Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 631

Chapter 631: Simmer! Superlative!
Chapter 631: Simmer! Superlative!
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On the verge of mental derangement, Li Yao was quite befuddled. But he sensed the incoming danger out of instinct and crossed his arms to block the scorpion tail.

However, the enormous, apocalyptic strength inside the scorpion tail pierced into his abdomen, like a bolt of lightning, aimed right at the lump of spiritual energy that he had just condensed!


For a moment, Li Yao felt that a volcano was erupting inside his abdomen. The overwhelming spiritual energy spurted out like magma. All the disordered strength finally found a leak and escaped out of his body in a hurry!

Li Yao was finally back to himself. He was no longer in danger of mental derangement, but he had also come to the painful understanding that his core formation had failed!

Yan Xibei did not expect that such enormous and chaotic spiritual energy was concentrated in Li Yao's abdomen. Although his previous attack had pierced Li Yao's abdomen, the counterforce resulting from the outburst of spiritual energy had blown him away brutally. The newborn veins and nerves were a mess again!

Expanding his senses, Yan Xibei found Li Yao lying in the drumming like a balloon that had lost all the air. He couldn't help but burst into laughter. Without caring about his wounds, he spread out his arms. Bloody mists stayed on his arms for a while, before they flew into the sky and condensed into two giant bloody hands!


Yan Xibei bellowed and slapped his hands brutally. The two giant hands smashed Li Yao like two mountains.


After two earsplitting explosions, two giant handprints more than half a meter deep appeared on the more than ten square meters of ground around the drumming tank which had been crushed into a cluster of wasted iron!

Li Yao did not have the opportunity to jump out of the tank. He fell to one knee, with metal parts smothering him from various directions. The bones throughout his body were emitting cracking noises. Even breathing became very difficult for him.

"I failed"

Li Yao smiled miserably. Blackness blinked in front of his eyes. Out of his expectation, it was not very painful. He only felt extremely fatigued.

He felt that it was not cold metal that were pressing him but a warm swamp whose black, thick mud was surrounding and swallowing him bit by bit.

Gradually, he could no longer sense his limbs and his facial organs. Even his breathing and heartbeat became slow. Like an insect that was mired in amber, he slowly gave up struggling.

However, stinging feelings were still stimulating the deepest part of his brain.

They were fighting will that looked like sparks, the last fighting will from all the qi-trainers nearby in the state of reverberation!

When the qi-trainers saw that the drumming tank Li Yao was in had been completely crushed, they thought that Li Yao had been killed and simply lunged at the enemy with no consideration for their own safety!

Their capability had hit rock bottom, but their fighting will had bounced to the peak when they were hopeless!

"Born in Iron Plateau, die in Iron Plateau!"

There was no telling who uttered the eight words first, but they were like a spell that made the exhausted warriors, whose spiritual gas had run dry and who were supposed to never stand up again, manage to struggle to their feet and support each other. They stared at Yan Xibei and moved inch by inch toward him as if their eyes were their crutches!

"You truly have no fear of death. Then you might as well die now!"

Yan Xibei manipulated the bloody hands and waved the scorpion tails and mantis forelegs to continue the slaughter while he shouted loud.

Motivated by such intense fighting willing, Li Yao's withered heart expanded again.

His fighting will extended out like hundreds of tentacles and sensed every other qi-trainer's fighting will!

Whenever he touched the burning fighting will of a qi-trainer, his own fighting will would increase a little bit, and when his fighting will had been expanded to the limits, he suddenly discovered something.

The chaotic spiritual energy spurting out of his abdomen was still spinning around him slowly. It was fluctuating at the same frequency as the vibration of his soul, and it was even under his control!

Li Yao's nearly pure black eyes constricted violently. Two stars seemed to have exploded in the center of his pupils. His fighting will continued soaring and broke the limit of all limits!

He gritted his teeth and stood on his feet silently against the steel that was pressing his head!

"This is"

The eyes of everyone present bulged as they gawked at the scrapped tank in disbelief.

They all sensed that a tremendous force was slowly rising from the remains of the tank!


Yan Xibei burst into fury. He took a deep breath and spat a mouthful of blood and sprayed the blood evenly on his two hands.

His hands, which were now mixed with purple auras, slapped again heavily. With a long screeching noise, the remains of the tank were crumbled into an iron ball by him!

However, spiritual energy was still spreading out of the gaps of the iron ball like tides.

Although it was in the liquid form, it seemed to be in an extremely high temperature and was boiling.

The boiling spiritual liquid turned into spiritual gas and expanded. When the spiritual gas reached a certain boundary, it cooled down and consolidated into spiritual liquid again. The process was repeated incessantly, and a great circulation was formed!

No qi-trainer knew what was going on.

Most of the Cultivators of the Great Horn Exo Society were unconscious. Only a few of them vaguely sensed an enormous strength as if a storm was brewing.

Lei Dalu, as the Cultivator at the highest level involved in the battle, was the only one who could feel the entire process of the formal changes and the circulation of spiritual energy.

However, even Lei Dalu had never seen such a weird phenomenon.

The Building Foundation Stage Cultivators could liquefy their spiritual energy, and when the liquefied spiritual energy was compressed to the minimum into the solid state, they would enter the Core Formation Stage.

However, nobody had ever thought what would happen if the spiritual liquid was boiled instead of being solidified.


Dozens of bolts of lightning illuminated the sky at the same time as if they sensed that a strong being had appeared on the ground.

With the lightning as the background, the iron ball exploded like a crystal bomb, revealing a shining figure in the center!

It was exactly Li Yao!

He was still wearing the ragged Sky Scorpion Armor. But every plate was now entangled by spiritual energy and emitting flowing brightness as if they were made of translucent jade.

Stirred by the spiritual energy, his hair seemed to have grown significantly. It had been a mess on his head before, but right now, it was erect like swords, with gold brightness rooted at the end!

Purple electric arcs were dancing around him, overlapping and colliding now and then. Dazzling brilliance was released!

Yan Xibei was more than angry. His scorpion tail shook violently in a 'pa' sound, sending a cluster of weird redness out toward Li Yao's face, surpassing the speed of sound instantly!

But Li Yao snatched it at the last moment and crushed it to pieces!

It was a crimson venomous sting!

"That's impossible!" Yan Xibei lost his calmness. "What level is this? Even peak of the Building Foundation Stage should be no match for me!"

Li Yao took a deep breath and looked at his hands in confusion. He warmed up his fingers, sensing the new changes that had happened to his body.

It was quite weird that, although he had failed to form the core and a large hole was left in his abdomen, resulting in a huge mess within his body, he was now able to manipulate the dispersing spiritual energy with his immense fighting will. He could even boil the spiritual liquid escaping from his body into the gas form and absorb it again!

As the circulation went on faster and faster, his strength became higher and higher!

"This is not the peak of the Building Foundation Stage."

Li Yao's eyes were shining brighter and brighter, as he mumbled to himself, "I have surpassed the peak of the Building Foundation Stage. Just like

"Just like the predecessors of Iron Plateau who broke the limits and created the superlative height of the Refinement Stage beyond the peak of it!

"Old monster!"

Li Yao stood in midair and slowly flew toward Yan Xibei, his lips curling into a hideous smile.

"Don't be scared. This is not the Core Formation Stage, but it is not the peak of the Building Foundation Stage, either.

"This is the superlative height of the Building Foundation Stage!"

"Superlative height of the Building Foundation Stage?"

Yan Xibei was dumbfounded. He immediately burst into fury. "What kind of bullsh*t level is that? There isn't such a thing!"


Li Yao suddenly accelerated to the maximum speed and crashed into Yan Xibei, while he shouted, "Chief Xiong was right. Roads are made by people. Every level is created by people, too. This is the level that I have created, the superlative height of the Building Foundation Stage!"

"Whatever level you are in, you can go to hell!" Yan Xibei bellowed. The bloody aura around his body was all turned into the most powerful blast and brutally blew Li Yao hundreds of meters away into a rock.

The bystanders were all stunned, not sure how they should react.

When they saw that Li Yao was so confident in such a glamorous appearance, they had thought that he would be able to fight Yan Xibei for a long time and did not expect that he would be blown back so easily!

However, weird clicking sounds echoed in the rock that Li Yao had crashed into. His dominating aura was not in the least diminished, either. Soon, even the hill could not bear it any longer, and overlapping cracks appeared on its surface.


The rock exploded in raging dust, and a magnificent shadow suddenly leapt up from the broken stones!

The glittering black armor was painted with gold rings. Two crossed sabers were attached to its back, and a giant spear pointed at the sky from its helmet as if it were trying to cut a hole in the sky!

Everybody gasped. In their trance, many people thought that they were looking at yet another calamity-level apocalyptic beast. But when they looked carefully, they found that it was a set of plugins refined out of the bones and shells of the calamity-level apocalyptic beasts as well as materials from other demon beasts!

"Do forgive me, everybody. I have just grasped a new way to utilize my strength, and I'm still familiarizing myself with it."

Li Yao warmed up his four limbs. The spluttering electric arcs attached the strengthening plugins to the Sky Scorpion Armor perfectly. It was agiler, swifter, and stronger than he had anticipated!

Apocalyptic Extension versus apocalyptic body!

Calamity versus calamity!


In the blink of an eye, Li Yao, wearing the Apocalyptic Extension, was already gone. The rock that he had been in exploded, revealing a giant hole almost five meters deep where hot steam was popping up nonstop as if it had been hit by a falling star!

Yan Xibei, on the other hand, screamed miserably!