Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 619

Chapter 619: Breaking the Death Curse!
Chapter 619: Breaking the Death Curse!
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Thunderous Roar had been designed to launch Wolf Fangs. But after Li Yao's modification, it was now able to launch super explosive bullets made of apocalyptic beasts' cores continuously!

The super explosive bullets were all refined out of the cores of the dragon-level apocalyptic beasts. Every darting bullet was roaring crazily like a dragon-level apocalyptic beast!

In a moment, the hundreds of square meters in front of Li Yao were enveloped by the blast. Countless enormous tides made of lights and flames overlapped and swept the battlefield each higher than the previous one!

These apocalyptic beasts were all semi-finished products that had been released prematurely. How could they resist the explosion of the cores of the real dragon-level apocalyptic beasts?

In the earth-breaking explosions, countless apocalyptic beasts had been ripped apart into pieces by the unstoppable furious power before they had the chance to stretch their claws!


Thunderous Roar seemed to be alive when it was firing in burst mode. The recoil was so huge that it was struggling hard in Li Yao's arms as it roared earsplittingly like an infuriated primordial animal!

Li Yao's head seemed to have turned into a volcano. His soul was burning so intensely that invisible flames were popping up from his head. The spiritual gas of the 80th level of the Refinement Stage was full unleashed, and he turned into a mobile human-shaped artillery.

Something seemed to be spurting out of Li Yao's body together with each bullet. When the super explosive bullets exploded where the apocalyptic beasts were densest, the pictures of flying flesh and savaging flames made his fighting will soar and his blood simmer. He felt that the deepest part of his soul was tremoring beyond his control!

Every attack of Thunderous Roar would make the weapon bash Li Yao's chest like a giant hammer because of the recoil. Although he was struck heavily, Li Yao sensed that the Black Spider Death Curse around his heart was showing signs of loosening!

Thisthis is

With the profound spiritual gas of the 80th level of the Refinement Stage and my seething fighting will, I can finally try to break the Black Spider Death Curse right now!

Li Yao was overjoyed by his finding. He further immersed himself in the pleasure of destruction!

He controlled his heartbeat consciously. With every heartbeat, a super explosive bullet would rush out, and he would make a step forward!

One shot, one step, and one heartbeat. The immense spiritual gas of the 80th level of the Refinement Stage bombarded the Black Spider Death Curse crazily!

His heart seemed to have turned into scorching iron, while the nine streams of evil black gas turned into earthworms screaming miserably as they were being burnt!

Excruciating pain caught him like vipers, but the tide-like ecstasies greater and greater swallowed all the discomfort.

Li Yao completely forgot where he was. Scarlet brightness blinking inside his eyes, he marched forward accompanied by blood and blasts!

It was not until Thunderous Roar emitted a click sound that he discovered that one of the bullet belts had run out and regained part of his consciousness.

Li Yao grunted. He finally sensed the agony as if his heart were being torn apart. His hands were also burningly hot like they had been soaked in magma.

He lowered his head and looked. Thunderous Roar was bright red, like a piece of steel that just got out of the furnace.

The plate on his hands had been shattered by the recoil, and his fingertips were chafing.

Cracks resembling spider nets had appeared on his breastplate because of the continuous strikes of Thunderous Roar!

In front of him

Dozens of shooting stars seemed to have passed by from a low altitude, leaving trenches more than half a meter deep in the ground. Every trench seemed to be on fire. White steam was popping out of them nonstop!

Centered at Li Yao, the area of hundreds of square meters was caught in a weird silence.

No apocalyptic beasts survived. There was not even one intact corpse.

The broken limbs and the scorching rocks were mixed. Some of the rocks were melted into what seemed to be colorful glass!

Deep inside the grey mists, countless apocalyptic beasts were shuddering. Awed by Li Yao's unstoppable aura and the remaining scent of dragon-level apocalyptic beasts inside the super explosive bullets, they were silent for half a minute before they attacked again!

Li Yao groped for bullets, only to find nothing.

The super explosive bullets that Thunderous Roar used were all made of the cores of the dragon-level apocalyptic beasts. He had only refined two bullet belts in total. Right now, one of them had already been used up.

Besides, the weapon was too hot right now, and its barrels wouldn't be able to resist the enormous force. If he continued shooting in burst mode, it was quite likely that the gun would break apart on the spot!

Li Yao spat and put away Thunderous Roar. He unsheathed his saber, staring at the seemingly endless apocalyptic beasts inside the grey mists coldly.

Right then, he heard the sound of ocean.

An ocean made of machines and spiritual gas behind him was raging forward!

The elite warriors of the six tribes condensed into waves of iron and copper. They shouted and yelled and charged into the grey mists along with the drumming passing by Li Yao!

In the moment, Li Yao was like a drop of water that flowed into a rampant ocean and a burning torch that joined boiling magma!

The fighting will of thousands of people burnt furiously. Ripples as if real things were spreading out, influencing and enhancing each other!

Reverberation of fighting will!

"Sand Scorpion!"

Shi Meng suddenly appeared in his back and supported him, while he shouted, "Are you alright? You were mad enough to clear almost half of the battlefield alone just now! We were completely dumbfounded. What is that gun exactly? Truly unbelievable!"

Li Yao managed a smile, but his heart was still beating fast. His brain was in a mess, and he couldn't speak anything. The only sounds that he could utter were the roars of the primordial animals.

Shi Meng shook him hard for a while. Seeing that he was not heavily wounded but only exhausted, Shi Meng was greatly relieved. He raised his saber high and picked up his Wolf Fangs before he bellowed, "Iron Bears Detonation Team, strike!"

Dozens of iron giants in super heavy armor charged at where the grey mist was densest. Soon, the sound of explosions and battle drifted over.

Roars and yells were echoing nonstop throughout the entire battlefield. This battle of the apocalypse was much smaller in scale than the previous one. However, the two parties had met and engaged in a head-on battle from the beginning!

Li Yao took a long breath. His heart almost burst out of his chest.

Most of the warriors were blocked by the grey mist, but he could sense everyone's whereabouts precisely. Their fighting willing was burning so furiously that they were the brightest beacons in the mist!

Break! Break!

The enormous spiritual gas of the 80th level of the Refinement Stage attacked the Black Spider Death Curse without bothering about anything!

The Black Spider Death Curse, realizing that its doom was drawing close, stuck to his heart and wouldn't let go. It even condensed into needle-like bugs, trying to slither deeper into his heart!

Just when Li Yao's spiritual gas and the Black Spider Death Curse were in a deadlock, he suddenly sensed the arrival of new fighting will that was completely different from that of the qi-trainers but was equally strong!

Exos of the Great Horn Exo Society were standing on the hill like a hundred rocks while they observed the battlefield.

The endless apocalyptic beasts and the qi-trainers of Iron Plateau even tougher than them left a deep impression on the space residents.

"This is all due to the schemes of the Temple of Immortals!"

Lei Dalu shouted at the loudest of his voice, "If all the Iron Plateau natives below us are slain, the Temple of Immortals might still be able to get their way and raise a war between Iron Plateau natives and space residents!

"Our starship has been seriously damaged. Even if we run out of this place right now, it will take us quite a few days to fix it. If the Temple of Immortals has other arrangements on Iron Plateau, we won't be able to leave the planet on our own!

"So, the only solution right now is to fight side by side with the Iron Plateau natives below us and annihilate all the pests so that we can win their trust and get their help!

"Prepare to fight, Great Horn Exo Society!

"The right flank of the apocalyptic beasts seems to be made up by those better at remote attacks. Their melee combat ability must be very weak. Let's stab into their right flank!

"Go now. Show the Iron Plateau natives how real Cultivators fight!"

Thousands of power rune arrays were activated. The fulminations suppressed all the other noises in the battlefield for a moment.

When the Great Horn Exo Society started charging, many qi-trainers were dazed for a moment.

They were even somewhat vigilant when they saw the Cultivators in eccentric armor waving weird magical equipment.

However, when the Great Horn Exo Society turned into a shining blade and pierced into the right flank of the apocalyptic beasts, all the vigilance and misunderstanding was gone.

The qi-trainers saw clearly that, no matter whether they came from Iron Plateau or the space, no matter what environment they had been raised in, and no matter how different their understanding about the utilization of spiritual energy was, their blades were equally sharp, and their blood was equally red and hot!

Sensing the two enormous clusters of fighting will gradually joining together, Li Yao laughed out and lunged at the beasts.

A translucent mantis-like apocalyptic beast came at him, shrieking. Li Yao roared and slashed his saber, which seemed to have turned into a furious bolt of lightning!


A thunderbolt broke out in front of Li Yao, inside his brain, and in his heart at the same time.

While the mantis-like beast was chopped in half, a stream of black gas darted out of his chest and shrieked in the air before it turned into vague smoke and disappeared!

One of the nine streams of black gas formed by the Black Spider Death Curse had finally been broken by him!

Li Yao couldn't have felt more satisfied at that moment. He felt that a shackle that had confined him for a long time had shattered. A familiar strength returned to his body. The range of his surging spiritual gas further expanded, too!

Excellent. This is the way!

With the reverberation of fighting will, thousands of people's strength can be gathered and help me break the Black Spider Death Curse!

Li Yao waved his saber. Spiritual gas surged out, and the aura of the blade was extended to more than ten meters away with sawtooth-like edges as if it had grown tusks!

After breaking part of the curse, Li Yao's control over his spiritual energy was even more skillful. His capability was instantly higher than a moment ago!

"Kill them all!"

Li Yao charged to where there were the most apocalyptic beasts.