Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 688

Chapter 688: War of the Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 688: War of the Nascent Soul Stage
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Li Yao patted the armor on his body that was carved with glamorous spiritual stripes and looked like a ferocious insect. He said, "Of course, I know that my crystal suit techniques are not good enough. So, what I'm wearing is still the 'Sky Scorpion Armor', but it is now the 'universe strengthened version'!

"This armor has been modified by Master Xue Yuanxin and me together at the cost of a great many Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures. A lot of features of crystal suit have been added. Also, we redesigned the internal structure of the armor based on aerodynamics with special crystal processors. It is definitely not the same as the normal armor!"

Ye Hongfei chuckled and managed a smile. "Master Sand, you are the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau. Nobody will doubt your combat ability when you are in your Sky Scorpion Armor. However, the battle today is too important. It concerns not only your honor as a warrior but also the lives of millions of people. Therefore, it is quite understandable that they are making such arrangements.

"Master Sand, it is also the qi-trainers' creed to protect ordinary people. You must know the thoughtfulness of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, right?"

Li Yao sniffed and stopped talking. He rubbed the Sky Scorpion Armor in silence.

His eyes glanced over between the downtown area far away and the No.55 ventilation tube.

Deep inside his brain, his computational ability soared as he drew up countless routes of escape and response strategies to cope with the Black King should the man appear.

Everything was ready.

The net was gradually tightened.

At 8:12:33 p.m., in the temporary market outside the main field of Edge Sharpeners' Meeting, a plain-looking young man dressed like a tourist was eating noodles slowly.

Two red-faced, drunk men who were leaning on each other staggered past him.

At 8:12:37 p.m., in a temporary hospital near the main field, several ambulances were blaring out high-pitched sirens while they carried a large number of patients who were all moaning on stretchers in agony. It was said that there was a large-scale food-poisoning incident.

At 8:12:47 p.m., outside the No.2 air cleaning station on the perimeter of the central area, a team of Cultivators wearing invisible suits dispersed and moved toward the station from various directions. They were like black mercury that was rolling slowly under the dark night.

In a high tower not far away, the scope of a spiritual energy sniper had locked onto a worker inside the air cleaning station who was drinking tea and chitchatting casually.

According to the intelligence, the worker next to the third window to the left was a spy of the Immortal Cultivators!

At 8:13:01 p.m., on the 16th floor of a luxury hotel in the northwest corner of the downtown area, two cleaners were doing their job with the dust-absorbing magical equipment on the circular corridor that was paved with extravagant carpets.

A young man in fashionable clothing, hugging a chuckling girl who was wearing barely any clothes and had a pair of sexy eyes, went to his own room.

It seemed that he had failed to hold back his libido. He pressed the girl to the wall and started kissing her before he went into the room.

Without anybody knowing it, the two passionate lovers and the two cleaners were all near Room 1608.

In the seven high buildings near the luxury hotel, experts in the Nascent Soul Stage were monitoring the situation closely.

Countless pieces of magical equipment, rune arrays, and barriers were ready and locked onto the hotel.

Cold sweat was rolling down every Cultivator's head.

Although the trap seemed lethal, nobody could confidently say that they would be the winners. They felt that cold waves were surging forward inside their hearts even though magical equipment that had been piled up like a mountain was right behind them.

It was because their target was also a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator!

At 8:13:27 p.m., three seconds were left before the activation of the Mist Clearing Operation.

One of the two drunk men in the night market suddenly fell to the ground because of an obstacle and started throwing up until his clothes were all dirty.

His companion burst into laughter and did not look at the tourist who was having noodles at all.

In the temporary hospital, many doctors and nurses were as busy as bees.

Most of the patients who suffered acute intoxication as well as the doctors who came with the ambulances gradually surrounded one of the nurses without alarming anyone.

In the high tower outside the No.2 air cleaning station, the shooter softly applied pressure with his finger on the trigger.

Complicated spiritual stripes were emitting dim brightness around his long finger and gradually melted with the spiritual stripes on the sniper, making the sniper an appendix of his body and soul.

On the corridor of the 16th floor of the luxury hotel, the sexy girl was moaning hungrily, but there was nothing except coldness and sharpness in her eyes, which seemed to be watching an invisible clock and waiting for the second hand to pass the last three slots.

Tick-tock, tick


1.5 seconds before the Mist Clearing Operation was to be activated, the corridor on the 16th floor of the luxury hotel exploded!

In the flooding light and heat, a lot of soul attack rune arrays targeting Cultivators were triggered. The corridor immediately turned into a hell where devils were shouting and screaming!


Beside the kissing lovers, a man-shaped hole was blown out of the wall of the corridor. A black shadow dashed out like a demon saber flying out of the nether world!

The black shadow neither fled to the side nor leapt out of the window. Instead, he stomped on the ground and jumped up, blowing up the ceiling above his head and reaching the corridor of the 17th level!

The entire hotel had been heavily surrounded with traps everywhere.

However, in order not to alarm the Black King, the siege was not very close to him, nor was it very big.

The corridor on the left and on the right, the stairs, the floors below and even outside the window had all been installed with the most delicate traps.

The floors above had the weakest defense!

The cleaners and the lovers immediately tore off their disguises. The intimidating aura of a super expert suddenly burst out of each person's body as they rushed to chase after the target!

But the sexy girl suddenly bulged her eyes, which were now bloodshot. There was shock and desperation in the blood streaks there!


An appalling aura exploded out of the girl's large breasts, leaving a black hole behind. Her entire heart had turned into black powder!

As it turned out, the black shadow slashed at her without anybody knowing when he was running out and blew her heart up!

The girl stumbled forward two steps, before she fell to the ground and began seizing.

Like a balloon that had been pierced by a needle, the spiritual gas that was all set to go turned into colorful smoke and leaked out of her dead body.

In the profile database of the Immortal Slayers, only one person had such terrifying saber arts.

Zhuang Ziyou, one of the three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators on Spider Den, was known to boast the most unpredictable and the most devastating saber arts!

"The Mist Clearing Operation, activate!"



The operation had been seen through by the hostile Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator 1.5 seconds in advance. There were no other options except to activate it immediately.

In the night market, the drunk man who was vomiting, his companion, and three other customers who were enjoying their noodles suddenly lunged at the unattractive tourist!

In the hospital, dozens of white sheets flew to the air, only to be torn apart by the surging spiritual energy, blossoming like flowers.

Outside the air cleaning station, the shooter pulled the trigger as calmly as when he was breathing, sending out a bullet made of an entire marrow crystal with eleven attack rune arrays. In the meantime, more than a hundred members of the strike team took action and decisively stuck the air cleaning station where most of the liquefied Heart Gnawing Mist was stored!

Around the luxury hotel, prolonged enchanting started echoing.

More than fifty powerful barriers that had been prepared in the skyscrapers nearby were activated simultaneously. Colorful brilliance soared up into the sky, where it interweaved into a great net before it slowly fell down.

The air inside the net instantly turned extremely thick. The low-level Cultivators even found it hard to breathe.

All the Nascent Soul Stage summoned all of their spiritual energy. The daunting aura of the super experts almost burned thousands of holes in the artificial sky!

Other than the four locations, near the main field of the Edge Sharpeners' Meeting and in the downtown area of the first space ring of Heavenly Saints City, countless Cultivators took action in almost a hundred locations and attacked their targets that had been locked onto for a long time!

All the cameras were sliding, swirling, shaking, and flipping.

Fog, explosion, and blood dominated the cameras, which were trembling violently. Just one look at it was enough to make the watcher vomit. There was no telling what was going on in the central area at all!

Li Yao could only hear exclamations, screams, curses, and explosions, each louder than the previous one, in the communication channel.

Occasionally, some of the pictures stopped moving. Those pictures were all captured from a very low perspective, as if their owners were crouching on the ground.

It was evident that the owners of the pictures were all dead.

Li Yao cursed and stood straight, looking into the distance.

He saw that flames were illuminating the forest of iron that was the central area of Heavenly Saints City as if it was broad daylight.

Fire balls were rising up nonstop. The upper half of the tallest skyscraper was wreathed in furious fire, making it look like a torch.

The central area of Heavenly Saints City was in chaos.

The Cultivators that had been deployed to every center of the city showed up immediately. They evacuated the crowd, soothed the people, and rescued the injured. However, the riot was not likely to die down any time soon.

Two invincible armies seemed to be engaged in the most gory, brutal street battle in Heavenly Saints City!

This was the formidability of Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

A Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could wage a war purely on their own!

This was an out-and-out war of the Nascent Soul Stage!