Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 64

Chapter 64: A Torrential Storm Shower

Gao Ye was filled with the bearing of a general as he expressed himself, drawing quite a few students, especially the girls, to exclaim in admiration.

However, another fellow who desired to stir up trouble was disappointed by Gao Yes speech. His eyes turned, and he started to go after Helian Lie.

Helian Lie, Ive heard you and Li Yao are of the same school and that you have some personal beef with each other. Can you speak in detail what thats all about?

The majority of competitors were from the surrounding cities of Floating Spear City. They had no scruples about teasing Helian Lie. Onlookers would never be afraid of escalating the chaos. So there wasnt much respect in the fellows words. Instead, he was doing the utmost to provoke Helian Lie.

Helian Lies face changed to white. His teeth were gritting deeply into his lips. His two fists were clenched rigidly tight. He felt indignant to the extreme!

He was silent for a good while before he squeezed out a stiff smile. He spoke reluctantly, Li Yao and I previously had some misunderstanding; however, weve long since settled things. Li Yao has improved at lightning speed over the past month. Hes the pride of our Crimson Nimbus Second. I very much admire his efforts. Any personal grudges are simply complete nonsense! Apologies, please let me through. I need to go to the restroom.

Without waiting for additional questions, Helian Lie pushed his way through the crowd of competitors. He seemed to be escaping, jogging his way to the restroom.


Helian Lie could not hold himself up any longer in the stall. His stomach was overturning in a mess, causing him to vomit with large mouthfuls. He vomited until he was dizzy; it was as if he had vomited every last drop of stomach acid.

Li Yao!

Helian Lie lifted his head. His eyes were red from vomiting for a long time. His entire self looked to be haggard, withered, and crazed. He looked like a malevolent demon.

Li Yao, you piece of trash! You entrail waste! You better not give me a chance. Not even a hairs worth of opportunity! When I get the chance, I wont let you go. I will absolutely use all my resources to play with you till you die! Till you die!

Helian Lies pair of hands dug into the wall of the restroom. He clawed powerfully, tearing the wall. He was imagining the wall to be Li Yaos laughing face.

10 deep notches were dug out in the metal wall by him. Each notch flowed with crazed fresh blood!


The Li Yao who had just been bitterly cursed by Helian Lie was comfortably concealed in a supply point in the depths of Devil Flood Dragon Island.

He was checking his total points through Small Jis hologram.

He was firmly holding the top ranking position ever since the moment he blasted the Blue Teams command center to the skies. It was impossible for his position to be rattled, save for the sudden sinking of Devil Flood Dragon Island!

To be honest, at the very beginning when Li Yao opened the backdoor on his artifacts, he did not think this far and profoundly. All he wanted was to seize and earn some convenient points.

But what followed was the emergence of the Blue Teams genius commander, Gao Ye, and the Red Team was forced to a dead end in an instant. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and so Li Yao was forced to go all in.

This Beheading Operation carried with it the highest level of risk. Luck had a huge role to play. It was a staggering risky gamble.

In order to preserve his own safety, the explosion of the crystal cell bomb was delayed by half a minute. If the opponents had discovered the bomb immediately, they would have time to throw the bomb far far away.

All that could be said was that luck stood by his side. Even the heavens gave him a helping hand. He was destined to enter Deep Sea University!

Li Yao was not pressed to go out and slay Demon Beasts since he has earned sufficient points. The remaining surviving competitors were few in number. The entire Devil Flood Dragon Island had transformed into a Demon Beast paradise. Quite a few Demon Beasts possessed strength at a super high, tyrannical level. Even Li Yao wasnt sure if he was capable of slaying them.

He did not want to fail at the critical juncture, to capsize at a sure moment, to die at the hands of a Demon beast.

In addition A torrential storm shower was coming.

Li Yao lifted his head and looked far into the distance. The hazy yellow sky had turned jet-black before he knew it. Purple snakes could be faintly seen struggling in the rolling black clouds, exploding out with muffled thunder.

Soon, bean-sized droplets of water hacked down in a skull-cleaving manner.

The weather above the sea changed in a flash. The clear and boundless sky had already changed to a stormy world with torrential downpours in just the blink of an eye. Black clouds rolled across the entirety of Devil Flood Dragon Island, like a myriad of black horses galloping onward. Boundless strikes of lightning tore through heaven and earth, shrieking with demonic wails. Together, they wreaked havoc with the ocean wind, appearing like a great number of swords ferociously pounding into Devil Flood Dragon Island.

Even though the sky-towering trees obstructed the weather, Devil Flood Dragon Island still experienced dark winds and angry howls. The torrential rain came down like a waterfall, beating down on people, causing them to be unable to lift their heads and open their eyes. Even the large thick trees were pulled from their roots. They blew chaotically towards the distance, sweeping away everything in their paths.

In the face of the powerful majestic might of nature, the Demon Beasts who had been baring their fangs and brandishing their claws turned tranquil. One by one, they searched for caves and slits in cliffs to hide from the weather.

A violent storm just happened to pass through the skies of Devil Flood Dragon Island. I reckon this torrential rainstorm will last the entire night!

The torrential storm caused the Distant Expanse to faintly rock and sway in the air. A cultivator levitated at the rear of the ship. He squinted his eyes and observed the skies, reaching a conclusion.

A bolt of lightning cleaved towards his skull. The bolt of lightning was stopped by an invisible wall an inch away from the cultivator and was transformed into 4~5 lightning serpents that coiled around his body, illuminating a rather handsome face.

The sky patrolling cultivators were having a hard time covering every nook and corner of Devil Flood Dragon Island under such berserk weather.

Additionally, the Puji Critters assigned to each competitor relied on connections between their crystal chips and the Distance Expanse. The telepathic link became unstable, and it was no longer guaranteed that each competitors situation was promptly monitored and that the protective gel would be spouted in fatal crisis.

The danger of the competition had increased greatly!

Do we need to suspend the competition?

As soon as this cultivator opened his mouth, the electric currents coiling around his body were consumed with a single bite. He licked his mouth as if wishing for more and returned at lightning speeds to the Distant Expanse towards the numerous cultivators to ask.

In the monitoring center, cultivators were whispering in each others ears for a moment before making a decision. The competition will continue as usual. The torrential rain would not affect the competition.

In an actual battlefield, it is highly improbable for Demon Beasts to call an armistice with humanity over bad weather!

A great officer dressed in black with a skull emblem on his shoulders had spoken icily with a face of steel.

Correct. If they cant withstand such a small torrential storm, how could they still want to be cultivators? Simply laughable! a cultivator with a cross scar on his face sneered coldly.

While they were talking, twisted ripples and snowflake patterns formed on the giant hologram in front of their eyes.

This was the interference from the rainstorm affecting the connection between the Puji Critters and the monitoring center.

Bang! Bang!

A dozen or so holograms directly turned black. It was clear that the telepathic link had been severed.

This meant that a dozen or so competitors were no longer being monitored and were no longer protected.

Dispatch twenty more cultivators to Devil Flood Dragon Island. Patrol in rounds. Ensure the safety of the competitors. Give them status equal to deceased Federal Army soldiers should any accidents occur and give their families reparations!

The cultivators and officers negotiated for a while. Soon the made a decision. This was inline with previous Challenge Competitions.

The Star Glory Federation was capable of occupying the most fertile land of the Heavens Origin Sector. This land was created from a slaying a myriad of Demon Beasts into mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Every inch of the Federations territory was dyed red with the blood of Federal Army soldiers and Cultivators!

Cultivators were the blades of human civilization. Those that wish to become cultivators must have a dying will and an utterly fearless sacrificial conscious!

Those who fear death wont become cultivators!