Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 551

Chapter 551: Resonation! Resonation!
Chapter 551: Resonation! Resonation!
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Yan Chihuo, the muscular man who had rivets on his face, roared, "Let me show you the real invincibility of the Refinement Stage! Die!"

As Yan Chihuo exerted his strength, his leather clothes made of the hide of demon beasts broke apart, revealing his bulging muscles that were as red as fire. His thick veins protruded out of his skin, as if a flood was surging in them.

After a while of yelling and shouting, the spiritual gas around him quickly expanded and swept over the land like invisible flames. Very soon, it reached almost fifty meters away!

The fifty square meters were wreathed in scorching air, as if it were a crater where a volcano eruption was about to occur!

"This is the formidableness of the 57th level of the Refinement Stage! When I break into the 100th and the 1000th level of the Refinement Stage, I will slay the so-called Core Formation Stage Cultivators and Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators from space should they come to our place!"

The giant saber in Yan Chihuo's hand was glittering. The joints made of rivets spurted a huge amount of sweltering steam, making the savage saber unprecedently domineering!

The aura of the blade rushed close and crashed into Li Yao's nose, only to shatter into pieces.

Li Yao was truly speechless.

He did not have the faintest clue what the guys were doing.

The peak of the Refinement Stage was known to be 'peak' because additional spiritual gas released by a Cultivator when he surpassed the peak was useless.

The maximum density of spiritual gas in a given space was fixed. The more spiritual gas a Cultivator released, the larger the area it would occupy. This particular area was called one's 'spiritual domain'.

Take this Brother Yan Chihuo for example. He was unleashing the spiritual gas of the 57th level of the Refinement Stage, and his spiritual domain was around fifty meters in diameter.

The real problem was that the perception and manipulability of a Refinement Stage Cultivator were limited. They could only sense and control the spiritual gas within around twenty square meters.

It meant that the maximum size of the spiritual domain for a Refinement Stage Cultivator was twenty square meters. Even if a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was to suppress their capability to the Refinement Stage, their spiritual domain would still be less than twenty square meters!

It was the law of Dao and nature!

Only the spiritual gas within one's spiritual domain was under the command of the Cultivator. The spiritual gas out of the range of the spiritual domain could do nothing except to show off and scare other people away!

Therefore, Li Yao had no idea what the qi-trainers were trying to do by summoning so much spiritual gas that far exceeded their spiritual domain.

Or, was it their fighting style that whoever brought out the most spiritual gas would be the strongest?

Li Yao tilted his head, his eyes wide open. He couldn't have been more curious as to what Yan Chihuo was going to do with the wandering spiritual gas out of the range of his spiritual domain.

A broadcast rune array seemed to have been installed inside Yan Chihuo's chest, as he was screaming louder and louder without any rest, producing a sound not dissimilar to a pig about to be butchered.

The rest of the knights from the Burning Sun Tribe echoed with him. Roars were rumbling nonstop, as if it were a slaughterhouse.

Li Yao felt that his head was dizzy and wondered whether or not it was a special form of sound attack.

As the qi-trainers bellowed and their fighting will soared, the spiritual gas inside their spiritual domain started vibrating crazily.

The vibration quickly rippled out and caused the spiritual gas outside the spiritual domain to vibrate together.

Since they were not far away from each other, most of their spiritual domains actually overlapped. The spiritual gas inside such spiritual domains gradually melded together.

Li Yao felt something was off.

He discovered, to his surprise, that the vibrating spiritual gas of the qi-trainers was gradually adjusted to the same frequency and stimulated mutually. In the end, the overall volume of the spiritual gas was greatly enhanced.

It was resonation!

Are you kidding me? Resonation of spiritual gas?

Making use of the spiritual gas outside the spiritual domain by way of resonation?

Li Yao quickly thought through the mechanism behind the attack.

But there was no time!

All the spiritual gas within the three hundred square meters was resonating. Not only were the eyes of the qi-trainers blood-red and their body size greatly expanded as if they went berserk, the stability of Li Yao's own spiritual domain was affected, too. Before combat began, his fighting will had been completely suppressed, and he felt palpitations and shortness of breath!

Are you serious? These guys can wield the combat ability of Building Foundation Stage Cultivators simply by the resonation of their spiritual gas?

What kind of technique is this?

Li Yao's face color finally changed.

Yan Chihuo raised his battle saber, which was now enveloped in surging spiritual gas, as if it had become a gargantuan bat, and smashed down at Li Yao's head!

Li Yao cried and fled with his head hidden in his hands, but he was still affected by the aura of the blade. He felt that the peak of the Refinement Stage was completely unable to resist the strike of the 57th level of the Refinement Stage. Before the falcon of spiritual gas shrieked, its feathers had already been plucked out and it had turned into a chicken!

"Little Black, let's run!"

Knowing that it was not good, Li Yao whistled. Black Wing dashed out in a streak of blackness, only to hover and shiver around him as if it were saying, "Am I the most reliable one at critical moments?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes. You are the best!"

Hardly had Li Yao finished his sentence when Yan Chihuo launched his second attack. The guy seemed uninterested in killing Li Yao, because he was attacking with the back of his saber.

However, with such unbelievable strength, the edge of the saber and its back did not really have much of a difference.

Li Yao shrank his neck, his hair dancing crazily in the air.

Black Wing realized that it was not time for fun. It circled around Li Yao and brought him to the sky!

"Fly higher!" Li Yao shouted.

According to his observations, the vehicles of the qi-trainers had been flying close to the ground or even running on the ground. They did not boast much flight ability in the sky.

A large cluster of black brightness spurted out of the grip of Black Wing, which turned into almost ten helical air currents and drove them into the sky.

But he was not even a hundred meters away yet when he heard swooshing noises behind him, only to find that the True Qi cannons on the tanks had opened fire!

The so-called True Qi cannon was actually just a thick, hollow tube with dense, tiny holes in the rear.

The spiritual gas that the qi-trainers unleashed instantly was extremely powerful. When a huge amount of spiritual gas entered the tube through the tiny holes, immense pressure would be caused.

At the front end of the tube was a neatly located crystal bomb. As long as the tube boasted enough airtightness, the pressure, having nowhere to go to, would be transformed into impetus and launch the crystal bombs!

In a moment, dozens of crystal bombs had been launched toward Li Yao.

Crude design, redundant components, and shabby rune arrays. The utilization rate of crystals is too low! Li Yao was not satisfied by the crystal bombs manufactured by the qi-trainers after glancing at them.

However, it did not change the fact that their crystal bombs were much larger in size.

Li Yao's own crystal bombs were usually the size of fists, if not the size of fingers.

But the smallest of the qi-trainers' crystal bombs was as big as his head, with sharp spurs on the shell, which made them look like big caltrops. They were shining coldly and awe-inspiringly!


The caltrops exploded one after another in the air. The shell was ripped open, and the pieces with sharp spurs blossomed and occupied the entire area!

Although Li Yao had activated his spiritual shield, he was still penetrated through by almost ten pieces of shrapnel, which stabbed into his body brutally.


Then, large nets weaved with thorns were launched to the sky. The nets seemed to be influenced by a certain uncanny technique, too. They twisted and opened automatically in the sky even though there was no wind. A few of them even connected each other, ready to swallow Li Yao like a bloody mouth!

"Change the direction! Lower the altitude!" Li Yao shouted.

He hadn't expected the qi-trainers to have such air defense ability. It would be committing suicide to continue flying in the sky right now!

Black Wing shrieked. The tip of the sword was aimed at the ground, and it was not until the sword was half a meter from the ground that it switched its angle and zigzagged forward!

"Go after him! Capture him!"

The iron knights chased after him while launching crystal bombs with the True Qi cannons.

Although Black Wing was faster than the tanks of the Burning Sun Tribe, it had to dodge the crystal bombs.

The bombs were not very powerful, but they would raise intense black smoke after they exploded. The spiritual waves they unleashed caused major interference to Black Wing's normal flight.

One party running and the other chasing, they soon reached the valley that Li Yao had prepared earlier.

The valley seemed to have been slashed by a battle saber. Steep cliffs were on the two sides of the valley, and its bottom was too deep to measure. Occasionally, the rocks on the two sides of the valley collided, thereby forming natural bridges in the sky. From the bottom, they looked like stone gates. The territory of this place was extremely complicated.

Black Wing darted among the bizarre-shaped stones agilely as if it were a black mouse that had grown wings.

The tanks of the qi-trainers, on the other hand, were less swift. Now and then, one of the tanks would hit the rock, infuriating the rider on them.

Yan Chihuo's motor skills were apparently the best among the qi-trainers. He remained close behind the prey. While chasing, he even burst into laughter.

"You want to race with me? I'm a man born for racing! I'm the best racer on Iron Plateau!"

Is that so? Then do excuse me.

After passing through a stone gate, Li Yao mumbled something to himself and triggered an iron chip carved with runes in his pocket.


The rocks on two sides of the valley collapsed like a flood. The stone gate was completely destroyed. The smoke raised by the explosion filled more than half of the valley.

Yan Chihuo's furious curses could be heard inside the smoke.

Li Yao took a long breath in relief. He then dashed out of the valley, accelerating to the highest speed on Black Wing, and ran to the northwest without even looking back.

He did not even stop by the cave where he had been hiding. It was not until dawn the next day that he took a moment of rest.

It turned out to be wise decision.

With the help of Neltharion, Li Yao discovered that more than fifty teams of the Burning Sun Tribe, with almost a thousand soldiers, were searching the desert.

A thousand people!

Li Yao was secretly alarmed. If all one thousand qi-trainers had surpassed the peak of the Refinement Stage and were in the 20th to the 40th level of it, they could prove to be formidable armed forces when they entered the berserk state with the weird technique of resonation with the spiritual gas.

No wonder Iron Plateau became a forbidden area for Cultivators! Even a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator would have a headache if they were faced with a thousand berserk qi-trainers!