Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 553

Chapter 553: Teenager of Furious Bear
Chapter 553: Teenager of Furious Bear
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I seem to have overdone it.

His brand-new appearance had been gradually shaped and altered through meditating upon the spiritual seed of Iron God Yan Ba and speculating on the savageness of the ancient deadly beasts day and night.

But he looked like a human-skinned beast right now!

Residents of Iron Plateau were not primitive barbarians; they had their own highly developed civilization. He seemed to be going too far in his acting career.

But on second thought, it might not be a bad idea.

Pretending to be a wildling who had roamed in the desert for years was apparently much better than pretending to be a qi-trainer as that lie would be seen through with a few questions asked.

There were many dangerous plants in the desert that could destroy the vocal cord of a human being, making them unable to talk.

The venom of many demon beasts could also sabotage the nerves of human beings and rid them of their language ability.

It was reasonable that a homeless guy who had struggled for twenty years in a desert alone could not talk.

Of course, there were still many suspicious points about this faked identity. However, it was still much better than impersonating a qi-trainer. After all, he didn't know the first thing about the qi-trainers' conventions, and everybody would know that there was something wrong with him if they asked him a few questions.

As to exactly what to do next, he actually had no idea.

Li Yao planned to go in the direction where the pillar of smoke were relatively narrow and sparse.

He believed that such smoke would be a smaller settlement of the qi-trainers and that there wouldn't be too many experts.

When he arrived at the settlement, he could observe the reactions the qi-trainers had about his faked identity. He could also collect more information about the big town where countless beams of smoke were floating.

After he gathered enough evidence that the qi-trainers in the big town were not as cranky as those from the Burning Sun Tribe, he would be able to make his next plan.

Sorting everything out in his mind, Li Yao turned off the crystal processor and put it back into his Cosmos Ring.

This was the last time he would use his Cosmos Ring.

Tonight, he found a crevice on a meteorite mountain to crash in like an animal would, except that he released Neltharion to a tree on the top of the mountain to monitor the surroundings.

Then, he closed his eyes and perceived the wild strength of the ancient deadly beasts billions of years ago while he was inhaling and exhaling.

Tomorrow, he was going to enter a small village around forty kilometers in the southwest.

According to the scouting of Neltharion in the day, the village was not large in scale and had a population of a few hundred at best. It was unlikely that they were all qi-trainers. He should be safe to go there.

When he was half asleep, he was suddenly woken up by an earsplitting noise.

Neltharion had discovered that a True Qi tank was rushing close from the other side of the meteorite mountain!

"Hunters from the Burning Sun Tribe?"

Li Yao shuddered, the hairs all over his body standing on end. He crouched quietly inside the crevice.

The front leg of the mantis-type demon beast had been polished so many times that it was almost glittering. Its surface was dyed with the venom extracted from the roots of the corrosive thorns, which was emitting vague stink.

Li Yao gripped his saber and carefully watched from the perspective of Neltharion, only to discover that the tank was from the opposite direction of the Burning Sun Tribe and had been made in a completely different style.

This True Qi tank was even rougher and clumsier. A ring of bones and shells of demon beasts was embedded to the body of the tank, and a giant horn, which seemed to have been chopped off from a rhino-type demon beast, protruded out of its front. The paint of the tank was not the red of the Burning Sun Tribe but a dim black.

If the True Qi tank of the Burning Sun Tribe could be compared to a burning leopard, the one in front of Li Yao's eyes was a furious black bear!

Behind the tank, two exhaust pipes more than three meters long rose up to the sky, spurting steam nonstop crazily. The exits of the exhaust pipes seemed to have been installed with noise magical equipment because they were producing thunder-like fulminations. It was only a single tank, but it sounded that an old train was passing by!

The two exhaust pipes were also flagpoles, on which two enormous flags were spluttering in the wind.

On the flag was a hideous bear head, which was biting a blood-stained saber.

"Battle emblem of the Furious Bear Union!" Li Yao mumbled to himself.

Just like the Burning Sun Alliance, the Furious Bears Union was one of the six major sects of Heavenly Saints City. It was even slightly stronger than the Burning Sun Alliance.

Previously, on the carrier of the Temple of Immortals, Huangpu Shiyi had asked their subordinates to pretend to be the Exos from the Furious Bears Union who had come to rescue Li Yao, only to be seen through instantly.

The flag of the Burning Sun Tribe is identical to the battle emblem of the Burning Sun Association, and the battle emblem of the Furious Bear Union has appeared on this True Qi tank right now. This is getting more and more interesting!

Li Yao observed more carefully and found that the one who was riding on the iron beast more than six meters long and spurring it forward with his spiritual gas was only a teenager.

The teenager was a bit slender, but there was ruthlessness on his face. He was wearing a hat made of mottled bear fur and two pads made of bear claws, the talons of which were still shining, on his shoulders.

A saber was held to the left side of the tank, and a hammer even longer than himself was dangling down from the right side of the tank, emitting rattling noises and raising sparks as it hit the ground during the rush.

There were no other qi-trainers behind the teenager. He was riding through the perilous desert late at night all by himself!

Something seemed to be chasing after the teenager in the desert behind him. A dragon of sand was rising up from the ground, and then it collapsed and became a valley several meters deep, as if something was tunneling below the ground.


Riding the True Qi tank, the teenager took a large turn in the smoke and suddenly accelerated and sprinted toward where he had come from, directly at the object that was pursuing him!


A black shadow suddenly dashed out of the sand in front of the teenager. Its two pincers were more than one meter long, and its tail was even thicker than Li Yao's waist, with a glittering venomous needle at the tip!

"Emperor Sand Scorpion!"

Li Yao's face color changed.

It was one of the most brutal demon beasts he had met on Iron Plateau.

It had a steel-like armor covering its body that was almost weapon-proof. The venomous sting on the tail could be spurted out. As long as it touched one's skin, one would be entirely paralyzed in less than three seconds.

The opening and closing of the pincers displayed their enormous strength and could block Li Yao's vibration saber easily. Such a demon beast could also sneak below the ground in the stealth mode at an amazing high speed!

Its only weakness was that, the moment it spurted its venomous needles, the joints of its shell would slightly open and reveal its fatal core.

It was a valuable lesson Li Yao had learned after paying the serious damage to his Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit as the tuition fee.

Yet, the teenager had crashed face to face into an Emperor Sand Scorpion, which even Li Yao did not dare to mess around with. After an earsplitting boom, the horn in the front of the tank pierced into the shell of the Emperor Sand Scorpion deeply and instantly knocked it over!

At the moment of the collision, the teenager had jumped high with his saber and hammer in his hands and landed on the abdomen of the Emperor Sand Scorpion softly, his spiritual gas surging out. He then held his saber behind him, waved the hammer with both of his hands, and smashed down at the Emperor Sand Scorpion's abdomen brutally!

Are you kidding me? A teenager above the 10th level of the Refinement Stage? What kind of monster is this!

Li Yao was so startled that his eyes almost bulged out.

The teenager's fluent movements ended with sparks and noises. The shell on the abdomen of the Emperor Sand Scorpion was as solid as its other body parts, like countless overlapping shields that had been melded together. It was not something that a hammer could break.

In the blink of an eye, the Emperor Sand Scorpion had already knocked the teenager to the ground. The fierce battle raised a sandstorm, which wreathed both the human and the beast!

In less than three minutes, the teenager's long hammer was tossed far away from the sandstorm, followed by himself; he was sent flying like a kite that had lost the string. But before he landed, he had already picked up his saber. He glared at his opponent with a pair of ruthless eyes.

The teenager was soaked in blood.

There were wounds all over his body. Not any part of his flesh was intact. The wound on his left shoulder was deep to the bone, indicating that the attack could've chopped off his left arm. Such heavy injuries were unendurable even for many adult Cultivators in the space, but the teenager's face remained unchanged, except that his thick eyebrow had almost dropped off!

Li Yao was secretly surprised. He slithered toward the teenager like a viper sneaking among the crevices.

"I am Wu Mayan of the Furious Bears Tribe, the adopted son of Xiong Wuji, and a true warrior of Iron Plateau! I am not one of the cowards in space! Bring it on, you pest!"

The young man waved his saber, but his voice seemed to be trembling, as if he had been wronged before and was about to burst into tears at any moment.

Li Yao pondered his words carefully. Was the Furious Bears Tribe really related to the Furious Bears Union?

His speed was neither slowed down because of his contemplation nor did he accelerate because of the dangerous situation that the teenager was in.

He kept the same speed because the Emperor Sand Scorpion was extremely wary. Even the slightest traces might be discovered. Once it snuck underground and lurked, Li Yao was not confident that he could even save himself, let alone the teenager.

The teenager's blood zigzagged down the saber and had dyed it almost entirely red. He roared and rushed into the sandstorm again, only to be blown back in less than twenty seconds with a crisp sound resulting from his broken saber!

The Emperor Sand Scorpion dashed out of the sandstorm and lunged at the teenager!

Right when it raised its tail high and launched one of its venomous needles, Li Yao sprinted from the darkness like a lightning!

He threw the mantis leg in his left hand toward the venomous needle, deviating it from its trajectory toward the heart of the teenager. At the same time, he bashed the hammer on the head of the Emperor Sand Scorpion into pieces. The remaining handle of the hammer was the shank of a tiger, which was sharp and looked like a hollow dagger.


The 'dagger' pierced precisely through the only gap on the shell of the Emperor Sand Scorpion and into the venom gland in the center of its body.


A spring of dark green venom soared up from the gap and sprayed into the air with a stinky smell.