Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 662

Chapter 662: I Like to Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 662: I Like to Keep a Low Profile
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Old Tong chuckled. "Cultivators of the Cross Wind Space Zone are even more glad to see the rise of the Glorious Sunlight Group!

"The Cross Wind Space Zone has never been a place with abundant spiritual energy in the first place. The several Cultivation sects here are all insignificant. The local Cultivators have to travel and explore the outside world if they want to make progress.

"But since the Glorious Sunlight Group appeared, the tremendous resources from Iron Plateau have to stop by the Cross Wind Space Zone first. Think about it. Who will be the first to make use of the resources? Cultivators of the Cross Wind Space Zone, of course!

"Besides, with the communication between Iron Plateau and space growing more and more heated and the amount of trade between the two parties increasing significantly, the Glorious Sunlight Group is not capable enough to eat the whole pie by itself!

"The Wu family and the Sha family in the Glorious Sunlight Group were local families of the Cross Wind Space Zone in the first place. They then cooperated with the White Dragon Union, which ranked among the top three in the Cross Wind Space Zone. The other Cultivation sects received a lot of orders from the Glorious Sunlight Group or from certain franchises.

"As a result, many Cultivation sects expanded quickly and marched into the top 500 sects of the Flying Star Sector after only half a year!

"With such great benefits, what can the Cultivation sects complain about? Truth be told, other space zones could not have the Glorious Sunlight Group move there even if they wanted to!

"More importantly, the Temple of Immortals and the space pirates have been on a rampage recently. Many remote space zones were caught in fire of war in the past year.

"The Cross Wind Space Zone, on the other hand, is guarded by quite a few Exo Societies. Also, I'm told that a large number of Iron Plateau natives will be trained in the Cross Wind Space Zone later.

"With so many experts gathered here, the Cross Wind Space Zone is safer than ever. Space pirates do not dare harass us at all. Ordinary people and Cultivators alike can enjoy a peaceful life. This is a great benefit that no money can trade for.

"Therefore, Little Sand, just rest assured and make your career in the Cross Wind Space Zone. You have a very promising future.

"Chances are that this place will flourish even more than Heavenly Saints City one day!"

After staying for such a long time in the Flying Star Sector, Li Yao gradually grasped the characteristics of the social form of the Flying Star Sector.

The biggest difference between the Flying Star Sector and the Heaven's Origin Sector was that the former did not have a central government.

After the arrival of the apocalypse, Iron Plateau turned into a wasteland, and the fleet that marched into space was battered by the cosmic storms and scattered in various space zones, too.

For three thousand years, they struggled separately. The notion of a unified nation and government was gone.

After three thousand years, the Flying Star Sector was reconnected as a whole because of the development of the Spiritual Nexus technology and the space jump technology. But most of the sects in their respective space zones had grown mature and established their independent kingdoms. Although the six major sects were still the strongest of all, they were far from the glory of thousands of years ago now that dozens of generations had passed.

Heavenly Saints City today was the more prosperous, magnificent, and advanced metropolis in space, but it was not the capital of the Flying Star Sector.

Technically speaking, Heavenly Saints City was equal to a space town of remains in a remote area. It had no right to force anybody to do anything.

Or rather, the six sects of Heavenly Saints City were sort of the moderators in the Flying Star Sector. They were the leaders of the Flying Star Sector in name, but their followers might not listen to their command when it concerned their own interests.

Before, the six sects of Heavenly Saints City boasted the highest capability, the most techniques, and the largest number of experts. Therefore, the Cultivation sects large and small in other space zones of the Flying Star Sector were willing to invest in them and send their disciples to study in Heavenly Saints City. They also answered the six sects of Heavenly Saints City's call to develop techniques and magical equipment together.

In such a way, Heavenly Saints City maintained a subtle administration over the entire Flying Star Sector.

However, the rise of the Temple of Immortals disrupted the subtle balance. The six sects of Heavenly Saints City were not able to reinforce the Cultivation sects and space towns in many remote towns in time and offer the protection that they had promised, which was a great disappointment for the local residents.

The Cultivation sects in many remote space zones had already withdrawn their investments in Heavenly Saints City. It remained to be seen whether they would form an alliance among themselves, invest in the new powers such as the Cross Wind Space Zone, or even negotiate with the space pirates.

In such a chaotic situation, it was naturally great that so many experts were stationed in the Cross Wind Space Zone.

The two of them had a long, pleasant conversation. Without them knowing, the carrier had docked at a world fragment named 'Flowing Orchid Domain' smoothly.

It was the home base of the Wu family and where the Glorious Sunlight Group was headquartered right now, and it was gradually turning into the pivot of the entire Cross Wind Space Zone.

In front of the passengers was a large space port with perfect facilities and luxurious decorations that was still being expanded.

The magnificent buildings inside the world fragment looked equally impressive to those in Heavenly Saints City, a sign of the unstoppable rise of the Cross Wind Space Zone.

The floating plates that looked like clouds dispersed and transported the passengers to the exit of the port steadily.

"Brother Tong, it's time to say goodbye. Can you give me your contact information?"

Li Yao smiled. He felt that Old Tong was a quite interesting guy.

A few prolonged shrieks suddenly echoed in the sky. They were high-pitched but not earsplitting, like the sound of the divine cranes.

Six bright-silver, elegantly-shaped, extravagant shuttles fell from the sky and stopped in front of the three of them stably.

The door of the shuttles flipped like seagulls opening their wings. More than ten sharp-looking men wearing the same uniform jumped out of the vehicles and stood in one line before them.


The intimidating men slightly bowed and greeted at the same time.

Li Yao blinked in surprise.

Old Tong burst into laughter until his face was red. He patted Li Yao's shoulder and said, "Little Sand, I'm sorry. I told you that I was a businessman, but I didn't tell you what my business was. The 'Silver Ocean Corporation' that I'm currently running is developing well and now ranks the third among all the companies in the Cross Wind Space Zone!

"I was not lying to you on purpose, but I always like to keep a low profile. It was not a business trip to Heavenly Saints City, either. So, I merely wore the casual clothes.

"You see, I'm the perfect example of the benefits of the Glorious Sunlight Group. Half a year ago, my company was half dead. I was betrayed by a good brother and was in huge debt. Every direction was a dead end for me!

"Many people were suspicious when the Glorious Sunlight Group was just established. Since I had no other alternatives, I decided to put all my money into it and take a gamble!

"My corporation was among the first companies to cooperate with the Glorious Sunlight Group. As it turned out, after only half a year, my business has been revived and is developing rapidly!

"Here, Little Sand, take it!"

Old Tong took out a neat box from his pocket and opened it.

He did not take the ordinary cards on the top but picked out a glittering gold card from the bottom.

When Li Yao took the card, the surface of the card immediately shined, and two glamorous, calligraphic words showed up: Silver Ocean!

It was not until this moment that Li Yao learned Old Tong's full name was actually Tong Dashu.

Tong Dashu laughed and said, "Little Sand, after our chitchat, I can tell that you are a young man with a clear mind.

"Besides, you offered a gift for my daughter; it's only natural that I return the favor.

"Although I'm no big shot in the Cross Wind Space Zone, I know quite a few people here, and I'm quite familiar with the leadership of several child companies of the Glorious Sunlight Group.

"Since you are new to this place, do you need any recommendation letters?

"Alright, we can talk about that later. Let's get on the shuttle first. Where are you going to? I'll give you a ride!"

This time, Li Yao was truly embarrassed. He put the card into his pocket solemnly and shook his hands. "That will be unnecessary, but thank you all the same, Brother Tong. My friend has come to pick me up. Look, he's here."

A plain-looking shuttle for home use, or more commonly known as a 'supermarket shuttle', slowly stopped by Li Yao.

An unattractive middle-aged man got off the shuttle. He was rather grave, if not anxious, around Li Yao and did not dare breathe too loudly. He helped Li Yao move his suitcases to the trunk of the shuttle.

Tong Dashu scratched his head. For some reason, the middle-aged man looked rather familiar.

Li Yao smiled. "Brother Tong, goodbye. I will come to find you if needed. I wish you a flourishing business."

Entering the shuttle, Li Yao waved his hands at the little girl from the back of the shuttle window. "Little Dandan, see you. Don't forget to put the deer below your pillow at night. She will play with you in your dreams."

The supermarket shuttle slowly passed by the six extravagant shuttles and staggered off into the sky.

"The guy is quite interesting."

Touching his bristly unshaven chin, Tong Dashu entered the back of one of the extravagant shuttles together with his daughter.

Tong Dashu sank himself in the leather seat and closed his eyes, resting.

However, for some reason, he was ill at ease, as if he had neglected something extremely important.

The driver looked rather familiar. I feel like I have seen him somewhere before.


Tong Dashu's suddenly bulged, and he lunged out of his seat. His head bashed the ceiling of the shuttle so hard that it shook a while in midair!


Tong Dandan, his daughter, was dumbfounded.


The driver and his body guards in the front row all turned around and looked their boss in shock, only to discover that their boss was sweating and cramping hard with a pale face as if he was having a seizure.

"No. It's impossible. My eyes must've deceived me. They must have!"

Tong Dashu turned on his crystal processor, his hands trembling. Appearing on the light beam was a financial magazine issued last month.

The cover was a map of the Cross Wind Space Zone, which was a glittering silver sea of stars, and a daunting middle-aged man who opened his hands and held all the stars!

The eyes of the middle-aged man were as sharp as those of an eagle. Although it was merely a cover photo, Tong Dashu still felt tremendous pressure from him.

The photo was captioned "Dominating Cross Wind!"

"Top on the annual rank of businesspersons of the Cross Wind Space Zone, leader of the Wu family, CEO of the Glorious Sunlight Group, Wu Zhengyang!"

Wu Zhengyang, who had all the stars under his control, looked exactly the same as the driver who had picked up Little Sand with a supermarket shuttle, opened the door for him, and moved the suitcases into the trunk respectfully.

Tong Dashu gasped and collapsed on the seat. He felt that ten thousand needles were stinging his bottom.

"Who is this young man exactly?

"Even the CEO of the Glorious Sunlight Group can only be his chauffeur?"