Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 624

Chapter 624: Bloody Evolution!
Chapter 624: Bloody Evolution!
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"The Blood Stripe Virus stimulated the brains of the ancient apes and induced the formation of basic intelligence. Then, after thousands of years guidance, they gradually endowed the apes with the techniques of absorbing and utilizing spiritual energy!

"As a result, the Titan Warriors became the best bodies and arms for the Blood Stripe Virus to build the civilization that they craved for.

"Other than living on animals, the Blood Stripe Virus can also attach themselves to plants and germs. By transforming rocks with special plants and fungi, they can turn the rocks into the 'eggs of apocalypse' that we've seen.

"After the modification of the plants and the germs, eggs of apocalypse will grow roots that can extend to thousands of meters below the ground where they can absorb the resources from the mother lodes. Countless vesicles will be formed inside the rocks, too, where the resources will be dedicated to transforming the ordinary animals into apocalyptic beasts!

"Apocalyptic beasts are livestock for the Blood Stripe Virus!

"When a batch of 'livestock' grows mature, they will all be released as an egg of apocalypse outbreak. Then, the Titan Warriors would be summoned to fight against the apocalyptic beasts!

"Such battles give the Blood Stripe Virus tremendous precious resources from underground.

"But more importantly, the endless fierce battles between the Titan Warriors and the apocalyptic beasts would result in unparalleled fighting will and killing intent!

"Such 'sense of slaughtering' is mandatory for the survival of the Blood Stripe Virus!

"The Blood Stripe Virus is an extremely weird life form. As parasites that boast enormous mental power, they do not have a high materialistic demand, but they need a 'sense of slaughtering'; it is their 'food'!

"The Blood Stripe Virus needs killing just as we need air and water. Without death, destruction, and devastation, the Blood Stripe Virus will gradually wither and perish!

"Therefore, the more brutal the battles between the Titan Warriors and the apocalyptic beasts were and the more creatures were killed, the more gratification of demolition and annihilation the Blood Stripe Virus would be able to devour, and the stronger and happier they would be!

"This is the reason for the bloodthirst of the Titan Warriors!

"The symbiosis between the Blood Stripe Virus and the Titan Warriors lasted tens of thousands of years. They swept countless constellations and had a territory that was far larger than the Star Ocean Imperium's in their prime years!

"However, one day, billions of years ago, their world suddenly experienced a destructive strike!

"Many constellations were wiped out instantly. Both the Blood Stripe Virus and the Titan Warriors could do nothing about it. The remaining Blood Stripe Virus could only board their starships, or in our eyes, the bizarre-shaped meteoroids, and flee in a hurry!

"The Blood Stripe Virus could live in the vacuum for a long time, and they did not need many resources for their survival. However, the journey in the cosmos was long and dark, and they couldn't find a new species to provide 'killing intent' for them.

"The surviving Blood Stripe Virus soon realized that they were about to wither. They could only seal the essential knowledge of their race with secret arts before they entered a certain 'hibernation state' on different meteoroids that were running toward different directions of the universe, hoping to find another world suitable for them and another species that could be lived on!

"I don't know anything about the rest of the Blood Stripe Virus. However, I do know that part of the race discovered the Flying Star Sector and human beings after floating in the universe for billions of years!

"Therefore, the Blood Stripe Virus in the hibernation state was awakened!

"That is what happened five thousand years ago."

The qi-trainers listened to the story in confusion and finally associated it with the arrival of apocalypse in the Flying Star Sector five thousand years ago. They were all stunned and exclaimed in shock.

Yan Xibei said peacefully, "The rest is history. A large number of meteoroids inhabited by the Blood Stripe Virus marched into the Flying Star Sector and nearly destroyed Iron Plateau, because the Blood Stripe Virus meant to build Iron Plateau into an environment favorable for them and transform human beings into their puppets, the new 'Titan Warriors'!

"However, the possession between civilizations could not be finished in a day.

"After tens of thousands of years of symbiosis, while the Titan Warriors were modified into the best puppets, the Blood Stripe Virus had evolved, too, in order to live more comfortably inside the Titan Warriors' bodies.

"The human beings of five thousand years ago were not the best candidate puppets for the Blood Stripe Virus. The most critical problem was that the intelligence of human beings was too high. It was quite possible that they would be swallowed by human beings when the infection process failed, just like what has happened to me.

"Therefore, the Blood Stripe Virus has been consuming our resources through the outbreaks of the eggs of apocalypse and strengthening our bodies without us knowing.

"In the meantime, we released endless fighting will in the fierce battles, which was the best nutrition for the Blood Stripe Virus, which has just woken up from the hibernation state.

"Our civilization would be less and less developed, but our skills of killing would be more and more proficient and our bodies stronger and stronger. We would become bloodthirsty, aggressive, primitive Everything that the Blood Stripe Virus hoped us to be!

"Today, the most crucial turning point has come.

"We have basically used up the most fundamental resources to sustain a civilization. In the future, we will be more dependent on our flesh, blood, and most primitive fighting instincts. Finally, we will grow into the new Titan Warriors and the best puppets for the Blood Stripe Virus!"

Yan Xibei fell into silence after his speech.

During the silence, the only sound was the blowing cold wind on the desert. No one opened their mouth.

Many quick-minded people had already envisioned the future of Iron Plateau from Yan Xibei's brief introduction. They were all awed by the dark, disheartening scenes.

Even the bravest warriors found it hard to breathe and were tremoring uncontrollably.

"Little Xiong, I don't know how you felt when you found out the truth of possession between civilizations."

Yan Xibei's eyes shook, and there was a hint of fear in them. He murmured, "When I finally sorted out the puzzle based on the heritage of the Blood Stripe Virus, my very first feeling was horror. Endless horror!

"The universe is too vast, too cold, and too dark!

"Mankind calls itself the strongest fighting species in the sea of stars. We've defeated countless unknown species while we were expanding our territory!

"Conquering nature, slaying demons, building new worlds, defeating foreign species How powerful and dominating!

"However, we are still merely frogs in a well when faced with the boundless universe!

"Deep within the heritage of the Blood Stripe Virus, a lot of mottled pictures were hidden. I saw a spacious universe and countless unknown species in them.

"Some of the species were without entities. They were formless like devils, and yet they could take away the lives of thousands of creatures instantly.

"Some species were made of flesh and blood, but they could live and fight effortlessly in a vacuum and even feast upon meteorites!

"Some other species were like lifeless soil and rocks, but they boasted extremely uncanny techniques, too!

"Such unknown species are like deities in myths. Even the human beings of the Star Ocean Imperium, the well-acknowledged summit of humanity, might not have been able to defeat them!

"When I figured out the truth, I was like a water snake that had suddenly discovered a boundless ocean next to the pond which it had always considered to be its own kingdom. Living in the ocean were all ferocious animals such as sharks and dragons!

"The desperation caused by a whole new world suddenly unfolding itself in front of me explosively is beyond the description of any words.

"However, I was never a man who would be beaten by desperation.

"When my panic and desperation gradually faded, I immediately started pondering our future path. The destination of mankind and the ruthless universe was too complicated a problem for me to solve. But at the very least, I should alter the fate of Iron Plateau and free my compatriots and descendants from the miserable future of being enslaved by the Blood Stripe Virus!

"Over that year, the metaphysical and yet urgent questions such as how to make Iron Plateau natives stronger and how to stop the tragedy that was bound to occur thousands of years later had been troubling me. I was barely able to breathe.

"But my compatriots and my family knew nothing about anything.

"It's just like an army of soldiers that had been born blind, were striding toward a cliff, and were about to fall into the abyss.

"I was also a member of the blind army, but somehow, I was suddenly granted sight. I saw brightness as well as the cliff in front of us!

"But I could not shout or change anything, because the army was too huge and the path we were standing on was too shallow. If I suddenly burst out a cry, it was very possible that everyone would fall off from the two sides of the path and still end up in the abyss!

"We had no other options except to move forward until we reached the destination of destruction!

"I struggled for a whole year in pain and devastation. Many times, I thought about sharing my assumptions with everyone. But what could they do even if they learned the truth? Without resources, we would not be able to fight against the eggs of apocalypse. When the towns were destroyed and our civilization collapsed, we would still become the Blood Stripe Virus' slaves just like the wildings on the Dark Continent!

"While I was seized by desperation, however, I gradually discovered that unexpected changes were happening to my body!

"After I fully absorbed the drop of eccentric blood, my own blood as well my nerves and flesh were gradually becoming different. Not only did my capability slowly recover, my senses and control over spiritual energy also increased significantly. Besides, I seemed to have been granted the ability to modify animals and communicate with the eggs of apocalypse!

"After many tests, I finally concluded that, after I swallowed the Blood Stripe Virus, I had combined the strength of mankind and that of the Blood Stripe Virus. I had evolved in a brand-new way!

"The discovery made me overjoyed. It also opened a new window for me!

"The strong prey on the weak in the ruthless universe. Tigers eat men, but men can eat tigers, too!

"Attack or be attacked. Instead of waiting to be controlled by the Blood Stripe Virus thousands of years later, we might as well swallow the Blood Stripe Virus first while we still have the ability to fight!"