Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Make a Road, Set a Fire!
Chapter 628: Make a Road, Set a Fire!
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Yan Xibei was talking so excitedly that the bloody aura around him was all dancing as if it were alive. However, a fireball suddenly exploded in front of him, and the brightness around Yan Xibei was shrieking in pain.

As it turned out, Wu Mayan had shot out a crystal bomb brutally with a thick True Qi gun!


Ruthlessness suddenly blinked in Yan Xibei's eyes, and he grinned hideously. "Those who are too stubborn to embrace evolution shall all be eliminated!"

A bloody claw was suddenly condensed in midair and snatched at Wu Mayan's head, producing earsplitting noises.

Fearlessly, Wu Mayan grabbed a saber that was even longer than himself and jumped up into the sky, slashing the bloody claw!

However, he was too young and only in the 13th level of the Refinement Stage after all. After the clash, the bloody claws remained harmless, but his own saber was broken in half after a clang from the middle!

Wu Mayan grunted. His fingers bleeding, he fell down from the sky.

The bloody claw was much faster than him and went directly for his skull. If they snatched his head, it would definitely be crumbled in the next second!

In the time of urgency, Xiong Wuji suddenly rose up. He picked up his foster son and put him on his back, while he crossed his arms and summoned his spiritual gas to block the bloody claws!

" Do not touch my son! "

Yan Xibei smiled casually. He suddenly exerted his strength. The blood claw seemed to have turned into a red shooting star and blew Xiong Wuji and Wu Mayan hundreds of meters away, leaving a deep ravine in the ground.

The two of them span wildly in midair and crashed into the qi-trainers.

The qi-trainers hurried to help Xiong Wuji get on his feet, only to discover that his chest was bloody and hot steam was popping out nonstop, as if he had really just been hit by a meteorite.

The qi-trainers of the Furious Bears Tribe and the other five tribes as well as Cultivators from the Great Horn Exo Society were all greatly awed!

Tiny fighting will was hovering and consolidating above the exhausted warriors' heads.

Most of them were using their sabers and flags as clubs and managed to stand on their feet by supporting each other. Motivated by invisible strength, their fighting will reverberated, and their spiritual gas surged out!

"Fight! Let's fight!"

"Chief Xiong was right. He is not Yan Xibei. He is not a human being. He is the Blood Stripe Virus. A Blood Demon!"

Sha Yulan gritted her teeth, with hot tears rolling inside her eyes. She forced herself to not look at Xiong Wuji and continued guiding the spiritual energy to attack Li Yao's heart wholeheartedly.

Sensing the reverberating fighting will that was even more emotive than before, Li Yao felt like he was in the middle of a raging ocean and could not hold it any longer. He jumped up and grabbed a broken saber. A bloody aura immediately sprayed out of his blade!

Sha Yulan exclaimed in a low voice, "The guidance has not been completed yet. The immense spiritual energy is still on a rampage inside your veins, nerves, and internal organs. If it is not completely dissolved and digested, you may die in body explosion at any moment!"

"There's no time to bother about that!" Li Yao spat, only to discover that his saliva raised a tiny flame when it hit the ground.

Licking his lips, he couldn't tell what the simmering situation inside his body really was. He simply said, "Let me just slash him and enjoy myself for a moment!"

"Kill him!"

Chiefs of the Giant Axe Tribe, the Feathered Snakes Tribe, the Heaven Wolves Tribe, and the Silver Moon Tribe, as well as the dozens of qi-trainers who still had the ability to fight, roared and rushed forward!

"Kill him!"

Lei Dalu, Zuo Xiaohu, Lu Dian, and the other Cultivators of the Great Horn Exo Society who could still stand also charged at the enemy without thinking about anything else!

"Kill him!"

Li Yao felt that his body was on fire. The broken saber in his hand had joined with him and became an unquenchable torch. It was not spiritual gas that was spurting out of the back of his armor, but orange exhaust flames!

Accelerating himself to the maximum speed, Li Yao turned into a brilliant star and darted at Yan Xibei!

"Ants are just ants! What can you do even if your number is impressive?" Yan Xibei suddenly roared.

The bloody flames hundreds of square meters around him suddenly exploded! A hundred bloody claws extended from the ocean of blood and snatched at everybody on the spot!


Li Yao felt that his chest had been bashed hundreds of times within the moment. The spiritual gas that he had just summoned all collapsed, while he was blown hundreds of meters away and crashed into a heavy tank!

There was nothing but blood-red in front of his eyes. Two honeycombs seemed to have been stuffed into his ears, because he could hear nothing except an incessant humming. It was not until almost twenty seconds later that he regained his sight and hearing. He discovered that the hundreds of people who had charged forward had all been blown back by the storm and were scattered on the battlefield.

Most of them were unconscious. There was no telling whether they were alive or dead.

Those who were conscious had also been heavily wounded and were bleeding profusely, unable to stand up again.

Yan Xibei sneered, "The fierce battle over the previous three hours drained your spiritual gas. Even though you were above the 70th level of the Refinement Stage, your combat ability is below the 20th level of the Refinement Stage now that your spiritual gas had run dry and you are exhausted.

"In comparison, this apocalyptic body of mine boasts combat ability close to the Nascent Soul Stage!

"On what grounds do you think you can fight against me"

Before Yan Xibei finished his sentence, his pupils shrank violently as he looked to his left in surprise.

To his left, a man soaked in blood, with no skin still intact, managed to stumble to his feet.

The best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, Xiong Wuji!

Yan Xibei squinted, crawled over, and shook his head. "It's useless. Little Xiong, give up!"

Xiong Wuji stood stably and took a deep breath. Still in a trance, he looked around for anything that could serve as a weapon near him. He smiled miserably and said, "That's why I say that you are not Master Yan at all.

"When I was the most confused, the most desperate, and the most frustrated, it was Master Yan who told me that strength and victory did not matter for an Iron Plateau qi-trainer.

"What matters is to fight and never to give up as long as you are still breathing!"

Yan Xibei narrowed his eyes. His scorpion tail was raised high again.

"Father Xiong, you've been injured. Let me!"

Protected by Xiong Wuji just now, Wu Mayan only rolled tumble a few times on the ground and was not wounded. He tore off two strips of cloth from his coat with his teeth and bound his hands with the broken saber. Then he dashed to Xiong Wuji and glared at the scorpion tail that was even thicker than his waist. He raised his saber high and gnashed his teeth. "Come on, you monster. I am Wu Mayan, Xiong Wuji's son and the future best warrior of Iron Plateau!"

"What a touching father-son relationship."

Yan Xibei smiled. The scorpion tail turned into a streak of brightness again, this time, not whipping but piercing!

The sharp venomous sting was aimed at Wu Mayan's thin chest!

Wu Mayan shouted desperately. The surging spiritual gas around the young man was definitely much more than fifteen square meters. His soaring fighting will seemed to have repaired the broken saber and made it even sharper than when it was intact. He slashed it down brutally!


The scorpion tail penetrated flesh. The venomous pierced through the body out of the back!

"Ahh!" Sha Yulan cried, her tears flowing out.

But a moment later, she suddenly found that her son had been kicked away when the sting arrived, and it was actually Xiong Wuji who had been pierced through!

The sting had penetrated into Xiong Wuji's left shoulder blade, but he clutched the thick scorpion tail, and his legs stabbed into the earth like two giant trees. Yan Xibei found it impossible to retract the tail however hard he tried!

" Do not touch my son! "

With every word Xiong Wuji roared, the earth below him would quake. His dispersed spiritual gas was concentrated again and raged out like a tsunami!

Ten meters Twenty meters Thirty meters

The range of Xiong Wuji's surging spiritual gas continued expanding!

"Little Xiong, you are truly unsuitable to be a leader. Too emotional. It was only your foster son whom you don't have any blood relationship with!"

Yan Xibei slowly wriggled his scorpion tail and enlarged the wound on Xiong Wuji's left shoulder.

The dense thorns on the scorpion tail almost shattered Xiong Wuji's left shoulder.

Yan Xibei declared gloomily, "Not just a foster son, even a true born son must be sacrificed for the continuity of the civilization when necessary!

"In the dark universe, everything must be calculated precisely for survival. Emotions are the most useless things of all. The new human beings after evolution should retain none of them!"

"Father Xiong!"

Wu Mayan was somewhat lightheaded. He tried to stand up with his broken saber as a club but failed after multiple attempts.

"Big Xiong!"

Sha Yulan rushed toward the two most important men in her life without caring about anything.

Yan Xibei raised his eyebrow. Killing intent appeared in his eyes. Yet, before he launched the fatal attacks toward the two, he suddenly felt an enormous, uncanny force coming from his scorpion tail!

Xiong Wuji had pushed him three meters backwards against his scorpion tail with a body of flesh and blood!

The range of Xiong Wuji's surging spiritual gas was still expanding. Seventy square meters. Eighty. Ninety

"Without emotions, what is the difference between humans and rocks?"

Every muscle on Xiong Wuji's body was cramping because of the excruciating pain. Blood was flowing out of the gaps in his broken armor like rivers. Two bloody footprints were left behind as he stepped forward.

Even so, he was still pushing Yan Xibei back!

The range of his surging spiritual gas was still growing. Ninety-three square meters. Ninety-four. Ninety-five!


"Chief Xiong!"

Countless qi-trainers who had fallen to the ground, unable to stand up, were clenching their fists and cheering for him.

Even Li Yao was gritting his teeth, as if it were a way to transfer the remaining fighting will inside his soul into Xiong Wuji's body!

"We are, of course, evolving continuously, to be smarter, stronger, and more excellent.

"But the purpose of our evolution is to protect more people and let more people live a better life!

"I've been training crazily and making myself stronger all the time because I want to protect my homeland, my compatriots, and the very planet below our feet!

"If I have to sacrifice my home, my family, and everything that I swore to protect in order to be mightier, such strength is definitely not what I want!"

Ninety-seven square meters. Ninety-eight square meters. Ninety-nine square meters!

Amidst the endless, reverberating fighting will from countless qi-trainers, Xiong Wuji improved himself, reaching the 99th level of the Refinement Stage, the highest state for the qi-trainers of Iron Plateau over the past five thousand years!


Yan Xibei's bloody aura formed another hundred claws and bashed Xiong Wuji's spiritual gas. Every blow made Xiong Wuji's body tremble and his wounds bleed fast!

"Even if the universe is as dark as you described, we will not abandon our emotions or the things that we swore to protect!"

As if pressed by a pair of invisible, giant hands, Xiong Wuji bent, and his knees fell to the ground beyond his control.

However, no matter how many new wounds were added to his body, no matter how many bones were broken, and no matter how badly his internal organs were torn apart, he gritted his teeth through the agony and even stood straight again without giving in!

Xiong Wuji laughed aloud. "What you see as burdens and nuisances are the only motivation for us to stride forward in my eyes! We will carry everything on our back and walk forth until we get out of the dark forest!"

"Just wake up. There are no roads in the dark forest. We will never walk out of it!" Yan Xibei roared. The veins on the apocalyptic body became as thick as boas. A boundless ocean of blood swept at Xiong Wuji!

"If there are no roads, we will make one. If we can't walk out, we will set the dark forest on fire and burn it to the ground!"

Xiong Wuji uttered a deafening roar. The range of his spiritual gas was supposed to have reached its limits, but it continued magnifying, despite the suppression of Yan Xibei's blood ocean. Finally

The range of his surging spiritual gas reached a hundred square meters!