Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 644

Chapter 644: Your Fists Are Too Strong
Chapter 644: Your Fists Are Too Strong
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The bones all over Feng Kaixuan's body was emitting crackling noises as if they were fireworks, his teeth clattering.


Cai Yu was greatly surprised. He was hesitating whether or not he should interject, but then Li Yao let go of Feng Kaixuan's hand and extended it toward him.

Cai Yu sniffed. Brutality suddenly shone in his eyes, as he extended his right hand, too.

He had made full preparations. Veins were bulging on his right hand, and electric arcs were vaguely dancing among his fingers!

The two hands grasped each other slowly but surely.

The electric arcs among Cai Yu's fingers were crushed as if they were several ants.

Cai Yu grunted. The skin all over his body suddenly turned blood-red. His eyeballs protruded out and were soon occupied by the exponentially growing streaks of blood.

Li Yao was still smiling. He shook Cai Yu's right hand for a while, before he let go of it and extended his hand toward Liao Guohui.

The hefty guy, Liao Guohui, was from the Combat Department. There were hints on his body that suggested he was a body practitioner or body fundamentalist. He was the strongest of the three when it came to empty-handed fights.

However, he was soaked in cold sweat when he saw what had become of his two good friends, whose capability was very close to his own. He did not dare underestimate the plain-looking best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau. Gritting his teeth, he snatched Li Yao's right hand with both of his giant hands while he bellowed, "Master Sand, welcome to Heavenly Saints City!"


The black hair on the two giant hands almost completely devoured Li Yao's right hand.

Liao Guohui's teeth were emitting rubbing noises; he was shaking Li Yao's hand so hard that he was grinding his teeth into pieces.

Holding one hand with two hands. Other people who did not know what was going on might think that Li Yao had done Liao Guohui a great favor and that Liao Guohui was trying to express his gratitude by such a way of handshaking.

Li Yao frowned and couldn't help but grunt. His muscles were rigid for a moment, before they were relieved again. In embarrassment, he said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Mister Liao. You are too strong. I could not reserve anything."

Liao Guohui stood stiffly as if he were a willow tree that had just been hit by lightning.

Li Yao's right hand slithered out of Liao Guohui's hands like a loach. He said solemnly once again. "I'm sorry, Mister Liao. It was not intentional. Your fists were really too strong!"

While talking, Li Yao nodded at the other young teachers, before he picked up his suitcase and strode off.

He soon merged in with other travelers, and none of them could see where he was anymore.

The fulminations inside Feng Kaixuan's body did not die down until five seconds later. His cold sweat seemed to suggest that he'd been interrogated for three days and three nights. He managed to raise his right hand, only to discover that it was trembling violently beyond his control!

"Hohorrifying! It was not a handshaking. I felt like my right hand was placed in the mouth of a demon beast that bit it hard!"

Still in shock, Feng Kaixuan looked at his good buddy Cai Yu next to him. The redness over Cai Yu's body had only just faded, but his right hand, with which he had shaken Li Yao's hand, was expanding at a visible speed until it was three times the usual size. It was translucent and an alarming red, like a weird balloon.

"II can't feel my right hand now. Is that guy a human being? Even the few Core Formation Stage Cultivators in our department are not as intimidating as this!"

Cai Yu's face collapsed while he gazed at his right hand in disbelief.

Feng Kaixuan touched his palm gently, and he immediately screamed like a pig being butchered.

The two of them looked at each other in bewilderment, as if they were in a match of cold sweat.

The freezing wind blowing in the space port was almost turning them into ice creams.

"Brother Liao is indeed the strongest of us!" Feng Kaixuan took a breath and commented, "As expected of a man from the Combat Department. You drew with such a monster in a head-on clash!"

He seemed to forget that Liao Guohui had held Li Yao's one hand with two hands of his own.

"The best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau has indeed got something about him. We were too careless. Thankfully, Brother Liao managed to defeat the guy in the end. Otherwise, it would've been a major disgrace for us today!"

Cai Yu took out a can and sprayed the medication on his right hand carefully. A moment later, he suddenly found something weird. "Brother Liao, why are you not moving?"

Feng Kaixuan patted Liao Guohui's shoulder, "Right. Brother Liao, why did he apologize to you in the end and say that you were too strong? What does that mean? You had a slim advantage?"

"Don't touch me!" Liao Guohui shouted, but there was no time. Feng Kaixuan's hand had already landed on his shoulder.


Liao Guohui's body trembled. Interconnecting cracks now appeared on the ground three square meters around his feet.

Below his feet, the ground had crumbled to pieces, making him look several centimeters shorter than he should have!

That was not the end. As the cracks appeared below his feet, countless streams of spiritual gas suddenly burst out of Liao Guohui's body. His long robe bulged out at first into what seemed to be a ball, before all of his clothes, including his pants and underwear, exploded with earsplitting noises. The tattered clothes were flying crazily in midair and barely any remained on his body.

In the coldness of spring, the young teacher, Liao Guohui of the Combat Department of Flying Star University, glared at his two companions in the No. 6 space port, which was teeming with people, naked.

The cold wind was kind enough to put a layer of goosebumps on him.

Feng Kaixuan and Cai Yu were dumbfounded. They looked at Liao Guohui's goosebumps with the utmost fear.

Liao Guohui's face was more hideous than when he was crying. His voice coarse, he explained, "He meant that he did not hold back at all because I was too strong. That is why he said sorry."


At this moment, several travelers noticed Liao Guohui's eccentric appearance and exclaimed in shock.

The five young refiners of the Refining Department of Flying Star University, and Xie Anan, were holding a large sign saying 'Master Sand'. They looked at the crowds in eagerness.

A 3D picture was projected from Hou Zitao's mini crystal processor.

The man in the picture was standing proudly on a bloody dais built by the bones of demon beasts. He was wearing glamorous clothes refined out of demon bones and hides, with a colorful crown made of feathers on his head. The most eye-catching part about him was his right shoulder, which had a demon tusk more than a meter long attached. It was daunting, brutal, and savage!

Below the helmet was an extremely rough face full of beards. His eyes seemed to be eating people alive, making people too scared to look at him even though it was merely a picture.

"How is he still not here?" Hou Zitao stood on his toes and looked around. "Such a distinguishing style should be very easy for us to notice."

Seeing the picture of 'Sand Scorpion, the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau', Xie Anan was even more scared. She hid herself behind Long Yunxin and said, "Sister Long, that can't be right. Last time I saw Sand Scorpion, he did not seem be dressed like that. Is he really so horrifying?"

"This is the formalwear that he wore when he recruited his disciple." Long Yunxin comforted her, although she was not so sure herself. "He wouldn't wear such ostentatious clothes in daily life, would he?"

"Not good!" Hou Zitao frowned. "I may have found several young teachers of the Combat Department and the Battlesuit Department. I was told that some young teachers from the departments who were raised up in the six sects of Heavenly Saints City did not buy Sand Scorpion's title as the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau. They've been planning to teach Sand Scorpion a lesson for a long time. Did they come here to ask for his trouble?"

"Where are they?"

Long Yunxin and Xie Anan looked at where Hou Zitao was pointing, only to see Liao Guohui, who was barely wearing anything and holding his legs so hard that he might've been postponing his urination for two hours. The man was so ashamed that he seemed to be willing to dive into the ground at any point.

Xie Anan exclaimed in shock and immediately blushed.

Long Yunxin coughed hard. "Well. Isn'tisn't he Liao Guohui from the Combat Department? I recall that he is one of the strongest experts in the younger generation of the Furious Bears Union. But I didn't know that he was a fan of public exposure?"

While everybody looked at each other in bewilderment and confusion, Li Yao walked toward them with a smile.

He did not see the sign of 'Master Sand', but he saw Xie Anan.

He had met the girl both in the Skyhill Sword Seminar and on Iron Plateau. The two of them were quite connected.

Li Yao walked up to them and said with a smile, "Greetings, everyone. Nice to meet you again, Xie Anan. I am Sand Scorpion."

Everybody was dazed, their eyes blinking.

Standing in front of them was a plain young man, so unattractive that there were no good points about him at all.

He was wearing a grey wind coat whose sleeves had cracked because of long-time rubbing. Inside the wind coat was a sweater that was very comfortable but the opposite of expensive. On his feet were boots full of cracks. The only adornment on his body was the glittering watch on his wrist, but it was one of the cheapest brands on the market.

Below his messy hair was a face devoid of any characteristics. However, his face was shaved clean, to the point that one might say too clean.

At first glance, one would think he was an out-and-out white-collar worker. If he were to put on sportswear, nobody would doubt him if he claimed that he was a college student!

Such an ordinary-looking, unattractive young man was like a totally different person from the fearsome, majestic best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau in the picture!

Li Yao saw the picture on Hou Zitao's mini crystal processor, too. He couldn't help but smile bitterly.

The photo had been taken during the ceremony where he recruited Wu Mayan as his disciple. Xiong Wuji had insisted that it should be an unprecedented gala of the Furious Bears Tribe and demanded that he put on the glamorous formalwear made of demon bones and hides according to the traditions of the six tribes of Iron Plateau. Even his beard was stimulated through secret arts so that it could grow faster. Xiong Wuji had said that it was how the best warrior of Iron Plateau should look.

Li Yao had thought that, since he was about to leave Iron Plateau, he might as well take the opportunity to boost the morale of the qi-trainers.

However, after he left Iron Plateau and returned to space, he realized that his pose in the recruitment ceremony had become the official portrait of 'the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau'. Whenever the media mentioned him, it would always be the barbaric and primitive picture that came with his name.