Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 659

Chapter 659: Air Change!
Chapter 659: Air Change!
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Wu Mayan's pupils shrank so much that they almost vanished.

Every pore on his body seemed to have been pierced by an icy needle!

Although protected by two layers of armor, he still felt the deepest fear to the bones!

The Green Wolf Battlesuit was gone.

A giant pit almost ten meters in diameter appeared where his master had been standing, as if it had been bombarded by a cannon!

Was this caused when Master stomped on the ground?

It was not until this moment that the earthshaking explosions reached him. Although filtered by both the Unparalleled Extension and the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit, the noises still made his ears ache.

Wu Mayan raised his hands to resist the attack out of intuition. Yet the space in front of him was empty. He could not sense where his master was at all.

In the next 0.01 seconds, the sensors on the back of the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit uttered earsplitting shrieks!

Something was charging at him from behind at a velocity five times the speed of sound!

When did Master reach behind me?

Wu Mayan's brain was almost frozen. A horrifying picture popped up in his head beyond his control. He seemed to have become a docile lamb whose neck was about to be bitten by a giant, green wolf. He was about to be mauled and eaten as a whole!

In that moment, Wu Mayan abandoned the idea of behaving nicely and taking a few punches from his master.

Is this really happening? Since when did Master grasp such terrifying combat skills with crystal suits?

In the next moment, Wu Mayan's chest was smashed heavily like a comet hitting the sun!

It's impossible!

He was aiming for my back. How did he come to the front?

Unparalleled Extension, activate and stop him!

Wu Mayan was almost shocked out of shape. He finally saw the shadow of the Green Wolf Battlesuit for the first time, but his master had already kicked his breastplate brutally.

Thankfully, the front side of the Unparalleled Extension was stocked with a lot of Super Bendable Steel, which absorbed most of the strength in the kick.

Even so, the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit still uttered beeps in alarm, and a tiny crack appeared on his breastplate.

Such enormous strength. Thank god I have the Unparalleled Extension!

Just when the idea popped up in his head, Wu Mayan sensed that something was wrong.

His master's kick had not ended yet. The leg of his master had turned into a cluster of green mist as if it were a vibration saber.

Before the first wave of attacks came to an end, the second and the third bombardment of spiritual energy arrived!

Pa! Pa pa!

Fulminations were bursting out on the front side of the Unparalleled Extension. The ripples on the Super Bendable Steel were chaotic. The surface of the strengthening plugins were simmering as if they had been boiled!

Wu Mayan felt that a weird strength pierced deep into his heart through his spiritual shield, his Unparalleled Extension, and his Thunderous Fire Battlesuit!

He recalled the recruitment ceremony more than half a year ago, where his master had shown a technique in public. After one punch, the spiritual energy penetrated through three layers of iron planks and left countless holes in the last one.


Wu Mayan felt that his heart was riddled with holes, too, and vomited a mouthful of blood.

After only one kick, the Unparalleled Extension, which was four meters tall, was swept almost a hundred meters away by the Green Wolf Battlesuit, which was only two meters tall. It rolled around a number of times on the ground before it was able to get back on its feet again.

On one knee, Wu Mayan breathed heavily and stared at Li Yao in shock and suspicion.

Terrifying! Too terrifying!

It was totally different from the battle in the test field during the day.

At that time, he was very confident even though he was faced with forty opponents led by a Core Formation Stage Cultivator.

However, although he had put on the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit and the Unparalleled Extension and was merely faced with a beginner-level Green Wolf Battlesuit, he was still overwhelmed with horror!

Li Yao walked slowly to his disciple as he recorded on the crystal processor of the Green Wolf Battlesuit with his telepathic thoughts. "The standard model of the Unparalleled Extension's waist and shoulders are too fat. Although the defense ability is improved, it is very difficult to change the direction. When faced with an agile opponent with a high speed, the user will be caught in an awkward situation and have no ability to fight back if the user is not strong enough.

"In the modification for the 'extreme model', the redundant shoulder pads and skirt armor must be cut off even though the defense ability will be slightly reduced."

"Master, I'm going to fight back!"

Wu Mayan burst into fury.

It was not his style to be attacked passively. With the Unparalleled Extension, he would slay all the deities in the world if he had to!

He stomped on the ground and rushed forward. Every step he made raised an earthquake in the world fragment. He reached Li Yao's front in the blink of an eye, and his right leg jerked at Li Yao's face like a cannonball!

Li Yao's body instantly turned into a cluster of green mist. Before Wu Mayan's leg drove away his blurred shadows, he had drawn close to Wu Mayan and returned an identical kick to Wu Mayan's groin!

"Ah!" Wu Mayan screamed miserably, his eyeballs almost flying out of his head!

"The defense for the genitals is too weak." Li Yao frowned and noted on the crystal processor, "But it can't be helped. Too much protection around the genitals will affect the movement of the legs and reduce the agility.

"The balance between the defense of genitals and the agility of the legs has to be further optimized. Maybe we should remind the user to pay special attention to the lower half of their body."

"That's outrageous, Master!"

Gritting his teeth, Wu Mayan extended a heated saber, shrouded in orange brilliance, from the front end of his right arm. However, his abdomen suffered a third strike when his blade was only half out.


Wu Mayan felt that he had been hit by a thousand lightning bolts simultaneously.

Without the restriction of his crystal suit, the hair all over his body would have been standing on end right now.

He finally realized that the size of the Unparalleled Extension had become a burden when his master drew close to him and waged a gapless, head-on battle.

His master was like a green ghost with unpredictable movements. The dozens of shadows that he produced all seemed to be real.

The Unparalleled Extension was sturdy enough to resist most of the attacks from his master. But he could not even touch his master's shadow.

He was now completely trapped in his master's pace. Under the continuous strikes, the Thunderous Fire Battlesuit witnessed a significant decline in its performance parameters, which had mostly turned into a dangerous red by this point.

"The weaponry system on the two arms is too slow to react. In the extreme models designed for high-end users, such a design can be removed. For the real experts, it is much faster to draw their own swords than to wait for the automatic activation of the weapons."

Li Yao attacked while noting the shortcomings of the equipment. "The ratio of the weight of the upper body to that of the lower body can be adjusted, too. Otherwise, the drawback that the top half is heavier than the bottom half will soon be revealed when facing a real expert.

"The arc-shaped design that mimics the shells of insects can offset most attacks, especially the remote ones. But in comparison, its performance is not so satisfying in head-on battles.

"However, this is quite a dilemma, and there's barely any room for improvement. We can only pay special attention while we are using it. We must maintain a certain distance from the enemy and avoid head-on battles. Three to ten meters should be the best range of attack for the Unparalleled Extension."

Li Yao suddenly discovered that Wu Mayan had become silent after he was punched more than a thousand times and half buried in soil.


It did not befit Wu Mayan's personality.

Li Yao's eyes suddenly shone. He noticed that the Unparalleled Extension had absorbed tremendous spiritual energy from the previous punches. It had turned from an unattractive silver grey to a glittering bright gold!

Li Yao realized what was going. His lips curled into a smile, and he suddenly halted his smooth attack.

At the same time, Wu Mayan let out an earsplitting bellow. Dazzling brilliance broke out of the Unparalleled Extension and congregated into a torrent of spiritual energy that was more violent than a tsunami, more scorching than magma, and more furious than a tornado, sweeping everything in its way!

"Master, I'm sorry!" Wu Mayan shrieked and punched the chest of the Green Wolf Battlesuit hard. His fist left a deep dent in the breastplate of the Green Wolf Battlesuit. The wonderful feedback indicated that it was not a shadow but a real entity!

I finally hit Master!

Wu Mayan was almost crying in joy.

Now that he had hit the target, Wu Mayan definitely would not let go of such a good opportunity. His following attacks immediately landed on the crystal suit seamlessly!

His master seemed to have been caught off guard by his sudden outbreak and kept retreating without fighting back at all. The Green Wolf Battlesuit was seriously twisted, and it was likely to explode at any point!

Wu Mayan was overjoyed at first. But very soon, he realized it was not good. The Green Wolf Battlesuit about to be blown up was empty. Nobody was inside!

Right then, the crystal processor detected that a new Green Wolf Battlesuit was sprinting close from his right at an amazingly high speed!

Neither of the two Green Wolf Battlesuits were phantoms; they were both real!

That's impossible!

This is

Air Change!

This time, Wu Mayan was truly bewildered!

Air change was also known to be 'ultimate suit changing skill'. Wu Mayan had learned in one of his classes that it was the most marvelous technique among the combat skills in crystal suits!

The mechanism was quite simple. An Exo could carry two or more crystal suits in their Cosmos Ring, and when one of the crystal suits was seriously damaged to the point of destruction, they would take off the crystal suit immediately and put on another one.

It was easier said than done. For a piece of precise magical equipment such as a crystal suit, it would take three to five seconds to put on or take off for a normal Exo. Changing a crystal suit would take ten seconds altogether.

On a battlefield, nobody would give an enemy ten seconds to change their crystal suit!

Therefore, although the technique granted the Exos with even stronger combat ability, few of them had ever used it in the real battles. It was almost considered to be a lost, marvelous skill!

Wu Mayan never expected that his master could perform an air change!

He did not expect that his master could change his crystal suit so fast!

Wu Mayan remembered clearly that an experienced Exo showed an air change in the class. It took him 3.9 seconds to finish the process without any interference.

Wu Mayan felt that he was about to burst into tears.

But his tears were pressed back by the excruciating pain.

His master seemed to have forgotten that he was his disciple and considered him a mortal enemy. His waist was whipped brutally yet another time.

The long-stored spiritual energy of the Unparalleled Extension had all been released. It was now at the weakest state. The previous attack almost whipped his soul out of his body.

Wu Mayan, who wanted to cry but had no tears, finally recalled his master's remark in the beginning, which he had not understood at that time.

I think you're ready for more crushing defeat and more brutal torment.