Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 520

Chapter 520: Let's Fight!
Chapter 520: Let's Fight!
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Eight o'clock in the evening, inside the vast warehouse of the 'Ox-level' carrier

The business starships of this model were usually used as carriers. Therefore, the Cultivation sects had performed large-scale modifications before they were delivered. In the middle and rear parts of such starships, there were often several vast warehouses that could be hundreds of square meters.

This particular warehouse, on the other hand, had been modified into a refining center for explosive magical equipment.

Huangpu Shiyi was an expert of the trade. This trip to the Skyhill Domain also demanded crystal bombs to help them get rid of the potential pursuers. Therefore, he had made the modifications in advance so that he could refine explosive magical equipment on the way.

The warehouse had three layers of walls made of strengthened alloys. Between each wall were defense rune arrays. On the innermost wall, there were defense, soundproof, and buffer rune arrays. Together with other secret arts, they blocked any sounds or shaking in warehouse from affecting other cabins.

It was safe to say that, even if a heaven-splitting explosion took place inside the warehouse, nobody outside would notice anything wrong.

Inside the warehouse, necessary facilities to create explosive magical equipment had been deployed, including protective devices and damage examination systems that could help Huangpu Shiyi measure the performance of each bomb precisely.

At this time, all the lights inside the warehouse were on. Huangpu Shiyi, Black Stone, White Dew, Fei Ming, and another four gloomy yet brawny men were standing in the middle of the warehouse.

This place would be the battlefield of the 'Sword Seminar in Space'!

Li Yao stood in front of everyone peacefully.

Huangpu Xiaoya, in the meantime, was sitting in a corner. She had been tied up by barriers and crammed into a specially-designed anti-explosive suit.

However, she was quite peaceful too, and she eyed Li Yao and the rest of them as if they were dry bones in a grave or zombies that had come back to life.

Li Yao glanced over everyone and paid special attention to the few brawny men. Two of them still had medication runes on their bodies. They did not look very friendly, but they dare not stare back at him, either, and merely lowered their heads.

Black Stone, the fair fatty, smiled. "Master Li Yao, they are the subordinates of White Dew and mine. They look somewhat haggard right now because they suffered tiny injuries from the Furious Bears Union's assault the other day. But they are usually very trustworthy.

"Now that Master Li Yao has become an Immortal Cultivator, we are all on the same boat. You can ask them to do anything for you. I guarantee that they will treat you just like they treat us!

"You are a refiner, and we are all battle-type Immortal Cultivators. We are complementary in every sense. If you ever need anything to be done, you don't have to it in person. With a hint or a gesture, White Dew and I will immediately see to it. We only hope that Master Li Yao could be kind enough to craft a few tailor-made sabers for us if possible.

"The day we invited Master Li Yao here, White Dew and I had offended you a lot. But everything was different back then, and we were merely carrying out our commands at that time. I hope that Master Li Yao can forgive us. Anyways, we are all serving the Lotus King, and we should fight side by side against the common foe!"

"Lotus King?"

Li Yao blinked and looked at Huangpu Shiyi suspiciously.

Huangpu Shiyi smiled drily. "The Lotus King is a giant in the Temple of Immortals. You won't regret joining the Lotus King's cause! When we're back at our headquarters, I will introduce you to the Lotus King immediately. He will be so happy to see yet another brilliant young man walk on the righteous path. Chances are that he will grant you a lot of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures!"

Li Yao's face was beaming with joy. He said hurriedly, "I can refine sabers for anyone as long as the price is decent. I wonder, where are we right now, and how long will it take us to annihilate the Great Horn Exo Society and meet the Lotus King in the headquarters?"

Huangpu Shiyi had completely let down his defenses. He replied, "We have now arrived at the Iron Plateau Space Zone. However, since transmitting telepathic thoughts over a long distance might be noticed the Cultivators, we have kept silent and dared not reach out to our comrades. But half a day ago, we received a message from Fengyu Zhong that he has stopped Gold Horn!

"But Gold Horn is not alone. It is in the company of another two starships. Therefore, the battle is dragging on for longer than we expected. Fighting and running, it may take two to three days before they are finally defeated. We will catch up with them tomorrow, and it will be the perfect time to join the battle!

"Although it may take longer for us to put down Gold Horn, you don't need to worry about anything. After more than half a month of assaults and ambushes, the Cultivation world has been stabbed multiple times. It is bleeding everywhere. Even those sects that were not attacked are also greatly panicked. The starships and experts from various Cultivation sects lurking not far away from Gold Horn retreated and went to defend their homes long ago! There's no large star beacon near the Iron Plateau Space Zone that can support a space jump, either!

"Therefore, in the next five days, no other forces of Cultivators will be able to reinforce them. We can take our time and enjoy the meal that is the three starships!

"Haha. Hahahaha. After that, the morale of the Cultivation world will definitely be wrecked. Just think about it. They went through all the trouble and made so many plans. Such a great number of experts were dispatched to protect the Great Horn Exo Society. However, with a few tricks of ours, they were split and had to go back to their homes exhaustedly, and the Great Horn Exo Society was destroyed anyway!

"When the news is out, I don't know how many Cultivators will be distressed and how many will be intimidated. By then, many of them will see through the weakness of Cultivators. They will be turned into Immortal Cultivators with only a few words!"

Li Yao racked his brain and soon found the information about the Iron Plateau Space Zone.

It was one of the largest and most ancient space zones of the Flying Star Sector. 'Iron Plateau', the biggest inhabitable planet of the Flying Star Sector, was located in the space zone.

However, this planet was dominated by demon beasts and barbarians, or in Huangpu Xiaoya's words, qi-trainers.

For some reason, the planet was a taboo for the residents, be they Cultivators or ordinary people, of the Flying Star Sector. They barely mentioned anything about the planet.

The Iron Plateau Space Zone was like a strange forbidden area. It was very underdeveloped. No large star beacons were established in this place, either.

As a result, a starship could not be teleported to the Iron Plateau Space Zone directly. It could only cruise slowly and dutifully like them, which took a lot more time.

It was not hard to guess that Fengyu Zhong had spent a lot of effort driving the Great Horn Exo Society to the land of death.


Li Yao eyes turned cold as he said, "Let's cut the nonsense and begin now! I thought that Mo Tianshui and Huangpu Xiaoya would be the best opponents I got in the Skyhill Sword Seminar, and since I knew I was definitely better than them, I could never summon 100% of my fighting will!

"I didn't expect that the Skyhill Sword Seminar would end up like this, me challenging the 'Sword Master' of thirty years ago!

"How exciting and enjoyable! I can sense that my fighting will is soaring!"

Huangpu Shiyi smiled vaguely. Now that the topic at hand was refining, the king of his era showed an unparalleled dominating aura. He said casually, "What are the rules?"

Li Yao squinted and replied, "I'm a man who likes to challenge the impossible. Since you are adept at explosive magical equipment, and we've been talking about that for many days, let's just have a match of crystal bombs!

"We will refine a crystal bomb respectively and compare their damage. The one with a higher damage output will be the winner. There will be three rounds.

"Don't be hasty. I'm not done yet.

"You've studied explosive magical equipment for twenty years, and you are in the Core Formation Stage. You are better than me in every regard. I don't stand the slightest chance of winning in a normal competition!

"If you are brave enough, why don't you ask me to select the materials, and we will refine crystal bombs with identical materials?

"Also, for the three rounds, only if you win them all will you be the final victor; if you lose any of them, I will be the winner!

"Do you think such rules are fair?"

Huangpu Shiyi considered them carefully for a moment. His eyes suddenly shone as he said in amusement, "Good boy. It seems that you are not as foolish as I thought. You came up with such a way and want to try your luck! Excellent. Such rules indeed make up for the gap between our levels and experience. Very reasonable!

"However, they are still useless. An egg crashing into a stone ten thousand times will only break ten thousand times. It will never be able to leave the tiniest crack on the stone!

"Not just three rounds, even if there are a hundred rounds, I will still crush you effortlessly!

"You may choose materials freely at your will, but they have to be in the inventory that I prepare. After all, I only brought some thirty-six hundred materials for the trip. If you ask for random materials, I may not be able to provide them!"

Li Yao agreed quickly, "It's a deal. If the egg is really broken, I will respect you as my master immediately, and this jade chip will be my tuition fee. You can check it out first!"

Li Yao took out a jade chip from his pocket and threw it over without any hesitation.

Huangpu Shiyi picked the jade chip. He was going to insert it into his crystal processor, when he stopped briefly and tossed back a jade chip, which he had retrieved from his sleeve, as he said, chuckling, "My good disciple, your master won't deceive you, either. Inside this jade chip are the ten best techniques that I spent all the night deliberating over, including the ultimate knowledge about crystal bombs and the delicate tricks of sword-forging from the Huangpu family. You can browse through them first!"

Li Yao was not courteous at all. He took over the jade chip and inserted it into his crystal processor. After reading them for three minutes, he was certain that there was nothing wrong with the techniques.

It was only reasonable that Huangpu Shiyi was giving him authentic techniques right now because the man was trying to dig out more techniques from him. What good could the man get by giving him false techniques and pissing him off?

Meanwhile, Huangpu Shiyi was exclaiming in a low voice, "Such magnificent ancient rune arrays? So many tricks about refurbishment? Where did you get so much good stuff?"

Li Yao smiled and said, "This is just a small proportion of what is inside my brain. It will be great if you can understand it all. You can analyze the techniques first and explain them to me in detail later. When I have grasped all of them, I will give you new ones. It will be a win-win!"

While talking, he threw Huangpu Shiyi's jade chip to Black Stone unhesitatingly. "Fatty, this jade chip will be in your custody for now. I will come back for it myself in a moment."

Huangpu Shiyi swallowed and, managing to suppress his greed, gave Li Yao's jade chip to White Dew slowly.

The ten techniques inside Li Yao's jade chip were even more valuable than those he had picked.

Now, all of Huangpu Shiyi's suspicion had disappeared. After he took a deep breath, his eyes were focused again, and he was wreathed in an unshakable vibe; he had entered the state of a super refiner.

"Thirty years later, a Skyhill Sword Seminar in the sea of stars Let's begin!"