Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 642

Chapter 642: Glorious Sunlight Group
Chapter 642: Glorious Sunlight Group
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Attracted by the story, Xie Anan exclaimed, "Sand Scorpion must be not easy to deal with. Since he could rise to fame in a world as lawless as Iron Plateau, he would definitely teach the Wu family a hard lesson!"

Long Yunxin blinked and said, "If he simply engaged in fights without thinking, I wouldn't think so highly of him. He would merely have been another reckless man.

"However, according to my friend, through some methods, Sand Scorpion made the Wu family attack him first!"

"Were they crazy?" Xie Anan was quite surprised. "The man is the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau. How could they be so foolish?"

"It was a good demonstration of Sand Scorpion's cunningness." Long Yunxin took a long breath and continued. "When Sand Scorpion just showed up, he didn't reveal his identity, and he looked like a plain redneck. It was said that several members of the Wu family mocked him at the welcome party, but he did not respond or fight back. When a Cultivator of the Wu family challenged him, he turned it down with the excuse that he was injured and dedicated himself to the meat on the table. As a result, nobody thought much of him.

"There was no telling whether he really liked to keep a low profile or he was acting on purpose. If he was pretending the whole time, his mind is too treacherous.

"The Wu family is a third-rate family in the Cross Wind Space Zone after all, and they don't really know any top secrets. How could they know that the redneck that they'd been laughing at was actually the best warrior on Iron Plateau?

"In the end, when conflict broke out between the two parties regarding the recognition of Wu Mafei's legacy and the division of his assets, the Wu family was bewildered enough to ask three Building Foundation Stage Cultivators to deal with Sand Scorpion!

"Can you guess what happened?"

"What?" asked Xie Anan interestedly, her face red because of the coldness.

Long Yunxin extended her three fingers and waved them softly, as she replied, "Three Building Foundation Stage Cultivators were in crystal suits, fully armed.

"Sand Scorpion did not even use any weapon, much less a crystal suit. He crushed the three of them barehanded!"

"What!" Xie Anan gasped. "Defeating three Building Foundation Stage Cultivators without weapons? He is so terrifying?"

Long Yunxin was still in shock, too. "I couldn't agree with you more. The news I got was that Sand Scorpion had a pair of hands like two devils. When his fists hit his opponent's crystal suits, the crystal suit would turn into components, and part of the suit would be dissembled!"

Xie Anan's eyes nearly popped out of her skull. "Dismantling a crystal suit emptyhanded? Unbelievable!"

Long Yunxin nodded in agreement. "The three Building Foundation Stage Cultivators were quite famous in the Cross Wind Space Zone, and yet, they suffered a humiliating defeat because of Sand Scorpion. Naturally, the entire Cross Wind Space Zone was shocked.

"It was not until this moment that Sand Scorpion told everybody who he actually was. He also formally accused the three Building Foundation Stage Cultivators to be assassins from the Temple of Immortals who had been ordered to kill him!

"The Wu family had thought that Sand Scorpion was just a Mr. Nobody, so they were all dumbfounded at the situation!

"Think about it. The cooperation between space residents and Iron Plateau natives had reached the most critical moment. Sand Scorpion was not only the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau but also a visiting scholar invited by Flying Star University. Neither of the two identities was something that the Wu family could mess around with!"

Xie Anan couldn't help but chuckle. "They deserved it!"

Long Yunxin laughed, too. "Anyways, after the incident, most of the property of the Wu family returned to Wu Mayan. His two uncles who had ill intentions were saved of the punishment of going to jail, but they were eliminated from the decision-making circle of the family. They received a small pension and retired in embarrassment.

"Later, Wu Mayan reorganized the assets of the Wu family. Supported by his mother's family, he established a new 'Glorious Sunlight Group'. No sooner had it been founded than it started negotiating about cooperation and acquisition with a few sects in the transportation industry of the Cross Wind Space Zone, showing that the owner of the enterprise had a lot of resources!

"It was said that the Glorious Sunlight Group would take the trade between the space and Iron Plateau as their main business, and they will most likely monopolize many resources on Iron Plateau!"

"Wu Mayan is quite impressive. He is just a teenager, and he can already form such ambitious plans?" Xie Anan mumbled.

Long Yunxin snapped her forehead softly and smiled. "You dummy. Wu Mayan is not fifteen years old yet, and he has grown up on Iron Plateau. How much could he know about business? His mother's family is best known for their medical arts and know little about corporate affairs, too. Besides, even though they were interested in the idea, they did not have the capital to establish the Glorious Sunlight Group! Sand Scorpion must be behind the endeavor."

Xie Anan finally realized what this was all about. "Indeed. I'm told that Sand Scorpion is quite rich. Besides, since he is the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, his list of connections on Iron Plateau must be enormous, too. Good heavens. If the resources of an entire planet are monopolized by his Glorious Sunlight Group, his wealth will be intimidating!"

Long Yunxin nodded. "Yes. The real owner of the Glorious Sunlight Group is definitely Sand Scorpion. The resources of a major planet are too abundant. Even if he is not monopolizing all of them, a franchise of one tenth of the important resources is enough to make the Glorious Sunlight Group one of the top-tier organizations in the Flying Star Sector!

"However, what I was really awed was Sand Scorpion's cunningness.

"Before, I thought the same with those people." Long Yunxin nodded at the four daydreaming young refiners and chuckled. "I thought that, impressive as his title might be, the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau would merely be a burly barbarian after all. With a few compliments and adulations, we would definitely get him to dance however we wanted.

"But after I was told of the incident, I was literally soaked in cold sweat. If Sand Scorpion was manipulating everybody and set up a trap for the Wu family to help Wu Mayan get his annoying uncles away, then his devices would be too scary!

"These four guys think that he is a fat lamb waiting to be butchered. They do not know that his wisdom is proportional to his wealth! Although they are trying to fool him right now, I bet they will be devoured by him without any bones left while they think they are taking advantage of him!"

Xie Anan's face was even more twisted, as if she had just bitten a sour apple. She smiled bitterly. "Sister Long, after hearing your story, I'm even less willing to welcome the intimidating guy now!"

"Dear passengers, we are arriving at the No. 6 space port of the third orbital ring of Heavenly Saints City, our final destination. Please make sure your belongings are with you. The Feathered Snakes Brotherhood offer mind-refreshing pills for free for every passenger on board to ease your fatigue after such a long journey. The mind-refreshing pills are made of thirty-six valuable"

Listening to the loud and clear advertisement, Li Yao stretched his arms and observed the view outside the cabin window with great interest, while he murmured to himself, "How splendid!"

He was in the middle of a carrier that was hundreds of meters long. Naturally, it was not a real cabin window next to him but a light beam where the real-time scenery that the crystal cameras captured of Heavenly Saints City was displayed.

It was not until this moment that Li Yao witnessed the magnificence and splendidness of the biggest metropolis of the Flying Star Sector in person.

Half an hour away, they passed the ninth and the tenth orbital rings, the two outmost residential areas of Heavenly Saints City.

Further outside, the eleventh and the twelfth orbital rings were still under construction.

Countless carriers and engineering starships towed the war remnants from various parts of the Flying Star Sector, which would then be refined in the space factories near Heavenly Saints City. Together with the components produced in asteroids and world fragments, they constituted new flesh and bones of Heavenly Saints City.

Thousands of workers collaborated with the automatic construction magical equipment. The scene reminded Li Yao of ants who were building their nests.

Thanks to the hard work of the workers, Heavenly Saints City was expanding at a visible speed. Instead of a dead object, it was likely an awesome giant beast that was roaming in the sea of stars.

Heavenly Saints City was made of a star fortress and ten orbital rings that surrounded it. The orbital rings were connected to each other by high-pressure vacuum tubes. There were many branches on the vacuum tubes and their ends were connected to countless smaller star fortresses.

At first glance, the city looked like a big tree with countless fruits on it.

They'd been floating in Heavenly Saints City for more than half an hour, and yet they still hadn't reached the 'third ring' from the 'tenth ring'. Hundreds of carriers had jammed the traffic ahead of them.

Li Yao stopped staring out the window and focused his attention on the desk in front of him.

On the desk was a common watch made of 462 components.

Li Yao tapped the desk with his right hand softly. He suddenly flipped his palm, and his spiritual energy surged out toward the watch. His fingers did not move, but the watch was dismantled into hundreds of components in the blink of an eye!"

Still can't. My control over my spiritual energy is still too primitive. I cannot dismantle all of the components without touching the watch.

Li Yao slightly frowned.

It was extremely difficult to increase the hand speed after it surpassed the speed of sound. If he wanted a major breakthrough, he would have to break the limits of hands and operate on materials directly with his spiritual energy. That away, much more delicate control than hands would be achieved.

A Cultivator only had ten fingers, but they could form thousands of spiritual threads. If their every spiritual thread was nimbler than their fingers, their 'hand speed' would be increased by hundreds of times!

If the skill was adeptly grasped, it would not be impossible to dismantle a crystal suit or a starship barehanded.

Without feeling bored, Li Yao dismantled and assembled the watch time and time again. However, his thoughts suddenly flashed back to a month ago.

When he thought of everything that had happened in the Cross Wind Space Zone, he couldn't help but feel funny.

As a man born in the magical equipment graveyard, he had never been fond of being in the spotlight. Lurking in an inconspicuous corner and waiting for the prey was the most comfortable style for him.

Therefore, he had refused to go to Heavenly Saints City with the exchange students, because a huge number of reporters were definitely going to show up wherever they arrived. He did not intend to waste his precious time on meaningless social activities.

As it happened, Wu Mayan was going to his hometown to scatter his birth father's ashes, and Sha Yulan meant to visit her parents in the Cross Wind Space Zone, too. Therefore, Li Yao had decided to go with them. He had planned to go to Heavenly Saints City after all the family matters were settled.

He had been hoping to avoid trouble and had been keeping quite a low profile. However, trouble always seemed to come to him anyway.