Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Calamity Level!
Chapter 583: Calamity Level!
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Li Yao did not realize that so many pairs of shocked eyes were gazing at him, because he was still thinking about that earth-shaking punch.

The explosive strength of the iron armored armadillo was quite impressive. The previous punch had left him with heavy wounds, too. Several of his fingerbones had been entirely shattered.

However, the enormous blow just now seemed to have opened a gate that had been sealed inside his body for a long time. An uncanny power was released, which accelerated the recovery of his fingerbones and made his blood hotter than ever!

Although the physical blood on his giant sword had been shaken off, crazy redness was still flowing vaguely around the blade. It was his untamable fighting will and killing intent!

Li Yao roared and, carrying the giant sword on his shoulder, lunged at where the beasts were most numerous!

He could not tell reality from hallucination now. He sometimes knew that he was fighting the apocalyptic beasts on Iron Plateau, and sometimes he forgot everything and became a Titan Warrior slaying various kinds of ferocious insects on unknown planets.

His brain waves were spreading farther and father and vibrating at a higher and higher frequency. He could sense everybody's fighting will, which had become almost tangible. The entire battlefield was a simmering ocean of fighting will!

Slashing, slaughtering, and exploding! After every movement, his nerve endings would shiver beyond his control, giving him ultimate pleasure and a deeper understanding about the truth of fighting.

Suddenly, there was nothing in front of him and nobody to kill.

Li Yao suddenly felt lost. It was at this moment that he heard Shi Meng shout, "Sand Scorpion! Sand Scorpion! Fall back now! You've been fighting for two hours. Your spiritual gas is running out! Retreat quickly!"

Li Yao was suddenly greatly alarmed. As if somebody had tossed a bucket of cold water on his head, he finally regained the ability to think normally.

In his own memory, the battle had only been going on for no more than five minutes.

He finally understood why so many qi-trainers dwelled in the world of killing and were unwilling to quit the battlefield even when they were exhausted.

The feeling was too wonderful and addictive. One would only sink deeper and deeper until one could not free oneself anymore.

The Sky Scorpion Armor had almost turned into a pile of wasted copper and iron. His giant sword was full of dents, as if it were a chainsword. There was no part on his body that was not aching. He felt that his several veins and nerves had been cut apart by burning clamps, and spiritual gas was flowing violently and messily inside his body due to the factures.

Li Yao grunted and almost fell to his knees. He hurried to stab his giant sword into the ground as a club to support himself.

Looking ahead, he found that he had marched forward almost a thousand meters against the direction of the beast tide, leaving a gory path behind him. The five hundred square meters nearby was filled with the bodily fluids of the apocalyptic beasts. There was no telling what the broken corpses had once been at all.

The apocalyptic beasts further ahead that were still alive only dared to bare their fangs at him from afar, but none of them had the courage to draw close, as if the five hundred meters around Li Yao was a swamp of death!

Shi Meng and six members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team rushed close, carried Li Yao, and ran back immediately. Their voices were all shaking. "Sand Scorpion, you are too crazy! Even Chief Xiong was not as insane as you all those years ago. You broke out of the frontline and moved so deep into the beast tide that you almost pierced through it!"

"The chiefs and experts of several other tribes were all asking who you were. Now, you name is truly resounding in all the six tribes! Chief Xiong asked me to bring you back no matter what. Take a rest after you're back and refill your True Qi containers. You can still fight again later if you want!"

Li Yao breathed heavily. He felt drained at this moment, and his body felt like it was soaking in a thick, sticky lake that was still rising. He was so tired that he did not even have the strength to blink.

Right at this moment

The earth trembled all of a sudden. An immense blast came over from the depths of the black smoke, accompanied by a high-pitched shriek.

Everyone within five kilometers was knocked over. Even the heavy tanks weighing dozens of tons were pushed back several meters!


The black smoke shrank and expanded repetitively as if an enormous heart more than ten kilometers in diameter was beating.

As the frequency of the heartbeat became higher and higher, ten seconds later, the area above the black smoke blossomed like a bud, from which a colossal apocalyptic beast soared into the sky!

The apocalyptic beast was apparently much more devastating than the previous ghost-level beasts and dragon-level beasts. It was like a hybrid of a mosquito and a longhorn beetle, also known as a longicorn. Covered by a glittering black shell, which was painted with gold stripes, it gave every sign that it was an insect, and yet it seemed as proud and magnificent as a lion or a tiger. Its antennae, which were more than fifty meters long, were shivering and emitting earsplitting noises like two giant masts!

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!"

It was an extremely intense mental attack!

"It's the calamity-level beast, the strongest one of all the eccentric beasts in the apocalypse!" shouted Shi Meng loudly.

Every qi-trainer within hundreds of square meters from the calamity-level beast was staggering in agony as if they were drunk regardless of what level they were in. Many of them were covering their ears with their hands. Some of them were even digging into their earholes with their fingers until they were bleeding, but they still failed to stop the noises from piercing through their skulls.

Soon, somebody was foaming at the mouth, somebody's face was covered in blood, and large bumps were protruding out of somebody's head as if the pressure inside the head was so high that the skull was about to break!

Longicorn had bad sight and could only distinguish objects with their antennas.

This calamity-level longicorn, however, had a pair of big crimson compound eyes with amazing eyesight. When its elytra 1 , which had turned into bone, were fully opened, sixteen streams of air currents spurted from its back and accelerated the insect to an unbelievable speed. It dived down and extended its forelegs toward a heavy tank, before it brought the tank to the air, hovered for a moment, and smashed it at a giant vehicle nearby. With an earsplitting explosion, the two war machines were both destroyed!

"The calamity-level apocalyptic beast has arrived!"

"Those below the 70th level of the Refinement Stage, retreat five hundred meters immediately and clean up the dragon-level and ghost-level beasts on the battlefield!"

"This calamity-level beast is good at mental attacks. All qi-trainers specializing in mental attacks, counterattack in advance!"

Thunderous sounds echoed above the battlefield.


While all the qi-trainers below the 70th level of the Refinement Stage were retreating from the surrounding of the calamity-level beast, the eight drumming tanks of the Giant Axe Tribe were marching forward unstoppably, and the drumming was becoming louder and louder. The eight tanks were as overpowering as eight crystal warships!

The drums of the Giant Axe Tribe were the best magical equipment for mental warfare. Not only could they boost the morale and enhance the fighting will of the warriors on their side, they could also resist the mental bombardment from the enemy!


The exciting drumming rose up from the ground and blew at the calamity-level beast like thunder!

The calamity-level beast shrieked. It suddenly opened its mouthpart and spurted a black tornado!

The tornado wriggled and twisted in the air.

Li Yao observed more carefully and discovered that the tornado was actually made of countless tiny black beetles!

The beetles hummed and surrounded one of the drumming tanks instantly. Then, after an earthshaking explosion, all the black beetles burst into flames and turned into small burning fireballs that were flying everywhere!

The burning beetles were not dead yet. They were all crashing at the drumming tank and would explode whenever they hit anything.

The beetles contained a lot of oily materials, and nothing could stop them from exploding. The drumming tank was immediately drowned in a sea of flames. All the qi-trainers of the Giant Axe Tribe on the tank were ignited!

However, although furious flames were consuming them, their movements were still neat and harmonious, and they were still beating the drums hard in the fire!

The drumming mixed with flames was brought to the sky hundreds of meters high and turned even louder and more enthusiastic.

The other seven tanks of the Giant Axe Tribe seemed unconcerned of what had happened to their companions and continued moving on.

The drumming would not stop as long as any of them were alive!




Inside the reserves team at the rear of the camps on the both sides of the canyon, the top experts of the six tribe who had waited long enough finally appeared. Thanks to the precious time earned by the drumming tanks, they'd managed to approach the calamity-level beast!

Li Yao gritted his teeth and tried to march forward, too, only to almost fall off to the ground when he took the first step. Luckily, two members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team caught him.

"You've run out of strength because of the prolonged fighting. You must have some food, treat your wounds, and replenish your supply of True Qi containers before you go to the battlefield again, or you'll be committing suicide!"

Shi Meng strode forward, the Wolf Fangs on his body clicking each other. He held two of them in his hands.

"A war cannot be won by one person. Rest assured and take a rest now. We've got it!"

Li Yao felt warm and nodded his head solemnly. He retreated from the battlefield with the help of the two members of the Iron Bears Detonation Team.

"Uncle Sand Scorpion!"

Hardly had he returned to the back of the iron defense line made of hundreds of heavy tanks when Wu Mayan rushed to greet him.

The young man's face was covered in dust, and he had bruises all over his body. Thankfully, there were no heavy wounds. He was in quite high spirits.

"Uncle Sand Scorpion, you were so awesome! I saw everything from back here. You put down one ghost-level apocalyptic beast with each attack. Even the dragon-level beasts could not block your sword! You were definitely the most eye-catching one in this battle!"

After more than half a day's chaotic battle, it was almost noon. The qi-trainers had been too focused on the fight on the battlefield to distinguish where they were. Therefore, Li Yao was seeing not only the qi-trainers of the Furious Bears Tribe, but also those from the Silver Moon Tribe, the Heaven Wolves Tribe, and even some from the Burning Sun Tribe, the Feathered Snakes Tribe, and the Giant Axe Tribe who had been cut off from their main troops, blocked by the apocalyptic beasts, and forced to retreat to the Furious Bears Tribe's camp.

The six tribes of Iron Plateau worshipped strength more than anything else. Regardless of their relationship with the Furious Bears Tribe, everybody had been conquered by Li Yao's valiancy and were eyeing him with respect.

The name of 'Sand Scorpion' had spread among many qi-trainers.