Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 562

Chapter 562: Wu Mayan
Chapter 562: Wu Mayan
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Seeing that there was weirdness but no fear in Li Yao's face, Sha Yulan raised her voice. "The physical torment is already agonizing enough. However, the qi-trainers' brain will be put under pressure when they are training with the other technique. It is like inserting a memory piece that does not belong to you into your brain by brute force!

"Unless your soul is extremely solid, you will find it unbearable!

"If you are careless for even one moment, you might suffer mental derangement and go mad!"

Li Yao's eyes bugled even wider, as he recited, "Inserting a memory piece that does not belong to me into my brain?"

Sha Yulan nodded and continued speaking gravely. "A bloody, horrendous, inhuman memory piece!

"The natives of Iron Plateau begin the qi-trainers' training when they were very young. At that time, their veins and nerves are not fully developed and boast endless potential. Their brains are not mature yet, either, so they can take the relatively big blow.

"Just like that, they pick up the technique bit by bit while the difficulty of their training slowly increases. Some of them will be able to grit their teeth through the entire process and become real qi-trainers!

"For adults like you and me, our veins, nerves, and brains have taken full shape, and we must withstand unparalleled pain if we want to change them!

"Even if you make it through all the tests, the best you can do is to reach the 60th or 70th level of the Refinement Stage, which equals to the beginning of the Building Foundation Stage. What's the point?

"Right now, are you still interested in the qi-trainers' techniques?"

Li Yao nodded. "I have to try them no matter what. This might be the only solution to breaking the Black Spider Death Curse for me!"

Xiong Wuji suddenly rose up and walked to Li Yao. He looked down at him and said solemnly, "When the six tribes of Iron Plateau were established, our ancestors vowed together that no techniques should be kept secret and that everyone's wisdom should be gathered to make best use of the techniques!

"Whoever is willing to learn and ready to endure the pain, we will try our best to teach them!

"If one more person learns the techniques, we will have one more soldier, and we will be more likely to survive the apocalypse!

"Therefore, I can show you the techniques of the qi-trainers without caring about your identity. However, I fear that you will cry and beg to quit during the very first test!

"Listen to me carefully before we start.

"If you don't get in touch with the qi-trainers' techniques, I may consider you to be a civilian. When the apocalypse arrives, you will be allowed to hide in Furious Bears City.

"However, if you persist and learn the qi-trainers' techniques, I will regard you as a qi-trainer!

"When the battle of apocalypse begins, every qi-trainer must be on the frontline. They will be the first to charge, to kill, and to be killed.

"If you hesitate or even desert at that time, I will execute you in person!"

Li Yao did not give in to his intimidating aura, which felt like a giant mountain. He looked at his eyes, which were brimming with passion, and replied, one word after another, "I am not a qi-trainer; I'm a Cultivator. I will let you know what a real Cultivator looks like!"

After Xiong Wuji and Sha Yulan left the ward, Li Yao went into the deep sleep state again.

Before Sha Yulan left, she had smeared a lot of ointment on his body; it was made from the healing herbs the Furious Bears Tribe had gradually discovered during its thousands of years of struggle. She then rubbed and made the ointment penetrate into his flesh.

Therefore, the recovery of this deep sleep was much more efficient than the previous ones.

After the noon, when Li Yao woke up again, the poison of the Emperor Sand Scorpion had been eliminated, and he had regained the prowess of the peak of the Refinement Stage.

Xiong Wuji and Sha Yulan did not show up again. But Wu Mayan, Sha Yulan's only son, had come to Li Yao excitedly.

According to Sha Yulan, her son knew that he had come from space and that space residents were not respected in this place.

Sha Yulan had saved countless lives in the Furious Bears Tribe with her excellent medical skills. The qi-trainers always considered themselves to be gallant and chivalrous, and they were too ashamed to be mean to the widow and her son. On the contrary, the natives tried to make their lives easier.

However, when they were chitchatting about the past, it was natural that they lambasted the Cultivators who fled to space and scorned them as cowardly rats.

Wu Mayan, as a proud young man growing in such an environment, found the humiliation completely unbearable. He planned to wash the dirt from the space residents' name with real actions.

He had entered the temple of Furious Bears City to receive the qi-trainers' training when he was only five years old.

While many local kids of Iron Plateau admitted their failure and abandoned the throbbing training, the dogged young man from space gritted his teeth through it and increased the difficulty of the tests time and time again.

Wu Mayan was only thirteen years old at present, but he had reached the 12th level of the Refinement Stage.

In the history of the Furious Bears Tribe, and even all six tribes of Iron Plateau, it was an unbelievably shocking speed.

In the Heaven's Origin Sector, if a young man could advance into the high level of the Refinement Stage, he would be a super genius among super geniuses.

Even in the Flying Star Sector, where the spiritual energy was denser, it was rare to see a thirteen-year-old who had awoke their spiritual root, let alone one on his way to the peak of the Refinement Stage.

Therefore, when Xiong Wuji, the leader of the Furious Bears Tribe and the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, fostered the young man from space as his son, there was not much objection within his tribe. One of the most important reasons was that Wu Mayan had proved his capability!

Such an identity and experience led to Wu Mayan's obstinacy and aggressiveness. He was always asking for other people's trouble as a little gangster in Furious Bears City. He also had many conflicts with the teenagers from the other tribes nearby, and his name had spread far and wide.

However, in front of Li Yao, who had saved his life, he couldn't have acted more nicely and seemed just like any other normal thirteen-year-old kid would.

He had suffered serious wounds last night, too. However, his body was quite strong, and he had basically recovered after a night of rest. When he heard that Li Yao was also recovering, he had hurried over to visit him.

"Uncle, you are so awesome. You've almost recovered from the brutal sting of an Emperor Sand Scorpion after such a short period of time!

"Here. Uncle, I said that I was going to bring you delicious food. This is the best roasted beef in Furious Bears City. When I told your story to the shopkeeper, he admired your bravery very much and decided to offer it for free. I totally never robbed him. Doesn't it look yummy?

"Uncle, my mom said that you lost part of your memories. But you can understand us, can't you? My name is Wu Mayan. What's your name, uncle?

"Ah, I almost forgot. You don't remember much right now. But calling you uncle all the time seems inappropriate. How about this. I will make a new name for you. You can call yourself that until you remember who you are!

"Since you are awesome enough to take down two Emperor Sand Scorpions in a row, you might as well be called 'Sand Scorpion'!

"In the Furious Bears Tribe, there's a tradition that a new father will go out and hunt down a demon beast when his child is born. The child will be nicknamed after his father's trophy. The stronger the demon beast is, the more awesome the child's nickname will be. Haha!

"Emperor Sand Scorpions are not the top-tier demon beasts, but they can dig holes and release poison to kill their enemy. Therefore, they can be very difficult to cope with. You are just like them. Although your capability is not high, you are equally tough!

"Uncle, after you enjoy the food, I'll bring you to tour around Furious Bears City. My mother said that I'd better show you what the world looks like. Your brain might be stimulated, and you might remember more things.

"Right. Father Xiong also asked me to bring to the weapon factory to pick several blades of your liking. He said that you were going to play your part in the battle of the apocalypse to come!"

Wu Mayan waved his hands nonstop, as he talked enthusiastically.

It was the story that Li Yao, Xiong Wuji, and Sha Yulan had agreed upon.

After all, Sha Yulan was a non-battle-type Cultivator and a doctor, but Li Yao was an out-and-out warrior.

It had taken the Furious Bears Tribe a long time to accept Sha Yulan. Some of the traditionalists were still having doubts about her even to this day.

It was not hard to imagine what the tribe's attitude toward Li Yao, a battle-type Cultivator of unknown backgrounds, would be.

Besides, when the battle against the apocalypse began, the other five tribes would come and reinforce the Furious Bears Tribe.

According to Xiong Wuji, since Sha Yulan joined the Furious Bears Tribe, the six tribes of Iron Plateau had gradually divided into two different attitudes toward the space residents.

Three tribes slowly accepted Sha Yulan; many of their tribesmen had come to ask for her treatment.

But the other three tribes, including the Burning Sun Tribe, were as pigheaded as before and unwilling to reach out to the Cultivator.

The two parties had been in a bad relationship ever since the Furious Bears Tribe accepted Sha Yulan.

Therefore, it would be bad if Li Yao revealed his identity as a Cultivator right now.

In comparison, if Li Yao pretended that his memories were partly lost because of poison, there wouldn't be a problem for the time being now that Xiong Wuji and Sha Yulan had helped cover up everything.

One month later, when the battle of apocalypse passed, they could figure out how to reveal his true identity to everyone.

Thanks to his keen senses, Li Yao felt that the two of them were still concealing something. He was not aware what the 'bigger deal' that Xiong Wuji mentioned was, either.

However, he felt no malevolence from them, so he simply agreed to the proposal.

As for Wu Mayan's words about Xiong Wuji asking him to help Li Yao pick several suitable weapons for him, it had actually been Li Yao's own idea.

Favors must be returned. Since the Furious Bears Tribe was opening the qi-trainers' techniques to him, it was only reasonable that he offered something in return. Only by communicating with each other could the overall development of the civilization be accelerated.

He was planning to study the typical weapons of the qi-trainers and see if he could modify them so that the odds of success in the battle of the apocalypse one month later could be increased.

I should probably walk around under the name of 'Sand Scorpion' in the month to come! Li Yao thought to himself.

He followed Wu Mayan to visit Furious Bears City.

Wu Mayan's single tank had been seriously damaged during the hunting. Therefore, they went out on foot.

The first impression Li Yao had of Furious Bears City was a city of steel wreathed in grey smoke.

On the two sides of the broad street were buildings made of iron structures. Enormous crimson bricks were exposed to the air without any decoration, bringing a strong air of roughness and wildness.

The passers-by on the street were mostly high and mighty. Even the women were all more than 1.8 meters tall, with shining, bulging muscles.

Passing through one of the streets, they entered the downtown district, which was brimming with skyscrapers. Giant iron rails were established in midair, on which black and clumsy True Qi trains were rushing.

The locomotives of the True Qi trains had more than ten chimneys, which were roaring earsplittingly and spurting black smoke and white fog, dragging the body of the train that was dozens of meters long forward. They were not as fast as crystal trains, but they were equally impressive.

"Get on the train, Uncle Sand Scorpion. I'll show you the way to the weapon factory!"