Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 664

Chapter 664: Strengthened Mystic Skeleton
Chapter 664: Strengthened Mystic Skeleton
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The incident of nearly getting mentally deranged in front of the headquarters of the Glorious Sunlight Group gave Li Yao a deeper understanding about the source of his strength. Therefore, he did not waste a single second in the Glorious Sunlight Group but went to a training chamber that Wu Zhengyang specially prepared for him.

However, there was one place that he had to visit.

Half a day later, outside the Floating Orchid Domain, inside a secret dock in space, there were five seemingly-identical plain carriers.

The leftmost one was rusted and riddled with dents resulting from collisions with meteoroids. It was Sparkle, which had been deeply modified.

Standing before the control panel of Sparkle, Li Yao watched the performance parameters that were rushing down like a waterfall on the display light beam in surprise.

According to the parameters, Sparkle had a far stronger firepower than crystal warships of the same value. After tremendous modifications without caring about the cost, it also boasted an engine system that was more powerful than many main force crystal warships.

A great locomotive dragging a small cart. Sparkle might not have been the strongest crystal warship of the Flying Star Sector, but it definitely ran faster than any other starship.

With complicated feelings, Li Yao observed, "We've made tremendous progress over the past two years!"

Mo Xuan and the other spectral Cultivators were standing behind him.

The five of them had all occupied artificial bodies, but their bodies looked more like octopi than humans.

Their cylindric torsos were surrounded by more than ten extendable artificial arms which were waving crazily, allowing them to manipulate twenty control light beams and make adjustments according to thousands of pieces of data simultaneously.

After a long sigh, Mo Xuan said, "We thought everything would be gone when the crystal reactor exploded. We did not expect that we would be reborn in such a way and even granted with unbelievable abilities."

Mo Xuan waved his hands softly. The 'Four Kings' gloated and suddenly inserted their artificial arms into the control panel. Then, four clusters of blinking silver liquid metal crawled into the crystal processor along the artificial arms like four silver snakes.

In a moment, the performance parameters on the light beam bounced crazily. It was further increased by a large extent compared to a while ago.

Then, the numbers overlapped and interweaved into four vivid faces that were grimacing at Li Yao.

Mo Xuan explained, "Our life form right now is very different from normal spectral Cultivators. It is safe to say that we are a combination of a ghost and a mainframe crystal processor!

"By accident, we discovered that, other than controlling the mainframe crystal processor of Sparkle, we are even able to manipulate other crystal processors freely at will!

"Our souls can be circuited with tens or even dozens of large crystal processors. Our capability will be significantly increased with the computational ability of the crystal processors!

"It was exactly based on such an amazing ability that the five of us finished the preliminary modification of Sparkle in only one year and made it the most mysterious, fastest assault warship that boasts the most advanced stealth ability in the Flying Star Sector.

"It is also why we could complete the deep modification of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!

"Come here!"

Mo Xuan smiled at Li Yao. "I know that you can't wait for it anymore!"

In the secret workshop at the center of Sparkle, there was a giant cylindrical tank that was filled with thick, bright gold liquid. Ripples were spreading out on the surface of the liquid, as if a sleeping ferocious beast was breathing peacefully.

Waving his artificial arms, Mo Xuan quickly operated the light beam.

After a crisp sound, the gate below the tank was opened, and the bright gold liquid was gradually extracted.

Soon, a tall armor in the shape of a human was revealed. Gold dew was shimmering on the plate, reflecting glamorous colors.

Li Yao found it hard to breathe, and his hands were tremoring beyond his control.

The newborn Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit left him with the impression that it was not a cold crystal suit but a living devil!

The crystal suit was still pure black. But it was not the black of the night sky, not the black of an abyss, but more like the black of an expanding blackhole that was absorbing all surrounding light and vision. The less determined people would inevitably have the illusion that the crystal suit was growing and swallowing everything nearby.

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit in the past was embedded with abundant body materials of Skeleton Dragon and the scraps of ancient magical equipment from forty thousand years ago that it had looted.

Also, Li Yao had brought a lot of trophies from the battles against the apocalypse, including the remains of his 'Apocalyptic Extension', to Mo Xuan.

After half a year's refinement, all the materials had been perfectly combined. The crystal suit seemed naturally-made and showed no hint of being an amalgamation of so many materials whatsoever.

The surface of the black armor did not reflect any light. But when Li Yao closed his eyes and perceived the crystal suit with his spiritual threads, he could vaguely 'see' the flowing gold brilliance that looked like flashing dragon scales behind the blackness, as well as the undissolving color of blood in the deepest part of the gold brilliance.

The helmet of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was perfectly arced and looked like a waterdrop. Three red crystal cameras were embedded to the upper half of the facial cover in the shape of a downward-pointing triangle. Other than that, there was no redundant paint or decoration. The simplicity of the crystal suit adorned it with an awe-inspiring beauty.

Li Yao stuck his right hand to the tank softly.

The sleeping Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit slightly shivering. Roars of the dragon were echoing from the inside of the crystal suit, as if a sword was about to be unsheathed.

Li Yao felt that the glass tank had become burning iron planks that had melted his fingers. Five hot streams flooded into his heart from his fingertips. His heart was beating faster and faster and was about to burst out of his chest into the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

"Are you satisfied?" Mo Xuan smiled. "To realize the designs that you desired, especially the one regarding the embedded sheath on the back of the crystal suit, we ran so many computations that twenty-three super crystal processors exploded!"

Li Yao gave no response and simply gazed at the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

At that moment, he would not have bothered to move his eyes even if a star was exploding next to him.

An hour later, ten thousand meters away from Sparkle, a ragged crystal warship sailed slowly in the universe.

The starship was seriously wrecked during an assault of space pirates and was beyond repair. It was then modified into a target starship by Mo Xuan and his team.

By remote control, they activated the spiritual shield and the defense network of the starship. A hundred beast puppets were placed inside each cabin of the starship, too.

"It has been a long time, old friend!"

A black lightning suddenly flashed in front of Sparkle and blended in with the dark universe in the next second. Weird black waves covered the distance of ten thousand meters in the blink of an eye and appeared in front of the target ship!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

A colorful, dazzling air defense fire net was interweaved around the target ship.

The streaks of blackness turned into a cluster of raging black mists and passed through the net instantly like a drop of water. Then, it drilled into the thick armor of the target ship like a scorching needle!

Sha! Sha! Sha! Sha!

Inside the target ship, all the beast puppets sensed the arrival of an intruder.

Organized by the telepathic thoughts that were input previously, they crowded toward the cabin that the intruder had barged into.

The intruder did not stop at all. He crouched and lunged out, turning into a streak of blackness again and going on a rampage in the narrow cabins.

Passing by several beast puppets, the intruder waved his hands casually, and several streams of black fog darted out. The beast puppets were immediately frozen as if a spell had been cast upon them.

A moment later, after a 'huala' sound, they collapsed to the ground and broke into the most fundamental components.


The intruder accelerated again. Wreathed in weird materials that looked both like liquid and gas, he blew up several decks and charged at the engine compartment, the center of the target ship.

"Come on out, Black Wing!"

For the sake of heat dissipation, the engine compartment was usually the largest cabin on a starship.

After he reached the place, a black flying sword suddenly appeared in front of the intruder.

The flying sword seemed to be made of an intact black jade. It was transparent, warm, and smooth. Inside the body of the sword that seemed to be filled with gels, black threads, which looked like capillary vessels, were shivering as if they were alive.

This was the latest form of Black Wing after it absorbed countless high-quality crystals!

Black Wing roared and, hovering in midair briefly, darted into the embedded sheath in the center of the back of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. It was neatly fixed to the sheath without the tiniest gap.

Black Wing seemed to have become the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit's 'spine'. The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, which had already been daunting enough, spurted out thousands of streams of black gas.

Motivated by Li Yao's surging spiritual energy and manipulated by his spiritual root, the intense black gas was condensed to his back on the two sides of Black Wing. It was continuously compressed and condensed into new forms.


Li Yao unleashed the terrifying strength of the superlative height of the Building Foundation Stage with absolutely no concerns. The black gas gradually formed six wings behind the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!


The six wings looked like burning black torches. The longest two were more than twenty meters, and the shortest two were almost ten meters. They made the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit even more like an unstoppable devil walking on the earth!


Behind the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, a red cloak of light flames hovered and extended to almost a hundred meters away like a dragon soaked in blood!

This is the source of my strength!

Clenching his fists, Li Yao savored the satisfaction when the strength of his every cell was fully unleased and significantly enhanced by the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!

Although the barrier on Black Wing was not cracked yet, and it could not be used as a weapon directly, Li Yao had redesigned the back of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and combined Black Wing into it.

With the hardness and speed of Black Wing, it would not only greatly increase the general toughness of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit but also allow the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit to surpass its speed limits time and time again!

Fengyu Zhong? The Temple of Immortals? Immortal Cultivators?

Li Yao roared and dashed at the high-pressure crystal reactor like a black spear after flapping the six black wings!

Inside Sparkle, the five spectral Cultivators were monitoring Li Yao's field test wholeheartedly.

The hundred light spots on the light beam that represented the beast puppets died down quickly one after another, like an area of candles that had been swept over by a furious wind.

Suddenly, the remaining twenty light spots were gone in the same second!

On the light beam, an orange fireball appeared in the middle of the target ship and tore it in half instantly.

Like metastasizing cancer, the fireball consumed the broken target ship.

On the light beam nearby, a glittering number was jumping continuously, shocking the five spectral Cultivators.

"From the beginning of the test to the time when he blew up a starship, it only took

"79 seconds!"