Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 613

Chapter 613: Truth Is Out?
Chapter 613: Truth Is Out?
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Seeing that Yan Chifeng lunging out like a wolf all of a sudden, Li Yao was greatly surprised. His face was paler than that of a dead person, while he pointed at Yan Chifeng and stammered, "Youyou"

"You didn't see this coming, did you, Sand Scorpion?"

With tears in his eyes, Yan Chifeng roared, "Your scheme is indeed immaculate, but the heavens were merciful enough to let me hear your confession just like it let my father learn Xiong Wuji's secret! Sand Scorpion, stop struggling. You are as much a space resident as Xiong Wuji!"

Uneasiness flashed on Li Yao's face, which was soon replaced by agitation as if he were a caged beast. He replied coarsely, "II'm not a space resident!"

Shi Meng strode forward, unsheathing his saber. His eyes were red as he cried, "Sand Scorpion, I said that I would be the first to kill you if you lied to me! You are not a space resident? Then how can you explain Yan Chifeng's questions?"

Li Yao was utterly overwhelmed. He swallowed and managed to answer, "I am truly not a space resident. Chief Xiong has been treating me very well like a nephew. Naturally, I believe every word he said.

"In the dungeon, Chief Xiong told me that everything was part of a plot and that the center of the plot was the Oasis Tribe. He asked me to investigate the Oasis Tribe with all that I could!

"Since I was alone and my capabilities are limited, I could only steal the tremendous Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures and refine them into magical equipment!

"After I crafted a lot of magical equipment and repaired the armor on my body, I immediately headed north and happened to run into a tank of the Burning Sun Tribe on my way.

"I grew suspicious about the tank and tried to block it. However, several experts suddenly dashed out of the vehicle.

"After I defeated them, I found that twenty hostages were locked in the carriage, and they were all Cultivators!

"After that"

Li Yao glared at Yan Chifeng and continued talking. "Yan Chifeng told me to come to this valley. Later, a hundred Cultivators arrived, too. However, they were not malicious, merely misled by the Temple of Immortals to come here to rescue the hostages!"

"Excuse me?"

Yan Chifeng was so angry that he was laughing. "Sand Scorpion, you have picked a great name. You are trying to sting me even before your own death!

"I told you to come to this place? I've never been here before. How did I know that there was a valley here?

"Besides, my father was murdered only a few days ago, and you were likely to be one of the suspects; I only hated that I couldn't skin you. Why on earth would I offer help for you escape?

"There are too many loopholes in your terrible lie!"

Li Yao blushed and shouted, "It is not a lie! I am not a space resident!"

Yan Chifeng bulged his eyes and burst into fury. "Shut up! The evidence is right here. How can you craft such exquisite armor if you are not a space resident?"

As if he were hit by a lightning, Li Yao was rigid for a long time, before he replied miserably, "It isit is related to my background. It's personal. Please don't push me!"

Yan Chifeng sneered, "Of course it's about your background. It's not strange at all that a space residence can produce such finely-made armor!"

"Bulls*it! Bulls*it! Bulls*it!"

Li Yao was like an erupting volcano that had been suppressed for a long time. Two hot streams spurted out of his nostrils, while spiritual gas was circling him and sweeping sand and dust!

He pointed at Yan Chifeng's nose and yelled, "Yan Chifeng, this is all your trap. You are framing me up! I am an out-and-out warrior of Iron Plateau. I'm not a space resident. Definitely not!

"It's the greatest disgrace for a man of Iron Plateau to be vilified for a rat from space!

"Yan Chifeng, you are discrediting me. I I'm challenging you to a duel!"

Li Yao was going to jump at Yan Chifeng, when Shi Meng and Xiong Zhenzhen strode forward and blocked him in advance. They both aimed their blades at Li Yao.

The hundreds of qi-trainers also pointed their guns at Li Yao.

Shi Meng shrieked, "Stop there! One step closer, and you will be immediately minced into pieces!"

Yan Chifeng took a few steps back and screamed, "Sand Scorpion, on any other occasion, I would definitely accept your duel and avenge my father in person!

"But right now, don't even think about messing things up in such a way. We are not going to be fooled!"

Li Yao was so anxious that he was sweating hard. He was waving his hands desperately like someone about to be drowned, while he shouted at Shi Meng and Xiong Zhenzhen, "I'm truly innocent! Believe me! I'm not a space resident!"


The chief of the Giant Axe Tribe suddenly roared on the heavy tank and almost deafened everyone on the spot.

"Sand Scorpion, you said that you were not a space resident and that Yan Chifeng is framing you. We cannot determine the validity of your words in the haste.

"Thankfully, before we moved north, we foresaw such scenarios!

"Do you dare to prove your identity in the Truth Cabinet?"

Li Yao changed his face color greatly when he heard 'Truth Cabinet'. He scratched the back of his head subconsciously while he replied restlessly, "Going to the Truth Cabinet is the biggest insult for a warrior of Iron Plateau. Why do I have to go to the Truth Cabinet?"

Hearing his words, everybody was whispering to each other. Shi Meng and Xiong Zhenzhen were even more disappointed.

Yan Chifeng laughed. "Sand Scorpion, cut your useless excuses. You don't dare go to the Truth Cabinet at all because your true face will be unveiled when you are there!"

Chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe stood up on the commanding tank and shrieked, "Sand Scorpion, we all agree that going into the Truth Cabinet is an insult, which equals to saying that we don't believe the charged. However, the issue at hand is of paramount importance. We can only assume that you are a spy from space if you are not willing to go to the Truth Cabinet!

"A few days ago, in order to push Xiong Wuji to go to the Truth Cabinet, the five tribes proposed quite a lot of compensations. Today, as the chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe, I promise you that the conditions are still valid if you prove your innocence in the Truth Cabinet!

"As long as you prove that you are not a space resident and you were framed by somebody else, the portion of the trophies belonging to the Feathered Snakes Tribe that you stole will be considered our gift. Moreover, you will be an honorable guest in the Feathered Snakes Tribe anytime!

"Same goes for the Giant Axe Tribe!"

"Same goes for the Heaven Wolves Tribe!"

"Same goes for the Silver Moon Tribe!"

While talking, the qi-trainers drew close to Li Yao and gradually surrounded him.

Oppressed by the intimidating aura, Li Yao was speechless for a long time. He suddenly pointed at Yan Chifeng and said, "If the Truth Cabinet is a must, why am I the only person asked to do the test?

"Yan Chifeng has accused me of being a spy from space. However, I say that he is an agent of the Temple of Immortals! We should go to the Truth Cabinet together!"

Yan Chifeng had known that he might have such demands. He said unhesitatingly, "Sand Scorpion, I didn't expect you to be so insane. Not only did you murder my father, you are also trying to blame me for it?

"Alright! As long as you prove yourself to be not a space resident first, what harm is there if I have to do the test myself?"

The chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe waved her hands. "Someone! Deliver the Truth Cabinet here!"


Lengthy horns echoed in the Feathered Snakes Tribe as a special heavy tank drove out of the formation slowly.

Eight muscular men were pulling enormous chains from the two sides of the tank. They exerted all their strength, and veins were bulging out all over their body, before they finally managed to open the carriage.

Inside was a weirdly-shaped cabinet.

The cabinet was supported by four copper pillars on which countless shocking patterns were carved.

The patterns were pictures where people of different ages and genders were cutting out their hearts from their chest and murmuring something to the organs. It was both terrible and eccentric.

Behind the cabinet was a black iron chair. The back of the chair was a hat that had been embedded with countless crystals. It was connected to the Truth Cabinet via hundreds of zigzagging crystal wires.

On the front side of the Truth Cabinet, two words in a vintage style, one on the left and the other on the right, were written, which were 'True' and 'False'.

Then, another four heavy tanks drove forward slowly. The eight muscular men connected several thick tubes to the Truth Cabinet.

The four heavy tanks were fully loaded with high-purity crystals to provide sufficient energy for the Truth Cabinet to function normally.

Li Yao narrowed his eyes and observed. The 'Truth Cabinet' seemed to be piled up by two pieces of magical equipment that were in completely different styles.

On the outside, it was full of gears, chains, rivets, and other crude components from which spiritual gas was spurting out nonstop.

At the center of the Truth Cabinet, through the gaps between the gears and the chains, however, Li Yao could see the core of the magical equipment, which was translucent and seemed to be made of jade. It was floating slowly in midair, releasing a mysterious aura.

Like a weird eye, it seemed to be piercing through his heart directly.

In the bottom-left corner of the Truth Cabinet was a rusted sign that had already been worn out after thousands of years of erosion.

Li Yao maximized his sight and distinguished a few words on it.

"Special Polygraph of the No.[--] Fleet of the Star Ocean Imperium!"

Li Yao suddenly figured out that the core of the Truth Cabinet was a polygraph of the Star Ocean Imperium from ten thousand years ago. No wonder it required so much energy to be activated and even the Cultivators could not fool it.

"Sand Scorpion, please go into the Truth Cabinet!" shouted the chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe.

Li Yao nodded his head and strode forward.

Yan Chifeng suddenly interjected, "Wait. Space residents all have uncanny gadgets. He might have magical equipment that can bypass the Truth Cabinet. Search him first!"

The chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe nodded. Two gold snakes suddenly crawled out of her colorful robe and slithered toward Li Yao, as she said, "Sand Scorpion, do forgive me!"

Li Yao scowled. He adjusted his armor and allowed the snakes to creep in.

Yan Chifeng said again, "The Truth Cabinet mainly targets the head. His hair must be carefully examined."

The chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe glanced at him but didn't say anything. The two gold snakes crawled into Li Yao's hair and searched for a long time, only to find nothing.

The chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe nodded her head. "Other than his weapons, Sand Scorpion does not carry any special magical equipment."

Yan Chifeng rolled his eyes, but he did not question the result. He simply remarked, "Alright. Now that the chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe has examined him in person, it should be all good!"

Li Yao sniffed and leapt onto the Truth Cabinet. He looked down at everybody, with a smile of victory curling on his lips, before he shouted, "You will soon believe that I am truly not a space resident."

"Sand Scorpion!"

The chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe said, "If you are indeed not lying, just declare in front of thousands of compatriots of Iron Plateau through the Truth Cabinet that you are an Iron Plateau native!

"If the Truth Cabined proves that you are telling the truth, the Feathered Snakes Tribe will believe your story!"