Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Ghost Dragon-7

The torrential rain came down harder and harder. It was as if all the rain in the entirety of the Heavens Origin Sector had concentrated overhead of Devil Flood Dragon Island, trying to smash this island of Demon Beasts completely into the ocean depths.

In the midst of the raging storm and torrential rain, a strange darkness began to flourish.

*Pant *Pant. *Pant *Pant!

A Blue Team competitor stumbled as he rushed into a narrow cave. He was kneeling on the ground, no longer capable of supporting himself. Then, he fell flat on his face. His face was deathly pale, lacking even an ounce of blood. His entire body was shuddering as if he was cramping.

An hour ago, he was being chased by three Red Team competitors. Fortunately, the torrential rain obscured the vision of these enemies, so he was luckily able to escape their encirclement.

However, the Red Team competitors were increasing in number. He didnt know how much longer he would be able to last.

DAMN! We were clearly about to win! How can things change so suddenly!?

The pain of this Blue Team Competitor caused him to smash against the rock wall. He was extremely depressed. A dark glow began to congeal in the depths of his eyes.

He observed his surroundings from within the cavern. Squinting his eyes, he looked up towards the sky.

His Puji Critter was like a headless fly, orbiting chaotically around a large tree. It let out Tszz Tszz sounds as if it were out of control.

The torrential rain and thunder both will interfere with the control crystal chip of the Puji Critter. Right now, my Puji Critter and the Distant Expanse have already lost connection. Things have sunk into a chaotic and crazy state. The monitoring center wont be able to see anything I do!

The darkness in the eyes of this Blue Team competitor turned denser and denser.

The sounds of the Red Team competitors pierced faintly from all directions. Their encirclement was gradually shrinking. Soon, they would arrive at his hiding cave.

The darkness in the Blue Team competitors eyes turned malevolent.

He reached out his hand and bit through the skin of his fingertip. He used his fresh blood to draw an Arcane Glyph on the inside of his right leg.

A physical laceration of pain pierced from the inside of his right leg. It was like something wanted to tear through his bloody flesh and escape out of his body!


The Blue Team competitor gritted tenaciously. Immediately, the Arcane Glyph trembled slightly. A monstrous strength tore through the muscles of his inner thigh and a fluorescent blue drug floated from within the glyph array!

I had only wanted to use this as my last resort. I did not want to cheat, but Im already at an impasse. It was yall who forced me to do this!

When injected into the bloodstream, this Ghost Dragon-7 Doping Drug will strengthen my body, increase my strength to a berserker level, and even strengthen my mental faculties in an instant. It will allow me to unleash one great powerful mental attack that will be enough to completely annihilate these damned hunters. Ill be able to rush into the top 50 of the rankings!

The Blue Team competitor had a nasty grin on his face. His expression was incomparably crazed.

Obviously, using Ghost Dragon-7 Doping Drug would have extremely heavy consequences, but when faced with the allure of special enrollment to a university, he was already prepared to ignore them!

He had used his body to block the line of sight of his Puji Critter and produced the synthesis glyph array for the Ghost Dragon-7 Doping Drug. Now, he was about to consume the drug into his body.

A bizarre laughter came from within the depths of the cave. Then, a strong malevolent wind came blowing over!

The Blue Team competitors vision turned into complete darkness before he could respond. He was no longer aware of anything!

His Puji Critter finally responded to his strange behavior, immediately spouting out gel. But what it enveloped was just a headless corpse.

Immediately, a monstrous force ferociously tore through the gel jello and a white streak of light shot forth at an incomparable astonishing speed, leaping into the air! A pair of hands seized the Puji Critter and tore with force!

The Puji Critter immediately split in two. It was a bloody scene incomparable!

Within the torrential storm, one out of three Puji Critters lost connection with the monitoring center in succession. This Puji Critter was one of them.

And so, the monitoring center had not discovered this event in time.

Bolts of lightning streaked through the skies, illuminating the dark forest to a snowy white from time to time.

Under the illumination of lightning, an over three-meter tall white ape stood on top of the tree tops. Its face was extremely similar to a humans face, except for the incomparably enormous yellow devilish eye that grew on its forehead. It seemed to take up approximately half the apes face, pushing the two ordinary eyes all the way to the sides.

Its appearance looked like a mutated fetus; it appeared incomparably eerie and terrifying.

This was a large-eyed ape, a one-out-of-a-thousand mutated form of the three-eyed ape. Not only does it possess outstanding intelligence, the strength of its mental attacks are ten times stronger than that of ordinary three-eyed apes. It was a Demon Beast only released during the finals and was one of the most fearsome Demon Beasts on the entire Devil Flood Dragon Island.

Ka Ka! Ka Ka!

In this midst of rolling thunder, the large-eyed ape let out a monstrous laughter. The Ghost Dragon-7 it held in its hairy palms emitted a demonic blue glow.

The enormous yellow eye on the forehead of the large-eyed ape spun in circles. Soon, it figured out how to use the drug, and, without hesitation, it stabbed the Ghost Dragon-7 doping drug into its thick neck. The entirety of the drug was injected into his artery.


A short moment later, the large-eyed ape was unable to restrain himself and shook all over!

Its flesh twitched in a strange fashion and its skin splitted in layers of cracks. The muscles drenched in blood appeared to be growing berserkly at an alarming speed. Even muscle buds began to grown in between its strands of muscle fibers. They continued to entwine, expand, blend, be filled with blood Causing its build to suddenly erupt to two times its original size. It had turned into an incomparably malevolent ominous beast!

The sole eye on its forehead seemed to have transformed into a frozen blood-red!

There he is. I found him!

Right at this moment, the excited cries of Red Team competitors rang from a close distance.

A malevolent smile emerged in the large-eyed apes cherub, demonic face under the flash of lightning. It faced towards the source of the cries, shooting off like electricity!

Immediately following came the hysterical shrieks and sounds of bones grinding and fleshing ripping from within the depths of the forest.


Ten minutes later.

Li Yao sat cross-legged in a supply point. He was closing his eyes, resting. A chainsword laid on to the left of him and a Thunder Blade laid to the right of him. A Burning Sky Battleaxe was on his back. On his waist were his two black Progressive Daggers hanging in a cross. It could be said that he was fully armed. He could enter into battle mode at any time.

If an ignorant Blue Team competitor would enter this supply point, he would absolutely launch an attack without the slightest hesitation!

Theres still one more day. Its been some time since the torrential storm started and it shows no signs of stopping. Im still first place in the point ranking. Nothing unexpected should occur.

As Li Yao calculated in his mind, a relaxed smile emerged on his face.

Tremble Deep Sea University! For Li Yao, the Vulture, shall arrive!

Right at this time, his eyelids jolted up. An alarming sense of danger jumped in the depths of his mind.

Theres something off. Theres the scent of blood in the air! What a dense bloody air!

A well familiar figure leapt out from within the forest. As it howled like pig being slaughtered, it fled frantically over towards the supply point.

It was actually Zheng Dongming!

Li Yao was dumbstruck Zheng Dongming was an exceptional expert of Phoenix Ridge Second. Rumor has it that his actual strength was on par with Helian Lies. He might even be a bit stronger than Helian Lie!

What could possibly scare Zheng Dongming into looking like he pissed his pants?