Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 524

Chapter 524: Karma
Chapter 524: Karma
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After a 'Clang' sound, two broken hands covered in armor fell to the floor. Several pieces of aggressive magical equipment yet to be triggered splattered and, after emitting dazzling brilliance for a while, lost their sharpness.

Huangpu Shiyi was dazed for a moment. He lifted his arms which had been cut off from the elbows and observed them, his head tilted.

For a second, the section was as smooth as a mirror. Bones, veins, and nerves were clear and distinguishable, as if they were pictures from a textbook.

It was not until one second later that two springs of blood suddenly erupted and dyed his face and head red.

Huangpu Shiyi screamed desperately, "My hands! My hands!"

As a Core Formation Stage Immortal Cultivator, he should've had better self-control than to exclaim so uncouthly just because of the loss of two hands.

But the problem was that he was still in the eruptive phase, and he had poured all his vigor and vitality into his hands!

His body was dry and thin, no better than a skeleton, and he seemed to be on the verge of starvation, all because he was nourishing his hands!

By cutting off his hands, Li Yao had taken away ninety percent of his vitality!

"Hands! My hands!"

Huangpu Shiyi cried dreadfully and lunged at his broken hands without caring about anything, only to be kicked right in the chest by Li Yao!

With Li Yao's surge of spiritual energy, the chest armor on Huangpu Shiyi's maintenance suit exploded into pieces, before he flew backwards by almost ten meters.

There was a grunt inside Huangpu Shiyi's facial cover, which was now stained with blood!



Li Yao stomped on the two broken hands mercilessly!

The hands of Huangpu Shiyi, the super refiner and unparalleled genius, which had been revitalized by his life and soul, had now turned from a piece of immaculate artwork to a pile of meat under Li Yao's feet!

Huangpu Shiyi's eyeballs nearly bulged out as he saw the devastating scene. He almost passed out in anger.

"You blew up my hands. My perfect hands!"

Li Yao pulverized the hands below him carefully and made sure that every finger had been ground into the tiniest pieces by the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit's iron feet, while he said casually, "One must prepare to lose when one decides to gamble. I have indeed lost the game today. Therefore, I will abide by my promise and respect you as my master. I will always remember you as my master, Huangpu Shiyi. In such a case, the Blood Oath will have zero effect on me!"

Li Yao walked toward Huangpu Shiyi, leaving deep and bloody footprints behind as he moved forward.

Wearing a vulture-like smile, Li Yao continued, "I believe that you must have discovered that I'm a trustworthy man. One of my friends told me that the most important thing about Cultivation was that we must be credible!

"I found the words very true.

"Therefore, if I've said that I will respect you as my master, I will definitely do so.

"However, I also said yesterday that I would chop off a pair of hands after today's competition. I didn't forget that promise, either. If I said that I would chop off some hands, I would definitely do that! Otherwise, how am I going to hang out with Cultivators anymore?

"Master, it might be a little painful in a moment. Please try to hold it back!"

Huangpu Shiyi couldn't be more scared. He waved his broken arms and shouted, "Whatwhat do you want? Stop there! Don't come close!"

Li Yao drew close one step after another.

"Youyou can't kill me! Let's make a deal. A deal!"

Huangpu Shiyi quickly continued, "I have many other techniques in my possession, including the secret tricks to craft melee weapons of the Huangpu family and the special skills to refine crystal bombs. I even know something about the techniques to modify crystal suits on Spider Den! All these techniques are inside my brain. You wouldn't be able to get them if you kill me!"


Li Yao continued moving forward. He replied peacefully, "I'm not a smart guy, and I wouldn't be able to comprehend too many techniques. Thanks to your wholehearted tutelage in the past days, I've learned enough techniques for me to digest for a while! I'm not greedy. Also, I'm very loyal and thoughtful. Just consider the remaining techniques as sacrificial offerings for your funeral!"

Huangpu Shiyi was shaking violently. He held his body with two broken arms and slithered like a caterpillar, as he begged, "Don't kill me. I can give you whatever you what. I'm open to any negotiations. Just don't kill me"

"Negotiations are great. However, why don't you negotiate with the 41,524 innocent victims of your serial explosions in the Skyhill Domain?"

Li Yao suddenly burst out in fury. He shouted and punched at Huangpu Shiyi's chest, as if his fists were two tornadoes!

In a moment, sparks were dancing, metal was twisted, skin was blossoming, and bones were breaking. A magnificent orchestra of fists kissing flesh, bones, and internal organs was playing!

Li Yao's every punch hit Huangpu Shiyi precisely at a speed close to that of sound. They shattered every piece of armor on Huangpu Shiyi and his every bone from head to tone!

"This punch is for Sha Guoan!"

"This punch is for Su Hongzhi!"

"This punch is for Tao Xiaofang!"

"You motherf*cking douchebag, die now!"

Huangpu Shiyi's crystal suit exploded. His body turned soft inch by inch. He was spasming and screaming in the beginning, but later, the only sound left was his breathing. Li Yao punched thousands of times, before he suddenly retreated his right hand. He extended his middle finger and his index finger. Gold brilliance in the form of a helix was brewing on his fingertip like a sharp piton!

"Whatwhat are you doing?"

An expression showing his yearning for death's embrace appeared on Huangpu Shiyi's skeleton-like face, whose left eye had exploded because of the punches. Blood and tears were flowing out, as he moaned feebly.

"I've punched you 4,722 times just now. That's revenge for only four thousand unrested souls, one tenth of the whole!

"Let's avenge the remaining nine tenths with this.

"Scumbags like you don't deserve to utilize spiritual energy. I'm going to help the victims dig out your spiritual root. No. Since you are an Immortal Cultivator, yours will be 'immortal root' then!"

"No. Noooo!"

When a Cultivator's spiritual root was destroyed, they would become useless. Although Huangpu Shiyi was no better than a bag of mud right now, he still screamed with whatever strength he had left.

But how could screams stop the unstoppable Li Yao?

Li Yao grinned hideously and pierced his two fingers into the middle of Huangpu Shiyi's eyebrow where the conarium 1 was!

His spiritual energy surged through his fingers and raged inside Huangpu Shiyi's brain. Finally, he sensed an extremely thick object made of spiritual energy.

Li Yao roared and curled his fingers to dig into it. Then he pulled it up brutally!

A lackluster gold line that constituted what seemed to be a tiny, translucent ginseng was plucked from the middle of Huangpu Shiyi's eyebrows!

It was the spiritual root of a Core Formation Stage Cultivator!

Li Yao opened his hand and held the bright gold spiritual root in his hand, before he squeezed it tightly!


After a crisp sound, gold brilliant spots dispersed through Li Yao's fingertips and vanished into thin air.


Li Yao had dissipated the spiritual root of a Core Formation Stage Cultivator!

Huangpu Shiyi had turned into a disabled man without his spiritual root!

He shouted ten times more miserably than before as if it was his genitalia that had just been ruined!

Even the devils in the deepest depths of hell would shake in fear with their blood freezing when they heard such screams!

"Kill me kill me"

His hands lost, his bones broken, his spiritual root crumbled, Huangpu Shiyi had been grasped by desperation and had only this luxury hope.

Li Yao licked the blood on his lips and smiled, "Don't hurry, Master. You still have some value that your disciple can make use of!"

Hardly had he finished his sentence did he punch forward and stabbed his fist into Huangpu Shiyi's mouth, blowing up his teeth, tongue, and the vocal cord deeper inside!

The bottom half of the skeleton face had now turned into a hollow. There was no sign of his mouth at all!

Right now, Huangpu Shiyi had no hands to write and no mouth to speak. He couldn't even crawl because all his bones were broken. Since his spiritual root was crumbled, he was not able to communicate with other people through telepathic thoughts, either.

In short, he had completely lost the ability to send any message to the outside world.

Li Yao's movements were very precise. Even in his fury just now, his attack was still well-controlled so that Huangpu Shiyi wouldn't be killed immediately and could at least make his way to the med bay.

Looking at Huangpu Shiyi, who was wriggling beside his feet like a maggot, Li Yao spat at him. Then he took a long breath and tried to calm himself down.

He then walked toward Huangpu Xiaoya.

When he passed by Black Stone's and White Dew's dead bodies, he stopped briefly and sent dozens of spiritual threads groping inside their pockets. Soon, he discovered two jade chips.

The spiritual threads tied them up and pulled them back into Li Yao's hands. Li Yao whistled and said, "Much obliged, fatty!"

When he finally reached Huangpu Xiaoya, he had already concealed his Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

At this moment, the smoke occupying the warehouse was finally driven away a little bit by the powerful ventilation rune arrays on the ceiling.

Huangpu Xiaoya's mouth was so wide open that one could stuff the biggest duck egg into it.

Most of her spiritual energy had been sealed and therefore could not help her enhance her vision. She only saw that an explosion took pace when Li Yao was refining the last crystal bomb. Then, her eyesight was blocked by smoke, and she could only hear screams, each louder than the previous one.

She could tell that the desperate screams came from multiple Immortal Cultivators, even including Huangpu Shiyi himself!

Huangpu Xiaoya was quite nervous, not knowing what was happening. Had other rescuers arrived?

The last thing she expected was that it was the sordid, shameless traitor Li Yao who stood in front of her in the end.


Huangpu Xiaoya's heart was racing when she saw Li Yao, whose killing intent was soaring and whose face was caked with blood. She didn't know what to say next.

When she looked past Li Yao, she was even more shocked!

Black Stone and White Dew were dead, and so were their four subordinates!

Huangpu Shiyi was still alive, but he might be hoping that he was dead. He was squirming and struggling on the floor.

"Whatwhat has happened?"

Huangpu Xiaoya was startled. She murmured to herself, "Who are you exactly?"

Li Yao wiped off the blood on his face and pondered for a while, before he answered seriously, "In fact, I'm a good man."