Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 525

Chapter 525: New Scheme
Chapter 525: New Scheme
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Huangpu Xiaoya was truly shocked. She blurted, "What kind of good man are you?"

Li Yao blinked and remarked, "Our society is witnessing dishonesty and moral decline nowadays. There are too many bad people in the sea of stars who are all surreptitious and unscrupulous. How can good people defeat them without being a hundred times more unscrupulous than them?

"Therefore, you may consider me an unscrupulous good man. That will be enough.

"I'm talking to you because I want to ask you something. Are you capable of steering a 'Wild Butterfly VII' escape capsule?"

An 'Ox-level' carrier would usually bring two midsize escape capsules and more than ten small-scale escape capsules. The small-scale escape capsules were, in fact, shuttles that could cruise in the vacuum and boasted certain self-circulation technologies.

Li Yao had discovered during his maintenance work yesterday that the small-scale escape capsules deployed on this particular carrier were Wild Butterfly VIIs.

Such escape capsules were modified from armed shuttles. Each of them could accommodate three passengers and drift through space for more than a month. Their speed and agility were also very satisfactory. Except that their working time was relatively short, there were no significant drawbacks to them.

It seemed that the Immortal Cultivators were worried that Cultivators might be chasing after them. Therefore, they had brought the best escape capsules with them.

"Unscrupulous good man"

Huangpu Xiaoya was somewhat lost. She nodded subconsciously. "Yes, of course. Why did you ask that? Did you kill all of them? Isn't your combat ability in the beginning level of the Building Foundation Stage? How did you slay Black Stone and White Dow? If you are really a good man, why are you still keeping my barriers?"

Li Yao turned around and started decorating the warehouse. He dragged the dead bodies to appropriate location first. Then, he retrieved a lot of crystal bombs from his Cosmos Ring.

As a lunatic bomber, these crystal bombs had been prepared long ago and stored inside his Cosmos Ring in case he ever needed. But since Su Jiuzhen had been watching him closely after he got on board, he'd never had the opportunity to access his Cosmos Ring.

Right now, he was finally free to set them up the way he wanted.

While working busily, Li Yao explained, "I cannot set you free right now. If I do, the other people will grow suspicious. Just stay inside for a while longer. Wait until we are engaged with Fengyu Zhong and the Great Horn Exo Society tomorrow."

Huangpu Xiaoya bulged her eyes and exclaimed in shocked, "What? You are going to ask for Fengyu Zhong's trouble and reunite with the Great Horn Exo Society?

"Don't be silly!

"Even if you are strong enough to take down all the enemies here, so what?

"The Great Horn Exo Society is surrounded by at least five ships on which there are not only savage space pirates but also a lot of other mysterious Immortal Cultivators!

"Not to mention that Fengyu Zhong himself is a Cultivator in the middle level, if not high level, of the Core Formation Stage!

"Are you expecting to fight all of them alone? What difference does it make for the outcome of the battle?

"Moreover, do you think that the crew members on this carrier are blind? They will simply ignore the murders here and listen to your command nicely?

"Maybe you are capable of slaying them all, but then what? Without a map, how can you locate Storm Prison in the vast sea of stars?

"Even if you miraculously find it, do you think that they don't have secure words or other safety measures? I'm afraid that you will be bombarded before you even draw close!

"Whatwhat are you thinking exactly?"

Li Yao was not moved. He was as busy as bee for almost twenty minutes and finally finished all the decoration. He dragged whatever was left of Huangpu Shiyi into the anti-explosion room that Black Stone and White Dew were in, before he kicked him to a corner and set the defense rune arrays at the highest level.


Seven layers of gold shields immediately appeared outside of the anti-explosion room.

"You said something this morning that I like very much."

Li Yao narrowed his eyes and looked outside, as he calculated the locations, angles, and after effects of the explosions that were going to take place. He said softly, "Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal, bloody, shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness!

"No matter how weak each spark is, how short-lived, how small As long as the sparks flow unabated, then one day, one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tinder shall light some fallen branches, and those branches shall set ablaze each and every last tree of the forest!

"In the end, even the smallest sparks will eventually ignite the shadowy forest and illuminate the whole world!

"Even if the odds are only one billionth, I will still summon ten thousand percent of my courage to bring about the fire!


With a telepathic thought, crystal bombs that had been planted in various locations of the warehouse were triggered at the same time. A series of earsplitting explosions echoed nonstop.

Although she was inside the anti-explosion room, Huangpu Xiaoya still felt that her head was dizzy, and her hearing was temporarily lost.

Huangpu Xiaoya's heart was beating fast.

She had said those exact words in the morning. But it felt totally different when they were spoken from Li Yao's mouth with a low, coarse, male voice.

Her declaration sounded groundless and just something to cheer herself up in her desperation.

However, when Li Yao spoke them, she somewhat felt that he was really going to make it. It was really possible that they could illuminate the entire universe!

"Whatwhat is he exactly?"

Li Yao's outline was the only thing distinguishable in the darkness.

Looking at the outline, Huangpu Xiaoya was somewhat startled.

A moment later, when the fire triggered by the explosion was still sabotaging the warehouse, Li Yao dashed out.

He checked the dead bodies first. They had all been blown to pieces. Nobody would be able to tell the cause of their death without examining them carefully.

He then picked up a battle saber that had almost been melted and carried it on his shoulder. He also collected much dust and ash by the way and dyed his face grey. At last, he strode to a corner, opened the alarm on the wall and smashed it!

Alarms were ringing all over the carrier.

Three minutes later, urgent knocking sounded from the gate of the warehouse.

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao took out another crystal bomb. He weighed it and put it next to himself. Then, he gritted his teeth and triggered it!


He was immediately enveloped in real flames. Half of his body was burning furiously!


Huangpu Xiaoya cried in shock. She had never seen anybody brutal enough to bomb themself before!

Whatwhat was he going to do?

After a grunt, Li Yao staggered to the gate with his body on fire and opened it, summoning the last bit of his strength!

Immortal Cultivators were crammed on the doorstep. They were all crew members of the carrier. Most of them were not battle-type Immortal Cultivators. They were merely in charge of piloting the starship and analyzing the sailing route.

They were all astounded by the ghastly scene inside the warehouse.


Li Yao screamed nonstop and rolled on the ground in front of them.

"Hurry up and put out the fire!" yelled the captain of the carrier.

A moment later, clusters of icy fog were sprayed at Li Yao, which soon suppressed the flames over his body.

At first glance, Li Yao was already half cooked. Half of his face was burnt and blackened. He couldn't look more awful.

"What happened? Was there something wrong with the crystal bombs they refined?"

The captain's head was in a mess. He was well aware of the match between Huangpu Shiyi and Li Yao. However, the two of them were both experienced experts of refining. A lot of safety measures had also been implemented inside the warehouse. There shouldn't have been any accident at all!

Judging from the damage of the warehouse, it must have been a result of a serial explosion with dozens of bombs!

"It was not a mistake. It was on purpose! It was betrayal!"

Li Yao shouted desperately, "Huangpu Shiyi betrayed the Temple of Immortals. He installed so many bombs on purpose in order to blow all of us up!"

All the crew members were dumbfounded.

The captain was even more shocked. He took a step back subconsciously and gripped the saber hanging on his waist, while he said resolutely, "That's impossible! Master Huangpu has always been loyal to the Temple of Immortals during his years of service. He has long made up his mind to walk on the path of immortality. There is no way that he would defect from our cause! What has happened? Speak now!"


Li Yao grimaced and cried, "How would I know what happened? Half way through the competition between Huangpu Shiyi and I, an intense explosion suddenly took place. A sharp-jawed old man was blown out of thin air!

"Then, the heavily wounded old man accused Huangpu Shiyi furiously, saying that he was deceiving our organization for his own good!

"After I listened for a long time, I basically figured out the whole story

"Huangpu Shiyi had brought everyone out ostensibly for the purpose of recruiting new members for our organization. Huangpu Xiaoya was one of the candidates.

"But in fact, what he wanted was merely Huangpu Xiaoya's hands. He was simply hoping to get himself a new pair of hands!

"This trip cost the organization tremendous resources, but it turned out to be for his own benefits, which he had not explained earlier. It was strictly forbidden in our organization!

"But for some reason, the sharp-jawed old man discovered his secret!

"The two of them seemed to have made a certain clandestine deal. The old man covered it up for Huangpu Shiyi, and Huangpu Shiyi was to give him something in return.

"But as it turned out, Huangpu Shiyi was merely tricking and stalling him. He was actually making other plans to shut the old man's mouth once and forever!

"However, the old man was more vigilante than Huangpu Shiyi had expected. This explosion did not kill him but only heavily wounded him!

"In fury and embarrassment, the old man told everybody present what happened. He also said that Huangpu Shiyi was doomed for sure! When they returned to the headquarters and met the Lotus King, the Lotus King would make him beg to be executed!

"Huangpu Shiyi turned extremely terrifying when he heard that. He burst into laughter and said that, if he was doomed, he could use some company on his way to hell!

"In the end, I couldn't see anything for a moment. When I was back to myself again, everything had already become as it is right now."