Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 694

Chapter 694: Battlefield Of Extraterrestrial Devils
Chapter 694: Battlefield of Extraterrestrial Devils
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Cai Qi's crystal processor projected almost a hundred light beams that displayed the situation of the battle in the sea of stars.

The space between the ninth space ring and the tenth had turned into a weird ocean of flames.

The tenth space ring was the most enormous circular town furthest from Heavenly Saints City. It was like a giant serpent that had bitten its own tail.

Compared to the tenth space ring, even the biggest starship looked like a speck of dust.

Explosions were taking place everywhere on the 'giant serpent'. Gas along with colorful fire was jetting out at a high speed from the fractures.

The giant serpent seemed to have been stabbed multiple times, with hot blood spurting everywhere!

Broken remnants were scattered everywhere in space. Most of them were the pieces resulting from the explosions. They were mixed with broken bodies that were floating in the cold universe like hideous, miserable statues.

Around ten thousand carriers had originally been docked at the tenth space ring. When news that extraterrestrial devils had shown up inside the space ring arrived, they all broke off from the space ring and fled in a hurry.

However, even the most solid plate was not able to resist the extraterrestrial devils. Many starships fell victim to the extraterrestrial devils. After being possessed by them, the crew members immediately turned mad and attacked other crew members to gain control over the starship.

Many starships deviated from their routes and collided into each other. Some of them sailed out of the port, only to turn around and crash into the tenth space at a high speed, leading to gory serial explosions!

The sounds of the horrific explosions could not travel in space, a vacuum.

Without oxygen, the flames resulting from the explosions could not last long, either.

However, the flames in space right now were in a green color. They were savaging and spreading as if they were alive. Dancing a strange dance, they swept across even more starships.

Some of the green flames were twisting and wriggling into vivid facial organs and limbs. Ugly and rampant, they collected a lot of debris and absorbed it into their bodies, turning themselves into giants dozens of meters tall!

"Devils! Thousands of devils!"

The devils that were wandering outside of the tenth space ring, noticing that the main troops of Cultivators arrived, immediately screamed and charged at them.

Nothing was audible in the space, but the shrieks of the devils were not sound but a special vibration of the magnetic field that could take effect on the Cultivators' soul directly.

Therefore, despite the distance of tens of thousands of meters in between, all the Cultivators felt that their head becoming dizzy and their breath unsteady, as if a lot of cold talons were scratching their head softly!

Due to the emergency, most of the Cultivators had not boarded crystal warships but shuttles and carriers whose defense abilities were much weaker.

It would be terrible if such vehicles were harassed by the devils.

Right then, countless metal skeletons dispersed from the carriers and flew toward the devils!

The Spiritual Ghost Legion!

The weapons of the spectral Cultivators were all specially made for the extraterrestrial devils. It was not bullets that were shot out of the barrels but flashing electric arcs. Their blades were extremely narrow, too, and yet they could trigger auras almost twenty meters long because of the special design.

The spectral Cultivators were extremely fast and were soon engaged with thousands of devils.

For a moment, sparks and electric arcs were spluttering everywhere. The auras of the blades formed a shining gold dragnet that minced countless devils into pieces.

The green fire raised by the devils lost support after the flashing of the sabers, and it collapsed, turning back into chaotic fireballs. The fireballs soon dispersed into thousands of shivering flickers, which struggled for a moment before vanishing amid miserable screams.

However, there were simply too many devils. It was often the case that around ten devils would battle against one spectral Cultivator. They formed sharp claws and teeth with the debris of starships and tore the spectral Cultivators into pieces!

The spectral Cultivators, whose artificial bodies broke apart, did not disperse immediately. Instead, dazzling brilliance beamed out of their souls as they marched toward the giants controlled by the devils and rushed into them.

The souls and the devils competed for the control over the 'debris giants'!

The giants were like puppets that were manipulated by two puppet masters and dragged in opposite directions simultaneously. One moment, they were dancing, but the next, they were attacking the other side of their body. Some of them were even torn in half by brute force.

The two broken halves of the giants continued crashing into each other instead of repairing their body with replacements first. The souls and devils hiding inside the giants also clashed and mauled each other. Their energy was completely released during the high-speed collisions.

The battle between the spectral Cultivators and the extraterrestrial devils was indeed scary!

"The Spiritual Ghost Legion is trying to buy us more time and open a channel for us!

"We are now on a carrier that cannot break into the tenth space ring directly. Fellow Cultivators, prepare to get off!"

Red lights were flashing inside the carrier. "Chi" sounds were echoing nonstop inside the cabin as the atmospheric pressure inside the carrier was being adjusted in order to open all the gates.

"Slay the devils to serve the great Dao. Cultivators, let's go!"

Cai Qi, a sword Cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage, was the first to dash out of the carrier.

Behind him, hundreds of Cultivators lined up and dived into space like golden scales!

From the countless starships nearby, thousands of Cultivators surged out and moved toward various zones of the tenth space ring according to the instructions on their crystal processors.

Every squad of Cultivators was led by a Core Formation Stage Cultivator or a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Those above the Building Foundation Stage were in the vanguard or covered the back. The Refinement Stage Cultivators, who were the largest in number, were in the middle. All the squads were oval-shaped.

Cai Qi truly deserved to be a renowned professor of the Flying Sword Department of Flying Star University. Faced with the harassment of thousands of devils, the intimidating aura of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was fully revealed.

The dozens of crescent flying swords around him instantly phantomized into thousands of blade auras, which raised a silver storm in the sea of stars!

The storm seemed to boast an uncanny attraction force. Not only were all the devils within the coverage of the auras minced to pieces immediately, all the other devils nearby were drawn close to it like broken boats that had fallen into a swirl. They struggled and screamed, only to be ripped apart by the storm of swords, perishing on the spot.

The surround square kilometer became peaceful once more.

A Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator's wrath is indeed not to be underestimated!

Li Yao secretly complimented Cai Qi. If he tried his best, he might be able to clear all the devils within a square kilometer, too. But he would have to be engaged in a fierce battle that was in no away as simple or straightforward as Cai Qi's attack!

"All the devils in front of us have been cleared. Let's rush inside together!"

Hundreds of Cultivators congregated into a torrent of iron under the lead of Cai Qi. Thousands of light flames burst out of their backs and pushed them through a damaged gate into the inside of the space ring!

All the space towns attached great importance to explosions and damage to the shell. Every large space town had thousands of airtight gates. Even if explosions took place in 70% of the area, the gates would still remain sealed and turn the area into vacuum so that the remaining 30% would be safe.

But right now, Cultivators had gained access to the switches of all the airtight gates and emergency exits on the tenth space ring.

After taking various turns and passing through seven airtight gates, they finally found that the air was breathable again.

They had entered the downtown area of the tenth space ring.

The downtown area was packed with skyscrapers, streets, and people.

However, compared to the central area, the buildings were much denser. There were also multiple illegal temporary buildings, which was a clear sign of the rapid growth of the city. The whole area felt like a primitive, untamable forest of steel.

There should have been a blue sky on the artificial dome. However, because of the serial explosions, the giant light beams on the dome were all malfunctioning. They either blacked out, looking like square, gray clouds, or were battered, revealing the interconnected tubes that constituted the dark, cold dome.

The downtown area was burning; there was fire everywhere.

Explosions, collapsing buildings, and helpless screams could be heard everywhere.

Amidst the skyscrapers, a gloomy wind was blowing, producing creepy noises that both sounded like a gale and the scary laughter of invisible, ferocious animals.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Right then, it suddenly started raining, with the vague aroma of the Osmanthus flowers mixed in the rainwater.

"The Devil Revealing Powder!"

"Our men have taken control of the rain-making rune array and added the Devil Revealing Powder to the water. There's no way that the extraterrestrial devils can hide themselves now!"

Several Cultivators were shouting in joy in the communication channel.

A while later, ripples and waves appeared in the air, and devils that were wriggling, struggling, and roaring were unveiled!


Everybody gasped. "So many devils!"

The sky of the entire downtown area was black and green, as if a dark green ocean was upside down. There were devils everywhere!

They felt that they were hikers exploring a deep, dark cave who had suddenly found that the top of the cave was occupied by vampire bats when then ignited a torch all of a sudden. Even the most strong-willed Cultivators were somewhat shocked.

The ordinary people in the downtown area were thrown into greater chaos. The panicked crowds were running about without caring about anything.

Seeing the Cultivators who were wearing crystal suit, the ordinary people were like those being drowned who had snatched the last straw. They screamed, yelled, and pushed each other as they ran toward them.

Li Yao's brow was furrowed so hard that it was almost a broom.

The place was too chaotic.

Since there were so many panicking ordinary people, as long as several assassins of the Temple of Immortals were hiding among them, they could very easily succeed in killing several Cultivators while the Cultivators were rescuing ordinary people even though their Cultivation was much lower than their potential victims!

The battlefield that the Temple of Immortals had designed was indeed sordid!