Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Paralyzed!

The situation was within Li Yaos expectations. Victory was cast slanted towards the Blue Team.

It could be seen clearly through the giant hologram in the monitoring center that the Blue Team had completely assembled together in under three hours.

They formed into small combat units with sizes of 3-5 competitors each. The members of a single unit were mostly from the same school and area; they were familiar with each other, so their attacking and assisting teamwork were well coordinated. They attacked and defended as one entity.

The distance between each combat unit was perfectly adjusted. Together, the combat units faintly formed a large circle, enclosing Gao Ye in the center. A dozen competitors with administrative talent provided support to Gao Ye to form a command center!

The command center was the brain and all the combat units were fists. The Blue Team came from the north side of Devil Flood Dragon Island and moved south, sweeping everything in their path.

The two teams were created from choosing random competitors, so their actual strengths as a whole hardly differed. When one side organized as a battle squad went to fight against non-organized scattered sand, the non-organized side was simply massacred!

Whether it was Demon Beasts or members of the Red Team, it seemed neither beings were capable of withstanding the Blue Team Battle Squad.

Even if there were several Red Team members with tyrannical strength who were able to resist for a while, they would immediately find themselves surrounded by tree or four, or even five or six combat units of the Blue Team. Under the endless attacks from cleaving blades, members of the Red Team were gelled off and expelled from the competition!

Not even half the first day had past and the Red Team had suffered a loss of over one-hundred-and-twenty competitors. They were routed and stunned by the Blue Team, ending in complete defeat.

On the other hand, the Blue Team only suffered a trifling loss of 30 or so competitors, and they were getting more and more proficient in coordinating with each other. The Red Teams sphere of influence was being suppressed step by step. The battle losses between the teams further grew in difference.

Theres no suspense. If things go on like this, it wont even take a day and a half before the complete annihilation of the Red Team! Several experienced military officers concluded with sure confidence.

The numerous cultivators sighed one after another. They never thought that a god-like commander genius would actually appear on the Blue Team to allow the Blue Team to achieve an overwhelming victory with ease.

It really wasnt quite fair in regards to the ordinary competitors of the respective teams.

Nevertheless, this was reality. Sometimes, luck was more important than strength on the real battlefield.

Xie Tingxian and Ding Lingdang watched with tightly furrowed brows in the corner of the monitoring center. They also did not expect the occurrence of such a one-sided situation. The Blue Team had control of great influence. No matter how strong Li Yaos individual ability was, it was probably no use.

Fearfully, it would be very difficult for him to fight his way into the top 300.

Li Yao. What are you still waiting for?

Two people had their eyes gazed fixed together onto the red dot representing Li Yao on the large hologram.

Li Yaos red dot could be seen on the map to be unmoving all this time on a dark corner on the north side of Devil Flood Dragon Island. It had been motionless all this time.

Even when a great number of blue dots steamrolled in front of him, he did not have the least bit of intention of jumping out.

Right now, Li Yao was behind the Blue Teams rear line.

All around him was emptiness. All the members of the Red Team in the area were slaughtered, save for him. All that was left were four Blue Scout Groups who continued to roam around, patrolling.

A pair of eyes opened leisurely from within the depths of a dark shrub. Within them blossomed radiance.

It was as if a stomach-rumbling hungry vulture had discovered the fattest lamb.

Swish Swish, Swish Swish, rocked the shrub. Li Yao threaded his way out calmly, but not slowly.

He examined the footprints on the ground and gouges on the trees. Then, he moved flowingly up a large tree like a large python.

Li Yao moved between the branches without a sound. His speed was even faster than his crazed ground speed.

Soon, a Blue Team Scout Group that was formed from three competitors appeared in his sight.

As expected, these three competitors were all holding melee artifacts that he assembled.

Li Yao chuckled. This situation was within his calculations.

He had assembled several hundred artifacts during the preliminaries. There were only 600 people who entered the finals, practically each person had one.

Additionally, the Red Team had lost a portion of their manpower. Their artifacts must have been snatched by the Blue Team.

The Artifacts youre holding are all assembled by me And you still want to fight with me!?

Li Yao stomped powerfully with his pair of legs, causing the branches below his feet to split with a *Crack.

And just like a giant owl, he descended from the sky, throwing himself towards the Blue Scout Group!

Enemy attack!

The Blue Scout Group had gone through half a day of coordination, so they long fostered somewhat of a tacit understanding. They did not lose their heads from Li Yaos ambush.

In practically a tenth of a second, the three activated the Initiate Glyph Arrays on their artifacts.

The Chainsword rumbled. The Thunder Blade vibrated. The Burning Sky Battleaxe's edge turned orange in a flash!

But within the next tenth of a second, a stabbing pain was felt in each of these threes hands. It was like a piercing electric current had surged into their arms from the grip of their weapons, then the current flowed all the way to ruthlessly stab into their hearts!!


The three scouts let out blood-curdling cries simultaneously! Their bodies locked rigidly against their wills for a second!

In this short flash of a second of being paralyzed, two flowing black rays of light flashed past their necks. Just before the light touched their skin, three Puji Critters immediately belched out gel, securely protecting these three Blue Competitors and cutting off their hopes of advancing in the competition!

The three Blue Competitors were judged as losers and ejected from the competition!

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The points under their names were immediately transferred under Li Yaos name. Li Yao shot up by over 30 places on the ranking board!

Whats the matter?

Quite a few cultivators had seen this brief sneak-attack scene from the monitoring center.

They were bewildered by the obviously clumsy performance exhibited by the three Blue Competitors.

Have these three Blue Competitors gone retarded? Why did they all stop all of a sudden? Had it not been for that one second of stun, even at a small price, they totally can finish off this Red Competitor!

Huh? This Red Competitor seems to be the crafting expert who assembled several hundred melee artifacts during the preliminaries. I never thought he would survive until now and even eliminate three Blue Competitors in a flash! His actual strength is this strong!?

Nope. Theres something weird. Theres something wrong with the artifacts of the three Blue Competitors!

Some cultivators with great insight saw through the ins and outs in a flash. Everyone threw their gazes at Xie Tingxian.

Xie Tingxian had been observing Li Yaos brilliant performance with wide open eyes all this time. He waited until Li Yao faded into the darkness before he let out a long breath and revealed an expression of revelation.

Xie Tingxian chuckled and spoke to the people around him, Fellow Daoists, dont be baffled. This Student Li Yao did a few small modifications when he assembled each of his artifacts. He implemented a small spiritual energy loop capable of having each artifact receive remote commands from a short distance. The spiritual energy is overloaded in a flash, causing essence force to overflow. This causes a small ripple of essence force to be released.

This ripple is weak, so it does not have too much killing potential. At most, it causes the victim to be paralyzed for one or two seconds. Thats it.