Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 574

Chapter 574: Tail Turning!
Chapter 574: Tail Turning!
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The spacious test field was more than two kilometers long and one kilometer wide. The center of the test field was lower than the periphery, making it a man-made ravine dozens of meters deep. Almost a hundred stone pillars were standing in the bottom of the ravine. The flag, on which a bear head was painted, had been affixed to the largest pillar.

The Fierce Storm Assault Team and the Iron Bears Detonation Team started from the two ends of the test field, while Li Yao started from the edge of the half.

While Xiong Wuji's roars were still echoing in the air, he had already marched out.

After each step, a huge amount of spiritual gas would spray out of his arms, legs and his body, accelerating his speed to maximum instantly.


Li Yao jumped up, the metal wings on his back unfolding completely. They did not look like wings of a bird, more like fish fins.

As the spiritual gas surged out, the thousands of metal foils on the wings vibrated at the same time, making themselves look like blinking scales of goldfish in the water.

Li Yao's movement was agile and swift. Like a swordfish that was sprinting in the seawater, he swooped and snatched the flag and put it on his back.

The pole of the flag had been crafted out of special magnetic materials, so that it could be conveniently fixed to the back of any armor.

This was just the beginning.

The elites charging close from the two directions had surrounded him.

They considered him a deadly opponent after hearing Xiong Wuji's introduction. Now that he had secured the flag before everybody else, he was even more of a target for them all.

That was also what Li Yao had been yearning for.

This time, Li Yao did not want to resort to any plots or tricks, nor did he care about the victory of the game. He merely wanted to know exactly how strong he was after a month of crazy training!

"Bring it on!"

Li Yao grinned, licking his lips that had cracked because of his thirst. He unsheathed the giant sword 2.5 meters long, and instead of returning to his home camp in the same way, he leapt several times, charged at the Fierce Wind Assault Team, and crashed into them brutally!

Dozens of members of the Fierce Wind Assault Team were gliding in midair with the help of their jet armor. Another dozen of them were zigzagging on the ground in unpredictable and mysterious routes. Xiong Zhenzhen, an expert in the 79th level of the Refinement Stage, was at the rear of the team, and her sharp killing intent had poked forward and locked onto Li Yao even though he was hundreds of meters away!

Li Yao could even sense that the breastplate of his armor was uttering rattling noises because of her killing intent, which was suppressing him like countless fast arrows.

The sounds further triggered his fighting will. He felt that he was back to the days and nights when he was slaughtering his enemies brutally in the Titan Illusionary Land!

One versus a hundred!

Li Yao roared. Spiritual gas spurted out from his back, making the flag flap in the air. His speed was even higher than before.

Just when the two parties were about to engage, he abruptly fell to the ground beyond everyone's expectations, as if he had been smashed by a giant, invisible hammer right in the face!

Before the members of the Fierce Storm Assault Team realized what was going on, a large batch of dense Wolf Fangs had rushed close in the sky!

As it turned out, the members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team, seeing that Li Yao was fleeing in the opposite direction with the flag, were worried that he would return to his own home camp or that the Fierce Storm Assault Team would take the flag. Therefore, they simply launched a hurricane-like grenade attack!


Almost a hundred Wolf Fangs that had been redesigned by Li Yao exploded one after another. Countless fireballs appeared in midair.

Although the number of crystals in the Wolf Fangs were only one third of the original, the sky was still burning as if on fire. The grenades raised a large area of smoke that blocked everybody's vision.


In the middle of the black smoke, Li Yao jumped up and slashed his saber upward like a scorpion that was raising its tail!


Intense spiritual gas surged out from the two sides of his giant saber, which surpassed the speed of sound instantly as if it had grown wings!

His target responded in a hurry. The two thin swords in his hands broke the sonic barrier within the moment, too!

Sonic sword versus sonic sword!

However, in order to reduce the weight for the convenience of air battles, the Fierce Storm Assault Team members were all equipped with light swords. How could they compete against the monster-level blade in Li Yao's hand that weighed almost four hundred kilograms?

The member of the Fierce Storm Assault Team who was clashing with Li Yao grunted. He lost control of his swords and was immediately blown away!

Li Yao's face was red as if he had been drinking delicious wine. His giant sword raised a tornado and smashed away three members of the Fierce Storm Assault Team within several seconds.

At this moment, the black smoke gradually dispersed. Everybody was able to see their target clearly.

Six members of the Fierce Storm Assault Team sprinted at him from six directions simultaneously. Twelve sharp auras of sword from them blocked all the routes of escape around Li Yao!

Li Yao's eyes suddenly shined. The two vipers deep down in his pupils craned their heads, while he dashed toward one of the sword auras. The plate on his right arm suddenly revealed a gap from which two glittering iron balls rolled out.

Li Yao threw the two balls casually. After two explosions, the sword aura was blown into nothingness quickly.

They were delicate mini crystal bombs!

The flawless net of swords immediately had a fatal hole.

The Sky Scorpion Armor blinked out of the hole like a slippery loach. Before anyone realized what was going on, he had waved his sword and cut off the spiritual gas tubes on the back of two members of the Fierce Storm Assault Team precisely!


The two members of the Fierce Storm Assault Team were yelling and dancing crazily like balloons that had been pierced by a needle.

Their teammates all felt their heads going dizzy.

"How is it possible? His movements in midair, the attacking, the dodging, and the sprinting, are even swifter than ours. He is like a ghost!"

"The giant sword of his is at least three hundred kilograms. But in his hand, it is even more agile and precise than the lightest sword. Why?"

But before they figured out the answer, a furious tide of iron flooded to them!

The Iron Bears Detonation Team had come close!

Their appearance meant the arrival of the gale of Wolf Fangs.

All the members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team were muscular men who possessed enormous strength. They could hit a flying bird thousands of meters away precisely with a Wolf Fang no larger than a fist.

The targets moving in the sky were naturally the best goals for them.

Suppressed by the heavy firepower, both Li Yao and the Fierce Storm Assault Team were forced to land on the ground.

Li Yao grinned and laughed silently. He kicked the shoulder of a member of the Fierce Storm Assault Team heavily and knocked him hundreds of meters away. With the counterforce, he threw himself into the battle formation of the Iron Bears Detonation Team like a cannonball.

More than ten members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team surrounded him. Dozens of high walls seemed to be collapsing toward him at the same time!

Li Yao returned the giant sword to his back. He then extended his fingers. Ten coldly-shining, sharp blades appeared on his fingertips!

His two hands suddenly turned into two streaks of silver brightness. The iron shield armors touched by him were all blossoming and exploding with their plates and components flying out!

The development level of the arts of magical equipment on Iron Plateau was relatively primitive after all. As a monster who could locate the flaws of a crystal suit from the gap as thin as hair on it, Li Yao found the iron shield armors that were crude, shabby and connected by rivets completely unchallenging.

If his hands were moving at their top speed, he could've dismantled such armor barehanded!

Several members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team exclaimed in shock. Their thick and dense siege was somewhat disrupted.

Taking advantage of their confusion, Li Yao blinked behind them and aimed his ten sharp finger blades at the spiritual gas tubes between the True Qi containers and their armor!

It required a huge amount of spiritual gas to drive such heavy armors. The spiritual gas stored inside a qi-trainer's body was far from enough. Therefore, every iron shield armor was attached to more than twenty True Qi containers. Some of the True Qi containers were directly connected to the components, but some others were linked to the armor via tubes.

For ease during a battle, most tubes to transmit spiritual gas had been made of soft materials and were only protected by a hard shell. They were the most fragile parts of the armor!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The battle formation of the Iron Bears Detonation Team had already become an enormous hot tub. White fog was spreading everywhere, and the sound of spurting spiritual gas echoed nonstop.

Since the members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team were tall and strong and their armor was extremely heavy, they were not blown away by the leaking spiritual gas. However, it was difficult for them to stand on their feet.

"Get out of the way!"

Shi Meng, captain of the Iron Bears Detonation Team, lunged close like a huge mountain that had grown hundreds of legs.

His size was the largest of all in the Iron Bears Detonation Team. Yet, he was sprinting at a speed even higher than that of many members of the Fierce Storm Assault Team!

Li Yao blinked and leapt backwards. Spiritual gas burst out of his back and pushed him up into the sky like an invisible spring.


In midair, Xiong Zhenzhen, captain of the Fierce Storm Assault Team, crossed her swords and launched a deadly attack like a patient hunter who had waited long enough.

Li Yao's face color remained unchanged. His giant sword appeared in his hands miraculously and cut in the center of Xiong Zhenzhen's crossed swords!

Xiong Zhenzhen sniffed. She controlled her spiritual gas delicately and drew a slight curve on her crossed swords, which made them slide on the edge of Li Yao's giant sword.

In the meantime, she slithered close like a swift swallow, almost kissing the edge of her enemy's blade!

She finally discovered the biggest advantage of the giant sword. It was not its weight, but its length!

The longer a blade was, the stronger it would be. The shorter a blade was, the trickier methods it had to resort to. Li Yao's giant sword was a heavy blade whose damage could not be maximized without enough distance. However, Xiong Zhenzhen had drawn close to Li Yao by the swinging force of her soft swords!

Li Yao's face remained unchanged, except that the smile on the corner of his lips suddenly turned extremely weird.

After a crack, the giant sword dissected itself into more than ten pieces, each connected to one another via spiritual gas tubes, soft ropes crafted out of the veins, and nerves of demon beasts.

Driven by spiritual gas, the sword had become a whip more than ten meters long. It looked both like a swift boa and the deadly tail of a scorpion!

How could the armor be named Sky Scorpion without a tail? The giant sword's name was exactly 'Scorpion's Tail'!


The giant sword took a turn like a scorpion that was waving its tail, and the tip of the sword lunged toward Xiong Zhenzhen's back like the sting of the scorpion!