Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 712

Chapter 712: Bai Xinghes Charisma
Chapter 712: Bai Xinghe's Charisma!
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"Ah Hu, many pirate gangs answered Fengyu Zhong's call to assault Heavenly Saints City under the lead of the Temple of Immortals. Do you know why I came to talk to you instead of anybody else?" asked Bai Xinghe politely.

His voice was neither coarse or sharp. It sounded comfortable and reliable, and it made those who heard his words feel refreshed.

His smile was natural and genuine, too, as if he were really chitchatting with one of his followers.

However, for some reason, with his saber-like hawk nose, the words gave everybody a creepy feeling.

Li Yao felt scared even though he was merely observing through Neltharion, as if his spine was clenched by a pair of cold hands that he could not get rid of.

Luo Jinhu, captain of the Tiger Teeth Pirate Gang, was shuddering in fear, not knowing what to do.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

His hands on his back, Bai Xinghe started pacing. Weird sounds came from his feet while he walked.

It was then that Li Yao noticed that the Pirate Potentate was wearing a pair of slippers below his fancy beach shorts.

What an awesome man! Li Yao secretly complimented.

Casual clothes, beach shorts, and slippers. In such a next-door-neighbor style, the man had crossed the sea of stars and taken over a hostile starship. He stood before a brutal bandit in the Core Formation Stage casually, and the brutal bandit was sweating as if sitting on a thorny carpet.

That was truly the demeanor of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator and the dominating aura of the Pirate Potentate!

Li Yao was fascinated by his attire and made up his mind that he would wear exactly the same when he advanced into the Nascent Soul Stage someday.

Roaming space in beach shorts and slippers. That was what a real expert should do!

"Thirty-one years ago, your pirate gang was ambushed by other space pirates, and you had only one starship left. Who helped you defeat your enemy?"

Bai Xinghe paced behind Luo Jinhu and patted his shoulder neither softly nor heavily, while he asked casually, "Twenty-two years ago, you killed the son of the Surpassing Cloud Sect and were hunted by three Exo Societies. Who helped you escape and rescued you?

"Seventeen years ago, who provided a lot of resources for you to advance into the Core Formation Stage?"

Luo Jinhu was shaking even more violently.

Despite the long distance, Li Yao could almost hear the trembling noises of his bones.

Bai Xinghe sighed softly and said, "Ah Hu, I know that the Temple of Immortals revealed itself and Fengyu Zhong rose up quickly over the past year. He seemed like the new king of space pirates. Therefore, many people joined his cause. It is not strange.

"However, I did not expect that you, Luo Jinhu, would betray me, too!

"Betrayal is nothing unusual on Spider Den. My heart did not hurt much, either. I merely wondered whether or not my sight had impaired because of my old age.

"Therefore, I paid a visit to your starship personally to see if you are really a traitor. Do you think you are a traitor?"

"I'm not!"

Bai Xinghe's accusation was like three burning stings that stabbed into Luo Jinhu's coccyx.

Luo Jinhu jumped to his feet after a shiver while he shouted, "Boss Bai! Brother Bai! I've always born the great favors that you did me in mind! What am I if I betray my brother?

"But you know that my business hasn't been running well over the past two years. I lost two armed carriers in the South Mouth Space Zone. One of my old brothers in the high level of the Building Foundation Stage was heavily wounded and required a lot of resources to recover. Our income failed to meet our needs.

"This time, the Temple of Immortals offered a very high price. Therefore, we agreed to be hired by them and went to Heavenly Saints City.

"It's all about business and does not hurt Boss Bai's interests. It's not betrayal at all!"

Bai Xinghe chuckled. "Right. You did not betray me. You had a deal with the Temple of Immortals and shipped some people to Heavenly Saints City. What about your journey? Was Heavenly Saints City an enjoyable place?"

Luo Jinhu was dazed for a moment. He soon realized what Bai Xinghe meant.

His face pale, cold sweat was popping up all over his body. He stammered, "BoBoss Bai, none of the dozens of pirate gangs knew that the Temple of Immortals would be so crazy when we signed the contract.

"Wewe thought that there would be assassinations and explosions in Heavenly Saints City at best.

"Nobody knew that they would do such an inhuman thing as to attract extraterrestrial devils!

"Honest to God, we were just Mr. Nobodies and did not know their plan at all. We merely helped them transport the goods and the soldiers.

"All the goods were packed in boxes with barriers on the outside. Most of the people of the Temple of Immortals were wearing masks, too. We couldn't see their faces!

"Nobody knew what they were up to!

"Although we don't care about life and death as space pirates, everybody is scared of the devils. If we knew that they were planning an arrival of extraterrestrial devils, nobody would've gone with them!

"Everyone was shocked when the extraterrestrial devils arrived, but there was no turning back at that point. We could only struggle on to make it to the end.

"Truth be told, Boss Bai, although people of the Temple of Immortals gave us magical equipment and tools to resist the extraterrestrial devils, those things sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.

"Many space pirates were swallowed by extraterrestrial devils. It's said that an accident happened to one of the altars, and the brothers of an entire pirate gang were turned into devilized people!

"Everybody has been complaining that we were fooled by the Temple of Immortals. We were thinking that we should demand for more rewards from Black Spider Town and Fengyu Zhong. We hate their guts right now. Why would we betray Boss Bai?"

"That explains a lot. You were fooled by other people. You did not mean to betray me. You did not hurt my interest Bullsh*t! "

Bai Xinghe suddenly burst into a rage. A hurricane seemed to have formed inside the bridge. Dozens of light beams on the control panels broke apart and perished!

Bai Xinghe jabbed Luo Jinhu's back hard and roared, "You greedy idiots haven't seen through the Temple of Immortal's intentions even to this day?

"Fooling you to assault Heavenly Saints City without telling you their real intentions was a stone that kills two birds!

"Before, space pirates were merely the skin disease for the Cultivators. We could not stir much trouble. Therefore, they could barely made up their mind to gather all the elites to destroy us at a high price!

"But now, space pirates, extraterrestrial devils, and Immortal Cultivators have been combined. We are now a fatal disease to the Cultivators! They are going to come at us for real even if they have to pawn their pants!

"From the moment the extraterrestrial devils arrived, the space pirates who were part of the battle have been labelled as 'the Temple of Immortals' and added to the must-kill list of Cultivators. You are not going to get away!

"No. Not just you. Cultivators won't care exactly which pirate gangs participated in the battle of Heavenly Saints City and which ones didn't. They will form a great army and attack Spider Den. They will slay all the space pirates and eliminate every one of us!

"Do you want me to explain the matter to the Cultivators then? I'm truly sorry, Fellow Cultivators. Although I have committed a great number of crimes, I never took part in the battle of Heavenly Saints City or the arrival of extraterrestrial devils. I am different from the Temple of Immortals. How about you letting me go, Fellow Cultivators?

"Does that explanation sound good to you? Is it good, huh?

"You idiots can always kill yourselves if you want to, but why did you have to drag me down with you? And you said you did not hurt my interest or betray me?

"Why didn't you tell me earlier if you didn't intend to betray me?

"If you had any trouble, I could've helped you. Have I never refused your request? Why did you choose to act on your own? Why!"

Luo Jinhu's spine was almost broken because of the jabbing. He collapsed to the ground like a dead dog, breathing heavily.

After the catharsis, Bai Xinghe's countenance suddenly changed. He became calm and casual again, like a totally different person, before he asked, "Ah Hu, how old are you?"

Luo Jinhu was dazed, not having any clue why Bai Xinghe was asking that. He managed to reply, "A hundreda hundred and three."


Bai Xinghe smiled, as if the harangue just now had nothing to do with him. He remarked, "A hundred and three years old and in the Core Formation Stage, you can almost be called an adult now, and you still believe in bullsh*t like immortality?"

In a gloomy face, Luo Jinhu replied, "Of course I don't believe such crap like immortality; even I'm not that foolish."

"Then what was their bait?" Bai Xinghe's face turned cold again, as he asked, "If you needed money or goods, you could've asked for my help. But since you signed a contract with the Temple of Immortals without telling me, they must've offered you something more valuable, something that I could not provide. What was it?"

Luo Jinhu hesitated for a moment. He gritted his teeth and confessed, "Boss Bai, truth be told, both me and our brothers of the other pirate gangs make our living in the most dangerous way every day. Unpredictable notions such as immortality can only fool three-year-olds. We won't buy that anyway.

"Besides, the people of the Temple of Immortals do not look like seniors who have lived for hundreds of years!


"Boss FengyuUgh, the bastard Fengyu Zhong said that the Temple of Immortals was a vast organization. A lot of Immortal Cultivators were lurking in every space zone of the Flying Star Sector. When the timing was appropriate, they would strike together to overturn the rule of Cultivators. A kingdom of immortals on earth would be established!

"In the brand-new country, the Immortal Cultivators would be the dominators, and the ordinary people would be their slaves who would be driven, exploited, and incarcerated. They would do whatever they wanted!

"We space pirates are rats that everybody stomps on and have lived our lives in fear and darkness.

"But as long as we helped the Temple of Immortals' cause, when the Immortal Cultivators ruled the Flying Star Sector, we would be the regular army of the new kingdom!

"Based on the size of my Tiger Teeth Pirate Gang, if I did my part, I had a good chance of becoming the commander of the fleet of a space zone."

Bai Xinghe nodded and smiled. "That explains a lot. Kingdom of immortals. That sounds much more reasonable than an eternal life.

"How about this? Ah Hu, it's better to work with someone you are familiar with than to work with a stranger. Instead of helping the Temple of Immortals, why don't you help me to build a great Flying Star Empire? I will decree you to be the Great General of the Universe. How does that sound?"

Luo Jinhu observed Bai Xinghe's face and managed a smile. "BoBoss Bai, you must be joking"

"You know I'm joking, too!"

Bai Xinghe changed his expression again and kicked right in Luo Jinhu's big pale face, his slippers embedded inside. Luo Jinhu was knocked to the ground!

Bai Xinghe stomped on him and bellowed, "You know that I can't build a Flying Star Empire. You know that an idiot like you does not deserve to be the Great General of Universe. You know that I was making fun of you.

"Why were you not so clever when you were fooled by the Temple of Immortals' bullsh*t?

"Kingdom of immortals on earth? Command of a fleet? Are they qualified? Are you qualified?"

"A bunch of cultists whose brains are all damaged and a swarm of mobs who know nothing but robbing are trying to overthrow Cultivators who have reigned for thousands of years? In your f*cking dreams!"