Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Feathered Dragon Saber
Chapter 702: Feathered Dragon Saber
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Two black crystal suits turned into translucent shadows at the same time and passed through each other.

In midair, the raging ghosts and the unpredictable black feathers collided like a storm.

The ghosts, in their desperate screams, vanished into black smoke.

The flying black feathers were melted like snow under the sun, too.

However, the 999 black feathers were physical entities. They entangled the left arm of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit without a gap and formed a weird-shaped saber that looked like a giant feather.

It was Feathered Dragon Saber, a piece of tailor-made magical equipment that Li Yao, Professor Mo Xuan, and the other spectral Cultivators from the Heaven's Origin Sector had invented based on the feature that Li Yao's spiritual energy could be transformed between the gas form and the liquid form freely at will.

The saber was refined based on the scraps of ancient magical equipment, the bones of Skeleton Dragon and the apocalyptic beasts, and the pieces of the Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber. Because of its modular structure, with a telepathic thought, Li Yao could turn the saber into 999 sharp feathers and hid them in thousands of illusions of black feathers formed by his spiritual energy, so they could attack the enemy from utterly unpredictable angles.

The last remnants of the shadows of the ghosts were gone.

The construction site returned to peace again. Wind was blowing past the empty floor, raising a storm of dust that looked like a fog.

The two crystal suits were ten meters away from each other, in the same posture of their final attack, like perfect statues.


Feathered Dragon Saber fell to the ground.


A shocking wound appeared on the breastplate of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, as if a devil that opened its blood mouth.

Chi! Chi!

Blood mist exploded out of Li Yao's chest as he staggered and fell to one of his knees. A deep hollow was left on the floor, and he coughed loudly.

"Cough cough. Cough cough cough cough. A Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator is indeed a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator!"

His face as pale as paper, Li Yao breathed heavily for a long time. He managed to constrict his muscles and sealed the veins near his wound. Then he gritted his teeth to stand up and walk toward Hellsword.

Hellsword was absolutely still.

"Including the Sky Scorpion Amor, I've used four sets of suits altogether and deployed thirteen serial traps. All the crystal bombs and magical equipment on my body are now gone.

"I didn't know thatCough Cough. Cough cough cough cough"

Li Yao coughed hard and walked to Hellsword's front. He stood face to face and helmet to helmet with the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator.

Hellsword could kill him easily as long as he raised his hand. Yet, he kept still and did not move at all.

Li Yao breathed hard and managed to finish the sentence. "I didn't know that I would have to pay such a high price in order to kill you!"

Li Yao opened his fingers and pressed the helmet of Hellsword's crystal suit. He suddenly exerted his strength!


'Hellsword' Zhuang Ziyou, the scary Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator on Spider Den, could not withstand the pressure and kneeled down before Li Yao!

"You are the first Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator that I slew."

Looking down at Hellsword, Li Yao remarked, one word after another, "But you won't be the last."


A terrifying explosion suddenly burst out in Hellsword's neck, as his entire spine was blown into powder.

When the Feathered Dragon Saber passed by, Hellsword's neck had been swept through by the aura of Li Yao's saber. His head seemed to be connected to his body, but the link between them had been entirely cut off. It was no different than beheading him.

Even a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could not survive their head being separated from their body.

Besides, Li Yao's final pressing had poured a huge amount of spiritual energy into Hellsword's brain through the helmet of the crystal suit, which had completely wrecked his brain.

The dominating Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator finally bowed below Li Yao's feet and lowered his head, as dead as anyone could ever be!

Li Yao sniffed and rubbed his hands. He kicked down Hellsword's dead body. Greedy laughter echoed below his crystal suit, as if he were planning to rip off Hellsword's 'Black Horn' and search for trophies.

The moment he touched the Black Horn Battlesuit, however, Li Yao suddenly shrieked. The Feathered Dragon Saber that was left aside exploded into 999 sharp feathers instantly and raised a black storm on the floor again!


A weird scream suddenly echoed in the air of the southeast corner. It sounded like the screams of ten thousand tortured souls in the deepest level of hell combined. Like a scorching iron needle, the sound stung Li Yao's brain!

A dark red phantom that looked both like dim fire and weird flowers gradually emerged in the air. As it formed, the phantom condensed into the shape of a human more than half a meter tall that looked both like a dwarf and like an infant.

Pierced repetitively by the Feathered Dragon Saber, the phantom was twisting in agony and gazing at Li Yao with the utmost hatred and fear!

"Youyou knew that I was not dead!" shouted the dark red phantom.

Li Yao smiled. "The soul power of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators is far stronger than common Cultivators. It is more likely for them to turn into a spectral Cultivator.

"As for you, the well-known 'Hellsword' Zhuang Ziyou, mental attacks are your specialty, and you have a profound understanding about the studies of brains. Other than being a brutal bandit, you are also a great 'Meditation Healer'.

"Therefore, it is even more likely for you to turn into a spectral Cultivator than common Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

"I was merely testing, and I didn't expect that you would jump out so quickly."

Hellsword was squeaking in anger like fire onto which oil had just been poured. The flames of the phantom suddenly rose and almost licked the ceiling.

It was a pity that he had just died, and his soul had only managed to escape from his body through secret arts. His current state was very unstable because he was not a real spectral Cultivator yet. His capability was only one percent compared to when he was alive!

Although Li Yao was heavily wounded, the guy was still much stronger than he was.

He could only stall for a while longer so that his soul could stabilize. With a few minutes, he would be transformed into a spectral Cultivator from a wandering ghost. By then

Hellsword pretended that he was deeply regretful and shouted, "What I chopped off just now was a false hand?"

"Of course, it was a real hand. For a lone wolf like you, it would have been impossible for you to not notice the difference between cutting into muscles, veins, and bones and chopping off a false hand, right?"

Li Yao opened his hands and replied, "It's just that the hand was not mine."

Hellsword was so furious that he was shaking violently. He shrieked, "So, your target since the very beginning has not been the Eight Blades of Black Spider but me? Crazy! You are crazy! Your maximum combat ability is in the Core Formation Stage at best, and you are insane enough to hunt a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator! Maniac! You are an out-and-out maniac!"

"If you don't have anything constructive to say, let's begin," Li Yao replied calmly.

He waved his right hand. Spiritual energy flooded over like a tide and formed a shining silver hand, grasping Hellsword's ghost by the throat.

When the wolf grows old, the crows ride him. If he were in his peak state, Hellsword, as a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, would have kicked Li Yao away like driving a stray dog, if not killing him instantly!

However, right now, Hellsword's ghost was like a hen whose throat was cut off. No matter how hard he struggled and shrieked, he could only be dragged to Li Yao in the end.

"What do you want?" shouted Hellsword in panic, half faked and half in real fear.

Every move that Li Yao took was beyond his expectation. He was no longer confident in the situation now.

Li Yao bound Hellsword's ghost to the front of his breastplate with his spiritual energy, making it a 'shield'. Then he smiled and said, "A Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator must be hiding a lot of precious Cultivation arts, techniques, magical equipment, and Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures on their body.

"I went through all the trouble and drained all my crystal suits and magical equipment to kill a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Naturally, I want to search his body thoroughly and see what trophies I have earned.

"However, from a different point of view, if I were a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, I wouldn't want my body to be insulted by the successors and my collections to be looted by my enemy.

"Therefore, I would certainly set up all kinds of traps inside my crystal suit and even hide aggressive magical equipment inside my body. If anybody was going to tear open my crystal suit by brute force and damage my body, then BOOM! They would pay a good price!

"In the meantime, I would also deploy numerous self-destruction programs in all my Cosmos Rings. If anybody opened the Cosmos Rings by force, the programs would be automatically activated and turn the Cosmos Rings into useless stones!

"The hunters are coming close, and my time is limited. As a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, you are probably not scared by my threats and interrogation. So, I will save the nonsense and simply use you as my shield.

"If there are any traps on your crystal suit and your body, you will be the first to take their blow once they are triggered!

"After all, I am protected by this super crystal suit that boasts amazing specifications, with a lot of additional layers of Super Bendable Steel at the critical areas. With the ghost of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator as my shield, I will not necessarily die even if the traps are triggered.

"However, you are in front of me, and you have no crystal suit or clothes to protect you. The adventure might not be as safe for you, no?"

"Wait. Stop now!" shouted Hellsword, who was struggling crazily.

But Li Yao did not care about him at all. He crouched on one of his knees. The Feathered Dragon Saber flew back to his left arm, but almost a hundred feathers were left and protruded to the front, forming three sharp claws.

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao raised his left arm high and was about to stab the claws into the breastplate of Hellsword's crystal suit.

"No. There are traps in my crystal suit and my body. They will explode if you tear them apart!" screamed Hellsword desperately, having no other options.