Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 622

Chapter 622: Best Versus Best!
Chapter 622: Best Versus Best!
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"And me, I am Zuo Xiaohu, nominated as the strongest young man of the East Continent Space Zone three times and known as the future star in the Great Horn Exo Society!

"This is Lu Dian, the 'White-haired Gun King' who is the best shooter of the Wild Goose Academy. The previous bullets were gentle only because his hair hasn't turned white yet! When it does in a moment, one shot will be enough to blow up your head!

"To tell you the truth, we saw through your plot at the very beginning, and we reserved our strength a while ago, waiting for the moment to come! Our captain is a legendary Core Formation Stage Cultivator. Together with the two young tigers that are us, we will definitely beat you up to the point that your parents will not recognize you if we are pissed off. So, you'd better stay where you are!"

Lei Dalu, Zuo Xiaohu, and Lu Dian were standing proudly, their spiritual energy soaring into the sky like a torch that was burning through the heavens!

All the qi-trainers were dumbfounded. They looked at the three of them in disbelief.

Yan Xibei was dazed, but then he suddenly burst into laughter. "Interesting. How interesting! Core Formation Stage Cultivator? It's a pity that the Lotus King has already sent your files to me. Are you Lei Dalu? You were in the Core Formation Stage before, but due to the heavy wounds you suffered in the battle in the Iron Plateau Space Zone a few months ago, I'm afraid that you are not even close to your peak state yet.

"As for Lu Dian and Zuo Xiaohu? I've never heard the two names before. Shrimps in the Building Foundation Stage, tops!

"You have used up your spiritual energy in the previous battle. You are merely bluffing!


Yan Xibei suddenly laughed crazily. "Suppose you are indeed a real Core Formation Stage Cultivator, so what?

"This apocalyptic body of mine boasts combat ability far higher than that of the Core Formation Stage!"

Yan Xibei roared and opened his arms again. His hands changed into various shapes in midair, while three enormous hands appeared and snatched at Lei Dalu and the other two Cultivators!

Zuo Xiaohu suddenly changed his face color. He shouted, "Crap. Captain, he saw through us!"

Lei Dalu cursed. One of his wounds opened up again as he summoned the blood on the tip of his heart that was critical for a Cultivator in order to make use the last bit of his spiritual energy.

A giant axe full of dents whose edge was gone struck forward like a hammer and crashed into the enormous hand heavily!

Zuo Xiaohu crossed his arms. Two streaks of cold brightness blinked on the end of his elbows as he knocked the invisible waves in the air, too.

Lu Dian's body suddenly shook, and he picked two silver pistols from who knew where. Dozens of bullets rushed out and formed a blinking shield in front of him!

Yan Xibei's enormous hands, however, was much faster and more agile than they had thought. Like three mountains that had fallen from the sky, instead of clenching them, they smashed at the three Cultivators like rocks weighing thousands of tons!

Crack! Crack!

Suppressed by the unbelievable force, the crystal suits of the three Cultivators all exploded. Blood was spurting out all over their body!

"I have to go now!"

Li Yao's eyes were blood-red. His spiritual gas surged out again even though his heart was still aching, as he was preparing to release the Apocalyptic Extension, the strengthening plugins, and had the last try!

"Let's go!"

When the qi-trainers saw that the Cultivators who they had always despised were so tough and brave, their fighting will was ignited, too. All of them managed to stand on their feet and unsheathe their broken blades, before they gritted their teeth and moved forward!

Yan Xibei was trying to crush the three Cultivators' crystal suits by brute force with his enormous spiritual gas. He was also doing his best.

His face was so twisted that it barely belonged to a human being. The blood stripes all over his body bulged and expanded like thick veins in which spiritual energy in clusters the size of fists were transmitted!


The three Cultivators had been too weakened because of their heavy wounds and insufficient spiritual energy to fight against Yan Xibei's carefully made 'apocalyptic body'.

More and more cracks appeared on their crystal suits, which gradually overlapped with scaring noises.

It sounded that the three crystal suits would explode in the next second, and the three Cultivators inside would be ground to a pulp!

Yan Xibei roared crazily, "Do you see? This is my strength! The strength of blood stripes! It is too much for you!"

While his roar was still echoing in the sky, an earsplitting fulmination suddenly broke out in the hazy air. Two gold pillars of light slashed open the darkness of night like sabers and paved a brilliant and splendid path over everyone's head.

A monolithic iron beast suddenly dashed out of the mist and crashed at Yan Xibei!

Yan Xibei's face immediately paled. The enormous hands suppressing the three Cultivators were quickly retracted and formed into two new hands in bloody brightness slapping the iron beast, one from the left and one from the right, as if they were trying to flatten it!


The two enormous hands kissed each other like two walls!

The iron beast immediately moaned because of the metal being crushed.

It was not until this moment that everybody saw that it was actually a damaged heavy tank!

However, the tank was surrounded by immense spiritual gas, too. Instead of being flattened by Yan Xibei's enormous hands, it continued rushing at him despite the spluttering sparks.

There was a deafening explosion when they collided. The heavy tank was naturally a total loss now, but Yan Xibei was knocked back almost fifty meters and rolled on the ground, too.

Everybody was bewildered and stared at the heavy tank, which was beyond recognition now.

Dozens of meters away, Yan Xibei had regained his balance. The crash did not hurt him. He gazed at the remains of the heavy tank gloomily and furiously.


Above the heavy tank, the door was kicked open. Enshrouded by the surging white steam, a muscular man not very impressive in height, who was wearing the armor of the Furious Bears Tribe and carrying two sabers on his back, crawled out of the cockpit!


Hundreds of qi-trainers exclaimed in shock.

Xiong Wuji, the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, was standing between them and Yan Xibei like a fortress.

"And you said that you didn't have any trump cards!" Shi Meng was practically crying in joy. "You must have made a deal with the chief that he would come to save the day when the truth is revealed!"


Li Yao scratched his head and replied honestly, "That was not in my plan. Coincidence. It's purely a coincidence."

Yan Xibei narrowed his eyes. Blood stripes crawled over his skin and covered his face as if they were living creatures. He was now wearing a hideous, bloody mask.

Waving the six insect limbs, Yan Xibei crept close again and said indifferently, "Xiong Wuji!"

"And me!"

Roaring echoed again in the hazy mist, before a single tank suddenly appeared in midair and landed before the qi-trainers' battle formation with thousands of sparks!

Wu Mayan and Sha Yulan were on the vehicle!

The three space residents living in the Furious Bears Tribe had all arrived.

Li Yao was dazed and said hurriedly, "What are you doing here?"

Wu Mayan waved his saber and replied, "To fight, of course! Wow. How did Yan Xibei become that?"

Li Yao was angry. "You can come if you insist. But what is Doctor Sha doing here? She won't help the battle at all!"

Sha Yulan combed her hair calmly and smiled. "As I said in the dungeon a few days ago, whoever wants to hurt my husband and my son, I can only fight them until one of us survives.


"If the Temple of Immortals' plot succeeds, the entire Iron Plateau will be mired in the flames of war. I can hide myself right now, but where can I hide myself when all my family members are killed in the war?"

After saying that, Sha Yulan leapt off the single tank. She then took two heavy medication cases out of the tank, while she eyed around and asked, "Where are the heavily wounded?"

Many qi-trainers finally came back to themselves at this moment. They realized that they'd wronged Xiong Wuji a few days ago.

Seeing that he had come to their rescue without caring about the past and that Sha Yulan, a strengthless doctor, had come to the battlefield in person, the warriors of the six-tribes all lowered their heads in embarrassment.

Xiong Wuji took a few steps back to Li Yao's side. He gazed at Yan Xibei and asked solemnly, "What is going on? How did Master Yan Xibei end like this?"

"Long story short."

Li Yao took a deep breath and said quickly, "We are the good guys. Yan Xibei is the bad guy. If you take care of him, you take care of everything."


Xiong Wuji clenched his fists.

"Little Xiong, it's useless. Give up and stand on my side."

Yan Xibei rubbed dust off his body with his insect limbs and said casually, "You were in the 99th level of the Refinement Stage in your best state, which only equals to the peak of the Building Foundation Stage.

"Besides, you were seriously wounded a few days ago, and your right arm was chopped off. Although you have an artificial arm right now, it remains unknown whether or not you can perform the best of your combat skills.

"After I meld with the apocalyptic body, the top of my combat ability far exceeds the Core Formation Stage!

"My strength is not something you can resist. You are only increasing the number of casualties by fighting against me. Just surrender and stand on my side!"

"Master Yan!"

Xiong Wuji stepped forward and opened his arms. His spiritual gas circled him like a translucent dragon and gradually spread out.

His face tranquil, he said determinedly, "Born in Iron Plateau, die in Iron Plateau. I've heard the eight words more times than I can count since childhood. I even heard them many times from your mouth, too.

"Although I was not born in Iron Plateau, I can always die in Iron Plateau!"

The cold wind was blowing hard on the desert. The best warriors of Iron Plateau of two different generations confronted each other in the devastating sound of storm.

Li Yao gritted his teeth and snuck back to Sha Yulan. "Sister Sha, I still have several cores of apocalyptic beasts. But there are too many impurities in them, and they are not suitable to be made into bombs.

"If I swallow all of them, can you dissolve the spiritual energy contained in the cores with your massage skills and transmit most of it to my heart?"

Sha Yulan was dazed and exclaimed in shock, "What are you trying to do? Unrefined cores of apocalyptic beasts are more volatile than gunpowder. Your body is likely to explode after you swallow them!"

Li Yao grinned. "I will die either when my body explodes or when Yan Xibei crushes me. Just tell me if you can guide the spiritual energy into my heart!"

Sha Yulan hesitated. "Maybe"

When she said 'maybe', a few bizarre-shaped, fragrant cores of apocalyptic beasts appeared in Li Yao's palm.

Then he craned his neck and devoured all of them.

The Art of the Swallowing Whale was activated!


Li Yao's eyes bulged instantly. He felt that his stomach had become a monster paradise where thousands of apocalyptic beasts were galloping on a rampage!