Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Demonic Blood Cannon

The Zheng Dongming at this time lacked the usual magnificent, elegant demeanor of a young master. He was just like a stray dog with a broken rear leg. He ran gasping for breath and even his tongue was out in the air. He looked to be a few running steps away from frothing at the mouth and going into a seizure!

The moment he saw Li Yao, a ray of hope emerged in his eyes, and he dashed over consumed by joy. His last few steps were like that of a tiger pouncing on a lamb, soaring directly into the supply point!

Whats wrong? Wheres your Puji Critter?

Li Yao asked in utter astonishment. Every competitor on Devil Dragon Island would carry a Puji Critter with them. The Puji Critter not only counts points but also provides the means of a final life-saving safeguard!

It was eaten!

Zheng Dongming spread out his limbs and was sprawled on his back. He was lying down, his body completely spent. *Pant *Pant *Pant he gasped for breath. He looked to be lucky to have a new lease at life.

It was eaten!? What could possibly be so powerful and fierce!?

Li Yao was frightened. How could such a vicious Demon Beast exist on Devil Flood Dragon Island? They wouldnt be taking the lives of competitors seriously if that were the case?

Before Zheng Dongming could respond, an earthshaking roar sounded close by. The explosive noise caused Li Yaos ears to ring.

Several large trees swayed from side to side following the roar. An old tree simply flew up!

A monster with a height of four meters and lack of skin all over its body, as if it was directly formed from muscles, leapt out. It stomped heavily on the old tree, causing the old tree to snap with a *crack! And the speed of this monster blazed to another level. It crashed recklessly into the supply point.

What the hell is this!? Li Yao stared flabbergasted.

Small Ji had introduced all Demon Beasts and Demon Plant Life on Devil Flood Dragon Island before the competition began. Li Yao did not recall there being such a tyrannical Demon Beast among them!

How could the organizers of the competition possibly release such a powerful Demon Beast? There's no way a high school student can withstand this kind of vicious beast!

D-D-Damned if I know. Be careful. This monsters already killed seven competitors! Zheng Dongming let out some astonishing words.

As if confirming his words, the monster ferociously crashed into the surrounding Defensive Glyph Array of the supply point!

Several dozen transparent Attack Arcane Glyphs appeared in the air. They surged with over a hundred currents of electricity and formed into a tight-knit and dazzling electric net, causing the monster to howl and burn with white smoke.

But this monster resisted the currents of this powerful electric assault, pressing onwards step by step!

The Defensive Glyph Arrays radiance flickered indefinitely between brightness and darkness. The electric net could be torn to destruction at any given time! To be smashed into pieces!

Even the Defensive Glyph Array cant stop it? Young Master Zheng, what the hell did you do to provoke this monster? To make it want to hunt you until death?

Li Yaos scalp was tingling over and over. This monster was really too fearsome. It was something he was absolutely unable to deal with.

I was just trying to help and stabbed a sword at his butt is all. I didnt know I would stab into his asshole! Zheng Dongming sighed as he spoke very helplessly.

Li Yao was speechless for a time. He observed attentively at the faint bloody flesh in between the monsters buttocks. Indeed, half a chainsword was swaying endlessly there.

The other half of the chainsword had completely entered into the monsters body. It was a total of a meter deep and that wasnt enough to kill it. This monsters vitality is really too strong! Too astonishing!

Li Yao spat out with difficulty as he subconsciously looked back.

Dont even think of running. This monster should be based off the large-eyed ape. It will be far faster than us in the forest. We wont stand a chance! Damn! Where the hell are the cultivators!? Its been so long and they still havent come over to help us. Its killing us!

Zheng Dongming half sat up with great effort. He spat a mouthful of fresh blood with a bitter smile on his face.

Li Yao raised his head and glanced above. Small Jis pair of eyes lacked consciousness. It spiraled chaotically in the air. Everytime thunder rang out, Small Ji would violently shake and emit Tszz Tszz sounds.

Small Ji clearly lost control of its body.

Damn it! Let alone the cultivators, even the protective gel wont be spat out. And even if Small Ji could spit out the protective gel, it may not be enough to resist such a ferocious mutant Fiend Beast!

Li Yaos expression changed incomparably ugly in an instant.


At this moment, the large-eyed ape howled towards the sky and tore a translucent arcane glyph with its claws!

A clear crack appeared in the electric net and the ape took the opportunity to take a large step through.

Not good. The Defensive Glyph Array cant hold it back completely. It can come slaughtering through at any moment!

Zheng Dongming tottered as he stood up. He glared unwaveringly at the large-eyed ape. He spoke tensely, Li Yao, I know that youve risen like a meteor. You must have had some sort of lucky encounter, so if you have any sort of hidden cards in the depths of your drawer, or if you have a god-like skill that you can use to transform yourself in a flash to increase your combat strength by ten fold and so on Hurry up and use it! This is a critical moment, Fellow Student Li Yao! This is not the time for you to play as a pig to eat a tiger!

Li Yao was dumbstruck and was silent for a moment before he coldly said, Im terribly sorry. This is already my most powerful state.

What? You cant even transform?

Zheng Dongming looked at Li Yao with utter disdain. He spoke through gritted teeth, Fine. Then, only Ill pull out my finisher!

Li Yao barely held back from ferociously hitting this fellow in the head. Since you have a finishing move, why dont you use it earlier? What are you speaking so much rubbish for!

Zheng Dongmings expression turned utterly pained in an instant. His expression was utterly depressed. Through gritted teeth, he spoke, What do you know? This is my ultimate killing move. It uses the spiritual energy of my lifeblood. It consumes the maximum out of my body when I use it. I would need three months to recover! To endure three months without debauchery!

Three months! A whole three months without touching a girl! Damned Demon Beast! Ill dismember you to ten-thousand pieces and smash you to paste!

Zheng Dongmings expression turned incomparably malevolent in an instant. The fiery aura around his body expanded crazed, turning even more wild than that of the large-eyed ape.

He opened his arms and countless blood-red energies fiercely shot out of his pores. They formed over his head into a threatening blood mist.

Zheng Dongming muttered under his breath. He casted seals with his hands at lightning speed. In a flash, he casted over a hundred different hand-seals.

Where the seals were changing continuously, the blood mist above his head also underwent a bizarre transformation. From a chaotic blood mist, it gradually turned into a dragon, a tiger, a panther, a bear, an eagle, and etc. It changed between different forms of beasts of prey. Soon, it turned into a battle-armored warrior wielding a sharp blade. Finally, it became a three-headed-and-six-armed blood deity, breathing mist and blowing clouds!

Zheng Dongming was connected to this blood deity by countless blood strands. The blood mist endlessly absorbed his blood essence from his inner body. His originally rich figure was sucked into a figure as thin as a rake in a short moment. His prized dimbles faded and disappeared, and even his eye sockets became deeply caved. He looked just like a human skeleton.

At this time, the large-eyed ape tore through the final Defensive Arcane Glyph!

A Bang! rang in the air. The invisible wall shook and shattered, and the last bolt of electric current faded away without a trace.

The large-eyed ape howled and beat its sternum twice fiercely. It took one large step and faced directly in front of the two people!

Zheng Dongming took a deep deep, deep deep, deep deep deep deep breath.

As he breathed in, the blood deity was breathed into his body. His limbs and skull remained emaciated as before, though his skin inflated greatly like a ball inflated with air. His skin was stretched to transparency. A blood glow surged faintly underneath.


Zheng Dongming opened his mouth to the max. It seemed he even dislocated his lower jaw. A blood red mist shot violently from the depths of his throat and transformed into an incomparably ferocious blood pillar, smashing straight into the large-eyed apes sternum!


Heaven and earth trembled! Li Yao could hear what seemed to be countless vicious beasts howling and spirits shrieking! A transparent hole had actually appeared running through the large-eyed apes sternum!

The blood mist possessed extremely powerful corrosive properties. It endlessly corroded the internal organs of the large-eyed ape with strange Tszzz Tszzz sounds, emitting an utterly putrid smell.

Zhii! Zhii! The large-eyed ape shrieked. Its cherub face displayed an incomparably painful expression.


With one attack of the Blood Cannon, Zheng Dongming looked to have spat out half his life force. He fell to the ground, decrepit. He lacked the strength to even get up.

And this doped up large-eyed ape with its strong vitality at the extreme peak, with a chainsword stuck in its ass, with a hole running through its sternum, and with its internal organs corroded by the blood mist, still actually staggered forward. Its long arms flailed wildly, trying to tear Zheng Dongming to shreds in vain!

Li Yao smacked his tongue inwardly. He pointed towards Zheng Dongming and shouted, Big Bro Ape! Weve never had grievances nor hatred with each other. The one who stabbed your asshole is him! You guys can slowly resolve things with each other. This brother will go ahead and leave first!

He actually decided to slip away! To beat it!

It cant be! He cant be this disloyal?

Zheng Dongming was dumbstruck. He stared helplessly at Li Yao fade away into the forest with his tail between his legs. Zheng Dongming practically spat out another mouthful of blood in madness.

Out of the countless swine companions he made, Li Yao was absolutely the lowest of the bunch! Lower than a dog!

The large-eyed ape cackled with a devilish laughter. It seemed that it had long predicted Li Yaos desperate escape. It looked down, towering over its prey, and raised its arm that was thicker than Zheng Dongmings waist high in the air.

Big Bro, I was wrong. Can you give me another chance?

Zheng Dongming had a sincere expression all over his face when he saw the large-eyed apes cauldron-large fists. He spoke an apology out of the bottom of his heart.

The large-eyed ape sneered. Right when it wished to smash Zheng Dongmings brain into paste with a fist, its body suddenly went rigid. An orange colored line appeared on his neck.

A flesh burning smell permeated through the air.

The orange line grew longer and longer, thicker and thicker. It crossed the entire neck of the large-eyed ape in a flash.

The large-eyed ape opened its mouth to howl, but it could not make a single sound. Its body trembled and its huge skull fell to the ground and rolled around randomly. The strong carcass fell kneeling forward, collapsing to the ground!

Zheng Dongming gazed doubtfully behind the large-eyed ape.

Li Yao grasped a Burning Sky Battleaxe in his hands. He was still maintaining his beheading. The palms of his hands were bleeding because he used too much strength. He was drenched all over his body, as if he had just been fished out of a boiling pot of water. It was unknown if this was from rain or from sweat.


Zheng Dongming let out a sigh of relief. His head was heavily smashed into the muck. He couldnt even lift his pinky.

Many thanks! My beloved swine friend! the emaciated fatso had spoken sincerely.

I did what I must. Swine friends are still friends. Li Yao smiled bitterly. He walked slowly towards Zheng Dongming, dragging the Burning Sky Battleaxe.

So next, youre going to kill me right? Zheng Dongming forced a laugh and asked calmly.

Yep. Li Yao sighed.