Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Desperadoes
Chapter 537: Desperadoes
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What a terrifying crystal suit it was!

In a lackluster red color, the crystal suit seemed to be made of dried blood. Human faces were everywhere on the surface of the armor, including the chest, shoulder, back, arms, and legs.

Most of the faces were screaming in agony, some of them were angry or grinning hideously, but all of them were life-like. Even the tiniest muscles had been carved out. Countless restless souls seemed to be haunting the crystal suit. One would be able to hear endless screams with a look at it.

What was weirder was that, as Fengyu Zhong burned his soul and spiritual energy, the painful faces were twisting and changing their expressions, as if the faces were really sealed inside the crystal suit!

This crystal suit was named 'Blood Face', made in the Temple of Immortals. A hundred Cultivators had been tossed into the furnace as blood sacrifices before it had finally been forged. It boasted extremely powerful ability in mental attacks!

When the Blood Face Battlesuit appeared, the cockpit was immediately wreathed in gloom and depression. Everyone was gripped in utmost terror.

Even the space pirates of Storm Prison felt that their heads were dizzy and were not willing to look at the twisted faces on the crystal suit.

Many crew members whose mental power was relatively weak were shivering with pale faces. They felt that they were about to throw up.

Ten minutes later, Fengyu Zhong floating in space, outside of Blood Rain.

He was wearing the Blood Face Battlesuit, with a special super assault rocket below his feet.


An extremely furious purple light ball suddenly appeared around him, surrounded by black lighting that seemed able to tear everything apart. It enveloped both him and the assault rocket under his feet!

Motivated by spiritual energy, the spiritual stripes on the assault rocket were glittering, and the exhaust flames in its back surged out!

Although it was merely an assault rocket, the exhaust flames behind it were as brilliant as those in the back of Blood Rain. It was instantly accelerated to the maximum speed, which was ten times higher than that of the assault rockets for ordinary space pirates!

Just like the ancient Cultivators who rode their flying swords, Fengyu Zhong rode his assault rocket and turned into a streak of brightness, darting toward the planetary ring in rage!

Exactly when Fengyu Zhong charged at the planetary ring to try to stop and kill Li Yao, a ragged starship was moving in stealth mode behind Storm Prison. Two broken horns pierced out of the two sides of the starship. Undying fighting will could be felt from the coldly-shining factures on them.

Gold Horn had caught up!

Gold Horn at present couldn't look more wretched. It had regained the ability to cruise at high-speed for now after the emergency maintenance with the components and units from the other two starships. But on the surface, it was unattractive, and there were patches everywhere. It was probably the ugliest starship in the universe.

On the main deck of Gold Horn, four hundred silent Cultivators were standing, like four hundred dented, broken, but unbent battle sabers.

What Cultivators they were!

Their faces were all stained with blood. Most of them were tied up in bandages, some of which were still leaking blood. Some of them were even missing limbs!

The crystal suits on their body were also shabby and disintegrated. Almost every crystal suit had been fixed up with a component from other crystal suits. Some of the crystal suits were even piled up by the wreckages of several crystal suits.

Mottled, messy, and multi-colored, the crystal suits seemed to be for beggars.

But right now, the beggar-like soldiers in tatty crystal suits who had just endured brutal failure were all holding their heads high, their killing intent soaring. Their broken crystal suits could not withstand the burning ambiance and were all rattling chaotically.

Lei Dalu stood in front of the four hundred Cultivators and looked around.

His crystal suit might well have been the worst of the four hundred crystal suits there.

But his face was the proudest and most confident, as if he were a great general who had just secured an unparalleled victory.

"Brothers, allow me to briefly repeat what has happened in the past few days!

"At first, we were ambushing the space pirates with quite a bunch of people, only to be fooled by the space pirates, who took the opportunity to break into our homes!

"In the Skyhill Domain alone, more than forty thousand people were killed. Forty thousand people!

"Then, the three starships of ours were ambushed by Fengyu Zhong, who beat us up terribly. Every one of us has suffered miserable wounds. To be honest, we were beaten the s*hit out of!

"In the end, when we were desperate, and the space pirates were going to butcher us like pigs, one person, yes, only one, came after a long journey in the sea of stars and reversed the situation by himself. Not only did he sink one of Storm Prison's starships, he also attracted the attention of the main troops of the space pirates, thereby saving our lives!

"Right now, the man is surrounded by four crystal warships, a thousand brutal bandits, and one Core Formation Stage Cultivator!

"We have only two choices right now!

"We can wait and watch the space pirates on the four crystal warships enfold the man who came to our rescue from distances away and kill him.

"When our reinforcements arrive, and we return to the peaceful land, we will hold a solemn ceremony in memory of the valiant and fearless hero. We will shed tears and swear to avenge him!

"Nobody will blame us. Except for the occasional guilt that we may feel when we are alone late at night, we will be totally fine.

"It is definitely the most regular, rational, and reasonable choice that we should make right now.

"Or, if you don't want to make such a choice, one that seems to be sane but is, in fact, ballless nonetheless, and if you prefer a crazier but more manly choice, you can also charge forward with me and fight side by side with the man who decided to come to our rescue all by himself!

"Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you. The starship that our enemy deployed to cover their retreat, the one right in front of us, is the flagship of Storm Prison, Blood Rain, which is the largest and possesses the highest combat ability!

"It's very possible that Fengyu Zhong, a Core Formation Stage Cultivator, is on his flagship right now!

"However, it's been four days since we sent out our first distress call!

"I guarantee that countless reinforcements are marching toward the Iron Plateau Space Zone at this very moment. Chances are that some of them will show up in the next second!

"Even though we cannot destroy Blood Rain, as long as we can bite it hard for one day, one hour, one minute, or even as short as one second, we may be able to buy enough time for the reinforcements to reach us. At that time, Fengyu Zhong will be surrounded, and his sorry life will end in this bleak space zone!

"This operation is very dangerous. Maybe after all our blood runs dry, the reinforcements still won't show up. Everybody will die in vain!

"Therefore, it's perfectly normal and reasonable if anybody wants to quit. Just step back now and stay in the starship!

"All the remaining brothers will come with me and crash into Blood Rain!

"Don't forget that a Cultivator is fighting alone at the front!

"Even if we may not be able to save him, at least our hot blood should flow together with our good brother's in this cold universe!"

The four hundred Cultivators, who looked like unbent battle sabers, were all breathing heavily, but it sounded almost metallic, as if the edge of a saber was rubbing against its sheath.

Nobody stepped back.

Instead, many people unconsciously made a step forward.

"Listen to me, Cultivators from Swooping Eagle!"

Jing Yong, First Deacon of the Swooping Eagle Sect, stepped forward and looked at the dozens of Cultivators on the left. He then spoke. "When we started our expedition from our hometown, many of our compatriots bade us farewell and wished that we spread the name of the Swooping Eagle Space Zone in the sea of stars!

"However, we came to this place across dozens of space zones, only to be stomped on and slaughtered like pigs!

"Of the five hundred warriors who set off, three hundred have perished, and a hundred have been heavily wounded. Our starship is on the verge of destruction, too.

"Are we going to return to our hometown like losers?

"By that time, when the folks in our hometown see our devastated appearance and our brothers whose bodies are gone with only their spiritual nameplates left, how will we answer their inquiries?

"What if somebody asks us how many space pirates we have slain and how many warships we destroyed? How are we going to answer that?

"We are the greatest sect of the Swooping Eagle Space Zone!

"Now, we have one last chance to avenge our brothers and show the space pirates what the Cultivators of Swooping Eagle truly are!"


The dozens of remaining soldiers of Swooping Eagle roared at the same time. Their spiritual energy surged out of their broken crystal suits and formed glamourous wings on their backs, making them look like eagles that were about to soar into the sky!

"Listen to me, disciples of Flowing Flower!"

Xin Hongde, an elder of the Flowing Flower Sect, took a step forward, too. His voice was not loud, but it was resolute and pierced into the deck under everyone's feet like needles. He said, "A month ago, were you not curious why the Great Horn Exo Society could rise to fame like lightning within half a year even though it was a medium-sized Exo Society whose only Core Formation Stage Cultivator was in the beginning level?

"You should know the answer now!

"Our Flowing Flower Sect is just an ordinary second-rate sect in the Flowing Flower Space Zone. Many Cultivators in Heavenly Saints City have never heard our name before!

"However, after today's battle, the name of the Flowing Flower Sect will resound in the sea of stars together with the Great Horn Exo Society and the Swooping Eagle Sect!

"Let my blood be the soil of Flowing Flower!"


The dozens of Cultivators on the right side, who were wearing badges in the shape of a red flower, bellowed. The spiritual energy around them burst out into blossoming chrysanthemums.

"Captain Lei!"

Jing Yong and Xin Hongde stared at Lei Dalu with their eyes shining and said simultaneously, "The Great Horn Exo Society are not the only people that get to play heroes today!

"If you want to go crazy today, let's all go crazy!"

Lei Dalu burst into laughter. He slashed his heavy battle saber down. The wound on his shoulder was broken again and blood spurted out. However, he couldn't care less about it and simply rumbled in a louder voice, "Regardless of whether or not Fengyu Zhong is expecting our counterattack and whether or not he has prepared other traps, we have no time to bother him!

"The most important thing about us, the Cultivators, is craziness and boldness!

"Fengyu Zhong, let's see now which side has the more unflinching desperadoes!

"Go forward, Cultivators!"