Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 673

Chapter 673: Dividing Gold Splitting Jade, Nine Dragons On Body!
Chapter 673: Dividing Gold Splitting Jade, Nine Dragons On Body!
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Li Yao's words were like a bucket of icy water that was poured over Xie Qianhe's head. He shuddered hard and suddenly came back to himself.

Troubled by too many trifles, he had not been himself in the past two days.

Li Yao was right. They were both refiners, and refining was their everything. Then, let the arts of refining solve all the problems!

In a moment, Xie Qianhe exuded the intimidating aura of a top refiner once more. Confidence flowed out of his body as he nodded. "Alright. Fellow Cultivator Sand, let's begin!"

He retrieved dozens of materials from his Cosmos Ring and placed them in front of Li Yao.

"Removing the impurities in the Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures to get the purest ingredients possible has always been a prerequisite for refining!

"Materials that have impurities will either yield unqualified magical equipment with unexpected consequences or even cause various dangers during the refining process!"

Li Yao nodded. The explosion that took place when he met Master Xue Yuanxin for the first time was because the impurities of one of the ingredients had not been completely cleaned!

Xie Qianhe said confidently, "Every refiner has their own approach to remove impurities and cleanse materials. But the 'Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art' that I'm going to show today is the ultimate skill in this aspect.

"Please take a look, Fellow Cultivator Sand.

"This is a Colored Star Stone of extremely low quality. Such materials tend to attract the microconstituents in the mother mode, which will decorate the stone with various colors.

"Although it looks beautiful, there are too many impurities in them.

"By my estimation, 77% of the Colored Star Stone is contaminated by impurities. It is barely usable for any purpose!

"It is quite tricky to remove the impurities inside the Colored Star Stone in a normal way.

"But the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art adopts a smart approach. By refining the Colored Star Stone with metal and jade, all the impurities inside the stone will meld together, before they are eliminated as a whole!"

Li Yao's eyes suddenly shone with interest. "The 'gold' and 'jade' in the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art are mere catalysts?"

"Exactly." Xie Qianhe nodded in approval. "Different materials require different metals and jades as catalysts. There are endless permutations and combinations. I have not explored all of them even though I've studied for ten years.

"Fellow Cultivator Sand, since we are exchanging techniques, I'm not going to keep anything to myself. The information stored in this jade chip is the correlation between materials and their best catalysts that I have tested over the past ten years. Take a look!"

Xie Qianhe took out a translucent jade chip from his pocket, touched it, and tossed it into the air.

The jade chip boasted auto-play technology. It floated in midair and radiated. Octagonally blinking runes fell down like a waterfall and illuminated the entire refining workshop.

Li Yao's eyes were glittering like two crystal cameras with the highest resolution as he tried to capture every piece of information before him.

Xie Qianhe smiled casually. It was impossible that somebody else could learn his ten years of hard work in only several minutes.

Xie Qianhe said, "Fellow Cultivator Sand, allow me to show you the usage of the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art in person."

He activated the furnace and set the temperature on the operation menu, ready for the real refining work.

Xie Qianhe tossed the Colored Star Stone as well as the Night Flowing Gold and the Black Green Jade, which served as catalysts, into the furnace. Setting the procedures on the furnace, he closed his eyes and waved his fingers crazily. Mumbling spells to himself, he put his fingers in hundreds of different postures within an instant.

Inside the furnace, the fire was burning hot. The Colored Star Stone, the Night Flowing Gold, and the Black Green Jade were all slightly melted. Under the strike of spiritual energy, they were gradually combined and turned into a cluster of colorful liquid metal.

Xie Qianhe's hands were in a quite weird posture. His palms were far away from each other, but the ten fingers were tangled together.

Suddenly, his palms crashed against each other hard. The hundreds of runes floating in midair all flooded into the furnace and reached the materials that were about to be melted!


Earthshaking noises were echoing inside the small furnace, as if a treasure was about to find its way out of the soil!

As the runes merged in the furnace, sounds of wind and thunder resonated within. Small pearls were pushed out of the giant cluster of liquid metal and rolled along the wall of the furnace before they were blown away by the rune array of the wind class to the waste pipe nearby and extracted out of the furnace.

The multicolored pearls seemed to be made of thousands of paints. They were still squeaking, suggesting that they were in an unstable state.

The impurities stored inside the Colored Star Stones had been absorbed by the Night Flowing Gold and the Black Green Jade like a sponge absorbing water.

Three minutes later, Xie Qianhe stopped the technique.

His uniform was soaked in sweat, and his face was red. But he was in quite high spirits while he looked at the waste pipe in satisfaction. He smiled at Li Yao. "Fellow Cultivator Sand, this is how the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art works. After preliminary processing, 80% of the impurifies inside the Colored Star Stone have been removed. It should be able to meet the need of simple projects now.

"If the demand on the purity of the material is higher, then the material must be cleansed time and time again until it is usable."

Li Yao bowed and spared no words in his compliment. "The Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art is indeed marvelous. Thank you for your demonstration, Fellow Cultivator Xie!"

After saying that, he sat on his knees again and gazed at the furnace with his hands holding his chin, not moving anymore.

Xie Qianhe returned his jade chip to his pocket and smiled casually. "That's alright. I will be waiting for Fellow Cultivator Sand to show us your technique to build the seven core components!"

After that, he went to the door of the workshop.

According to the deal yesterday, the seven of them would show their techniques to Sand Scorpion first, and then they would watch Sand Scorpion displaying the secret art for forging the components together.

When he was about to exit the room, Xie Qianhe could not help but turn around.

With only a single glance, his eyeballs froze.

Sand Scorpion's hands were folded into a square pyramid, with the ten fingers tangled together and the palms far away from each other, in exactly the same gesture that he had made just a moment earlier!

In only three seconds, Sand Scorpion changed seventeen different hand gestures that were all loaded with spiritual energy and not simply for show.

As long as his palms collided, the power contained in the seventeen gestures would all be released!

These are the seventeen most difficult gestures in the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art!

He has only seen me perform once, and he grasped all of them?

Xie Qianhe was dumbfounded.

Although he could tell that Sand Scorpion's gestures were still not precise, did not follow the standard, and would probably ruin the materials inside a furnace if the gestures were activated, the guy had definitely grasped the essence of the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art. The only thing he needed was repetitive practice!

Xie Qianhe felt that his head was dizzy.

Before he came back to himself, Sand Scorpion shook his hands and suddenly formed new gestures in a more primitive, traditional, and fluent style!

This is not the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art but another secret art to eliminate the impurities in materials that he knew before.

No. It is not right. His gestures are quite weird and give me a very familiar feeling.

He is trying to incorporate the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art into his own skills of refining!

Xie Qianhe was greatly shocked.

What he did not know was that Li Yao had practiced dozens of secret arts to purify materials in the Heavenly Refining Tower of the Hundred Smelting Clan in Ou Yezi's memory pieces.

However, most of the secret arts were too ancient to be implemented in the modern furnaces.

Li Yao had agreed to barter with Xie Qianhe not because he desired the Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art itself, but because he wanted to study the tricks to use such an ancient technique in modern furnaces.

The Dividing Gold Splitting Jade Art was too sophisticated and boundless. Even for Li Yao, he was not able to grasp all of it in several minutes after watching Xie Tianhe practice it.

However, by observing the entire process, Li Yao was enlightened and found a brand-new approach to applying ancient techniques to modern furnaces.

The methods of purification had been practiced hundreds of times in his memory. Naturally, they were now fluent and flawless when Li Yao showed them in reality.

Born in a noble family of refining, Xie Qianhe was a man of integrity. He would not pry into other people's arts of refining and quickly stopped watching Li Yao.

He did not know how he left the refining workshop and simply sat down like the previous refiners did.

He did not even notice that Master Huangpu was walking to him.

When he was back to himself, Master Huangpu had walked out of the furnace with a complicated expression. It seemed that he was somewhat shocked by Sand Scorpion, too.

"Everybody, let's go inside now. It's time for Fellow Cultivator Sand to demonstrate his technique for us."

With mixed feelings, Xie Qianhe entered the workshop again with the other refiners.

The workshop had been cleaned. A booth in a corner of the room, which had been sealed by rune arrays, was now opened, revealing an anvil carved with complicated patterns that both looked like clouds and swirling thunderbolts.

Inside the furnace, the alloy made of the Heavenly Fire Wolfram, the Moon Tear Germanium, and the Electric Brewer Bronze was revolving rapidly. The irritating spiritual waves that were spreading out of the materials were shaking the furnace hard.

There was absolutely no redundant emotion on Li Yao's face. Passion for the arts of refining was all there was. His eyes that seemed to be on fire licked every refiner, as he said, "Thank you for all your wholehearted enlightenments, everybody. In a moment, I will show you how to combine the three tyrannical materials together manually and how to carve rune arrays on them with the hidden rune technique and the stroke switching technique!"


On Li Yao's body, the refining uniform made of mustard-seed materials with such a high elasticity that it could be lengthened to more than ten meters away was now torn apart into various pieces as if it had decayed for a hundred years and blossomed in midair, revealing bright gold, magnificent muscles behind it!

There were no tattoos on Li Yao's body, but colorful brilliance was vaguely flowing inside his veins and nerves that were slighting protruded, like nine dragons that were raging and roaring silently!