Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Trump Card And Trump Card
Chapter 701: Trump Card and Trump Card
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" Ahhh! "

This time, Li Yao really screamed desperately.

Blood jetted out of his broken arm shockingly, only to be sealed by his spiritual energy a moment later like a faucet that had been closed.

Before the first explosion died down, the second explosion, which was even fiercer, took place. Intense black and scorching venomous gas were mixed inside the bombs, too.

Li Yao ran away crazily in the middle of the smoke and the venomous gas!


Covering his broken arm, Li Yao rushed into the street and threw aside a manhole cover. He stuffed his heavy crystal suit into the narrow sewer. Then, a series of explosions took place inside the sewer, with smoke and dust flying everywhere. The sewer collapsed and stopped the enemy from further hunting.

Li Yao fled like a stray dog in the labyrinth of the sewer system. Three minutes later, he appeared in the construction site of a skyscraper nine kilometers away.

Since the tenth space ring was still being expanded, such construction sites were everywhere.

Before, a few workers had lived in this place. But after the arrival of the extraterrestrial devils, all of them had run away. The place had become empty.

Hollow sounds were echoing in the empty building as the crystal suit stepped on the hard ground.

Li Yao could not hold it any longer and collapsed. He held the ground with his only hand and observed his broken left arm, moaning in disbelief.

Right then, cold footsteps came over behind him.

Li Yao's body was stiffened. He felt like he was standing in the cold wind naked and shivering even though he was protected by a heavy crystal suit.

What appeared in the stairs was also a black crystal suit that utilized light-absorption materials.

The crystal suit boasted a giant vibration blade that was directly connected to the right arm. The helmet and the facial cover were specially designed. Three swirling demonic horns pierced toward the sky.

That was 'Black Horn', a special crystal suit for mental attacks developed by the Silver Heart School. The three black horns were actually three antennas that could significantly boost the power of the soul and improve one's strength in mental attacks.

The Black Horn Battlesuit was already a top-tier crystal suits in the Flying Star Sector. After being crazily modified by the experts on Spider Den, it now boasted impressive specifications in melee combats, too.

In the database of the Cultivators, there was only one person who was capable enough of using such a modified Black Horn.

'Hellsword' Zhuang Ziyou, a Nascent Soul Stage!

Holding his broken arm, Li Yao asked, his voice shaking, "How did you see through me?"

Hellsword was silent briefly. He walked toward Li Yao unhurriedly while he answered with a faked voice. "Your disguise was very good, but your acting was a bit too exaggerating.

"In my eyes, you have at least three loopholes.

"Firstly, according to the files we gathered in the war on Iron Plateau, you are cunning, brutal, and thoughtful. You are definitely not a common Iron Plateau native, nor are you a reckless man who has nothing but courage.

"For a man like you, if you were not good enough in a crystal suit, how could you even consider a crystal suit that you are not familiar with to be your trump card? Why didn't you store a few True Qi armors in your Cosmos Ring?

"The answer is obvious. Your crystal suit skills are not as bad as you claimed. You are an expert of crystal suits!

"Secondly, even if you are using a crystal suit as your trump card, why would you choose a 'Gold Wolf Battlesuit'?

"Although it is an upgraded model of the Green Wolf Battlesuit enhanced by abundant Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures, its framework is quite old-fashioned. The improvement would not be too significant at all!

"With your wealth, it's perfectly possible for you to purchase a more advanced crystal suit and ask a master to simplify the operation system so that you can use it at your will. That's the more reasonable choice.

"Don't you know masters of crystal suits such as Xue Yuanxin and Huangpu Bo? Right, I almost forgot. According to our latest intelligence, you are an excellent crystal suits master yourself. Simplifying the operation system is just a piece of cake. No trouble for you at all.

"Thirdly, you acted too rashly. Just because you were infuriated by our shamelessness, you went on a rampage in the downtown area alone without caring about anything?

"That did not sound like something that the sly Sand Scorpion in our files would do.

"Your acting crossed the line.

"With consideration of the three loopholes, I was totally sure that the Gold Wolf Battlesuit was definitely not your trump card!

"You put on the Gold Wolf Battlesuit in front of everywhere because you wanted us to underestimate you so that you could set up your traps more conveniently."

Li Yao's voice was both calm and frustrated as he said, "Therefore, you pretended that you were fooled and asked somebody else to step into my traps, didn't you? The guy was quite capable, and he was adept at shadow arts. If I am not mistaken, he was 'Thorny Shadow' of the Eight Blades of Black Spider, right?

"In order to push me to reveal my trump card, you were cruel enough to sacrifice one of the Eight Blades of Black Spider. Hellsword's methods are indeed impressive!"

Hellsword smiled casually. "How could a bait any weaker than 'Thorny Shadow' force you to resort to your trump card?

"Although your combat ability is merely in the Core Formation Stage, your value is much higher than common Core Formation Stage Cultivators and even some Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who know nothing but fighting. You are definitely one of the greatest troublemakers for us!

"Thorny Shadow is dead, but I have learned that your real trump card is the most advanced heavy crystal suit, 'Fire Tyrant', developed by the Red Line School.

"The 'Fire Tyrant Battlesuit' of yours seems to have been modified with abundant Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures. The seven materials that I recognized right now are all invaluable.

"Such a crystal suit befits the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau more!

"Well well well. On a different occasion, if you are wearing the 'Fire Tyrant Battlesuit', there is a 90% likelihood that you might have gotten away even if I attacked with my full strength!

"Only one of the Eight Blades of Black Spider in exchange for all of your trump cards and one of your arms. That's a good bargain.

"All in all, in this hunting game, Thorny Shadow is a cicada, you are a mantis that devours him, and I'm a sparrow that devours you!"

Killing intent was soaring in Hellsword's voice.

"Wait!" Li Yao cried, pressing his broken arm. "I don't want to die. Give me a chance. I would like to surrender?"

Hellsword chuckled. "You would?"

Li Yao breathed heavily. "I know you won't believe it, but since I'm so valuable and I'm very influential on Iron Plateau, you should at least give it a try. After all, one of my arms has been chopped off, and all my trump cards have been seen through. I can never get away from the hands of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator like you, can I?"

Hellsword nodded and stepped forward softly. "It seems so."

Li Yao breathed heavily and struggled to his feet. He staggered toward Hellsword while he murmured, "Therefore"

His voice suddenly turned high and sharp. "Let's die together!"

Before the sentence was concluded, the crystal bombs that had been planted in every corner of the construction site were detonated at the same time and turned the building into an ocean of flames!

The points of the explosion had been carefully selected so that the power of the explosion could be gathered and sweep across everything!

After Li Yao made the declaration, however, he did not lunge forward hoping to perish together with his enemy. Instead, he stomped on the ground and fell to the floor below!

The floor where he had been standing on had already been weakened beforehand. It was stomped into dust without any trouble!

All the declarations such as 'die together' were deceptive moves.

He was still trying to run away!


The serial scheme was all within the expectations of Hellsword. The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator had seen through everything since a long time ago!

"Hehe. This construction site is indeed a place of escape that you have prepared.

"I knew that you wouldn't surrender!

"But so what?

"After two minutes of chitchatting, another 4% of my liver has been repaired. It will be more than easy for me to slay a Building Foundation Stage Cultivator who claims to be in the superlative height!"

The moment the explosion took place, Hellsword stomped on the floor as if he had seen it coming and fell onto the floor below almost at exactly the same time as Li Yao did.

Before he reached the ground, Hellsword had already lunged at where Li Yao was falling accelerated by the power rune arrays. His right hand turned into a streak of blackness and stabbed at the chest of the 'Fire Tyrant Battlesuit' at an amazingly high speed!

"Even the 'Super Bendable Steel' is not going to save you today!"


His right hand pierced into the chest of the heavy crystal suit easily as if it were tofu.

However, the weird feedback made Hellsword's pupils shrink suddenly.

In the next second, the Fire Tyrant Battlesuit exploded in midair!

Until this second, everything had been under Hellsword's control.

But he did not expect that the Fire Tyrant Battlesuit would explode, nor did he expect that it was not smoke and fire that came with the explosion but glue!

The super sticky glue made of twenty-eight kinds of resins and the body fluids of demon beasts!

With Hellsword's Cultivation, even though the super sticky glue was showered over his face, his movement was not hindered much at all.

Then, all the glue was burnt into ash by his spiritual energy.

However, at exactly this moment, Hellsword saw feathers.

Thousands of black feathered, condensed by the purest spiritual energy, were deep, light, and sharp and danced in midair like snowflakes from the dark ceiling.

Six enormous wings of spiritual energy covered more than half of the floor, turning it into a dark abyss.

In the center of the dark abyss was a crystal suit that looked like a black hole. Three crimson crystal cameras were in an upside-down triangular distribution. Gloomy rays were emitting from there, as if they were laughing silently.

Isn't the speed of his air change 2.59 seconds?

How did he put on a different crystal suit in less than one second?

What is this damn crystal suit exactly?

The sprinting speed of the blackhole-like crystal suit was definitely more than seven times the speed of sound, because Hellsword did not hear any sound.

But for some reason, he felt as if he could hear the shriek of a vulture!

At the moment of life and death, Hellsword summoned the unparalleled capability of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. He twisted his body into such an unbelievable angle that his bones and his crystal suit were all cracking. Several rune arrays on his crystal suit broke down in that moment because it could not withstand his explosive strength.

Within that moment, at the cost of destroying rune arrays, breaking bones, and battering his liver, Hellsword moved half a step to the right and avoided the crying saber in Li Yao's right hand!

In the meantime, his left leg kicked at Li Yao's abdomen in a weird curve, while a short blade that was lighter and thinner than a feather ejected silently from the tip of his foot!

In the database of space pirates and Cultivators, it was recorded that the lone wolf Zhuang Ziyou was called 'Hellsword' because the name of the marvelous weapon with which he secured his fame was 'Hellsword'.

However, except for dead people, few knew that 'Hellsword' was not the eye-catching vibration saber on his right arm but the invisible venomous dagger hidden below his foot!

While the 'Hellsword' rushed out, Hellsword summoned all his soul power and triggered the strongest mental attack of his life.


For a moment, countless ghosts were lunging out from the dagger, as if the attack knocked down the wall between Hell and the human world!


Li Yao's speed increased again and surpassed the limits in Hellsword's calculation instantly!

The dangling arm on the left of the crystal suit that seemed empty before was now back to life like a snake that had crawled out of a crevice!

When countless black feathers interweaved into flames and flashed past Hellsword 's eyes, there was only one thought in the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator's brain, which was almost boiling now.

Didn't I now chop off his left hand?

Why does he still have it?