Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 658

Chapter 658: I Need a Sandbag
Chapter 658: I Need a Sandbag
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Late at night, in a world fragment one kilometer in diameter

It was Li Yao's personal training area.

Since the business of the Glorious Sunlight Group was on track, he had rented such an area from a world fragment developer.

There were no special natural laws in the place. The only feature was that it was quiet enough, and nobody would disturb his training.

"Master, it felt great in the Unparalleled Extension. I once thought that combat in crystal suits were the most thrilling things in the world, but now I realize that a crystal suit plus an Ares Extension is hundreds of times more thrilling!"

Wu Mayan was still dwelling in the fierce battle from earlier in the day. He was waving his hands in excitement. "Ho! Ho! Ho! A Core Formation Stage Cultivator! I blew up a Core Formation Stage Cultivator!"

Li Yao smiled. "There's still a huge gap between you and a Core Formation Stage Cultivator. You were merely taking advantage of the Unparalleled Extension, which had absorbed many attacks in advance, and your enemy was caught unprepared in your final outbreak.

"I'm certain that, if the test is run again, or your opponent had learned the features of the Unparalleled Extension in advance and was prepared for it, the outcome would be entirely different.

"But your performance today was indeed very excellent, and you have explored all the potential of the Unparalleled Extension. It was beyond my expectations.

"You've grown a lot over the past half year!"

Over the half a year, Wu Mayan had undergone dramatic changes.

After he entered Flying Star University, the young genius who had advanced into the peak of the Refinement Stage at an age of only fourteen attracted everyone's attention.

The training system of Flying Star University was the most advanced one in the entire Flying Star Sector. Countless experts and training planners were at Wu Mayan's service. Besides, Li Yao had gathered tremendous Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures for his disciple and himself without caring about the cost.

Since Wu Mayan was in the growing phase, it was as if he had a new appearance every day. He was already almost thirty centimeters taller than half a year ago, and his weight was twice as much. But he did not give the feeling of obesity at all. His muscles as impressive as those of a leopard, glittering even in darkness. Together with the air of the wilderness that he carried from Iron Plateau, he would not be doubted if he claimed that he was actually twenty.

He already had many fangirls in the campus.

Wu Mayan grinned, revealing his white teeth. He puffed his chest out and said proudly, "Thank you for insisting that I come here to study. I feel that I have made tremendous improvements over the past half year, too!

"Right now, I can extend my spiritual gas to more than thirty meters away, and I've broken into the 35th level of the Refinement Stage!

"In real-life combat, even Cultivators in the middle level of the Building Foundation Stage are no match for me!

"Crystal suits are now my favorites, too. It was really an excellent decision that you asked me to pick the Battlesuit Department! I have a feeling that I was born for crystal suits!

"Right now, the students in the junior year and the senior year are no match for me at all even if ten of them are attacking me together. Only some of the postgraduates can manage to endure several moves from me.

"But I don't like fighting with them. Their level may be very high, but most of them have never killed anyone or seen real blood. Too tender! It's boring."

Wu Mayan had grown up on Iron Plateau, where the environment was extremely unfavorable. He had also engaged in two battles of the apocalypse and faced off against the super expert Yan Xibei.

Regardless of his capability, his real-life combat experience and his calmness in a fierce battle could never be found among common college students.

"Is that why you went to arenas and participated in crystal suit matches in secret?" Li Yao asked.

Wu Mayan had been elaborating on his accomplishments, but Li Yao's comment suddenly made him shudder. He stuck his tongue out and scratched his head, somewhat in embarrassment. "You knew about that, Master? I only went there for fun. The opponents in the crystal suit arenas are brutal guys who have slain space pirates in real battles. Their Cultivation may not be very high, but their actual combat ability and their response to changes are far better than the performance of common college students.

"Fighting against them is much more gratifying!"

Li Yao could not help but smile. "The mysterious newcomer, Iron Fire, in the Heavenly Sword Arena. A winning streak of seven games. Quite popular recently. Your combat videos are on every website and always rank high in the most recommended list. It is quite annoying when the pop-up windows keep bugging me while I'm browsing the websites. There's no way that I wouldn't see information about you at all."

Wu Mayan lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, Master. I didn't intend to keep it a secret. I planned to tell you after I secured ten victories in a row. It would have been a nice surprise! But I ran into a real expert in the eighth game, and I got beaten the heck out of me. Haha. After that, I was too embarrassed to tell you the story."

Li Yao stared at Wu Mayan and said, "I do not object to your participation in the crystal suit arenas. For other people, crystal suit arenas may be cruel places. But for a qi-trainer who grew up on Iron Plateau such as you, crystal suit arenas are merely parks for entertainment.

"But I do feel that you seem a bit proud recently."

Wu Mayan immediately put on a solemn expression. He said seriously, "It was wrong of me, Master."

"I'm not saying you are wrong." Li Yao pondered a moment and said slowly, "Everybody's living environment and life experiences are different. Naturally, their personalities are not the same.

"Take me, for example. I don't like putting myself in the spotlight and being observed by everyone in public. I prefer dark corners. I feel comfortable when I stay there, because darkness represents safety in the place where I grew up.

"But you are different.

"Your unique identity made you the most distinguished existence in the Furious Bears Tribe since childhood. You lived with everyone's attention and were faced with suspicion and challenges from other people every day.

"You could only fight back other people's doubts with your fists and your pride in order to get what you wanted in a place like Iron Plateau.

"I am only trying to tell you that you must keep being proud if that is what matters to you. Do not abandon your precious pride even if you are defeated, savaged, and stomped into the deepest level of hell. You must crawl out of the nether world again with your pride!

"You are the most brilliant genius with the highest aptitude that I've seen all my life. Proud prodigies such as yourself tend to give up on themselves and brood over their failure after only one setback.

"I saw the video of your humiliating defeat in the Heavenly Sword Arena in your eighth game. Your opponent was rather unkind. He insulted and tricked you on purpose after he defeated you.

"I was afraid that you might have been affected by it and meant to talk sense into you. However, I can tell that I underestimated you, and you handled it just fine."

Wu Mayan chuckled and said, "That's not a big deal. There were many times when I was mocked, bullied, and kicked down when I was a kid. If I could not stand up again after being humiliated, I would've killed myself a long time ago!"

Weird brilliance suddenly flowed out of Li Yao's eyes, as he nodded his head and said, "Alright. If so, I think you're ready for a more crushing defeat and more brutal torment."

Wu Mayan was confused. "What do you mean, Master?"

Li Yao's lips curled into a cruel smile. He snapped his fingers and retrieved two metal boxes carved with runes from his Cosmos Ring.

Wu Mayan's eyes beamed with joy. "The Unparalleled Extension!"

"The Unparalleled Extension is sort of co-developed by the Glorious Sunlight Group and the Ares Laboratory. Many technologies are shared by the two parties. I have made a deal with Master Xue Yuanxin that the Glorious Sunlight Group will reserve the right to produce the Unparalleled Extension and all derivative models," Li Yao said.

"Come on. Here is an Unparalleled Extension as well as your favorite Thunderous Fire Battlesuit, containing the most advanced skill cards. Put on them, and let's have a match."

Wu Mayan was dazed and scratched his head with a smile. "Master, this extension does not seem to be the beta model. Its activation level of spiritual energy is 100%. My control over the Unparalleled Extension is not flawless yet. When the battle is too heated, I'm afraid that I won't be able to restrain myself."

Li Yao laughed. "You're worrying that you might hurt me?"

"You are a great expert in the superlative height of the Building Foundation Stage, Master. I'm told that you persisted for a long time in a match with a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator of the Combat Department a few days ago. Naturally, I'm no match for you!"

Wu Mayan blinked his eyes and said, "I believe that you can punch me into pieces barehanded even if I'm in the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit.

"But it's completely different with the Thunderous Flame Battlesuit and the Unparalleled Extension combined. You know the power of the Unparalleled Extension better than anybody else. This afternoon, I blew up forty Exos in total. Even a Core Formation Stage Cultivator could not withstand my one punch!

"Master, you are, of course, far stronger than the Core Formation Stage Cultivator, but he failed to resist the Unparalleled Extension when he was in his crystal suit!"

"Okay," Li Yao said slowly, "I didn't say that I wouldn't wear a crystal suit."

"You must be joking!" Wu Mayan laughed hard, holding his belly. "Crystal suits are vastly different from the True Qi armor that we wore on Iron Plateau. They are a hundred times more difficult to use! What you wore previously could only be called True Qi armor at best. The Apocalyptic Extension that you were in when you fought against Yan Xibei was not a real Ares Extension, either!

"Since you have never learned the real arts of crystal suits, it might be a burden for you if you put on one!"

Li Yao smiled and pressed his forehead with his finger. Green brilliance quickly blinked around his body, which was soon covered in a green crystal suit.

Wu Mayan exclaimed and said, "So, Master has learned how to wear a crystal suit."

But then he could not help but laugh.

Li Yao was wearing a 'Green Wolf Battlesuit'. Designed for middle- and low-level Cultivators, it was simple in structure and convenient to use. Even many strong ordinary people could make use of them. It was one of the most basic models of all crystal suits.

It was not hard to guess the performance of such a cheap product.

The parameters of the Green Wolf Battlesuit were less than one third of those of the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit that Wu Mayan liked best, not to mention the Ares Extension.

Although his master seemed to have modified the Green Wolf Battlesuit significantly, Wu Mayan did not find many traces of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures on it.

Besides, the framework of the crystal suit was too weak. How much improvement could be made even if it was modified?

"Master, let's be serious. If you really want to enjoy a fight, how about we swap the suits? I will wear Green Wolf, and you can wear Thunderous Fire and the Unparalleled Extension!

"But the control system of the Thunderous Fire is quite complicated. Can you handle it?"

Li Yao bounced up and down and warmed up his wrists and ankles, while he smiled. "It's alright. I merely intend to test the performance of the Unparalleled Extension in person so that I can collect firsthand data for the next modifications. If you are too worried that you might hurt me, you can stay there and take a few punches from me first."


In Wu Mayan's eyes, Li Yao was the most reliable man except Father Xiong.

Now that his master was determined to enjoy himself, he would gladly let him.

Wu Mayan put on the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit and activated the Unparalleled Extension, which then dismembered itself and enshrouded itself in countless electric arcs before they were attached and fixed to the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit.

The Unparalleled Extension, almost four meters tall, revealed itself again!

"Are you ready?" asked Li Yao casually.

"What's there to be ready for? Just bring it on, master!" Wu Mayan patted his breastplate hard, producing clanging sounds.

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao set himself in the sprinting posture, but he suddenly raised his head and asked, "Right. Ah Yan, do you know why I suggested you pick the Battlesuit Department?"

"Huh?" Wu Mayan grunted. "I don't. Why?"

"Because," said Li Yao with a smile, "I need a sandbag."