Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 581

Chapter 581: Unstoppable!
Chapter 581: Unstoppable!
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The battle formations on the two sides of the canyon were like two primitive forests that had been on fire for three days and three nights and were about to burn a deep hole in the ground. Everybody's eyes were blood-red, their muscles bulging and their spiritual gas surging out!

When the spiritual gas of the hundred thousand qi-trainers gathered together, brightness that seemed to be real flames soared up hundreds of meters into the sky, flickering.

Everybody's fighting will had been brought to the maximum!

Fighting will and fighting will collided, and spiritual gas joined spiritual gas. As if ten thousand burningly hot iron blocks had been tossed into an icy lake, steam began popping out nonstop, and the water was splashing. An intense storm was brewing!


For a moment, Li Yao seemed to be able to hear the heartbeat of every one of the hundred thousand warriors on the spot and see the overlapping brain waves released from their minds. In the meantime, his own brain waves were spreading out and vibrating at the same frequency as everyone else's!

Reverberation of fighting will!

It was the technique that the qi-trainers of Iron Plateau learned in the Titan Illusionary Land and could significantly improve the overall combat ability of a group!

The reverberation of the fighting will of a hundred thousand people made Li Yao blood boil and his muscles restless. He felt that his fighting will seemed to have become something just like his spiritual threads that could alter entities in reality. The spiritual gas thirty meters away from him was beyond the control of his spiritual gas, but he could make use of it easily with his fighting will!

One qi-trainer may not be a match for a Cultivator, but when countless qi-trainers gather and their fighting will reverberates, they will be in their ultimate form and become much stronger!

Li Yao thought through many things quickly. The redness inside his eyes grew even deeper and darker, and the giant sword was shaking on his back and patting his shoulder plate nonstop!

Everyone's blade was getting out of their control and batting their master's armor crazily, raising rounds of clangs!

"The first battle formation, march out!"

Xiong Wuji chose the perfect time to launch the attack.

At this moment, the beasts were sparse and disorganized due to the assault of the manic warriors, and the morale of the army of the qi-trainers was at its highest, motivated by their fearless comrades.

Under Xiong Wuji's command, six legions marched out of their camps from two sides of the canyon and charged at the apocalypse!

"Uncle Sand Scorpion, you must recruit me as your disciple when we get back!"

Wu Mayan's single tank had been destroyed in the nests of the Iron Ore Worms. Right now, he was aboard a carrier that had been covered by iron planks with sharp thorns. He grinned at Li Yao among countless other tall and muscular men and soon disappeared in the raging dust!

According to their different capability, the eccentric beasts of apocalypse were classified into three levels: ghost, dragon, and calamity.

As was often the case, the first batch to appear in an apocalypse outbreak consisted of ghost-level beasts. They were the cannon fodder of the apocalypse.

Therefore, the qi-trainers below the 30th level of the Refinement Stage, who were relatively weak, would be responsible for dealing with them.

Dragon-level beasts were the generals in an apocalypse outbreak. They had to be dealt with by the stronger experts above the 30th level of the Refinement Stage. Li Yao and the other elite warriors who had been asked to do free hunting were all waiting patiently for their arrival.

As for calamity-level beasts, they were out-and-out disasters just as their name suggested. They were often condensed by the essence of an egg of apocalypse. Some of them were stronger than others, and the strongest of them sometimes required all the top experts of the six tribes to work together in order to exterminate them!

If they ran out of the siege, then just as their name implied, every one of them would raise a calamity!

Thankfully, only one calamity-level beast would be born during each apocalypse outbreak. They were usually the heads of the apocalyptic beasts, and as long as the calamity-level beast was slain, the victory of the battle of apocalypse would be secured!

As the army of qi-trainers marched forward, the canyon was packed with people despite its amazing width. Steam and sand climbed in the sky and competed against the black smoke.

Li Yao jumped off his tank and hopped onto the back of a war machine almost twenty meters tall that looked like a six-legged spider.

With the advantage in altitude, Li Yao could clearly see that the six legions charging from two directions had encountered the beast tide of apocalypse. Countless sprays of iron and blood were splashing!

The six tribes' styles of fighting were vastly different.

The Furious Bears Tribe had the largest number. They had been deployed in the central lane, where there were the most beasts. As the most frantic experts who liked head-on clashes best, they charged at the beast tide at an amazingly high speed while they threw Wolf Fangs toward their enemies crazily. Many of the heavy grenades pierced into the shells of the eccentric beasts like falling stars before they exploded suddenly, leaving shocking holes on the beasts' bodies!

Just when the apocalyptic beasts felt that their heads were dizzy, the legion of the Furious Bears Tribe crashed into them. Earsplitting noises only drifted over several seconds after the slashing of sabers and swords, just like devastating thunder that could only be heard long after lightning had torn apart the sky!

The Silver Moon Tribe used a completely different style. They were the richest among the six tribes of Iron Plateau and possessed the finest weapons. Every True Qi tank and every qi-trainer was carrying various kinds of firearms on them, as if they were running mobile magical equipment stores!

When they were engaged with the beast tide, after the noise of scraping metal and the spinning sounds of gears, six stabilizer feet would extend out of their tanks, and a layer of iron shields would descend, turning the tanks into small fortresses, which were like nails that had been pinned into the beast tide. In the meantime, all the qi-trainers would shoot guns from behind the shields.

Occasionally, they would lower the shield on purpose to lure the beasts in before they cut the intruders into pieces with such fancy tricks that one might think they were doing acrobatics.

Although such a style seemed somewhat sordid, Li Yao had to admit that it was quite effective. As one tank after another crashed into the beast tide, the torso of the apocalypse had been tacked multiple times, and the nails were gradually reaching its heart!

The unconquerable mobile fortresses disrupted the momentum of the beast tide, which became intermittent after they reached the point.

When the fortresses were finally destroyed, the qi-trainers of the Silver Moon Tribe showed unparalleled courage, too. None of them turned around and ran away. When there were only a few of them left in their team and had run out of supplies, they would trigger a gadget on the tank and turn it into a burning fireball that consumed all the apocalyptic beasts in the surrounding hundred square meters.

In such a way, they proved the valiancy of the merchant tribe!

The Heaven Wolves Tribe on the right was even tougher. Black firearms had been added to the shoulders, arms, waist, and legs of everybody's armor. The guns they were carrying in their hands were even thicker than the Six-Barreled Vulcan Machine Guns that Li Yao was used to. In his opinion, they were not guns at all, but crystal bomb launchers!

Countless muscular men of the Heaven Wolves Tribe were holding such 'crystal bomb launchers' in their hands, and they shot dense waves of destruction and crushed over the beast tide!

Further ahead, legions from the Burning Sun Tribe, the Feathered Snakes Tribe, and the Giant Axe Tribe could vaguely be seen.

The legion of the Burning Sun Tribe was in the lead. It was almost entirely made of single tanks, each of which had blades on both sides of their body. There was no telling what crystal powder had been added to the tank, but as the spiritual gas of the riders surged out, the blades all glittered coldly like two broad, magnificent sabers!

As they were about to engage with the enemy, the qi-trainers of the Burning Sun Tribe suddenly dispersed and rushed into the beast tide like lightning. The blades passed by the apocalyptic beasts at such a high speed that many of them felt nothing wrong and did not collapse to the ground or break into two halves until several seconds later!

Some of the apocalyptic beasts noticed the incoming threats and lunged at the knights of the Burning Sun Tribe. However, the knights of the Burning Sun Tribe showed unparalleled racing skills by drawing unbelievable arcs with their single tanks. At one moment, they were flying over the heads of the beasts; the next moment, they were sliding underneath. Barely any of them were actually caught by the apocalyptic beasts.

The legion of the Feathered Snakes Tribe was even livelier. Although they were not large in number, they were surrounded by their domesticated animals, which were far greater in number. Such animals had been trained with secret arts for thousands of years. Now, they had joined the battle together with their masters accompanied by weird flute and whistle sounds!

Moreover, the legion also included Feathered Snake Warriors who had been trained through the biting of the Feathered Snakes. Because of the venom they'd injected into their bodies, they were fearless of the erosion of any poison from the demon beasts!

What left Li Yao the deepest impression, however, was the legion of the Giant Axe Tribe.

The Giant Axe Tribe worshipped the color black. Everyone was wearing uniform black armor and carrying a giant black axe that reflected absolutely no light.

Different from the disorganized and obstreperous style of the other five tribes, they were more like a well-trained formal army.

Six drumming tanks were lined up behind their battle formation, echoing thudding noises at a fixed rhythm to help them regroup. Even when the roars and bellows of the other five tribes were tearing the clouds apart, the Giant Axe Tribe remained silent, except when they shouted in acknowledgment of their leader's command.

They were like a bottomless swamp that would swallow any enemy.

The drumming became even rapider. The legion of the Giant Axe Tribe formed neat rows as if they were about to march in a parade. Several hundred people in one row, they strode forward at the same time.

Their speed was not fast, but their movements remained perfectly accurate. If one were to observe from the side of a row, they would feel that it was one person moving forward. Only the stomping noises when thousands of iron boots hit the ground simultaneously could make one realize what a terrifying army it was.

Many of the apocalyptic beasts boasted remote attack abilities. Venomous liquids and needles rained upon them, only to be mostly blocked by the giant axes as broad as shields in front of them.

Occasionally, somebody was hit, or found that venom was leaking in through the gaps on their armor. However, they gave no response, not even bothering to frown, and continued marching forward.

Somebody suffered fatal wounds and collapsed silently, but the warrior in the row behind filled the vacancy automatically; the battle formation was not affected at all.

The neat rows gradually approached the beast tide like the edge of a black saber.

Finally, many apocalyptic beasts were outraged and dashed at them.

The one in the leftmost of each row seemed to be the squad leader. Under their command, the hundreds of warriors in the row raised their giant axes and slashed them down at the same time. The spiritual gas generation devices embedded inside the giant axes blew out streams of white air currents and accelerated them. Hundreds of blade auras gushed forward and minced every apocalyptic beast within range!