Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 609

Chapter 609: Joining Hands!
Chapter 609: Joining Hands!
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Yan Chifeng's eyes turned deep and dark. He squinted and said, "I don't like space residents, but I hate those more who murdered my father and involved the Burning Sun Tribe and Iron Plateau in their plot! What have you discovered exactly? Speak!"

Li Yao retracted his saber and gun, too, before he said, "It's windy up here. If you truly believe me, let's talk in the cockpit."

Yan Chifeng replied without any hesitation, "Alright."

The two of them entered the cockpit. Li Yao calmed himself down and said, "It all started with an organization named 'The Temple of Immortals' and a bunch of guys who call themselves 'Immortal Cultivators'"

He briefly introduced the whole story within ten minutes.

Yan Chifeng furrowed his brow as he listened to the story attentively. He finally concluded, "So, the Temple of Immortals is trying to induce the Iron Plateau natives' hatred against the space residents and mislead them into thinking that the space residents are preparing to attack Iron Plateau with my father's death and Xiong Wuji's identity issue as the fuse.

"As for the space residents, the Temple of Immortals wants to infuriate the space residents with the death of the twenty hostages they hold and make them believe that Iron Plateau is a secret base of the Temple of Immortals.

"In such a way, a great war between space residents and Iron Plateau natives is bound to break out. On one hand, space residents will be mired in the swamp of war. On the other hand, Iron Plateau natives will become the perfect cannon folder who carry their own food even if space residents retreat in time."

Li Yao nodded. "That's about what happened. The twenty hostages are right behind us."

"But there's still something that I don't understand."

Yan Chifeng continued speaking after a momentary pause. "According to your theory, the Oasis Tribe is very likely to have been infiltrated by the spies of the Temple of Immortals. It might even be a fake tribe created by the Temple of Immortals.

"If the twenty hostages were already locked in the temple of the Oasis Tribe, why didn't they kill the hostages right in the Oasis Tribe instead of going all the way to the south redundantly?"

Li Yao explained, "Timing was the most critical factor.

"In the Temple of Immortal's original plan, when Chief Yan was murdered and Xiong Wuji's identity was exposed, the fury of the six tribes of Iron Plateau would definitely be raised.

"If news that the Oasis Tribe was assaulted by Cultivators came over, the six tribes would definitely gather the elite warriors and rush to reinforce them as fast as possible."

Yan Chifeng nodded. "Correct. That's exactly what we did."

"But you were two days late," Li Yao said. "The Temple of Immortals did not expect that Chief Xiong would escape, nor did they anticipate that I would steal all the most valuable trophies from the battle of the apocalypse. As a result, Furious Bears City fell into chaos. The investigation and the curfew made your arrival two later than it should.

"If you were not delayed by two days, then you would have arrived exactly when the Great Horn Exo Society was attacking the Oasis Tribe. You and them would then have engaged in a fierce battle. At that time, the Temple of Immortals would have slain the twenty hostages, and you would have become the perfect scapegoats. You would be the murderers. Every member of the Great Horn Exo Society would be a witness."

Yan Chifeng said, "What about the reality?"

Li Yao said, "The reality is that you were two days late. Few qi-trainers of Iron Plateau were in the Oasis Tribe.

"Note that Cultivators are not completely ignorant of Iron Plateau. Since they know that a lot of qi-trainers live on Iron Plateau, it's possible that they are aware of the Dark Continent, which is not under control of the six tribes.

"So, if twenty hostages were killed in the depths of the Dark Continent, the six tribes of Iron Plateau would not be necessarily related to it.

"Besides, if you were two days late, people of the Oasis Tribe alone would've been far from enough to stop the Great Horn Exo Society.

"Here's what would've happened. If they kept the hostages alive, the Great Horn Exo Society would have likely rescued them. If they killed the hostages, the Great Horn Exo Society would have no reason to fight any longer. You would never have been able to catch them when they got rid of the Oasis Tribe and returned to the space.

"Since the major conflict between Iron Plateau natives and space residents did not break out, the two parties would have several days to calm down and think. The longer they thought, the more likely they would notice something wrong. The Temple of Immortal's endeavors would all have been in vain if so!

"Therefore, the Temple of Immortals could only revise its plan. The conflict that was supposed to break out in the Oasis Tribe was set to take place on the way to the south."

Yan Chifeng took a deep, deep breath. He shuddered uncontrollably. "Horrible. This is horrible. If the plot comes true, Iron Plateau will be doomed! No. We have to stop it. Whatwhat plan have you got?"

Li Yao said, "I was planning to take a big turn and get rid of you so that I can find the Great Horn Exo Society and explain to them first. Then, I will explain the situation to the six tribes. However"

"It doesn't matter. I can explain to the six tribes!"

Yan Chifeng smashed his fist and promised unhesitatingly, "We will complete the task separately. You will explain everything to the space residents, and I will talk sense into the six tribes of Iron Plateau. The conflict is not to break out no matter what.

"However, well, you have indeed looted too many trophies from Furious Bears City. That was a bit out of line. Together with your identity as a space resident, it will be hard for other people to believe you!"

Li Yao smiled and said, "Don't worry about that. I'm 70% confident that I can convince other people that I'm not a space resident!"


Yan Chifeng's eyes suddenly shone with interest. "You must be cautious. Since there are too many suspicious points about the accident, the Feathered Snakes Tribe have packed the 'Truth Cabinet' onto a heavy tank and brought it over to make sure that the important people are speaking the truth! Are you sure that you can pass the test of the Truth Cabinet?"

Li Yao hesitated and mumbled, "Fine. Who else can I trust except you? I'll tell you the truth now!

"As I said, I am a reasonably good refiner.

"When I learned of the existence of the Truth Cabinet, I read a lot of files and basically understood what its mechanism was. It is an antique from thousands of years ago anyway and is not flawless. There are many ways to bypass it."

Yan Chifeng's eyelids were jumping crazily, as he remarked, "If you are really asked to stand in the Truth Cabinet, they won't poke the complicated questions. A simple question 'are you a space resident' is enough to finish you!"

Li Yao smiled. He suddenly scratched the back of his head and seized a piece of black foil the size of a fingernail from the depths of his hair. There was no telling what it was made of, but it had been carved with dense, helical rune arrays so dexterously that it apparently far exceeded the technology level of Iron Plateau.

Yan Chifeng's pupils suddenly shrank to two needles, as he asked suspiciously, "This is"

"The most brilliant part about the Truth Cabinet is that it can monitor soul waves as well as one's heartbeat, blood pressure, and pulse," Li Yao replied.

"With my Cultivation, it's not difficult to control my heartbeat, blood pressure, and pulse for a short while, but there's nothing I can do with soul waves!

"Therefore, I've crafted this magical equipment. If I stick it to the back of my head, I can suppress the waves of my soul as if I am in a deep sleep state. I will be able to get away from the Truth Cabinet!"

Yan Chifeng blinked in surprise. "Are you certain you can trick such delicate magical equipment?"

He was going to snatch the black foil, but Li Yao was quick enough to hide it back in his messy hair again.

Like a gambler who'd wagered all his money, Li Yao hissed, his eyes burningly red, "This is the only solution. I can only take the risk whether I'm certain or not! If the interference chip really helps me pass the examination of the Truth Cabinet, the scheme of the Temple of Immortals will fall apart immediately!"

Yan Chifeng breathed hard and said, "You're right. As long as we explain everything to our respective sides, and you fool the Truth Cabinet with your chip and prove that you are not a space resident, all the plots of the Temple of Immortals will be revealed!"

Pondering for a moment, he took out a ragged map from his pocket and opened it. "It's not going to work out if you drive forward like a headless fly.

"To carry out the Oasis Plan, many people of the Burning Sun Tribe have been exploring the Dark Continent over the past year. We are quite familiar with the terrain here.

"130 kilometers to the west is a small valley surrounded by hills that contain special magnetic stones which can block the detection of many kinds of magical equipment. Also, the valley is like a maze. You can hide yourself in the valley first.

"By my estimation, the Great Horn Exo Society will reach you earlier at their current speed. You can wait in the valley and explain the situation to them.

"When I return to the team of the six tribes, I will try my best to explain it to everyone, too. When they are all calmed down, I will bring them over to meet you!

"By then, the misunderstanding will have been eliminated, and the hostages will be safe and sound. Naturally, we will be able to stick together and fight against the great devil named the Temple of Immortals!"

"Sounds good. Let's do it!"

Li Yao altered the direction and drove toward the unknown valley that Yan Chifeng had mentioned.

As he was about to leave the tank, Yan Chifeng suddenly turned around and asked, "Sand Scorpion, you've told me so many secrets, even including the fact that you are a space resident. You wouldn't mind telling me your real name, would you?"

Li Yao smiled. "I will definitely tell you after the battle. But for now, you can still call me Sand Scorpion."

"Alright, Sand Scorpion. Just wait for me in the valley. The two of us will work together and ruin the Temple of Immortals' scheme!" declared Yan Chifeng resolutely.

Li Yao looked at him in the eye and said solemnly, "Of course, I will be waiting for you. I hope that you don't disappoint me. If we can really stop the Temple of Immortals, you will be the greatest contributor, Yan Chifeng!"

Yan Chifeng laughed in satisfaction. "I quite enjoyed myself in the temple of techniques the other day. I wondered at that time when such a great fighter as yourself emerged on Iron Plateau. I didn't know that you were a space resident! You may have a point. Iron Plateau natives and space residents are all human beings. We should be united! I hope we can practice together again after the battle if we have the chance."

Li Yao smiled. "Believe me. There will be."

"Alright. Let's move out separately and fight the enemy together!" Yan Chihuo nodded as he said that.

He jumped off the tank, soon disappearing in the raging dust.

Coldly watching the sandstorm caused by Yan Chifeng's movement disappearing on the horizon, Li Yao accelerated and rushed toward the valley Yan Chifeng pointed out without looking back.