Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 539

Chapter 539: Slaughterhouse in Space
Chapter 539: Slaughterhouse in Space
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All the space pirates gasped, especially those near the unlucky guy, whose dead body almost crashed into them.

They had all received Fengyu Zhong's heads-up and knew that the enemy they were chasing after could prove to be a tricky man.

However, Li Yao had been running away crazily all the time, leaving them the impression that he was merely a cunning man. Also, his unpredictable routes inside the stone belts gave the feeling that he was an oily rat.

No one had anticipated that he would be as crazy and brutal when he suddenly burst out!

However, the members of Storm Prison had been trained by Fengyu Zhong for a long time. They were all bold desperadoes. Blood and death had triggered the ruthlessness deep inside their bones.

Even though some of them were hesitating, their crystal suits had automatically injected strengthening drugs into their spines under the control of their squad leader.

The strengthening drug was named 'Incendiary Strengthening Drug'. It was a battle stimulant specially cooked on Spider Den for the space pirates.

When 'Incendiary Strengthening Drug' was injected before a battle, the space pirates would have a heartbeat five times faster than usual. The hormones inside their bodies would be greatly stirred, too. Not only would their combat ability be doubled, they would also become unwavering and unstoppable!

Motivated by the Incendiary Strengthening Drug, the space pirates shouted and yelled and lunged at Li Yao from various directions.

Li Yao waved his battle saber. His body turned into a streak of black brightness instantly as he leapt among the stones.

The blood-red cloak, dozens of meters long, on his back seemed to turn into a crimson cage that captured all the space pirates after he took a few turns.

Blade auras were surging in the sea of stars. The stone belts that were chaotic enough in the beginning now turned into a boiling ocean of blood!

Li Yao lunged forward and slayed seven space pirates in a row like a tiger attacking sheep. The most unfortunate one was drilled through right in the chest by his claw. At first glance, the guy seemed to have been pierced through by a meteoroid!

But Li Yao was heavily surrounded by the space pirates.

The space pirates had the advantage in numbers after all. Also, their experience in fighting was quite abundant. None of them were easy to deal with.

Even the space pirates in the Refinement Stage were not easy to kill when they were in proper crystal suits and had activated their spiritual shields on full power without caring for the spiritual energy consumption.

The space pirates were all brutal men. Not only were they brutal to their enemy, they were brutal to themselves, too. When Li Yao hit them precisely and they knew they were dead for sure, they would clutch his saber with all their strength while they were still breathing, just in order to make him waste more of his spiritual energy.

The few leaders of the space pirates were all in the Building Foundation Stage. They were very good at collaboration. Two of them were launching remote attacks while hiding behind the stones far away, while the rest of them were distracting him at a close distance.

It would be extremely difficult to kill them once and for all!

Moreover, there was still the meteoroids.

The meteoroids in the planetary ring were like an ever-surging river and treated everybody the same.

Li Yao had spent a lot of his computational ability in the battle against the space pirates. Therefore, his calculations on the trajectories of the meteoroids was often untimely.

As a result, he was hit by multiple meteoroids.

Despite the defense of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Li Yao felt that he was suppressed by the stormy attacks and found it hard to breathe.


After he slayed the eleventh space pirate, a three-edged flying sword finally penetrated through his spiritual shield and pierced into the gap of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. His first drop of blood in that day's battle flowed out.

The Black Spider Death Curse seemed to know that he was in peril. It was restless again and showed signs of another attack.

Li Yao took a deep breath. Yet, he felt that somebody had stuffed an icy block into his chest. The circulation of his spiritual energy was hindered!

Right at that moment, there was no telling whether or not it was because the Incendiary Strengthening Drug had run its course, but the space pirates were suddenly somehow in a mess.

Li Yao was deeply confused. He studied the tiny movements of the space pirates and looked at the boundless sea of stars ahead. Naturally, he saw nothing.

However, the special crystal camera on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit sensed feeble spiritual waves from thousands of kilometers away.

It was likely a ripple that had reached him after covering the thousands of kilometers of distance in between momentarily.

It was not hard to imagine how intense the surging tides were thousands of kilometers away!

The crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was providing details on the abrupt change.

Deep in thought, Li Yao suddenly beamed with joy. He almost cried in joy.

Something had happened in the rear of the space pirates' fleet. A fierce battle was taking place!

At that moment, the only party that could do such a thing was the Great Horn Exo Society!

Lei Dalu, the lunatic, was truly a lunatic!

Li Yao laughed out aloud and raised his saber. He swept across the space pirates like earsplitting thunders while lightning erupted on his saber.

The lightning-like saber cut both space and his own uneasiness apart.

Li Yao's mind was clearer than ever. He seemed to have grasped something in the life-and-death moment among the shining slashes.

One slash!

The left arm of a space pirate was cut off!

For how long have I been unable to enjoy a good killing spree?

One slash!

A spiritual shield was blown into pieces. A terrible wound deep to the bones suddenly appeared in the chest of a space pirate!

In fact, this is what I desire most subconsciously, isn't it?

Just like this time, I could've run faster and gotten rid of the space pirates, and they wouldn't have necessarily come back to ask for the Great Horn Exo Society's trouble again.

However, I still chose to keep a certain distance from them, neither too far nor too close. Secretly, I was even hoping that they would catch me!

One slash!

A space pirate as heavy as a bull, who was almost three meters tall in his crystal suit, was kicked away and crashed into a meteoroid that was rushing close, turning into a pile of meat!

That's because I've been craving for a bloody fight!

I grew up in a magical equipment graveyard. I had to exploit my every muscle and every brain cell as much as I could in order to live one second longer!

When I try my best to calculate everything and defeat an invincible enemy and even death itself, and I get to live another second, another second, and yet another second, the ecstasy is indeed the most exciting entertainment!

Addicted! Yes. I'm already addicted to the duel with death!

Only when I'm going to die in the next second can I full taste the flavor of life in this second. The feeling of walking beside the abyss is marvelous and incredible!

One slash!

A sniper and his gun were both cut in half, but Li Yao's abdomen was hit brutally, too.

Despite the resistance of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, a mouthful of blood surged to his throat, only to be swallowed by him. He felt that he had chugged the most delicious wine. His face was healthily red, and he couldn't have looked more comfortable!

The day my spiritual root was awakened, and I became a Cultivator, I met Brother Guan Xiong of the Mountain Sea Sect. I ask him why he wanted to become a Cultivator. His reply was

For the euphoria of one against a thousand!

The path of my Cultivation is exactly the same. I spill my blood in the sea of stars and slash a brilliant way to the heaven between the life of this second and the death of the next!

For a moment, he remembered all the pivotal moments in his past, from when he was hunted by five scavenger groups in the magical equipment graveyard when he was seven, to his encounter with the mutated large-eyed ape that was injected with strengthening drugs, to his narrow escape in the Thunderous Sound Mountain under the pursuit of the demon prince Wang Ji, to the desperate fight against Skeleton Dragon, the deadly demon from forty thousand years ago.

In the end, he recalled the terrifying scenes of the True Fusion and the space swirl in the Dim Flame Belt.

The pictures did not intimidate him. Instead, when he reflected on them, he felt that his life was precious, warm, and beautiful.

All the pictures suddenly exploded into the surging swirl deep inside his brain and slightly changed the way he unleashed his spiritual energy without him knowing.

Originally, his blade was purely sharp, fast, and furious.

However, as his attacks continued, Li Yao's eyes became brighter and brighter, and the aura around his saber was gradually endowed with a feeble attraction force, as if a mini True Fusion was brewing on the edge of his weapon!

His saber was not attacking the enemy; it was more like his enemy was crashing into his saber promptly because of the attraction of the True Fusion.

The effect of the Incendiary Strengthening Drug was finally over.

The biggest side effect of such strengthening drugs was that the user would be in temporary low spirits when the duration was over. Also, after each injection, there must be a gap of half an hour to forty minutes before the next injection. Otherwise, the strengthening drug would have no effect at all because of the rejection of the body.

Right now, the spreading mist of blood and the broken limbs finally cast the surviving space pirates in fear.

Devastated shrills were echoing nonstop inside their communication channel.

"Hehe is not in the high level of the Building Foundation Stage, but in the peak!"

One of the space pirates was hit in the chest, but he was not killed. His crystal suit spurted a lot of foam and suppressed the wound temporarily.

But his fighting will had been battered by Li Yao's attack. After a scream, he turned around and rushed toward the edge of the planetary ring.

He was lucky enough to avoid the assault of almost a hundred meteoroids.

However, when he was about to get out of the planetary ring, he exploded into powder after a sudden cry, as if he had been hit brutally by an invisible meteoroid!

An overwhelming killing intent ignored the furious stones and pierced into the gaps of all the space pirates' crystal suits, wreathing their hearts.

They felt that their hearts would be ripped apart if they moved slightly.

The feeling couldn't have been more familiar to them. It was because of

A tall figure in a crystal suit with weird human faces appeared in the periphery of the planetary ring with a giant assault rocket below his feet. He seemed to be surrounded by gloomy wind, which made his body unpredictable and flickering like ghost fire.

The Core Formation Stage Cultivator, Fengyu Zhong, had finally arrived!