the Great Horn Exo Society for more than two months and eventually caught at the edge of the sea of stars. They tormented and slayed him!

"He was thrown into the crystal reactor of Ghost Jail and burned alive. Not even a piece of his bones was left! What remained were only scraps of 'Dark Fire'!

"I've watched the video. It was indeed Dark Fire. The scraps of Dark Fire!"


Centered at Fengyu Zhong's feet, the ground of the entire prison cell was shattered. Spider-web-like cracks quickly spread across the around, rose up the walls, and eventually climbed to the ceiling!

Thousands of stripes immediately appeared on the ceiling!

The dim illumination rune arrays exploded one after another.

The prison cell was immediately enveloped in endless darkness. The only thing that could be heard was Fengyu Zhong's heavy breathing that resembled a wounded beast; the only thing that could be seen was a pair of eyes in which a storm was brewing!

"That's impossible! I gave Ah Ming three Cosmos Rings. Even if Ghost Jail was blown into pieces, the items inside the Cosmos Rings should have been enough for him to escape!

"Ah Ming wouldn't be so unwise as to not abandon Ghost Jail when he had to. I've told him again and again that he should not bother about other people and just run at the earliest chance if anything went wrong!

"How come he was stuffed into the crystal reactor of Ghost Jail? How could that happen? How could that happen!"

Fengyu Zhong went crazy. Weird purple flames covered him, attracting the pebbles and stones falling from the ceiling before burning them all to powder!

"It's true! The spies of Black Spider Tower have ascertained that Ah Ming was killed, very miserably!" exclaimed Pang Wushuang who held her chest in agony.

Fengyu Zhong was furious. He gnashed his teeth. "Who exactly was it that killed him? The Great Horn Exo Society? I don't buy it! What kind of bullsh*t is the Great Horn Exo Society? A second-rate Exo Society, with only one starship, a few hundred Exos, of whom barely any can be called experts. How on earth were they capable enough of killing my son!

"Investigate. Start investigating immediately. A true murderer must be hiding behind the Great Horn Exo Society!

"Find him! Find him even if we have to dig the entire Flying Star Sector upside down!

"The Great Horn Exo Society cannot be let go of, either. Ah Ming died because of their pursuit. Now that they've admitted it they can go to hell, too!"

Pang Wushuang's face was twisted. She said shrilly, "There are indeed a lot of suspicious parts about the matter. I've urged all the manpower of Black Spider Tower to investigate it. When we find the true murderer, he will regret ever being born into this world!

"As for the Great Horn Exo Society, of course, they will be annihilated. They will be sacrifices for our son!"

Taking a deep breath, Fengyu Zhong narrowed his eyes and said, one word after another, "This event must've spread to every corner of the Flying Star Sector. If everybody knows that my only son died because of the Great Horn Exo Society and I don't launch any reprisals, how am I going to walk around on the Spider Den in the future?

"Release the message. Tell everyone on the Spider Den and every assassin of Black Spider Tower that I want the Great Horn Exo Society to be wiped out!

"I will provide a bounty of five million for every member of the Great Horn Exo Society! If they are experts above the Building Foundation Stage, the bounty will be multiplied according to their level!

"Whoever finds the murderer of my son, dead or alive, will be offered a 'Tiger Shark'-level crystal warship!"

Very soon, black torrents flooded to every corner of the Spider Den via the Spiritual Nexus.

All the space pirates were frenzied!

Five million did not seem very much, but it was the price for a single member.

It was impossible that every member of the Exo Society was above the Building Foundation Stage. A lot of them were low-level Cultivators, ordinary fighters, and even logistic workers.

Killing a refiner who was mediocre in fighting would mean being rewarded with five million. It was a bargain that couldn't be more desirable.

And those who found the true murderer of Fengyu Ming would be given a 'Tiger Shark'-level crystal warship?

All the space pirates were trembling in excitement and craziness beyond their control.

'Tiger Shark'-level starships were the most advanced crystal warships that Spider could produce and possessed amazing firepower. More importantly, their power rune arrays could provide extraordinary momentum!

Owning a 'Tiger Shark'-level warship was the ultimate dream of almost every space pirate!

They were not afraid that Fengyu Zhong would take back his words.

There were certain rules that all the space pirates abided by on Spider Den. Publicly-declared promises such as Fengyu Zhong's had hardly ever gone unfulfilled.

This was the home base of most space pirates. If their reputation was ruined in this place, they would have nowhere to run to when they were hunted by the righteous sects and could only wait to be captured.

Countless space pirates, assassins, and brutal bandits who heard the news all started their own investigations.

They were curious, too. What was the real background of the Great Horn Exo Society? Who was it that took down Fengyu Zhong's only son?

At the edge of the Flying Star Sector, a cluster of battleground remains were drifting silently and motionlessly.

Suddenly, a large pile of metal garbage shivered and sprayed a wave of feeble brightness through the gaps among the debris, altering the direction of the garbage toward the stone belt ahead.

Soon, the pile of metal garbage entered the stone belt and slowed down, as if it were searching for something.

It searched patiently for seven days, and finally found its target.

Its target was a plain-looking metal remnant, perhaps originating from the surface of a starship. There were not many scratches on the remnant, which appeared to have been left there not long ago.

Two arms extended from the heap of garbage to the remnant. The claws in the front snatched the remnant and pulled it in.

Deep inside the metal garbage, Sparkle was lurking.

In the beginning, they had stalked Gold Horn. But after Gold Horn dived into the Dim Flame Belt, they had stopped at the outside.

After all, none of the crew members of Sparkle were alive. The resources and spiritual energy were abundant, too. There was no need to take the risk. They could bypass the Dim Flame Belt, although it would take a few additional months.

The remnant had been thrown away on purpose when Li Yao was recycling the components on Ghost Jail.

He had left a piece of special magical equipment on the remnant which could release spiritual waves at a certain frequency. Those who received them would only consider them to be part of the spiritual turbulence in the sea of stars.

Only Sparkle was able to decrypt the hidden coordinates contained inside the spiritual waves and locate the remnant.

Li Yao had hidden the information storage chip group of Ghost Jail's mainframe crystal processor within the remnant.

He had also copied 'Gold Horn Maintenance Manual' and 'Stormy Sword', as well as the latest progress about himself, to a jade chip and concealed it inside.

Half a day later, Ghost Jail's chip group was connected the mainframe crystal processor of Sparkle. After the spiritual password of the highest clearance was typed in, enormous information was transmitted over unstoppably.

The most detailed star maps of the Flying Star Sector based on Fengyu Zhong's dozens of years' experienceincluding the coordinates of many secret supply points, the strategies and the structural designs of the space pirates recorded in 'Stormy Sword', together with 'Gold Horn Maintenance Manual'gave the five spectral Cultivators on Sparkle a deeper understanding of the starship refinement principles within the Flying Star Sector.

"The starship technology of the Flying Star Sector is indeed much more advanced than that of the Heaven's Origin Sector. They could even create star fortresses on their own!"

"The distribution of this power rune array is new. We can increase Sparkle's speed by another 5% if it is employed!"

"Turrets! We need more, and bigger turrets! I want to install a hundred turrets on Sparkle!"

"Modification! A full upgrade of Sparkle is a necessity! I can't wait for it!"

The Four Kings chatted with each other enthusiastically.

Mo Xuan pondered for a moment and said, "Li Yao said that he went to the central space zone of the Flying Star Sector, and that he might have pissed off the space pirates of Strom Prison whose retaliation is very likely to be on the way.

"We are still too weak at this moment. He said that we don't have to join him in the central space zone any time soon. It would be better if we stay in the periphery, search for materials and spiritual energy, and perform a full upgrade on Sparkle.

"After we finish the upgrades and grasp the strategies recorded in 'Stormy Sword', it will be time we set off to find him in the central space zone.

"He has left twelve ways to contact us. By then, we will be able to connect to the Spiritual Nexus and leave messages for him directly.

"Let's get down to business! Our time is limited, and we have to make every second count!

"With this secret star map, the entire Flying Star Sector will be our oyster. We will examine all the debris on our way, absorb it, and use it for our own modification!

"Like I said before, if we can't find a piece of stellar magical equipment, we will refine Sparkle into one!"