Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Invincible in Iron Plateau!
Chapter 637: Invincible in Iron Plateau!
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"What? You are leaving?"

In the residence of the chief of the Furious Bears Tribe, the mysterious smiles on the faces of Xiong Wuji and Lei Dalu turned into bewilderment all of a sudden. They stared at Li Yao in disbelief.

The Great Horn Exo Society had played an important role in the hostage incident. Hundreds of its members had fought side by side with the qi-trainers, and many of them had sacrificed themselves. Therefore, the Iron Plateau natives had been treating them especially warmly.

Until the delegation of Cultivators arrived, the Great Horn Exo Society had served as the bridge of communication between the two parties and still played its part after the presidents and professors of the two supreme colleges landed.

Many qi-trainers were still wary of the space residents. Only the Cultivators of the Great Horn Exo Society, who shed blood together with them, could be fully trusted.

Over the past few months, Lei Dalu and Xiong Wuji had been communicating with each other a lot because of the public affairs. The two of them shared similar tempers and became good friends.

Just now, they were wearing smiles as if they had prepared a surprise for Li Yao. But they did not expect that Li Yao would bring an even bigger surprise for them.

Li Yao raised his eyebrow and said, "Is there a problem? I said to Chief Xiong a long time ago that I was forced to land on Iron Plateau and have been kept in this place because of the subsequent events.

"Right now, all the problems have been solved.

"A new chief has been elected in the Burning Sun Tribe. After a month of investigation, many spies of the Temple of Immortals have been discovered. It is only a matter of time before every one of them is fished out by following up the leads.

"As for the Cultivators, they have transported a batch of medical facilities to Iron Plateau quickly. The heavily wounded qi-trainers will receive the best treatment.

"Also, the 'Association of Interstellar Communication' has been established. Large-scale communication is already underway.

"I won't be of much help even if I continue to stay on Iron Plateau.

"Besides, I didn't speak the whole truth on the Truth Cabinet that day, and I've been feeling uneasy. The longer I delay, the more likely it is that I will be seen through. It will be pretty bad when that happens."

Li Yao spoke frankly. Xiong Wuji and Lei Dalu were both aware of his background and knew that he was not an Iron Plateau native at all.

Xiong Wuji looked at Lei Dalu and asked hesitatingly, "Li Yao, there is still a question that we have been trying to hold back for a long time. How did you pass the test of the Truth Cabinet that day? Was there really any magical equipment that could disturb the functionality of the Truth Cabinet?"

Li Yao was silent for a while.

He had discussed the question with Professor Mo Xuan, and they had reached a consensus that it was not good to reveal his real identity yet.

It was not because he did not trust Lei Dalu or Xiong Wuji, but because of the Temple of Immortals.

Although the Temple of Immortals' scheme had failed, the organization still boasted tremendous capability in the dark. If Yan Xibei was not lying, the other three leaders of the Temple of Immortals were all super experts in the Nascent Soul Stage. More importantly, Li Yao did not even know who they were.

If Li Yao were to release his real identity to the public, stating that he was from a different world and in possession of many techniques and magical equipment the Flying Star Sector had never heard of, he would definitely become one of the most important targets for the Temple of Immortals. There would be no way that he could train himself and learn knowledge without being disturbed.

"It's true that I cannot craft a piece of magical equipment that could deceive the Truth Cabinet," Li Yao replied. "But the Truth Cabinet is a dead thing after all. There are many ways to bypass it. Maybe, everything I said was true, except that it was in a different time sequence and short of a few critical sentences.

"For example, Chief Xiong, has it ever occurred to you that, if you are a space resident growing up on Iron Plateau, it is possible that an Iron Plateau native grows up in the space?

"Wouldn't such a man pass the test of the Truth Cabinet?"

Xiong Wuji and Lei Dalu were both dazed. It was something that they had never thought of.

Li Yao scratched his hair and said, "Of course, my background is a secret, but it doesn't matter now. I'm leaving Iron Plateau soon anyway. Speaking of which, I must trouble Captain Lei to find a starship to Heavenly Saints City for me."

Lei Dalu's eyes were blinking as he said, "You're going to Heavenly Saints City? With what identity?"

"Of course I'm going to Heavenly Saints City, as I said a long time ago," Li Yao said matter-of-factly. "As for my identity? Of course, I will go under my real name, Li Yao! Although an accident happened at the Skyhill Sword Seminar this year, I did demonstrate my capability before it. Right now, the world of Cultivators is in chaos, and it's a great time for the Exos to show themselves off. I don't think the three main crystal suit centers will reject me!"

There was even more interest in Lei Dalu's eyes. He asked, "You are interested in the refinement of crystal suits?"

"Not just crystal suits. I'm interested in all kinds of magical equipment. But of course, the more advanced, the better," Li Yao replied.

Lei Dalu questioned further about his plans. "Then, what about the most cutting-edge theories about magical equipment? Although the three main crystal suit centers are best known for their products, they cannot be compared to the two supreme colleges in regard of magical equipment theories, can they?"

Li Yao found it odd. "That's for sure. But what's with all the questions, Captain Lei?"

Lei Dalu coughed and looked at Xiong Wuji. He was about to speak, when cheers and drumming suddenly came over from outside as if a carnival had just started.

"Let's go out. We'll talk about how you leave Iron Plateau shortly."

Xiong Wuji and Lei Dalu seemed to be expecting the arrival of such a bunch of people. They dragged Li Yao out of the house.

On the street, the saluting cannons were echoing and releasing brilliant fireworks and ribbons.

Two drumming tanks of the Giant Axe Tribe were in the lead, followed by the tanks of the other five tribes except the Furious Bears Tribe. They all put down the flags of their respective tribe as a signal of respect for the Furious Bears Tribe.

All the tanks were painted with glamorous colors and decorated with the skeletons of demon beasts.

The qi-trainers on the tanks were wearing glitzy robes made of beast hides and feathers. They were playing various kinds of instrument airily.

On the biggest True Qi tank at the center, a giant pillar more than ten meters tall and almost three meters in diameter was positioned. When the tanks slowly reached the front of the chief's residence, the muscular men roared at the same time. Dense white steams spurted out of the tank, and the giant pillar was slowly erected!

The giant pillar was made from 'Gold Apparition Wood', an extremely rarely-seen ancient tree on Iron Plateau.

Bathed in sunlight, golden brightness vaguely flowed on the rind of the Gold Apparition Wood. It tangled the giant pillar like gold scales and looked quite splendid.

Four enormous words were written on the giant pillar in the bones of the apocalyptic beasts.

'Invincible in Iron Plateau!'

"Wow!" Li Yao gasped, his eyes glittering. "Very impressive. What is this supposed to mean?"

"The Furious Bears Tribe made the greatest contribution in the incident even though it had been wronged by the other five tribes.

"This is a sign of gratitude and contrition from the five tribes. It also means that they will listen to the Furious Bears Tribe's command until the next battle of the apocalypse!"

Xiong Wuji smiled and said, "That is especially so for the Burning Sun Tribe. Whoever the real conspirators were, the incident was caused by the Burning Sun Tribe after all. Therefore, they offered this very precious Gold Apparition Wood. It is sort of their plea for forgiveness!

"Aside from its splendidness, the Gold Apparition Wood can also concentrate the spiritual energy nearby. If the giant pillar stands in Furious Bears City, those who are training in the several kilometers around will all benefit from it. Such a gift is evident of their sincerity!

"As for the four words, 'Invincible in Iron Plateau', the reason is simple. The five tribes are showing their respect for the best warrior of Iron Plateau and thanking him for rescuing hundreds of qi-trainers and avoiding a catastrophe!"

"That explains a lot." Li Yao nodded his head and observed, "Chief Xiong made such a great contribution to Iron Plateau and even advanced into the unprecedented 100th level of the Refinement Stage. You truly deserve to be called 'Invincible in Iron Plateau'!"

Xiong Wuji eyed him with a weird expression and suddenly asked, "What, you think 'best warrior of Iron Plateau' refers to myself?"

Li Yao was dazed. "Doesn't it?"

Xiong Wuji smiled casually. "I suffered heavy wounds in the battle against Yan Xibei. I can manage to work as the chief of the Furious Bears Tribe right now, but 'Invincible in Iron Plateau' is too much for me right now!"

Li Yao's eyes bulged, and he blurted out, "Who else deserves such a title if the warrior who advanced into the 100th level of the Refinement Stage doesn't?"

Xiong Wuji looked at him quietly.

Lei Dalu looked at him quietly.

Li Yao blinked and tilted his head, deep in thought. He finally realized what was going on.

Before he could open his mouth, the hundred warriors from the five tribes on the tanks bashed their chests together and shouted as loud as they could.

"The Burning Sun Tribe pays respect to the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau!"

"The Giant Axe Tribe pays respect to the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau!"

"The Feathered Snakes Tribe pays respect to the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau!"

Many other muscular men wearing nothing on their upper body moved a lot of heavy boxes from the tanks and opened them in front of thousands of bystanders. Inside the boxes were dazzling, rarely-seen treasures of the five tribes.

Before Li Yao went into the Truth Cabinet the other day, the chief of the Feathered Snakes Tribe had promised that the Feathered Snakes Tribe would offer part of their trophies as compensation once his innocence was proven.

The chiefs of the other four tribes had made similar promises, too.

In the end, not only did Li Yao prove himself, he had also killed Yan Xibei and saved the day.

Therefore, the five tribes fulfilled their promise and took out even more treasures of their tribes to show their gratitude for Li Yao, the new best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau!

Seeing hundreds of super brawny men more than 2.5 meters tall staring at him with admiration, Li Yao felt that cold sweat was appearing on his forehead. He said, "What do you think will happen if I tell them that what I said on the Truth Cabinet was not necessarily the truth, that I was in fact not a wildling from the Dark Continent, that I hadn't even lived for a year on Iron Plateau, and that even the cave they found a couple days ago, allegedly my old residence, was actually faked and prearranged by me?"