Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Tank of the Burning Sun Tribe
Chapter 606: Tank of the Burning Sun Tribe
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Li Yao somehow understood why the Great Horn Exo Society was attacking the Oasis Tribe without a care.

But there were many details that he hadn't thought through yet. He continued writing with Neltharion. "Somebody has come to your rescue. Do you know how they learned where you are?"

Xie Anan hesitated for a while. Finally, she made up her mind and said, "Wan Hongying, granddaughter of the leader of the Burning Sun Alliance, has a 'Planet Coordinate Pill' inside her body!

"This is a very unique treasure made of the cores of seven different kinds of demon beasts. When it is swallowed, it will become liquid and meld with the flesh and blood. No methods will ever be able to find it.

"However, with the special secret technique, the owner can trigger it when it is within the range of a planet, so that the liquid will be condensed into a pill again. Other people will be able to locate the coordinates of the pill immediately.

"Such a special treasure has been refined for the security of important people. We didn't know before until Wan Hongying said confidently that somebody had come to rescue us. That's when we learned she had such a treasure with her."

Li Yao thought for a moment, he asked with Neltharion, "Does your enemy know of the existence of the Planet Coordinate Pill?"

Somewhat confused, Xie Anan replied, "That I don't know. Logically, since Wan Hongying's spiritual root was locked, too, her capability should be as good as that of an ordinary people. It wouldn't have been possible for her to keep it a secret."

Li Yao couldn't help but sneer. The Temple of Immortals knew exactly that a Planet Coordinate Pill was inside Wan Hongying's body, yet they still locked her together with so many other hostages. It was clear that they wanted the rescuers to know where the captives were.

Taking the events that took place inside the six tribes of Iron Plateau into consideration, the purpose of the Temple of Immortals couldn't have been more obvious.

While Li Yao was pondering, Xie Anan suddenly put on an extremely weird expression. She yawned and suddenly fell asleep, her body leaning against the wall of the bathroom until she gradually fell to the ground.

Snores came over from the outside, too. The other nineteen college students had fallen asleep at the same time. Streams of bright green gas were floating above their heads weirdly.


The door of the prison was opened. Six muscular men wearing black masks walked in. They covered the heads of the hostages with black cloths first so that nobody could see the hostages' faces before they stuffed every hostage into a very big bag. They'd also tied up their hands and legs with the veins of demon beasts so that the hostages wouldn't be able to move at all.

Then, one hand pulling two bags, the six muscular men dragged the twenty college students out of the underground chamber.

Li Yao followed and observed. He found a heavy True Qi tank coming over slowly from the shadow of the valley.

The tank was in a very impressive style. It looked like a leopard that had horns all over its body, a perfect combination of speed and savageness.

It had been deeply modified, with exhaust tubes all over the body of the tank. When it rushed by, a tornado seemed to be raised. Blood-like flame patterns were painted on the two sides of the tank. There was also the battle emblem of the Burning Sun Tribe on the head.

The tank of the Burning Sun Tribe stopped by the foot of the hill. A qi-trainer of the Burning Sun Tribe crawled below the tank with a box and reappeared three minutes later.

Was he examining the vehicle, or was he installing something?

Li Yao's heart was beating fast, as he smelled an intense scent of danger.

Very soon, a rock was pushed open heavily. The six muscular men walked out and threw the twenty hostages on the enclosed carriage in the back of the tank.

Wu! Wu!

The iron beast shrieked earsplittingly. It was activated again and rushed toward the other side of the valley.

The Burning Sun Tribe was the fastest and the best at racing among the six tribes. This heavy tank modified by the Burning Sun Tribe was no slower than the single tanks when it was fully activated despite its enormous size!

In less than ten minutes, the tank of the Burning Sun Tribe had driven out of the valley. It took a turn and rushed southwards like a lightning!

Li Yao raised Neltharion's altitude as high as he could and found that the tank had covered dozens of kilometers in the blink of an eye.

On this side of the valley, the battle was still ongoing. However, the Great Horn Exo Society seemed to realize that the hostages had been transferred. There were signs that they were trying to retreat, but they'd been surrounded by the fearless barbaric warriors and could get away in a hurry.

In the horizon of the south, vague smoke could be seen.

It belonged to a large team of tanks, one made of the best, fully-armed qi-trainers of the six tribes of Iron Plateau.

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao changed his direction immediately and marched southwards!

The two schemes were about to be connected. He finally knew what the Temple of Immortals was up to!

The heavy tank carrying twenty important hostages was going all the way to the south. It would certainly run into the elite warriors of the six tribes, who were all ready for battle.

Since someone among the hostages had a 'Planet Coordinate Pill', which could tell the rescuers their location, the Great Horn Exo Society must've already discovered that the hostages were going south.

With the Great Horn Exo Society's capability, it wouldn't be hard for them to get rid of the Oasis Tribe. They would soon trace the Planet Coordinate Pill and march toward the south, too.

Within the following day, the Great Horn Exo Society, who went south to rescue the hostages, and the elite warriors of the six tribes, who went north to resist the 'intruders from the space', would encounter one another.

No. The Great Horn Exo Society must have helpers.

The twenty hostages are either heirs of noble families or descendants of the leadership of the important sects. They are also students of Flying Star University and Heavenly Saints Institute, treasures of the Flying Star Sector!

When news that they were kidnapped spread out, Cultivators in space would definitely have found the pressure unbearable and summoned the best soldiers to rescue them. It was just that the Great Horn Exo Society showed up in the Iron Plateau Space Zone in advance for some reason. That's why they became the first echelon!

Chances are that many starships and experts in the world of Cultivators have been gathered in space right now!

Yes. That must be the case, otherwise the Temple of Immortals wouldn't have chosen such a moment to initiate their scheme!

When the experts arrive in Iron Plateau and find the Oasis Tribe's temple, they will definitely think that this is a secret base of the Temple of Immortals!

At that time, if they find that the Great Horn Exo Society has been engaged with the Iron Plateau natives or has even been wiped out

Right. The man just now has installed god knows what to the bottom of the tank. If it is a bomb

If the tank of the Burning Sun Tribe fell into the hands of the six tribes of Iron Plateau and suddenly exploded, killing all twenty hostages, the Iron Plateau natives wouldn't be able to explain themselves even if they each grew another ten tongues.

Besides, would the proud and outraged Iron Plateau natives bother to explain themselves at all?

They would more likely talk with their blades and cannons!

The more Li Yao thought the whole scheme in detail, the colder his heart became.

Black Wing accelerated to its maximum speed. However, since the tank of the Burning Sun Tribe left the valley, it had been floating in midair by spurting intense air currents from the bottom. The impetus of the tank was quite impressive, too. Although it hadn't reached the speed of sound yet, it was quite fast!

Black Wing was merely a flying sword after all. Although it could surpass the sonic speed in short-distance sprinting, it couldn't be kept at the supersonic state all the time even if Li Yao was trying his best because too much spiritual energy had been consumed during the long journey to the north.

Speeding up and slowing down, when Black Wing almost spurted the last breath of blackness more than half a day later, Li Yao finally caught up with the tank of the Burning Sun Tribe.

However, the dust on the horizon was already very clear. It was rushing by like the wind of wolves that couldn't tame their fighting will anymore.

The elite warriors of the six tribes were driving toward them precisely!

Observing the north through Neltharion, which was flying in the sky, Li Yao found that the Great Horn Exo Society had gotten rid of the Oasis Tribe. A hundred fully-armed Exos were marching south at full speed.


Li Yao gritted his teeth. Black Wing accelerated to its top speed one last time, and all the spurts on the Sky Scorpion Armor were jetting spiritual gas. Finally, Li Yao turned into a streak of brightness and landed on the tank of the Burning Sun Tribe!

The tank suddenly shivered and slowed down. The hatch on the carriage was opened abruptly, from which six qi-trainers leapt out.

"Who are you?"

The qi-trainers of the Burning Sun Tribe were infuriated, ready to kill the stranger.

What embraced them, however, was two black guns.

"A good man!"

Li Yao pulled the trigger suddenly. Pushed by the high-pressure spiritual gas, bullets rained upon them.

The bullets were all made of high-purity crystals. Each of them was as powerful as a Wolf Fang.

For a moment, gunfire was all there was. Four qi-trainers were blown off the vehicle before they had the opportunity to scream!

There was barely any space on top of the tank for the qi-trainers to hide. When the remaining two qi-trainers were jumping away in a hurry, Li Yao seized the opportunity to kick them off the tank.

Since the tank was still moving at a super high speed, their kisses with the ground proved to be quite miserable. They would be in a coma for a long time, if they were not killed instantly. There was no way that they could catch up with the tank again.

Li Yao strode forward. But he quickly retreated in the very next second, with a 'cling' sound bursting out on his breastplate!

A weird, slender man gradually popped up from the top of the tank, like someone who had crawled out of a swamp. It was exactly the man in the wall that Li Yao had seen in the temple of the Oasis Tribe.

The man was carrying a sword as narrow and long as a needle in one hand and a dagger that was emitting bluish colors in the other. He looked at Li Yao's breastplate, somewhat surprised, with a gloomy face. A moment later, he said gravely, "You"

"Damn you!"

Li Yao waved his hands. The two common guns in his hands vanished, replaced by 'Thunderous Roar', the super deadly weapon that had six barrels each thicker than his arm!

Li Yao smiled and pulled the trigger brutally. 'Thunderous Roar' emanated sounds terribly fitting for its name, while dazzling brilliance surged out of the barrels. He felt that a rhino was bashing his chest at a speed of a hundred meters per second!