Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 590

Chapter 590: If Not Me, Who?
Chapter 590: If Not Me, Who?
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Li Yao was dazed. "Chief Xiong, I'm just a common Cultivator, born and raised in a remote area of the sea of stars, and what I was working in was a medium-size Exo Society instead of a renowned Cultivation sect. I do not know anyone in the leadership of Heavenly Saints City. Is it really appropriate for me to serve as the intermediary?"

Xiong Wuji smiled and replied, "Frankly speaking, it is exactly because of your background and your clean history with the 'six major sects of Heavenly Saints City' that I want you to take the job. Just think about it. How awkward will the relationship between the six tribes of Iron Plateau and the six sects of Heavenly Saints City be? Is it suitable for us to start our dialogue with them?"

Li Yao thought for a moment and immediately realized the reason.

In the ceremony just now, he had seen that the six tribes of Iron Plateau had ended on bad terms with the six sects that escaped to the space. They had banished the leaders and the elders in the name of the common disciples. For the more radical tribes, such as the Burning Sun Tribe, they had even put the previous leaders and elders on a wanted list!

It was indeed an awkward relationship between the six tribes of Iron Plateau and the six sects of Heavenly Saints City. To put it more seriously, it was about the competition of 'rightfulness'.

Between the Furious Bears Tribe and the Furious Bears Union of Heavenly Saints City today, which was the rightful successor of the 'Furious Bears Union' five thousand years ago?

If the two parties started their communication with such issues as their focus, the negotiations would never be completed. Chances were that a war would break out immediately!

Xiong Wuji smiled bitterly. "Now you get it. Even if I can convince the chiefs and elders of the other five tribes to reach out to the space residents, we cannot go to Heavenly Saints City directly, nor will the six sects of Heavenly Saints City be very happy to see us!

"Therefore, I'm hoping to find an intermediary who is familiar with both the Iron Plateau natives and the space residents but is not closely related to the six sects of Heavenly Saints City. The person must be someone the Iron Plateau natives trust, too.

"Sha Yulan is a good candidate. However, she is just a doctor with barely any physical strength. I prefer a tough warrior who can ensure the mutual benefits of both parties in times of emergency with all methods possible!

"I've been considering the matter since you introduced yourself. Your performance in the temple of techniques and in the battle of the apocalypse further persuaded me. Li Yao, you are the perfect choice!"

Li Yao scratched his head. He suddenly felt tremendous pressure. He asked, "What should I do?"

Xiong Wuji replied, "We have an escape capsule under our control, the one in which Sha Yulan landed on Iron Plateau. However, it was seriously damaged during the forced landing. Over the past ten years, I've gathered a lot of resources, but there's no telling whether or not it can be repaired.

"If you can fix the escape capsule, I want you to leave Iron Plateau and contact your companions.

"Didn't you say that you were from a medium-size Exo Society? It couldn't be better. We can purchase a few small starships through the Exo Society so that we can send a delegation into space and start making deals.

"During the deals, the two parties will get to know each other better. The scale of the deals will gradually expand, and the chasm between us will be eliminated sooner or later."

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao asked, "What items of the Iron Plateau natives do you want to trade with the space residents?"

"There are too many."

Xiong Wuji answered quickly, "First of all, the dead corpses of apocalyptic beasts will be the best goods. Their shells and sharp claws contain a lot of special alloys that even the space residents might not be able to produce!

"Secondly, the training skills of the qi-trainers. We have focused on the arts of manipulating spiritual gas for thousands of years. In the world of Cultivators, the vast majority are still Refinement Stage Cultivators, right? Such skills will definitely be very attractive to them!

"Thirdly, as you said before, our True Qi magical equipment is very suitable for low-level Refinement Stage Cultivators. As long as the price is good enough, it is definitely tradable, too.

"There are also the hearts of the Titan Warriors and the pieces of eggs of apocalypse. They all boast sophisticated techniques and are absolutely invaluable goods!"

Li Yao nodded. "Then what do you want in exchange?"

Xiong Wuji counted his fingers as he said, "Firstly and most importantly, the technology to excavate the resources deep underground. According to Sha Yulan, the mining technology of the space residents is so advanced that they can excavate mines on many asteroids. We are in desperate need of such technology!

"If such technology is too cutting-edge to be traded, alternatively, we are hoping to get some large-scale defensive weapons to help us resist the eggs of apocalypse outbreaks so that our resources can be saved to develop our own technology to excavate the deeply buried mother lodes.

"Also, all subjects of fundamental knowledge are goods that we desire!

"We are even planning, if possible, to send a batch of students to study in the schools of the space residents and learn their knowledge systematically.

"The bottom line is, after years of discussions with Sha Yulan, I find that there are a lot of complementary areas for the two parties. As long as we can put aside our prejudice, this is definitely going to be a win-win situation!

"You, as the intermediary, won't suffer any loss, either. We are talking about a deal between one giant planet and countless space towns. I can't begin to fathom how large the scale of the commodities will be. Both you and the Great Horn Exo Society will get enormous benefits in the process!"

Li Yao was greatly interested.

As a Cultivator, and an experienced refiner, Li Yao could easily become a millionaire with no concerns about his personal needs if he merely wanted to meet the demands of his own training.

However, his goal was to craft at least one piece of planetary-level magical equipment before he returned to the Heaven's Origin Sector.

These two tasks both required astronomical resources, and there was no way that he could complete them alone!

If he could mend the relationship between the Iron Plateau natives and the space residents, and even let the two parties engage in large-scale business activities, he would definitely gain tremendous wealth and countless connections as the intermediary!

Considering the whole thing carefully for a moment, Li Yao replied, "I've seen the general inventory of trophies of the battle of apocalypse. Many special alloys are hard and tensile enough for me. With my current capability, I should be able to repair a super-small starship such as an escape capsule. At the very least, I can make it fly to the edge of the Iron Plateau Space Zone, which is in the coverage of the Spiritual Nexus. I will be able to send a message to the Great Horn Exo Society once I make it there!

"After that, I can absolutely get you one or two starships to bring the delegation of the Iron Plateau natives to the space.

"I do not know many people in Heavenly Saints City. However, the experienced Exos in the Great Horn Exo Society must know some.

"I have friends in the circle of refiners who might be of help, too."

Li Yao was thinking about Huangpu Xiaoya.

As a noble family of refining that had lasted for more than a thousand years, the Huangpu family was definitely a friend to many Cultivators. That would be of great help to him.


Li Yao said solemnly, "I want the thing to be done honestly and openly. We must inform the six sects of Heavenly Saints City in advance to avoid any misunderstanding. Right now, the entire Flying Star Sector is anxious, and the Immortal Cultivators of the Temple of Immortals are stirring chaos everywhere. The Cultivation sects couldn't be more nervous at this point. If a conflict arises because of a misunderstanding, our clever endeavor will bring us no good."

Xiong Wuji nodded. "Of course. The more sensitive an issue is, the more important it is to get things done openly. We have no evil intentions anyway. Every move in the plan can be set to the public!"

Li Yao hesitated for a moment and asked, "Do all six tribes of Iron Plateau agree to get in touch with the space residents?"

Xiong Wuji smiled and, waving his artificial arm, replied, "That was why I attacked and slayed the calamity-level beast so boldly.

"I've talked about the matter with the Silver Moon Tribe and the Heaven Wolves Tribe for quite a while. Right now, Furious Bears, Silver Moon, and Heaven Wolves have reach a consensus to get in touch with the space residents and trade for resources and technique that are necessary for our future development.

"As for the Burning Sun Tribe, the Feathered Snakes Tribe, and the Giant Axe Tribe, they, of course, won't be so willing to cooperate.

"But according to the convention of Iron Plateau, the more contributions you make in a battle against the apocalypse, the louder your voice will be regarding the strategy of development for Iron Plateau in the next ten years!

"Three for the proposal and three against it, the vote seem evenly-matched. But now that one of my arms was wasted, I think they will not stop us from sending a delegation, however discontented they are!"

Li Yao was silent. He finally knew why Xiong Wuji was so brave and fearless in the battle of apocalypse now.

Watching the blinking water in the pond, Li Yao said gravely, "Chief Xiong, you must think carefully before you leap. What you are going to do is different from the battle of the apocalypse.

"In battle, you are a hero either you win or lose. Even if you are swallowed by an apocalyptic beast and die without a grave, you will still be a marvelous hero. In thousands of years to come, the Iron Plateau natives will still sing about you and your achievements.

"However, as for what you are going to do next, as long as you make the first step, many diehards will disparage you as traitors and cowards even if you succeed in the end. You will be loathed by everyone, and you will die a disgraceful death.

"Moreover, the process may not be as smooth as you imagine. After all, the two parties have been separated for five thousand years. Five thousand years of hatred and misunderstanding are going to be resolved by you alone. It is not going to be an easy task!

"Should you fail, the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, and the biggest hero in every Iron Plateau native's heart, will be utterly discredited and become a rat on the street that everybody will spit on. You will be cursed for all eternity!"

Xiong Wuji smiled. He suddenly grasped Sha Yulan's hand.

Sha Yulan was dazed for a moment, but she didn't retreat her hand and simply held his hand tight.

Xiong Wuji heaved a long sigh; the air leaving his nose disturbed the tranquil surface of the pond. He then said slowly, "Something must be done, and some curses must be shouldered.

"Since everyone considers me the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, who is qualified to shoulder 'curses for all eternity' if not me?

"Rest assured. Whatever you think of, I've thought about since long ago. I'm ready to be condemned and doomed before I make the step!

"Tomorrow is the meeting of the six tribes. You will come with me, and I will propose the motion to communicate with the space residents formally.

"Even if my bones are shattered and my soul destroyed, I will not allow the Titan Warriors to swallow my homeland!"