Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Make a Legend!
Chapter 630: Make a Legend!
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Seeing that Yan Xibei was crawling closer and closer and his veins were becoming thicker and thicker, making his face so twisted that it could barely be called human, Li Yao gritted his teeth, picked up a broken saber, and charged at Yan Xibei, while he roared, "Don't be fooled, everybody! This old fart is bluffing!

"How can he be unharmed after enduring a full-strength strike from Chief Xiong? His capability must be at the rock bottom right now! Let's kill him while he's injured!"

Li Yao bellowed and jumped up!

The very next second, he was already slapped away by the enormous hand formed by Yan Xibei's bloody mist, as if he were but a fly. After waving his hands and legs crazily in the air, he crashed into a hill heavily and cracked many rocks!

His head dizzy, Li Yao felt that every bone in his chest had been fractured into multiple pieces. A mouthful of blood was stuck inside his throat, neither going up or going down. He couldn't have felt more uncomfortable.

Yet, a smile of relief beamed on Li Yao's face, because, when he sensed his body carefully, he found that there were only There were still two shackles of Black Spider Death Curse!

You've got to be kidding me!

Li Yao was dumbfounded. His eyelids were jumping crazily while he remembered the previous blow. It seemed that he had failed to adjust his body to the perfect angle at the last moment. Therefore, Yan Xibei's strike did not hit his heart precisely, veering a little bit to the right.

Li Yao spat the blood in his mouth out. Looking at the lightning flashing in the sky, he was of a mind to roar to cheer everybody up. However, he finally gave up after three seconds of preparation due to lack of strength. He gnashed his teeth. "You've seen it, everybody. Yan Xibei has been heavily wounded and is weaker than ever. The blow is soft and entirely strengthlessPu!"

A mouthful of blood was finally thrown out. Illuminated by the lightning, Li Yao's face was paler than that of a corpse.

The qi-trainers and the Cultivators, on the other hand, realized that it was true. After Xiong Wuji broke into the 100th level of the Refinement Stage, he was at least equal to a Core Formation Stage Cultivator. The strongest strike at the cost of his life and all his Cultivation wouldn't be harmless for Yan Xibei at all.

Flesh and blood could be repaired quickly. However, the combat ability could not be recovered so fast.

Right now, Yan Xibei was at his weakest.

But his capability was recovering quickly with every passing second!

"Let's go! This is our last chance!"

With a roar, the dozens of qi-trainers and Cultivators all burnt their life and soul while they staggered and lunged at Yan Xibei for their last strike!

Yan Xibei's face was extremely gloomy under the bloody aura. He glared at Li Yao with the utmost hatred.

He had suffered heavy wounds when he had just melded with the apocalyptic body that was not even mature yet. Li Yao was quite right that he could not have recovered instantly.

He had planned to bluff to buy himself more time just as he did in the beginning. But the wretched 'Sand Scorpion' saw through him this time!

Of course, Yan Xibei was not in the least bothered by the flies that were coming at him. But many of his veins and organs had just been reborn and were not suitable for a fierce fight yet!

"You are seeking your own death!"

Gnashing his teeth, Yan Xibei clutched a random qi-trainer with his bloody claw. The newborn mantis foreleg slashed brutally, and the qi-trainer's head immediately left his body!

He had no time to care about his plan now; he was merely venting his anger by slaughtering!

However, the miserable death of a qi-trainer made the other qi-trainers even more unbendable. They all charged at him in no fear of death at all!

Li Yao gritted his teeth and sprinted again. This time, his computational ability soared while he calculated the trajectories and strength of Yan Xibei's attacks accurately so that he could set himself in the most appropriate position.

When his saber slashed into Yan Xibei's insect body, the bloody claw snatched his heart precisely!

The attack almost pierced through his heart.

The second to last shackle of Black Spider Death Curse that had been hiding inside his heart disappeared after a weak scream!

This is the way!

Li Yao was overjoyed. He vomited blood but laughed as he guided his spiritual energy to repair the damaged heart and calculated the second chance.

Now is the time!

While Yan Xibei was holding one qi-trainer in each of his hands, Li Yao charged at Yan Xibei's face, his eyes shining coldly!

As he expected, Yan Xibei had been prepared for the potential attacks at his chest. The bloodstained spider threads interweaved into the sharpest net of defense, and a cluster of bloody mist rushed out at Li Yao's own chest!

In the depths of Li Yao's heart, a cluster of spiritual energy was long ready, too. It almost spurted out of his chest at the same time!

When the two streams of spiritual energy collided heavily, the last shackle in the middle was immediately burnt to ashes!


Li Yao was blown backward again, this time crashing into a drumming tank of the Giant Axe Tribe by accident. A dull noise echoed inside the big drum.


Li Yao could hear nothing in the darkness except his own heartbeat, which was clearer and heavier than ever and sounded like blood-boiling drumming that was faster and faster!

The nine shackles of the Black Spider Death Curse had all been destroyed. He had regained the ability to liquefy his spiritual gas and advance into the Building Foundation Stage!

Li Yao grinned and laughed crazily and silently in the darkness. He summoned all his soul power and spread out all the spiritual gas inside his body!

The range of his surging spiritual gas was thirty square meters, forty square meters fifty square meters Seventy, eighty!


Harassed by the many qi-trainers, Yan Xibei was feeling upset when he suddenly sensed that a cluster of spiritual gas was expanding beyond his expectation.

The other qi-trainers also gazed at where Li Yao was in bewilderment.

They discovered that the cluster of spiritual gas did not stop expanding when it reached eighty square meters but continued spreading out!

"This is"

Everybody gasped. A tiny spark was kindled in the bottom of their hearts. There was hope again!

Yan Xibei grinned hideously. "Xiong Wuji was in the 100th level of the Refinement Stage, but he had to kneel down before me, too! Even if there is another one in the 100th level of the Refinement Stage, so what?"

Even though he was saying that, he still crawled toward Li Yao despite the collective attack of dozens of qi-trainers.

Li Yao gritted his teeth and expanded the range of his spiritual gas without caring about anything else. Eighty-six square meters, eighty-seven, eighty-eight!

Eighty-eight square meters, however, seemed to be his limits. After his range expanded to eighty-eight square meters, it was not able to move forward one inch, although the edge of his spiritual domain was quivering.

Yan Xibei burst into laughter. "Just the 88th level of the Refinement Stage!"

In his laughter, Li Yao took a deep, deep breath. He meditated on the hundreds of structures of the spiritual liquid, while he compressed, consolidated, and liquefied the enormous spiritual gas of the 88th level of the Refinement Stage with his burning fighting will!

For common Cultivators, the 14th level of the Refinement State, or rather, the peak of the Refinement Stage, was the threshold where they could compress their spiritual gas into spiritual liquid thereby advancing into the Building Foundation Stage.

Then, what would happen if the tremendous spiritual gas of the 88th level of the Refinement Stage was all condensed into spiritual liquid?


There were no drummers on the tank, and yet it was drumming soul-stirringly, motivated by Li Yao's strength.

Li Yao's body seemed to have turned into an enormous swirl that absorbed all the spiritual gas nearby, and he condensed all of it into spiritual liquid through the high-speed revolutions.

Unstoppably, he broke through the low level, the middle level, and the high level of the Building Foundation Stage without any hinderance and advanced into the peak of the Building Foundation Stage effortlessly!


Quite a few drums couldn't help it any longer and exploded after echoing their highest note!

But Li Yao's outburst had not stopped yet.

He sensed that there was boundless spiritual gas near him that he could continue compressing after he reached the peak of the Building Foundation Stage!

He was still far away from his limits!

"This is"

Li Yao was both surprised and overjoyed. He made up his mind and continued compressing crazily.

The spiritual gas was compressed into spiritual liquid, and the spiritual liquid was showing the sign of consolidation under the high pressure!

When the spiritual liquid solidified, it would mean that he had arrived in the Core Formation Stage!

I'm going to break into the Core Formation Stage and slay this mother*cker!

Li Yao's eyes were crimson, and the skin all over his body was breaking apart. However, it was not blood that was seeping out of his wounds, but red brightness mixed with spiritual energy!

He decided to take his chances without caring about anything!

For common Cultivators, entering the Core Formation Stage was a hundred times more difficult than entering the Building Foundation Stage. Not only did they need to refill countless Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures before their attempt, they would also have to be guided with secret arts in the deep meditation state during the process, not to mention that they had to find a unique opportunity or timing. Even so, the chances of success were still slim.

Breaking into the Core Formation Stage in the middle of a fierce battle in high spirits after a vehement speech was almost something that would only appear in legends!

However, today, Li Yao was making a legend!

Consolidate! Consolidate! All the spiritual liquid, solidify now!

As more and more spiritual liquid flooded into his body, the swirl in the center of his abdomen was showing traces of solidification. His spine was numb and itching. Coldness was brushing the two ends of his spine like tides!


Li Yao's eye suddenly bulged. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was unable to move.

He was not prepared for the Core Formation Stage after all.

Maybe, the tremendous spiritual gas of the 88th level of the Refinement Stage far exceeded the need to form the core. However, his brain was not developed enough to fully control the spiritual gas to transform it from the gas form into the liquid form bit by bit, and then from the liquid form into the solid form drop by drop until the spiritual liquid was melded together perfectly!

He was more like a 'dinosaur' among the Cultivators. His strength was enormous, but his brain was too small to make the best use of his strength!

Cr*p. I'm going to be mentally deranged!

Li Yao grunted. His computational ability surpassed his limits, and countless cerebral vessels immediately exploded. His brain went blank, and he completely lost control over the spiritual energy in his abdomen.

Boosted by the inertia of the revolution, spiritual liquid was still flooding into his chest and consolidating, but in a weird structure that looked extremely ugly. It did not seem to be a core, but more like a lump, a lump of spiritual energy beyond Li Yao's control that could potentially get him killed at any moment!

However, none of the outsiders knew anything about it.

They could only feel that Li Yao's aura continued improving inside the drumming tank until it reached a level that they couldn't comprehend at all!

The things happening to Li Yao were too extraordinary. Although Yan Xibei had learned a thing or two about the Building Foundation Stage, the Core Formation Stage, and the Nascent Soul Stage after he joined the Temple of Immortals, he could barely understand Li Yao's current uncanny status.

But he did vaguely feel that 'Sand Scorpion' was about to form the core!

In cold sweat, Yan Xibei roared and summoned countless bloody claws to drive away the qi-trainers near him despite his unrecovered wounds.

Then, he charged at the drumming tank in a streak of redness!

"You want to form the core? Not so fast!"

Yan Xibei grinned hideously. The newborn scorpion tail, endowed with all the strength in the apocalyptic body, pierced at Li Yao's swollen abdomen!