Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Bloody Cloak!
Chapter 538: Bloody Cloak!
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Li Yao vomited a mouthful of black blood, which wriggled around as if it were a living thing. The control panel was corroded amid cracking noises and seemed like it could burst into flames at any moment.

Li Yao's eyes were bloodshot, yet the blood was queerly black, making his face oddly hideous.

He didn't anticipate that the curse lurking inside his body would be so strange as to conceal its true power until this moment. Nine black snakes seemed to have torn open his heart, crawled inside, and bitten each other's tails. They formed a solid shackle that was about to lock his heart!

Black Spider Evil Spirit, death before curse!

Had Li Yao's body not been sturdy enough with the spiritual seed from Iron God Yan Ba, a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, the previous attack would've crushed his heart!

If it were peacetime, Li Yao would naturally have concentrated his attention and dispelled the curse before it broke out with his tough body built up by the spiritual seed from a body fundamentalist and Ou Yezi's immense soul power inside his brain.

It was also the biggest reason Li Yao had slayed Su Jiuzhen unhesitatingly without being bothered by his threat before his death.

However, Li Yao had spent every second making up plans and traps ever since. He could only manage to suppress the curse and did not have the time to dispel it. It never occurred to him that the Black Spider Death Curse would be smart enough to break out at the most critical moment after protracted hiding!

At this moment, Li Yao was calculating the route of his escape every second with his highest computational ability among the gaps of countless stones and space steles in the middle of a planetary ring. His flight seemed to be easy and elegant, but it cost as much of his soul power as a life-and-death battle would.

The attack of the Black Spider Death Curse made his soul shrink suddenly. His computational ability was greatly undermined. He felt that his head was dizzy, and, because of a few wrong calculations, almost five stones scratched past the escape capsule.

The strengthened glass window at the front of the escape capsule was immediately covered in a lot of terrible cracks, as if it were going to explode in the very next second. It was indeed blood-freezing.

The cross-shaped fins at the tail of the escape capsule were broken off by a weird stone.

Li Yao roared. The spiritual energy all over his body turned into hot stream and flooded into his heart, which instantly constricted to the size of a baby's fist. Yet, gold stripes were shining on the surface of his heart. A moment later, his heart expanded violently to three times the size of a regular heart. The left part of his chest was heaved high!

After the absorption and the enlargement, the Black Spider Death Curse screamed deep inside Li Yao's brain as if it had been burnt by the boiling blood and the surging spiritual energy. It was temporarily suppressed again.

However, the pain, as if thousands of ants were gnawing at his heart, still lingered in his chest.

Before Li Yao had time to take a rest, an earsplitting buzz was already echoing inside the escape capsule.

The report on the light beam was redundant. Li Yao only needed to look up to know that an enormous meteoroid, more than thirty meters in diameter, emitting vague metallic colors, with sharp edges all around its body, was crashing toward him precisely and brutally!

It was because he had been harassed and distracted by the Black Spider Death Curse that he had been half a second too slow to calculate the best route!

Li Yao gritted his teeth while his hands operated fast. The small-scale movement performance of the escape capsule was fully carried out. The dozens of power rune arrays on board released intense brilliance one after another, deviating the escape capsule from the trajectory of the giant meteoroid.

However, serious rubbing was unavoidable. One of the sharp, protruding parts on the meteoroid scraped the surface of the escape capsule savagely and tore open its shell without any trouble. The magical equipment units plugged into the vehicle were mostly destroyed. The scraps spread out like a blossoming flower!

The escape capsule immediately started spinning rapidly beyond control, only to be hit by yet another ten meteoroids. It was riddled with holes and about to break part!

The specifications of the escape capsule had hit rock bottom. Ninety percent of the power rune arrays had collapsed.

The space pirates took the opportunity to march forward and surrounded Li Yao.

Although he was not connected in the enemy's communication channel, it was not hard for Li Yao to imagine that the space pirates must be laughing to their hearts' content at that moment.

Li Yao was laughing, too, coldly.

You think this escape capsule is my biggest reliance to challenge Storm Prison by myself?

You want to die? So be it!


Another meteoroid rushed close and darted into the fuel chamber of the escape capsule. It immediately became a large, bright fireball.

The moment before the explosion, a streak of black brightness had dashed out in advance from the escape capsule. With the stones as the steps and space as the stage, a bizarre-shaped crystal suit with a dominating aura revealed itself!


Before the crystal cameras of the space pirates captured the details of the crystal suit, a cluster of red flames surged out from the shoulder of the crystal suit and zigzagged around its critical parts, before it moved to his back and extended out dozens of meters!

There was no wind in the space, but the red flames seemed to be fluttering flags in a billowing wind. It was waving unpredictably, like a bloody cloak dozens of meters long, and roaring in full spirits, motivated by its master's soaring fighting will!

Black suit, red cloak, the Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber in his right hand, and the Purple Electric Blue Hellfire Claw that could be condensed into a drill of mystic rays any time in his left hand, Li Yao appeared like a God of Killing!

The space pirates had never seen a crystal suit with a cloak of flames dozens of meters long before. They were all dazed for a moment and felt that the cloak seemed to be made of endless blood, which wreathed them in untamable horror.

Li Yao sneered, with killing intent beaming out of his eyes.

The red cloak was a piece of experimental magical equipment based on the ancient techniques of refining forty thousand years ago and the essence of modern refining arts. He had been trying to take the advantage of both the traditional and the modern technology.

His original purpose was to craft a piece of magical equipment to cover the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit so that other people wouldn't be able to see the secret materials on it.

At first, he had thought of the 'flag'-like magical equipment in the ancient Cultivation world, such as the Seven Star Soul Guidance Flag and the White Bone Dark Ghost Flag.

When the flag-like magical equipment was activated, they would immediately emit a lot of mist or venom to cover the user.

In the meantime, the flag-like magical equipment was often large enough to cover a crystal suit like a cloak.

However, in the modern Cultivation world, flag-like magical equipment had become obsolete. The technology entailed in such magical equipment had been transplanted into battle emblems and the camouflage for weapons and vehicles.

Flag-like magical equipment with a real entity was not easy to be combined with a crystal suit. Also, for a battle in the universe, it seemed rather hilarious and cumbersome to have a flag attached to the back of a crystal suit.

After prolonged studying, by taking into consideration more than thirty kinds of ancient flag-like magical equipment recorded in the classics on the second floor of the Heavenly Refining Tower, together with modern illumination technology, Li Yao had finally crafted such a crimson cloak of light flames after many tests!

The cloak did not have an entity; it was purely initiated by the two light flame generators under the shoulders of the crystal suit.

But a lot of structures of ancient flag-like magical equipment and technology had been applied to the framework of the light flames, which made it a virtual 'blood flag'. It could either be turned invisible or be extended to dozens of meters away to become an intimidating, super-long cloak completely at Li Yao's will.

The biggest function of the cloak was, of course, to cover the critical parts on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit that were made of Skeleton Dragon's body tissue and scraps of ancient magical equipment.

With the coverage of the blood-red cloak, other people could only tell that the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was an extremely powerful crystal suit at best; they would never be able to clearly see its details.

Other than that, the cloak made of light flames boasted a certain mental attack ability. When it was released to its full length, it would be able to rage and flap in the vacuum, even though there was no wind, at Li Yao's command. The soaring fighting will that the cloak demonstrated would be very intimidating to the enemy!

However, Li Yao's current Cultivation was not good enough. The mental attack was only slightly better than nothing.

But Li Yao believed that he would refine the cloak of light flames into an ultimate treasure in mental warfare one day!

With his battle saber and his sharp claw roaring, the blood-red cloak wafting up and down, Li Yao's face was now filled with eagerness, as if he had been looking forward to this moment for a long time!


The space pirates hadn't taken any action yet, but Li Yao had stomped on a meteoroid and launched his attack promptly!

When all the space pirates thought that he was going to flee toward the center of the planetary ring, Li Yao went the opposite way and charged at the edge of the planetary ring where he had come from!

The few space pirates guarding the edge of the planetary ring did not realize what was going on at all. They felt that some sort of redness blinked in front of their eyes before they saw a crimson cloak, which looked like a rampant dragon soaked in blood. The very next second, a murderous crystal suit dashed to their front!

Caught unprepared, the space pirate in the lead hurried to activate his spiritual shield at full power. Three layers of spiritual shields in red, yellow, and azure respectively formed a zone three meters in diameter and enveloped him!

Between the spiritual shields, countless octagonal runes were glittering in a gold brightness!

The Cultivation of this particular space pirate was not very high, but his physique was very good, and his resistance to attacks was impressive. Therefore, the pirate gang had tutored him specially in this regard and equipped him with a crystal suit that boasted remarkable defensive ability. He was meant to be a 'tank' to block the enemy's attack.

Li Yao bellowed and raised his battler saber high. Bloody aura spurted out and dyed all the stones within one hundred square meters crimson. The slash as earsplitting as roaring thunder cut through the three spiritual shields straightforwardly!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The three spiritual shields twisted, struggled, cramped, and crumbled!

As if chopping through bamboo, the battle saber continued marching forward and eventually ripped the space pirate together with his crystal suit into two halves, his blood spreading in the sea of stars!

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit passed through the middle of the broken bodies, dispersing the mist of blood in between. Then it stood in the middle of space, looking for its next target.

The dead space pirate's blood seemed to be attracted by Li Yao's red cloak and circled around Li Yao, highlighting his every bit of savage killing intent!