Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 617

Chapter 617: Yan Chifeng's Ambition!
Chapter 617: Yan Chifeng's Ambition!
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Yan Chihuo was at a loss. It was more like his brother had stabbed him instead of kicking him. He shouted, "Brother, you are mad!"

The chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe and the chief of the Giant Axe Tribe were dumbfounded, too. They both bellowed, "Yan Chifeng, put down Master Yan now!"

The qi-trainers of the other five tribes all crowded close, their weapons shining coldly.

The qi-trainers of the Burning Sun Tribe, on the other hand, were too stunned to believe what was happening.

Although Yan Xibei had been the best warrior of the six tribes when he was young, the lower half of his body from his pelvis had been amputated due to the heavy wounds he suffered. He had to move about on his wheelchair every day. There was still spiritual gas flowing inside his body, but it was absolutely no match for the young and strong Yan Chifeng, who was an expert above the 80th level of the Refinement Stage.

Yan Chifeng had stabbed the dagger into his neck. Held captive by his nephew, the old man was blushing due to shortness of breath and could barely talk.

However, he was a tough man, and there was not the slightest hint of fear on his face, only sorrow and desperation. He shouted, "Warriors of the Burning Sun Tribe, don't care about me. Slay the insane insurgent immediately!"

Yan Chifeng smiled hideously. He span his dagger and locked Yan Xibei's throat with spiritual gas, making him unable to even scream.

The old man looked both angry and pitiful. He seemed to be willing to perish together with Yan Chifeng.

Yan Chifeng crouched in Yan Xibei's shadow and glared at Li Yao with the utmost resentment. "Sand Scorpion, you've suspected me since the beginning?"

Li Yao answered coldly, "Make no mistake. This is not personal. I was doubting many of you, or more exactly, everyone except me.

"The development of the situation has deviated from the Temple of Immortals' plan. To rectify the situation, I knew they would have to make a move promptly.

"So, the first to come to me was most likely with the Temple of Immortals, isn't that so?"

Yan Chifeng was rendered speechless. He was dazed for a long time before he burst into laughter. "Good! Good! I did not expect that such a thorough plan had been sabotaged by you! But just you wait. We have many other arrangements on Iron Plateau. The game is not over yet!"


Tears in eyes, Yan Chihuo shouted desperately, "Is Father's death really related to you? Why did you do it? How could you do it?"

"Yan Chifeng!"

The chief of the Giant Axe Tribe and the chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe also declared sharply, "Thousands of people have surrounded you. There's no way that you can escape. What benefits has the Temple of Immortals offered you, and what else has been arranged on Iron Plateau? Speak now!"

"Hehe. Hehehehe!"

Yan Chifeng's hair was spluttering in the wind, and his face was full of resolution. He smiled coldly. "Do you think that I cooperated with the Temple of Immortals for my own benefit? Then you are very wrong!

"Just wake up already, frogs in the well!

"Iron Plateau natives have been separated from space residents for five thousand years, and they were much luckier than us! Other than the strike of apocalypse five thousand years ago, they have enjoyed a peaceful development all this time. Today, their civilization level and war potential far exceed ours!

"Space residents boast powerful warships, advanced crystal suits, a territory of dozens of space zones, and countless asteroids with abundant resources!

"In the meantime, we can only lay low on Iron Plateau and fight desperately against the apocalyptic beasts in the harsh environment!

"As the situation continues, the gap in capability between the two parties will only get larger. Are we even qualified to compete against space residents?

"It's true that the space residents' invasion is fake news this time, but who can guarantee that space residents will not invade Iron Plateau and annihilate every one of us someday in the future when they are far stronger than us?

"Speak. Who is confident to say that? Anyone?

"You attack, or your get attacked. Now is our best opportunity!

"While the gap between the two parties is not too huge, with the Temple of Immortals as a strong ally, we will march out into space, plunder their techniques, conquer their towns, enslave all the space residents, and become the real dominator of the Flying Star Sector again!

"This is my only purpose. I have really been considering the future of Iron Plateau!

"Wake up, compatriots of Iron Plateau! We cannot wait on Iron Plateau to be slaughtered! Let's work together with the Temple of Immortals and slay those damn space residents so that we can be the real kings of the world!"

"Brother, you are really mad!" Yan Chihuo roared. "If you've been considering Iron Plateau, why didn't you propose your plan openly instead of killing Father just like that?"

Yan Chifeng sneered, "You think I didn't hint to him? Too bad that his cowardice grew with his age. He always spouted bullsh*t like 'We are all human beings anyway' and 'We should not fight each other unless it is absolutely necessary!'

"He didn't understand the cruelty of the universe at all. The strong prey on the weak, and only the fittest survive! If you don't kill them now, what can you do when they come to kill you after they grow strong enough?

"If space residents invade Iron Plateau on a large scale in the future, millions or even tens of millions of people might die!

"I chose to trade my father's life for the most brilliant future for the Iron Plateau natives. What's wrong with that?

"Little Brother, warriors of the Burning Sun Tribe, the Giant Axe Tribe, and the Feathered Snakes Tribe, do you not hate space residents as much as I do? Now is our best shot. If we miss out the opportunity, we will only be butchered when thousands of warships of the space residents gather on Iron Plateau!"

"Shut up!"

The chief of the Giant Axe Tribe finally couldn't hold himself back any longer. He pointed at Yan Chifeng and shouted, "The grudge between us and the space residents is none of the Temple of Immortals' business! Even if we have to wage a war against the space residents, we will never cooperate with such an evil, surreptitious organization!

"For their so-called cooperation, they've even fooled you into killing your own father!"

The chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe shrieked, too, "Are we hoping to get ourselves killed by working with such an organization?"

"Brother, turn back now!" Yan Chihuo begged, crying. "The Temple of Immortals must be fooling you. How can they cooperate with you so easily? You have nowhere to go now. Just reveal all their arrangements on Iron Plateau as atonement!"

"Haha. Hahahaha!"

Yan Chifeng burst into laughter. "Of course, the Temple of Immortals is not that kindhearted. However, I didn't treat them honestly, either! Anyways, I have received a lot of secrets arts from the Temple of Immortals that can potentially increase the longevity of qi-trainers by decades!

"Why could all the qi-trainers from history to today only reach the 99th level of the Refinement Stage? Because our training methods and our living environment are too rough. Our life is too short, and our prime years are even shorter!

"Let's take this 'former best warrior' for example!"

Yan Chifeng shook Yan Xibei roughly and laughed in derision. "How magnificent and dominating he was years ago! But now that he is old, he is purely at my mercy like a dog!

"With the profound secret arts of the Temple of Immortals, our lives can be lengthened, and we can keep ourselves in our best state. It is very likely that we will break the ceiling and enter the legendary 100th level of the Refinement Stage!

"Come here and stand on my side. I'll share the secret arts with all of you. We'll rush out of Iron Plateau and reign the Flying Star"

The more he talked, the more excited he got. He completely overlooked the old man under his control.

Before he could finish his last word, Yan Xibei, who had been suppressed by him, suddenly bulged his eyes and bellowed. Simultaneously, his elbow flew backward with all the spiritual gas that he could muster!

The attack condensed all the strength inside his body. He was not preparing to defend at all!

Yan Chifeng did not foresee that the old man still had the ability to counterattack. His chest was smashed heavily, and his ribs were immediately broken, almost piercing into his heart.

He screamed and cut his dagger deep into Yan Xibei's neck. A terrifying arrow of blood darted out!

But the two of them were separated because of the attack.

"Master Yan!"

Countless qi-trainers who had been helped by Yan Xibei before lunged forward in anxiety and fury.


The Heaven Wolves Tribe was best at shooting. Countless guns had been locked onto Yan Chifeng since long ago.

Without Yan Xibei as his shield, countless crystal bombs and bullets immediately rained upon him and raised dozens of orange fireballs near him!

Yan Chifeng truly deserved to be a young expert above the 80th level of the Refinement Stage. Even under the barrage of so many people, he still concentrated his spiritual gas and lunged back toward at the Truth Cabinet.

The chief of the Giant Axe Tribe and the chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe tried to block him, but Yan Chifeng dodged both of them and landed on the Truth Cabinet!

"Come here!" Yan Chifeng grinned hideously.

On the Truth Cabinet, Li Yao was still in a trance, his face pale, suggesting that he had not recovered from the pain of his soul being tormented yet. He was clearly the best hostage on the spot!

However, the moment he landed on the Truth Cabinet, Yan Chifeng sensed a sharp killing intent from Li Yao's seemingly dumb eyes!

For a moment, all the pores on Yan Chifeng's body constricted!


Two streams of surging spiritual gas collided abruptly on the Truth Cabinet. The sandstorm they raised wreathed the Truth Cabinet as if it were a stage concealed by curtains. There was no telling what was going on. A feeble sound of blades colliding spread out. Then it was absolutely silence.

The wind on the desert blew by coldly, pulling open the curtains of the stage.

On the Truth Cabinet, Li Yao and Yan Chifeng were frozen, like two statues, with their backs against each other.

Yan Chifeng's long sword pointed at the air behind Li Yao, while Li Yao's saber was aimed to the sky behind Yan Chifeng.

Everyone below held their breath.

A drop of blood slowly rolled from the tip of Li Yao's saber. It was shivering and about to drop to the ground.

Yan Chifeng tried to move his eyes, but he couldn't even complete such a simple movement.

Li Yao retracted his saber and drew close to Yan Chifeng, almost kissing his earlobe, while he said in a barely audible voice, "Are you curious where I hid my magical equipment that I claimed could fool the Truth Cabinet?

"Idiot. There's no such magical equipment at all. It was merely an offcut when I practiced my micro-craving skills.

"The Truth Cabinet is a marvelous tool from ten thousand years ago. I hadn't even seen it before today, so how could I figure out its mechanism and create a corresponding gadget to fool it?

"I was just lying to you so that you would underestimate me in our final battle that would definitely take place on the Truth Cabinet.

"Why could I pass the test of the Truth Cabinet, you ask?

"It's a long story. I can see that you are in a hurry. Why don't we talk about it later?"

Yan Chifeng's eyes remained frozen, but the hatred in them grew more and more intense. He stared at Li Yao, and his lips trembled. However, nothing except hisses escaped his mouth.


A horrifying wound appeared on Yan Chifeng's neck. Almost half of his neck had been chopped off. A cluster of bloody mist suddenly blossomed like a red lotus and dyed the Truth Cabinet as if it were in a feverish dream.


His long sword falling to the ground, Yan Chifeng kneeled down slowly before Li Yao, resentment written all over his face. His head fell aside, and he stopped moving.