Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Bite The Bait
Chapter 719: Bite the Bait
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It was dusk when Nie Feijun stepped into the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion.

Mysterious lights were shimmering in the countless mining holes of Silver Wing City from top to bottom. Illumination rune arrays were installed inside crystals that had been hollowed. Such lamps were bringing brightness to a world of relaxation and entertainment.

The Dancing Phoenix Pavilion was one of the most luxurious hotels in Silver Wing City. The fantastic and rarely-seen treasures of the Flying Star Sector had been transported to the place through the underground channels of Black Spider Tower, making the place as extravagant as the high-level hotels of Heavenly Saints City, if not more so.

"Young Master Jun!"

Seeing that Nie Feijun had brought quite a few friends here, the manager of the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion immediately greeted him, in such an adulating way that it seemed as if he would not mind kneeling down and cleaning his shoes.

What a bunch of fickle people. You were not like this half a year ago!

Nie Feijun sneered.

His father was the captain of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang. In the past year, since the Split Sun Pirate Gang, their old nemesis, joined the Temple of Immortals' side, the Wild Tide Pirate Gang had gritted their teeth and stayed on Bai Xinghe's side. They were constantly suppressed by their mortal enemy. Nobody in Silver Wing City had high hopes for them.

As a result, Young Master Nie had been mocked and questioned everywhere.

But everything was good now. After Bai Xinghe's declaration of war, the Wild Tide Pirate Gang initiated full-scale counterattack. A lot of the Split Sun Pirate Gang's bases were destroyed, and one of the most important crystal suit modification centers was also burnt to the ground.

Over the past few days, since they learned of the Split Sun Pirate Gang's counterattack plan in advance, they had made thorough preparations and secured another major victory today. Even one of the vice captains of the Split Sun Pirate Gang had been killed. It was an unprecedented success!

Right now, the Wild Tide Pirate Gang's prestige in Silver Wing City was at its peak. The other pirate gangs large and small all expressed their submissiveness and acknowledged them as the owners of the docks and the crystal suit centers. Every member of the Split Sun Pirate Gang had fled and hidden themselves thousands of meters below the ground, having no courage to show up at all.

No wonder the manager of the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion was so humble today.

Nie Feijun was in a good mood. He had come to the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion today after inviting several good friends who helped him during the battle in the day for dinner. He did not bother to talk to the manager and simply waved his hand at him before he went into the lobby.

Hardly had he entered the lobby when he heard a drunkard yelling, "Are you made of jade or what? Why can't I touch you? I have all the money in the world. Bringburpbring me your manager!"

Then, the weeps of a waitress came over.

Nie Feijun frowned.

The Dancing Phoenix Pavilion was one of the most luxurious hotels in Silver Wing City. The space pirates who were wealthy enough to be a customer in this place were definitely not the shabby thieves but the formally-dressed great bandits. No matter how brutal and merciless they were in space, they often pretended that they were gentlemen in this place.

If the guy was looking for sexual entertainment, there were countless places for that in Silver Wing City. Why must he yell and shout in this place where everybody was enjoying their dinner?

"Young Master Jun?"

The manager rubbed his hands and looked at Nie Feijun helplessly.

In order to run a business in a nest of pirates such as Silver Wing City, the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion was naturally backed by somebody else. Before, it was the Split Sun Pirate Gang. But naturally, the supporter of the hotel was the Wild Tide Pirate Gang now.

Right now, the Wild Tide Pirate Gang was in its peak days. Since somebody was making a fuss right in front of his face, Nie Feijun felt obliged to take care of it. He asked solemnly, "Who is he?"

"A wealthy magnate who doesn't look familiar. It seems that he is new to Spider Den and does not know the conventions here," the manager said in a low voice. "Just now, he proposed a lot of outrageous demands. Young Master Jun, you also know that the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion is just a peaceful place for dinner and does not do any other business. But the customer simply wouldn't let it go and kept harassing us."

Nie Feijun nodded as he realized what was going on.

It must be a space pirate who had done a major job and fled to Spider Den with the stolen goods. Chances were that he had a few coins in his pocket because he had just sold the stolen goods through the black market and felt that it was hard to contain his libido.

With the chaos in the Flying Star Sector and the continuous battles between Cultivators and Immortal Cultivators, many people had decided to take advantage of the havoc. A 'space pirate' did not need to be registered in a labor union, nor did it require any work experience. As long as the evil thoughts prevailed, anybody could turn into a space pirate after they made up their mind and committed major crimes for money and treasures.

Therefore, there had been quite a few foreign magnates emerging on Spider Den over the past half year.

However, those people usually did not end well. Most of them were devoured by the local space pirates of Spider Den with even no bones left.

But Nie Feijun did not intend to rob the fat lamb today. He nodded and spoke to his two tough-looking subordinates. "Take him to the pit around the back. Break his knees and knock out all his teeth. That should be enough. I'm in a good mood today and will spare his life."

His subordinates acknowledged and strode forward. After noises of utensils being broken apart, somebody yelled, "Dodo you know who I am? The fuOuch, ouch!"

A smelly drunkard was dragged out by Nie Feijun's subordinates.

The waitress who was harassed just now hurried to thank him.

Nie Feijun smiled and did not think too much of the incident. After his friends and him were seated, they talked and laughed and toasted merrily.

However, half an hour passed, and his subordinates still had not returned.

Nie Feijun felt alarmed. He was quite familiar with the environment of the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion. There were complicated forsaken tunnels right behind the hotel. It should not have taken them as much time even if they were torturing the drunkard slowly.

He hurried to contact his subordinates, but nobody replied in the communication channel.

After prolonged 'beep-beep-beep' sounds, Nie Feijun and the other space pirates at the dinner table looked at each other in bewilderment, all putting on solemn expressions.

"Let's go!"

As the son of the captain of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang, Nie Feijun had abundant experience in combat. Now that he had a sense of danger, his very first reaction was not to go to the tunnels to check but to leave the hotel immediately!

Nie Feijun crawled into his own 'Rapid Dragon Armed Shuttle' outside the Dancing Phoenix Pavilion and heaved a long sigh of relief.

The Rapid Dragon Armed Shuttle boasted amazing performance in vertical rising and landing and was designed to fight in tunnels that had a lot of vertical sections. The 128 flying swords it carried could be released simultaneously and manipulated by the crystal processor on the top of the armed shuttle automatically in order to rectify the trajectory of attack before they reached the body of the enemy. The firepower was extreme fierce!

Moreover, the seven layers of spiritual shields of the armed shuttle were unbreakable even when face with the most advanced crystal suit. The defense ability was very impressive!

However, the moment when Nie Feijun activated the Rapid Dragon Armed Shuttle, the vehicle, which was as valuable as a high-end crystal suit, turned into a furiously-burning fireball after an earsplitting explosion!


Nie Feijun was an expert in the Building Foundation Stage. The explosion did not kill him instantly, but his skin was all charred. With a scream, he soared to the sky and summoned his crystal suit while holding back the excruciating pain!

Right then, a black shadow blinked to Nie Feijun's side like lightning, as if it had calculated the angle and the direction precisely earlier!

"You dared to anger me? Whoever you aredie now!"

Nie Feijun, son of the captain of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang and an expert in the Building Foundation Stage, was killed!

The entire city was shocked in half an hour.

After striking the Split Sun Pirate Gang heavily twice consecutively, the Wild Tide Pirate Gang had become the well-deserved dominator of Silver Wing City. Under such circumstances, the son of the captain of the Split Sun Pirate Gang was killed in public!

Moreover, the murderer broke out of the siege and ran away!

For a moment, the Wild Tide Pirate Gang indeed turned into a wild tide. Inside Silver Wing City, countless space pirates received orders to search for the mysterious assassin.

Five hours later, Li Yao crawled out of a stinky gutter and lay on the ground. He opened the facial cover and the breastplate of his crystal suit while he coughed hard.

The wound in front of his chest was still bleeding, but the pain had calmed down and did not affect his fighting.

He had just escaped from the nine waves of blocking.

With his maximum combat ability close to that of the peak of the Core Formation Stage, it was more than easy for him to run away from the space pirates.

If he were mad, he could even have charged into the headquarters of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang and go on a killing spree.

But right now, he was playing the role of a tough bandit who had done a job and come to Spider Den for entertainment.

He suppressed his capability to the high level of the Building Foundation Stage.

It was because experts in the peak of the Building Foundation Stage were rare both on the Cultivators' side and on the space pirates' side. They were all well-known. A random guy with such a high Cultivation would easily raise suspicion.

He had fought against a lot of people in the Storm Prison Pirate Gang and even had a brief battle with Fengyu Zhong himself. Storm Prison must have had a lot of his combat videos from which his habits of fighting could be analyzed.

Therefore, he had completely changed his approach to fighting and abandoned the skills that he was most familiar with. He mainly used guns and the weird kicking skill transformed from the 'Hellsword Arts'.

With the double restraints, it was not usual that he was wounded.

Moreover, the wounds were exactly what he needed.

He even felt that the wounds were not serious enough and was planning to expose his traces on purpose in order to fight the pursuers one more time, when he heard soft footsteps nearby.

Li Yao smiled, knowing that the fish had bitten the bait.

When he looked back, seven fully-armed space pirates were scattered near the gutter. They seemed to be blocking all his ways of escape, but they did not come any closer, a subtle sign of their friendliness.

An Exo who was wearing an ivory crystal suit with a mask that looked like a fox face chuckled. "New to the place, unfamiliar with the terrain, and yet successfully escaping from the hunting of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang multiple times, while slaying more than ten experts during the counterattack. You will be famous after the battle.

"However, are you not curious why these people are chasing you so persistently and without bothering about the cost?

"Tell you what, my friend, you are in serious trouble!

"Do you have any idea who the guy you killed in the beginning was?"

Brutality beaming out of his eyes, Li Yao replied in a coarse voice, "I don't care who he was. He is dead because I wanted him dead!"